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Valerie\'s story

Part 4


Valerie did her usual morning routine, the difference being that she had been told to stop and chat with whichever neighbour she saw in the morning. It was unlikely she would meet anyone anyway, or so she thought. This morning, she met old Mr Thomson walking his dog and was forced to say hello and make small talk until he told her that he'd better go before his wife saw him. He admired her body openly, stroking her slit as they spoke. His dog even gave her slit a full lick, and she shuddered with arousal, hoping Mr Thomson had not seen. She had to rush back home after her exercise and finished her bath and making up by 645.

As instructed, she did not take her school bag and left the estate fully in the nude. She flagged down a taxi, and the young driver blatantly stared at her spread pussy. He managed to reach her school by 710. She realised she did not have any money to pay him, but thankfully he just reached behind and fingered her for a bit before saying that the ride was on him. She forced a smile out and walked towards her school gate, completely in the nude. Unable to stop herself from sweating at the thought of what she had been ordered to do, she could feel her baby poweder dissolving as sweat trickled down her slit. Breaking into a run, she charged past the security guard and ran straight up the podium where the entire school was staring at, as the principal was making a speech there. She simply stood beside the middle aged lady and started to rub herself. She had been told to cum loudly within a minute and she did so. The whole school was in uproar, and as she licked her fingers, her other hand waved over her head manically like someone totally happy with masturbating in public.

As expected, she was expelled that very day. Probably what made it worse was how she kept going on and on in the principal's office about how she felt that her pussy was smoother than silk. She even started talking about how she dyed her pussy hair bright pink once and that she loved the feeling of getting a full body wax. She said, "It was so much better than the cocks I ate these past few days!" It was all part of fat Amelia's plan anyway, her obese classmate had an obvious dislike of the lithe and sexy Valerie from the start. She was sent home by one of her favourite teachers, Mr James, but she tried to seduce him and he dumped her by the roadside near her condominium. She ran all the way home stark naked, as cars all along the road honked at the sight of her shaved pussy proudly shining in the sun with all her sweat.

She had been given the day off my Alice, now her tormentor-in-chief, in a sense. She had been told to revamp her house slightly. First, pictures of herself in various erotic poses were printed out and enlarged and then framed up. Of course, she was fully naked in every single one of them. The humiliation of carrying such pictures that were obviously of herself on the metro almost overrid the joy at being able to wear clothes and shoes after almost 3 whole days of being naked continuously. While her skirt barely covered her butt, she felt satisfied that at least she was not completely naked. She was also to visit a sex shop nearby and purchase various outfits and toys after depositing the pictures at home. The young punkish girl over the counter sneered at her as she virtually bought one of everything in the shop, not forgetting to top up her stash of condoms tenfold. She had also been allowed to settle her meals for herself for the day, and was even allowed to piss as and when she liked, in private. She felt almost thankful to Alice. As usual though, she had to strip before she entered her condominium compound, and this time she had to blow Gregg in his dingy little office while wearing the brand new french maid outfit. "At least I'm not completely naked", she thought to herself again.

She started to make the necessary changes to her home as she had been instructed. Portraits were thrown, and replaced by her nude erotic 'Sluterie pics'' as Alice called them. The walls were almost completely covered with pictures of her spreading her pussy, sometimes even fucking one of her classmates, and they stared her boldly in the eye everywhere she looked. Staring at her own face, she could not help but agree that she did have a good face while fucking. Cupboards were cleared, her parents' things dumped, and a rack was set up for dildos as well as an entire cupboard for the outfits she had just bought. More of her clothes were thrown, mainly those that were not sleeveless or were not short enough or did not show enough cleavage. At 9, the furniture that she had been told to order had arrived, as well as the moving guys. As instructed, she told them that if they finished up their work quickly they would get a fuck each. Eyeing the pictures around the house, they set to work. Valerie assisted as much as she could, puffing as she tried to shift the heavy furniture. Her legs seemed naturally spread by now and the men got a good look between them from the back, providing them with even more motivation. The living room now had a bed with sofas surrounding it, and her room had a couple more beds for people to stay over, "You will have many many visitors", Edel had snidely told her. Her parents' room had a hi-fi system installed with a mini fridge packed full of beer. Her kitchen had a sort of a minibar shifted in to, it rows where alcohol would soon be placed. The unnecessary furniture was discarded.

By the time they had finished, it was nearly 2 in the morning. Valerie was exhausted but she had to fuck the men. Thankfully only two of the six seemed up for it after all the exertion, although the rest did film down the whole process. As she rode up and down on his pole, she thought to herself, "I'm really a slut now, helping my classmates to shift around my own house so that they can fuck and humiliate me more. And I even tipped these men using my pussy!" The men rewarded her with cum on her face, and they left her staring around at what her house had become. It was really a party house now, and she was sure that she would be the main event of the parties that would be held here. She found herself able to cry, and she hugged herself to sleep as she thought about how things would have been different had she not got on the wrong side of Isaac. Now she was just a worthless slut. Her moping was cut short when she realised she was rubbing her own pussy. Apparently it was one of Alice's instructions too, that she had to rub herself to orgasm once every night before sleeping. By the time she fell asleep, it was 330.


The alarm clock rang 30 minutes later. She had barely been asleep and now another day and fresh humiliations would come. She had neglected to shower last night as she was too tired, and she stank. She could smell dried cum and sweat all over her body. The two used condoms were lying near her and she disgustedly threw them down the rubbish chute. She had been instructed to change the sheets and wash them when they got dirty, and she sighed, knowing that they would have to change them today already. She stripped the bed and replaced the sheets, bending down at the hip to pick up the soiled ones and dumped them into the washing machine. Every single thing she did seem to remind her of the indignity of it all. Here she was, completely naked in her own house, cleaning up because of what others had done, in order for her house to look good enough for other people to come in and dirty it. She decided that since she was only to be in fuckable condition by 730, she would go down for her exercise slightly later. "At least I've had some alone time for a while." she thought to herself. She took a quick shower and shaved.

Her neighbours were treated to the delicious sight of the shaved brunette jogging and spreading her legs in front of the gym glass wall as they left for work. By now, the entire estate knew of her fate. Strangely enough, nobody reported it to the police or anything. "Probably Isaac's work." she realised. Some schoolchildren or teenagers even came in and took pictures of her exercising. She could not help but feel immensely humiliated as they asked her to assume various erotic poses. By the time she made it back to her apartment, it was 7. Mr and Mrs Thomson were now out together, so thankfully when she tried to initiate conversation the missus stalked off, and Mr Thomson had to follow. As per her orders, Valerie had to try to talk and prolong conversations with anyone she saw whenever she was walking around the estate. It made her seem like a desperate slut, in her birthday suit and trying to chat people up and prolong the conversation for as much as possible, and that was how her classmates liked it. Valerie retrieved her key from her pussy as usual, and unlocked the door. As she was about to close it however, a strong arm stopped the door.

"Hey Valerie!" Jon's voice sounded. "Hey Jon, how are you? You look good today, and you're out rather early. Don't you work the afternoon shift? How's work anyway?" she babbled, as she normally did when she tried to prolong the conversation nowadays. Jon smiled wickedly and entered her home without invitation. "You really are a slut aren't you, I never thought you were this way. But I can see now you can't even stand the thought of people not staring at your naked body, you're so desperate for it! Can't believe I even thought of dating you once. Ah well, go and have your shower first i guess. You can suck my cock later." She was surprised that he did not come and watch her bathe, but she tried not to look at the wide open toilet door anyway. When she came out, dripping wet as usual, she saw why. He had brought over a huge dog bowl, probably able to fill up to 50 of those she had been using. He was in the process of attaching a hose to one of the spare taps, and when he saw her, he gestured to her to finish the job. Her hair was still wet and lanky, but she did look very erotic with water dripping slowly off her as she, shivering, bent over at the hips and secured the hose. Flashes of prosperity greeted her from the back as pictures of her spread pussy were taken. "Hmm," Jon commented, "Your asshole is quite dark. Maybe we'll get that altered huh?" Valerie hoped not, she had heard from Amanda in the past that bleaching the asshole was excruciatingly painful. The other end of the hose was dropped into the huge dog bowl.

"I think your friends will approve. Now whenever you drink, you fill it up to the brim and don't stop drinking unless it is empty or you are ordered to. You know the position to be in! And your make up better not be ruined." he proceeded to fill the bowl up as she was told to dry and tie her hair. When she was done, she was told to drink. The feeling of indignity hit her again as her muscles ached from maintaining her body off the ground. Here she was, spreading her legs as wide as she could and drinking slowly from a dog bowl, so that Jon could admire her pussy from the back in her own house! She felt so worthless. Her hands were trembling by the time she finished, and Jon gestured toward his cock. "Tell your friends about the new instructions regarding drinking. Now suck, slut."

She was left standing in her neutral position after Jon left. Extremely tired from last night, her bladder was full to bursting and she had to call Alice to allow her to piss some time around 11 when she could not take it anymore. Her begging was put on speaker and to her utmost humiliation, Mr James was in class. They all got a good laugh out of it. She was told to piss, then go downstairs and buy some vegetables. Her pussy felt sore as she ran down, and looking down she saw it was quite pink from all the work it had been doing. Sighing, she approached the small shop again and as usual, the old shopkeeper stared at her with disdain in her eyes. Alice had told her that in the future if she was hungry at home she could munch on cucumbers or bananas. Valerie suspected that these 'authorised' foods were chosen to humiliate her more. Passing by young Mrs Sab with her baby, she was forced to stop and talk once again. Mrs Sab looked at her with some sort of pity, apparently her attempts to make small talk were so good that they really seemed genuine. Humiliatingly, she had to stand in her neutral position as she made her feeble attempts at conversation, which made her seem even more slutty.

She had been standing in her neutral position near the door for almost 3 hours straight, when she heard the key turn in the lock and her classmates entered. She was exhausted but was still told to serve them drinks as they lounged on the beds and sofas. She had been forbidden from going on them unless to sleep in the night. They seemed hardly interested in her today, so much so that she even dared to approach Alice and ask her if she could have a nap. It was a very bad move as she soon found out. "You stupid slut, I gave you the day off yesterday and you dare to tell me you are tired? Fill your dog bowl and drink now. You will not be allowed to pee until bedtime. That should keep you awake. Oh and from now on, you will sleep on the balcony in a star shaped position with your back on the floor. Legs will be horizontal. No more resting on the bed. Of course you will still have to change and wash the sheets if they are dirty. Same goes for the cleaning of the floor." Alice flared up at her. Sniggering, the rest of her classmates watched as she slowly took the hose and started to fill the dog bowl. Francis, one of the nicer boys in the class, came to her aid. "Come on Alice, let her piss before dinner. She'll die otherwise. We can take her downstairs to piss anyway, there will be plenty of people to see. And maybe she should get the luxury of more sleep, she doesn't have to go to school anyway." Alice thought about it, and agreed that she would be able to piss before dinner and that from now on she was allowed to begin her morning exercises at 630. There would be more people watching anyway. Valerie performed some genuine and heartfelt grovelling and feet kissing on Francis, and he absent mindedly rubbed his shoe on her pussy. After she had licked his shoe clean, she proceeded to drink up the water.


Thursday night was as usual, torture for Valerie. Her ex-schoolmate, Chris, happened to live opposite her. She had dated one of his good friends, Luthor, in the past and had broken that guy's heart. Now, Chris was videotaping her public naked sleeping every single night and was sending the videos to Luthor. Luthor was then distributing them to almost every single person he knew. Valerie was not aware of this but she was not only a community slut now, she was becoming a public slut too.

Her classmates usually left earlier on weekdays, and she got to sleep more. She got into her mandatory position, much like doing a split with her arms stretched vertically over her head, except that she was now on her back and fully naked. Her shaved pussy, spread so wide with her legs being horizontal, could be almost clearly seen even through Chris' video camera. She tried to sleep, but the cold night breeze blew against her pussy and tits as usual. She felt her nipples harden and her pussy got moist, a natural reaction to the cold. The cool marble flooring made it worse. She resigned herself to the fact that it was going to be natural thing for her to shiver herself to sleep in the erotic spread eagle position. Edel had instructed her not to move from that position until her alarm clock rang at 6 in the morning, and she would really have rather had less 'sleeping time' now. It was too late though, and she closed her eyes in the humiliating position. Opposite, the streaming continued..

Review This Story || Author: OpenlyJas
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