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Collected by ropebinder

In The Q (44 stories listed)
Stories I want to read.

  • Taking Carol: by Lorddare
    (Synopsis: A young housewife is blindsided by a mysterious new neighbor with an agenda. This is an ongoing story that will be added to at the author's pleasure.)
  • Sweet Revenge: by Sardonicus
    (Synopsis: Two women are hired to teach a man a lesson. He is mistreated badly for several days, then abandoned in a school yard for the police.)
  • Games: by Sardonicus
    (Synopsis: A young man moves from Iowa to San Francisco. He is intrigued by an offer for some.)
  • Training A Slave: by whipmaster
    (Synopsis: A young girl submits herself to be trained as a slave (based on a true story).)
  • Toys in the Attic: by Carmenica Diaz
    (Synopsis: Tim and Diana, newlyweds, move into their new house and Tim finds a box of bondage toys in the attic. Who put them there? Why does Diana enjoy using them on Tim? Why does Tim find control slipping away? (By the author of Kryztal and Useful Humilation))
  • Todd's Community Service: by foxeye1
    (Synopsis: The story of a young man offered a period of community service with a family as an alternative to prison. This ultimately leads to his humiliation, degradation and sexual abuse at the hands of both the male and female family members.)
  • The Unauthorized Orgasm: by slave barry
    (Synopsis: Male live in slave is busted jerking off and pays the dear consequences for it. Paddling, caning, long term bondage, chastity.)
  • Teasing Daddy's Cock: by Eric
    (Synopsis: A handsome widower returns home to find his college-aged daughter in self-bondage. Both he and his daughter find themselves on the receiving end of excrutiating tease-tortures from his cruel Asian girlfriend and her wicked daughters.)
  • Switch: by Reverie
    (Synopsis: A D&S switch meets a celebrity that is also a closet switch. They, with the help of a professional dominant, enjoy a week of fantasy at a famous mansion. The story tries to capture the many situations that excite a switch.)
  • Step Sister's Plaything: by dark horse
    (Synopsis: A man who always dreamed about being controller by an unknown becomes his step sister's slave by accident.)
  • One Trick Pony: by Sirius
    (Synopsis: A centerfold model meets a mysterious individual who taunts her with his sexuality. She cannot avoid meeting him again only to fall under his spell and into sexual slavery. She is transported to another country where she not only continues to serve her master but learns that he is a NOC, an intelligence agent working to penetrate terrorist cells. He uses her as part of his cover and as a lure to the terrorists. You can only imagine what happens.)
  • My Story: by George Lawrence
    (Synopsis: The story of how I was forced to become a permanent cuckold to my wife and her new lover.)
  • My Life In A Cage: by Tweak
    (Synopsis: A husband begs and begs his wife to take complete control of his life with no chance of getting out of it once it starts. One day she takes him up on the offer and his life is forever changed!)
  • Learning: by Thndrshark
    (Synopsis: A young girl, eager to experience true submission, signs on for more than even she can imagine when her boyfriend tests her limits and beyond.)
  • Jason's Vacation: by Tyjord
    (Synopsis: Young man falls victim to an s/m conspiracy plotted by two beautiful, sadistic women.)
  • Indonesia: by Bad Bob
    (Synopsis: A young man is snatched by terrorists whilst teaching abroad in Indonesia, and held as a political hostage. Meanwhile, a female member of the gang takes a shine to our hero, and subjects him to horrific (?) sexual abuse.)
  • Flight Instruction: by Wanli Chen
    (Synopsis: Two Asian flight air-stewardesses roundly abuse and humiliate a passenger.)
  • Even Ponygirls Sometimes Get The Blues: by Aurelius
    (Synopsis: More adventures of Jessica and Kate as they attempt to escape their naked and chained imprisonment on Rabbit Island. They are smart girls but somehow their captors always seem to get the upper hand. This time they determined to outwit their so-called Masters. Like the previous story, Rabbit Island, this is a leisurely-paced tale of female bondage, punishment, fulfillment and wicked games, non-consensual but generally light and sexy in tone. The story is being posted as I write it, so any reviews and feedback (good or bad) are welcomed.)
  • Darkest Desires: by gaberial lair
    (Synopsis: Charlie has grown restless of the challenge of breaking new boy after new boy. His eyes have been set on a young nineteen year old, who has no idea what the Sadist is planning. Walking into Charlie's studio for a set design job, robbie has walked right into the trap. Has robbie gotten himself into more then he can handle?)
  • Confessions of a Traveling Submissive: by Salesman
    (Synopsis: Real life experiences of a submissive male who visits Professional Dominants in various cities around the country.)
  • A Night in the Desert: by Jack Peacock
    (Synopsis: Imagine a barren, deserted location far from civilization. Imagine an isolated place where no one could possibly show up, especially on a dark night. Imagine what happens when the unimaginable occurs...)
  • Alone in Kirsten's Apartment: by julie<->julia
    (Synopsis: Julia lands a dream job with a top fashion lingerie house that leads her into a life of beautiful women and daring sexual exploits. In this autobiographical short story, Julia explores her sexuality alone, daring to deny herself orgasmic gratification.)
  • Dungeon Of Denial: by Dangermouse
    (Synopsis: A woman is taken prisoner by lesbians to be used in the manufacture of a new aphrodisiac.)
  • Shouldn't I Get to Cum?: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Poor slave-boy can't cum no matter what!)
  • Tali's Training: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Lovely D.A. is trained by Fenton, the Felon!)
  • Tali Topless: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Sequel to "Tali's Training" Fenton the Felon dominates Tali the District Attorney!)
  • Julie's Triumph: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Can Julie, a tease/denial Mistress, turn her macho military officer boyfriend into a chastity slave?)
  • Evilmommie's Little Sperm Eater: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Dominant wife teaches hubby to eat cum!)
  • Teasing My Husband: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Susie is EVIL!)
  • Bully Training: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Roy's domme wife invites the bully who persecuted him as a child to assist with his slave training!)
  • Jeremy's Women: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Jeremy and his dominant wife Heather are visited by Simone, his longtime dominatrix, and Sheila, who is learning to dominate her husband! Jeremy is amazed when Sheila falls in love with him, or is it just an illusion?)
  • Sadie's Education: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Sadie learns to be a domme from her business college typing teacher!)
  • Military Wife: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Mistress Dee begins whipping Norbert to get him promoted up the Army ladder, from lieutenant to General!)
  • Mummie's Hair: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Bobbie can comb his Mummie's Hair, for a price!)
  • The New Arrangement: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Daniel learns that asking his wife to be his domme, though great...may have gone too far when she brings in Master Tanner!)
  • The Group House: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Kim is the secret slave of Alex...but then her group housemates find out...ooh!)
  • The Complete Stories of Ted and Celeste: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: All my old stories of Ted and Celeste, with a new one at the end, "Celeste's Picnic!" (the individual stories were removed))
  • Miss Pratt gets a "Licking": by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: A rare domme for middle aged females, Miss Pratt puts Evelyn through her paces!)
  • The Burning Love of the Brothers Grimm: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Tim has been dominating his brother Jared sexually since childhood! Can Jared break away from Tim's demands for corporal punishment, chastity and sexual torture...does Jared even want to?)
  • Miss Pratt's Singer: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Claudia O is a famous singer...but when she's in Miss Pratt's dungeon, she's just a cringing slave!)
  • Wren 19: by SmCyber
    (Synopsis: Military torture training camp. This is Part 19 of 25 total parts.)
  • New World Order: by SmCyber
    (Synopsis: Stallion Rape machines are used by the NWO to break the women of the oposition party. Based in the notorious Felicity Camp.)
  • Felicity Camp: by SmCyber
    (Synopsis: Rape of female inmates in the notorious Felicitoy correction camp.)
  • Wren 19 (in Czech): by SmCyber
    (Synopsis: Czech translation of author's story Wren 19.)

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My Favorite BDSM Library Stories!

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Not my favorites, but I enjoyed them nonetheless.


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