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Taking Carol by Lorddare
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73 votes! (9/10, 73 votes) (review it)

Story Codes: M/f F/f exhibition fisting interracial modification toys BDSM slavery real reluctant humiliation blackmail nc Serious
Synopsis: A young housewife is blindsided by a mysterious new neighbor with an agenda. This is an ongoing story that will be added to at the author's pleasure.
Comments: From author: The usual disclaimers apply. All characters are fictional and do not represent real individuals in any way.
Size: 910 kb
Added on: Nov 4, 2002
Total 868037 readers
This month 445286 readers
(If you read this story, and especially you enjoyed it too, please review it or send an email to author. Authors deserve that. And your comments will encourage them to write more and better.

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Chapter 1 - The New Neighbor (added on Nov 4, 2002)
Chapter 2 - Blackmailed (added on Nov 8, 2002)
Chapter 3 - Karen Takes Control (added on Nov 8, 2002)
Chapter 4 - Taking Possession (added on Nov 8, 2002)
Chapter 5 - Transition (added on Nov 10, 2002)
Chapter 6 - Debasement (added on Nov 10, 2002)
Chapter 7 - Adjustments (added on Nov 12, 2002)
Chapter 8 - A New Day (added on Nov 16, 2002)
Chapter 9 - Carol's Workday (added on Nov 24, 2002)
Chapter 10 - Home Again (added on Dec 4, 2002)
Chapter 11 - Megan (added on Dec 10, 2002)
Chapter 12 - An Evening at Karen's (added on Dec 13, 2002)
Chapter 13 - A Happy Morning (added on Dec 19, 2002)
Chapter 14 - Last Day of School Part I (added on Apr 8, 2003)
Chapter 15 - Last Day Of School Part II (added on Apr 16, 2003)
Chapter 16 - Last Day of School Part III (added on Apr 20, 2003)
Chapter 17 - School's Out Part 4 (added on May 8, 2003)
Chapter 18 - Making Arrangements (added on May 22, 2003)
Chapter 19 - Midsummer (added on Jun 3, 2003)
Chapter 20 - A Day At The Beach (added on Jun 10, 2003)
Chapter 21 - Carol's Little Trip (added on Jun 23, 2003)
Chapter 22 - Old Friends (added on Jul 2, 2003)
Chapter 23 - Interlude (added on Jul 6, 2003)
Chapter 24 - Home Sweet Home (added on Aug 7, 2003)
Chapter 25 - Unpacking The Slaves (added on Aug 16, 2003)
Chapter 26 - Summer Pastimes (added on Aug 20, 2003)
Chapter 27 - More Fun At Karen's (added on Aug 24, 2003)
Chapter 28 - Girl's Night Out (added on Sep 1, 2003)
Chapter 29 - Henry's Choice (added on Sep 10, 2003)
Chapter 30 - Domesticity (added on Jan 9, 2004)
Chapter 31 - All In A Day's Work (added on Feb 1, 2004)
Chapter 32 - Exodus (added on Feb 6, 2004)
Chapter 33 - More Fun in Florida (added on Feb 22, 2004)
Chapter 34 - Backyard Games (added on Mar 6, 2004)
Chapter 35 - Closure (added on Mar 12, 2004)

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