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Valerie\'s story

Part 3


The shrill ringing of the alarm pierced Valerie's sleep. Groaning, she pressed the buzzer down. For a moment she thought that she just had a particularly dirty dream, then she realised she was naked. She lept out of bed, knowing that she had to spend at least 2 hours in the gym. Still not completely awake as she was used to sleeping in, she opened her cupboard and was about to search for some sports bras and exercise shorts to throw on. Then, she realised that they had all been thrown away the previous night. Only her self-altered micro skirts and dresses were left. She brushed her teeth while wetting her house key with the tap, then slid it into her pussy. It felt very cold and she actually shivered as it went in.

As she left her house, a fresh wave of humiliation hit her. She was powerless to control herself, and she was now naked in public again. It made it slightly worse that she was naked in her own condominium compound, where people she saw everyday could now see her as naked as the day she was born. She padded all the way down to the first floor using the stairs as ordered, panting by the time she reached. She then crossed the park, the cool morning breeze making her nipples perk up. Thankfully it was 410 in the morning and no one was up to see the beauty walking stark naked towards the gym. As she entered the gym, she actually heaved a sigh of relief that it was so early. The gym was relatively large but the hip adduction/abduction machine and treadmills were strategically placed right in front of the huge glass walls. This meant that anyone walking past just had to look in and they would see her repeatedly spreading and closing her legs, or running on the treadmill where her tits would be bound to bounce. She begun her workout, automatically using a really tough weight and running speed. She also realised humiliatingly that as she sat on the machine her arms immediately wrapped around the backrest, exposing her tits. As she ran, her arms were at her side but the high speed caused her to spread her legs wide as she ran. By the time it was 615, she was totally drenched. She was not allowed to use a towel, having to be completely naked. She simply slunk out of the gym, dripping sweat all over, and padded across the park again on bare feet. She was just telling herself that it was lucky it was Sunday so no one would be awake at this time when she realised that she would have to do the same thing every single day. Her legs felt dead tired but she still had to run up the stairs, and humiliatingly felt around her pussy for the key she had inserted inside. The abduction and adduction of her thighs and hips had caused the key to constantly rub against her g-spot. It was slick with pussy juice and sweat, but she opened the door and entered quickly nonetheless.

The shower was equally traumatising. She had never had the need to take a cold shower before and to do so after working up such a sweat meant it was virtually freezing that she actually felt thankful that Isaac had limited bathtime to 5 minutes. She quickly soaped all over her body and even inside her pussy, desperately trying to scrub the dirt off and build a bit of warmth. Then, she shaved herself all over and tied her hair into the messy bun that Isaac had wanted. Her smooth rebonded hair took longer than she expected, but she finally got it into the shape that she hoped he would find attractive enough. She felt a jolt of anger, having to dress her naked body up purely for the judgement and pleasure of others was not something she was used to. Finally, at 7, she proceeded to drink 2 litres of tap water and waited in her neutral position in front of the main door.

No one came, and Valerie was left standing until 11. She felt full to bursting with water and hungry too, having really exerted herself this morning. At 11, she heard the click of the door and Isaac entered. He had apparently taken one of her keys. Eyeing her pathetic naked form, he told her to put on some make up and pat a bit of baby powder on her pussy. He told her that that would have to be done every morning too. Valerie hurried to obey, needing to piss desperately. She proceeded to beg him to let her use the toilet and when she finally got the permission to, she rushed in. He followed her in, grinning at how her butt shook when she sprinted. It was quite a humourous position, Valerie standing up in her neutral position and pissing, and it forced her to squeeze her pussy muscles to shoot the piss hard enough to prevent the drops from falling on the floor. In the end she had to straddle the toilet bowl when the strand of liquid thinned, her legs spread wide and her nether lips parted, for Isaac's viewing pleasure. "Ok slut, wipe yourself, pat more baby powder on that pisshole and then make me a sandwich. I'll be waiting in the living room." She hurried to fix him a sandwich, her own stomach growling.

Isaac generously allowed her to fix some raw vegetables for herself to eat, but she had to give him a good handjob first. He squirted into her salad bowl and gave her a minute to finish it up. "Protein is good for girls too!" he said. She was so hungry that it was more than enough time. "Now slut, where's the rest of your family?" he asked. "My parents are overseas and my brother doesn't stay with us. My parents will be home tonight. Isaac I can't walk around the neighbourhood naked when my parents come home." she cautiously said. Isaac glared at her and simply replied, "Your life is mine. If I want you to lick your mum's pussy and suck your dad's cock you will do so. I will arrange for your parents to shift out immediately. I will have a house for them elsewhere but they will still pay for the maintainence this house. They will only remember that this apartment is rented out to someone and won't even remember they had a daughter. Not that they would want one that's such a slut anyway." he finished with a laugh. Valerie was stunned but she could only nod. It was better that way, it would mean less embarrassment for her. She shuddered as she imagined doing the sort of things he had mentioned to her parents. "Isaac, Alice will be here soon. I think she's coming at 1." "Good slut. I'll be making preparations for that. In the meantime, I have new ideas for your drinking. From now on you will only drink from a dog bowl. " he gestured to a dusty abandoned dog bowl that her old dog had used. "You will fill it from the tap, place it on the floor, and then drink. You will be in sort of a star shaped push up position, your legs spread horizontal and hands beside the dog bowl lifting your body off the ground. I want your pussy and ass to be fully spread, which should not be hard with all your dancing. Pussy faces the door if you are alone at home and drinking, and pussy faces the nearest person if there is someone in the house. Now, I want you to drink 50 bowls. Don't you dare ruin your make up. " Valerie obediently carried out his orders, and she realised with another wave of humiliation that she was actually drinking out of the bowl that her own domestic pet had used before he died.  She had reached bowl 45 when the doorbell rang.

She would have froze, except for the fact that she had a task that she had been ordered to complete. Finishing the bowl, she got up and mechanically filled it up again despite the dread that was building within her. Isaac told her to turn her pussy to the door and keep it in place even after she finished that bowl, and opened the door. Staring between her widely parted thighs, to her horror, she saw Alice enter the apartment. But Alice was not alone. Virtually her entire class was here, and the 20 teenagers entered her house. There were gasps and she heard scraps of conversation, "Oh my gosh you were right Alice.. She's completely shaved too, that's really hot.. I wanna fuck her right now.. Hmm her asshole's pretty dark in colour compared to her skin.. She looks so happy like that.. What a dumb slut.. Wonder how she lives with herself huh?" She was utterly humiliated, her legs spread almosy horizontal for a bunch of teens a year younger than her. It was all for their viewing pleasure and they commented freely on her most private regions. "Finish up the last few bowls then get these people some drinks, dumb slut. " Isaac's voice jolted her. She obediently got up, standing there in her full naked glory and continued with the last few bowls. She was ordered to not be able to hear anything Isaac said, but she could see him talking to her classmates, and many of them kept laughing and pointing at her as she brought them drinks in the nude like a good maid. A few of the guys, and humiliatingly even a few of the girls stroked her smooth pussy casually. It made her feel really like a toy, and she knew that things were going to get so much worse. She heard Isaac say, "Abandon all pretences." to the group, and to her, "You now obey anything anyone tells you. Anyone at all. I might be back in the next few weeks to check up on you, but I guess you're in good hands now. Oh, your previous orders from me still hold." With that, he walked out.

Valerie was stunned, and for a moment so seemed her classmates. Then, there was an uproar as many of them got up at once and charged towards her. In her neutral position, they were free to touch her anywhere they pleased and she could not stop them. A full 5 minutes of being fingered and discussed followed, until Alice spoke. "Ok its clear that this slut is now our possession. Isaac told me that his orders are not to be removed, they can be modified though. But in the meantime i think they sound fun enough for me so.. If anyone has any ideas then feel free to raise them to the slut and she will obey of course. Her parents will never come back so this house is basically a playhouse for us from now on. She will clean it and keep herself in a fuckable state. We're her masters after all and she lives to serve us. " It was so humiliating for Valerie to hear Alice, a girl younger than her, talk about her like a pet in her own house. She knew it was true though, her life was only what Isaac, and what they, now, said it was.

"Alice, may i piss?" Valerie asked meekly. Her classmates burst out laughing. "Oh yeah, she's not even allowed to piss without permission now." Alice cruelly reiterated the extent of Valerie's fall from grace. "Trouble is, none of us like you. Ok we like you as a slaveslut, but we aren't going to be so nice as to allow you to piss just like that after all your cockteasing and arrogance in school. If you want to piss that bad, you're going to have to try harder than that. Why not you go downstairs, buy a pack of condoms, and ask the shopkeeper if you may piss? Now go, and masturbate while you speak to the shopkeeper."

Valerie was completely naked of course, and the old woman who worked at the shop pursed her lips at her. Valerie, masturbating with her other hand as she had been ordered to by Alice, asked in a soft but polite voice, "Please miss, can I piss?" She got a tight slap across her face and the old woman, screaming curses at her and stuff like, "Your parents will be so disappointed.", threw her out. Still rubbing her clit, which made her all the more urgent, she left, crestfallen. A couple of young children nearby sprayed water at her as she walked past and parents ushered them away, shooting her disgusted looks. By the time she climbed up the steps again, the embarassment and the walk had caused her to perspire quite a bit. Another of her classmates, Edel, opened the door after 10 minutes of her begging and she ambled in, her gait looked funny as she squeezed her thighs together trying not to piss. Before she could open her mouth, Edel gave her a slap on her tit. "Legs spread, slut. Remember your neutral position. " Valerie wasn't sure how she succeeded, but she did so, her legs trembling. Edel attached a dog collar that belonged to Valerie's old dog, to her neck and told Valerie to get on her hands and knees. Edel walked her to the lift, and they took it down. "You know, ever since you tried to seduce my exboyfriend a year ago, I've been wanting revenge. Now, I've finally got it. " she said. Blushing, Valerie just crawled out on all fours when they got to the first floor. Edel brought her to a nearby grass patch that was thankfully secluded and told her to piss. On all fours, and with the powerful stream of liquid gushing out from her groin, Valerie really felt like a dog or worse. Just when she was in midstream, she heard a familiar voice. "Hello, I'm her neighbour Jon. " "Oh hello Jon, I'm Edel! Its really nice to meet you, I'm just walking my dog." "That's a nice dog, don't you think that we should take it to the pool? I think the other neighbours would love to get a good look at it." Jon said. Horrifired, Valerie looked up at Edel with pleading eyes. Edel was apparently more interested with flirting with the handsome Jon and they took a slow walk around the pool which Valerie used to frequent, suntanning in her bikini. Now she was being led around on all fours completely naked for the viewing pleasure of anyone who cared to look. Worse still, Jon told her to stick her butt higher by arching her back more and spread her legs wider when she crawled, and she obeyed. Her pussy was spread so wide that every gust of wind caused a tingle on her moist slit. She was probably ogled at and discussed about by at least half the people living in the estate.

Valerie spent the remainder of the afternoon fucking the rest of the boys, "making full use of the condoms", as Alice said. Then, she ordered pizza for dinner which Valerie paid for. Valerie was made to answer the door and with a sultry look, guided the deliveryman's hand to her smooth pussy. Her classmates devoured the pizza, satisfied, while she served drinks. One of the boys, Jackie, had a brilliant idea and from then on, she had to serve them drinks with the cans or cups raised straight above her head so that her armpits and tits could still be taut and exposed. This prevented her from covering up any part of her body. Her legs were as usual spread 30 inches while walking. Alice had tried to increase it to 3 feet but she decided she did not look slutty enough if she looked too uncomfortable while she walked. Valerie then ate the remnants of the pizza by dipping it and rubbing it all over and inside her pussy, and was rewarded with an espresso cup full of cum for her good performance. The class then sat down for a class discussion. A quiet girl, Rox, whom Valerie had picked on before for being too timid, said, "We should get her expelled so that she can better prepare to be a full time slut!" Humiliated, Valerie could only stand in her neutral position and occasionally perch in her star shaped position as she was told to drink more water while they discussed how best to get her expelled.

When the discussion was finally over, Valerie was allowed to piss in the toilet while they all stood around and watched. She was however, in a daze, knowing that tomorrow her life would be truly destroyed, if it had not already. Her facebook, instagram and twitter pictures were changed to full body maps of her smooth naked body. In an hour, she was banned from all three. Her social life was finished, many of her true friends having sent her messages ending friendships with what they called a disgrace to humanity. They had all obviously seen the video of what happened in the waxing studio too. The only 'friends' she had left were the classmates, who were determined to humiliate her in every single way possible.

Review This Story || Author: OpenlyJas
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