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Valerie\'s story

Part 5


Nowadays in the morning it was considered the norm for Valerie to spend 4 hours exercising. This was because she would encounter more and more people along the way and some purposely came into the gym to look at her as well. As per her instructions, she had to stop what she was doing, get into her neutral position, and try as hard as she might to make and maintain conversation with them. It was especially humiliating that her efforts seemed so genuine, so genuine that she seemed like the perfect example of a desperate slut in need of company.


A full month had passed since Valerie had been expelled, and slightly more than that since she lost control over her mind and her life. She was now well known among young people as The Slut, her former true friends denying ever knowing her, her current 'friends' just cruel youths who never stopped finding new ways to humiliate her. Photos and videos of her were constantly uploaded online on social networking sites, and Alice took much satisfaction in claiming credit for some of it. One day, as Alice was flipping through a slideshow of erotic pictures of Valerie on the projector screen that had been installed in Valerie's old room, she commented that perhaps Valerie should have her own website. People could then pay to rent her. "I mean, she is a public slut but she was OUR slut first. So we should get some money from it huh. Her body's our property after all. We should earn from it!" It seemed like quite a good idea, and there was unanimous agreement thst it should be developed. Valerie would have objected if she coul, but all she could do was continue walking around naked, serving drinks to her tormentors.

Various crude comments and discussions followed, and they realised that the website would take more time than they first thought to set up. They thus devised a game called  'Valerie got fucked' which they decided would happen on nights when they felt bored. The rules of the game were as follows:

1) Valerie would be given instructions on what to do and then proceed. Se could go alone or be accompanied.

2) She would have between 10pm to 6am, leaving the house at 10pm and reaching home at 6am.

3) All who fucked her must be persuaded by Valerie to sign on her back using a marker. One person got one signature.

4) The winner would be the one who devised the scenario where Valerie got fucked the most. This would encourage punishment of Valerie if there were a lack of signatures or if there were repititons of the same signature.

Valerie was horrified, but was forced to keep her dirty girl smile on her face, her pinkish shaved pussy now filled by a remote controlled vibrator. The remote control was tossed around like a toy, which meant her arousal was equally played with. Reality hit her, she was now not only going to be used and humiliated like a toy by this evil group, she was going to be used in their game where winning meant suceeding in getting her pussy used the most. She shuddered to think how many different people would be using her pussy.

Edel, smiling evily, had just won first dips to their slaveslut's first night of 'Valerie got fucked'. However, just as Edel was trying to think of a good plan, an unlikely 'saviour' walked into Valerie's house. It was Isaac. Alice, obviously glad to see him too, gleefully recounted bits and pieces of the previous weeks. When she got to the 'Valerie got fucked' game, Isaac smiled at her. "Look, not that I don't approve. But I have a plan to make her even better at this game. I want to send her to Thailand for tubal ligation, breast enlargement, permanent hair removal, circumcision and asshole bleaching. I hae a contact for a doctor there who's willing to do it for a minimal fee and it will be completely a secret. He will even do vaginoplasty to tighten her pussy muscles for free. You will have her back within the next six months, able to be fucked without protection, with larger tits, completely and permanently smooth all over except for the hair on her head, with a perfect pussy and an asshole to match her fair complexion. Sounds good?" Valerie would have burst into tears if she had been allowed to cry. One would have thought that a full month of being a sex slave would have removed all shades of dignity from her, but to hear herself being discussed in this manner was too humiliating to take.

Not all of her classmates were pleased but eventually they voted on it and soon, Valerie was on her way to the airport. She was not allowed to pack anything, not even her passport or identification, and was completely naked as usual. The airport was packed full with strangers all gawking at her nude body. She followed Isaac obediently though, much like a faithful dog would trail begind its owner. As they passed through the customary baggage check, for some reason the male security guard chose her 'at random' to do a body cavity check. He proceeded to perform it in public, and Valerie's feeble protests were cut short by a rubber-gloved finger, that had shortly before been rubbed around inside her pussy, being shoved roughly into her mouth. She had a feeling that this development had all been Isaac's idea, and despite her humiliation at being either frowned at or gawked and videod, she felt strangely safer with him than with her classmates. The body cavity check did not last long thankfully, although the constant probing, and of course her forced exhibitionism, had certainly got her juices flowing.

The plane ride was uneventful, although the young air stewardesses could not hide their disdain and turned their noses up at her. Valerie felt humiliated to be stared at like a worthless piece of meat that was trying to attract attention using her nudity, but was also relieved that she did not have to continuously approach people and try to make small talk in her neutral position already. She still felt a wave of shame knowing that she was nothing but a decoration at best. She even managed some sleep on the plane seat, although Isaac had ordered her legs to remain spread 20 inches apart. Her arms were allowed to rest on her thighs though. A thought suddenly hit her. She had no identification, no clothes, nothing with her at all. Isaac did not seem to have any plan to get her any new clothing, so she would simply be a nameless naked body in a foreign land for six full months. She shuddered at the humiliations that would be sure to come.

It wasn't long before she felt the usual blush all over her body. As she left the plane, eyes continued to follow her naked form as she walked what Isaac always referred to as 'Valerie style'. She was just an object to be stared at to all these people, and when she saw a police officer approach her, she thought that Isaac might let her cover up a little. However, the police officer simply stuck two fingers in her pussy and walked off. Emboldened, the crowd started to move closer and closer to her, and in her walking position with her arms wrapped above and around her head, her body was free for all to touch. Touch they did, strange hands and fingers of men and women and children were put all over and inside her. It was not like in her own country, where her physical nudity was kept within her community mostly. The embarassment was even stronger at being naked in public surrounded by so many complete strangers of various nationalities than when she had first realised that her naked erotic pictures and videos had been distributed to her former friends.


The past three months had flown by for Valerie. She had spent the three months naked all the time, but she had been kept in a lush hotel for the entire period. Isaac had contracted, or probably controlled, a team of caregivers to look after her, post surgery. They did really take good care of her. They fed and showered her, and she spent much of her recovery time sleeping on the comfortable and soft bed that was so different from the hard cold marble floor at home. She had not seen Isaac since her last surgery about 2 and a half months ago.

The experience of being in the shady clinic beside many young women who were obviously prostitutes had brought a fresh wave of humiliation. They had stared at her naked body like she was of an even lower class, and thinking to herself, she was not surprised that they felt so. At least they had the decency to cover up in public. As instructed, she babbled in her attempts to speak to them, and most of them simply frowned at the seemingly worthless and desperate slut in front of them. The surgeries themselves went relatively smoothly, but they were far from painful. The multitude of painkillers she was put on made the three months fly by even faster. She had gotten more or less used to living in a proper house like a proper human again, barring her nudity. Her doctor had told her that just three months should have been enough for a full recovery, and she felt silently thankful that Isaac had mentioned she would be here for six months.

One day, she woke up and her team of nurses was gone. Isaac was back. He told her to assume her neutral position and she hurried to, taking longer than usual after more than 2 months of not having to do so. Her lack of familiarity with her enlarged boobs also made her hunch a little. Her modest tits had been transformed into round, succulent, full globes. Isaac told her that this did not mean she was to arch her back or have any less tautness in her neutral position. In fact she was to try to thrust them out even more. Her pussy felt weird and she gathered that the constant tight feeling she felt was from her tubes being cut and tied. That was apparently not all, as he inserted what seemed like his whole fist into her pussy. Looking down, she saw only two fingers inside, and she was told to squeeze. He looked satisfied and she realised that her inner pussy muscles had been tightened too. Her labia minora was almost completely gone, giving her pussy the look of a flower that was soon to bloom. Her clit stood proudly, and embarassingly, in the open. There were, however, unwanted additions to her body. Her bouncy tits had been pierced, and so was her clit. A special cream had been applied over the healing period to ensure that the holes would never close. Her skin was different too. Already softer than most at the start, her hair from the neck down was completely gone. It felt different from even waxing, and when she had first woken up after the surgery she could not take her hands away from the smooth mound above her slit and her pale white armpits. It literally felt better than silk. Isaac was sure to check whether it was as he had ordered, stroking her all over as she posed in her neutral position. Her most intimate areas were caressed and checked, and he seemed satisfied. She was now the perfect fucktoy, her body just attracted male and female hands to run themselves all over and inside her.

She was given two more months to 'relax' in Thailand. She would continue to be naked of course, never being allowed to put on clothes for her time here. However, there would be no more nurses looking after her. She would have to leave the hotel to buy her own food and the like. Having no money and identification, she had to earn a living for herself for the rest of her stay here. She was to meet Isaac at the airport exactly two months later, naked as usual.

It was the worst two months of her life so far. She was ordered to spend at least 12 hours continuously naked outside per day. If she came back to the hotel, the 12 hours resetted. As she walked along the streets day after day completely in the nude, she realised how unfriendly the country actually was. She was basically a public utility. The fact that her naked body screamed for rape did not help her. Her pussy was groped endlessly and she could only smile seductively and moan while maintaining her neutral position. Walking 'Valerie style' was particularly humiliating, and she wished she had been more conservative in the past.

To earn money, she prostituted herself out in the night. Countless strangers were brought back to her hotel, and she fucked them good in return for a token sum. Her exploits in the hotel room were, unknown to her, all videotaped down through a CCTV. She found that her pussy was now able to squeeze a cock much harder than before, and the men loved it, just as much as they loved squirting inside her. The prostitutes she met along the street all hated her because she was by far the most popular, her naked body already causing the horny men to focus on her without her propositioning them. She knew that she was even less than a street whore. On rare nights that she was alone, she did as instructed, and masturbated herself to sleep. The ceiling was a giant mirror and she watched transfixed as her expert fingers got to work on her nether regions. She felt a wave of humiliation every time she thought of her nether region, that less than half a year ago it had been private and covered with a bush that she had kept religiously. Now she had a hairless body and crotch, and countless strange cocks had shot their whitish goodness into her.

Review This Story || Author: OpenlyJas
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