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Valerie\'s story

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Synopsis: Valerie\'s body becomes public property


Valerie woke from a hazy dream, or at least that was what it felt like. She found herself standing at a sidewalk beside the gate of her lush condominium. Valerie was 19, a brunette, and in her final year at high school. She had been retained along the way, having no interest in studies. She had a moderate bust and her fair skin was silky smooth, her long legs had just the right amount of flesh which always attracted male eyes to peer up at the tight bum and other secrets her short skirts barely covered. Today, her ex-classmate, Isaac, would change her life forever. Being an expert at mind control, he could make anyone do anything he wanted. The bad news for Valerie was that he had set his sights on her.

"Your life as you know it is over. Now, strip." he said simply. Still ignorant, Valerie knew that she would never, in a million years, strip naked in public. She angrily retorted, "You dumbass, you better get your attitude right and treat me with some respect." As she finished her sentence, her efficient hands had already pulled her last piece of clothing, her pale pink panties, to the ground. She stepped out and slid off her slippers, nudging them neatly beside the small pile of clothing. In the bright noontime sunlight, she was completely naked on the sidewalk next to the estate where she lived. "Ah, as expected. You never do shave." Isaac continued. "How the hell would you know, dickhead? What the fuck?" A horn from a car passing by jolted Valerie to her senses, and she looked down to see her huge dark bush proudly exposed. The driver had obviously seen her in her full naked glory. Even before her hands could cover herself up, she heard the order, "Don't you dare to cover up. No tears allowed either. Keep your arms above and wrapped around your head, I want your armpits and tits to be taut. We're going to take a walk up to your place. Legs must be 30 inches apart as you spread them when you walk. Now let's go. Don't say anything, just keep a smile on that face of yours. " She could not stop herself obeying as she followed him through the gate, leaving her clothes behind.

Completely naked, she felt utterly humiliated as she walked through the gate to the tall buildings of her condominium. She did this countless times everyday and it felt even more humiliating to now be naked on such a familiar path. Unsurpringly, the first person she passed was Gregg, the old security guard. She had recently chastised him for the 'horrible' standard of hygiene in his little office near the gate. Now, to his surprise and delight, he saw that same arrogant young woman walking towards him, her fair skin positively glowing pink in the sun with her obvious blush all over. Apparently following a young man, she was completely naked but her smile gave the impression that she was extremely pleased with it. Curious, he approached the young man. Valerie was told to heel and she just stood nearby like a good dog as the two men spoke but she could not hear anything as they were whispering. Isaac told her that she was to stand in her 'neutral position', that was her arms raised over and wrapped around the back of her head, pulling her tits and armpits tight, and legs were to be 15 inches apart. She maintained the position, humiliated, staring at the floor. Finally, after a minute or so, they were on their way again, leaving Gregg with a huge smile on his face. It felt like a year, being naked in public for the first time in her life.

They reached the lift of her building without meeting anyone else, which Valerie found really odd at this time of the day especially on a Saturday. She was nevertheless thankful for this, wondering how she was going to explain her clothing, or lack of it, to her neighbours. Isaac seemed disappointed and ordered her to climb up the stairs. "You are never allowed to use the lift. Always climb up the stairs and make it quick. Don't you dare reach your floor after me. " he said snidely, stepping into the lift. Valerie lived on the 6th floor and never had a reason to climb the stairs before. In fact she hardly did any exercise except dancing. Today was different however, as she rushed up the stairs with her arms still locked behind her head. Climbing up two steps at her time, her thighs parted widely pink, giving anyone behind her a clear look straight into her most private area. There did not seem to be anyone in the stairwell in any case, but Valerie did not dare to turn around. She had worked up a bit of sweat by the time she reached her floor, just in time to hear the lift ding. Isaac ordered her to open her door, and she stooped to retrieve the key from under the floor mat. He told her to stop, and only bend at the hips. Then, she was told to stay in that position. Humiliated, she waited as he walked slowly behind her. She was then told to spread her legs a bit more apart until they were 20 inches apart and then she was told that from now on whenever she was to bend over, this was how she would do it. He took out his phone and was about to snap a shot when the door beside her's opened and her handsome neighbour Jon walked out. Mortified, Valerie tried but could not move a muscle and remained in her humiliating position. Jon, a young man of 21 years, was thus treated to a sight of her pussy and asshole spread wide from the back. Isaac walked over to Jon and said, "Don't worry about her, she's just horny. She just couldn't stop showing off in public. As for you, abandon all pretences." Valerie thought it was not possible for herself to blush redder, but she was sure now that she was bright red all over. Jon was told to feel her pussy, and she had the utmost humilation of her handsome next door neighbour getting a feel of her soft centre from behind as she kept up the erotic pose. Worse still, he commented on how wet and hairy she was before Isaac sent him on his way.

Valerie's parents were away for the weekend and would only be back on Sunday night. Isaac did not seem to care whether or not they were home in any case, ordering her to open her door and marching in before her. She was told to get him a glass of cold water and could not help but feel a pang of irritation, having to serve drinks like a subservient maid in her own apartment. "Good girl," he said, "Whenever you are not doing anything, you are to be in your neutral position unless I tell you otherwise." She assumed the position, blushing. "Now, a few rules. I'll of course be letting your, and our, friends know that I have control over your life. I'll do this subtly though, and I'll be letting some of them take over control now and then. It should be quite fun I presume. Not for you of course. Since I mentioned it, just to let you know, when I tell anyone to abandon pretences, it makes them act like how they would want to if they were not afraid of being judged. It really leads to very interesting scenarios as you'll soon find out. I'm doing this because I can and I feel like it. Like I said earlier, no tears will be allowed at all times. I hate hairy pussies, and I'm in half a mind to make you shave it completely bald right now. However, I have quite a good plan for that so that'll have to wait. Now, we'll do a bit of a Q&A. Firstly, I can see you like yourself to be smooth elsewhere, your armpits and legs are obviously freshly shaved or waxed. Do you wax or shave them?"

Valerie did not even have the time to digest the first part of his derogatory speech when she found herself answering, "I shave them most of the time but I've got them waxed before a few times at this place in town. I haven't gone for a while because I had a run-in with the staff there last month. " "Good," came the answer, "We'll be paying that place a visit today. This is getting better than I thought. Anyway you'll find yourself being completely honest with me because of my power. So don't look so surprised that you are telling me more than you think you should. That will also be the case for whoever I choose to let control you. Now, your friend Amanda. Tell me about her." Isaac was obviously not in the mood to drag this out.

"Amanda is a slut. I always feel she uses me to get to know more people, and then she'll backstab me. Its happened countless times. I was so happy when her parents disowned her after her pregnancy and her enforced marriage. If not for the fact that she still owes me money, I would have disowned her as a friend in a similar way too. She's staying at her in-laws' place now. Oh, her pussy is completely shaved. In fact, she's waxed from the neck down and does it every two weeks or so. She was the one who introduced that waxing salon to me. I found out she was completely hairless when we were playing truth or dare once, and we had to do a double dare. I was dared to kiss the tattoo she has on her bare mons. It was disgusting." Valerie gasped at her apparent willingness to spill her thoughts of her 'good' friend. Amanda had been in the same school as them in the past, Isaac had since graduated and Amanda had been expelled but she was certainly quite an attrative raven-haired girl with big boobs. "Call Amanda up. Convince her to meet you at your place now. " Valerie did as she was told and then assumed the neutral positiom again, dreading what was to come as Isaac listed out her new instructions. Her face could not hide the look of shocked disgust at the end of it.

The moment Amanda stepped through the door, she was immediately under Isaac's control and she was filled in on the instructions too. Valerie was told to step out of the house, naked as usual, while Amanda was told to strip completely and left in the house. Isaac stood nearby watching with a grin, eyeing Amanda's completely hairless pussy spread on the sofa, and shouted, "Ok sluts, action!"

"Honey, I'm home!" came Valerie's voice as she stepped into the house, "Whoops!" Amanda was spread out on the sofa, right hand squeezing her right tit and the other hand rubbing her pussy quickly. "Sorry dearie, I was being naughty just anticipating you being home!" Amanda blushed as she spoke. Amanda spread her legs wide and Valerie gave her a long, slow lick, beginning from her bleached asshole all the way to the top of her slit and back. Then, Valerie lay down and Amanda did the same to her. Under normal circumstances Amanda would have been totally disgusted by the hairy bush lining Valerie's slit, and Valerie would have puked at the thought of having a completely bare pussy in such close proximity. She associated shaved pussies with pornstars and worthless horny sluts. Today, however, they had been ordered to keep the dirty girl smiles on their faces and not to wipe their mouths. "Honey I've got good news for you! I've decided to shave my pussy completely bald. This way, we'll both have similar bodies! We'll have no hair from the neck down and all the guys in world will want to fuck us!" Valerie knew how dumb it sounded but she could not stop herself. Amanda was visibly delighted and gave Valerie her reward, a full-on tongue flapping performance on her 'dearie's' pussy, ending with a few pubic hairs in her mouth and a loud orgasm from Valerie. It was impossible to tell if it was genuine or faked. Amanda then got up and told Valerie that she had a great idea of how to celebrate her last 'hairy day'. She took some hair bleach and proceeded to bleach Valerie's dark bush completely white. Then, she dyed it bright pink. Valerie was in virtually a star shaped position on the sofa throughout this, her arms and legs all spread eagle while letting out frequent giggles or 'I love you honey' as Amanda worked on her nether area. Their horror and humiliation at this weird act could not be seen at all. Then, they posed and took a few shots of their full naked bodies using a timed camera, showing the stark contrast of Valerie's now bright pink bush beside Amanda's hairless slit.

They put on short dresses without any underwear at all, and high heels. Thankfully for Amanda her feet were roughly the same size as Valerie's, but her boobs felt painfully squashed in Valerie's smaller-sized dress. Amanda was silently cursing Valerie for her short dresses. For Valerie herself the dress barely covered her curvy butt, and for Amanda, who was more busty but had less of a booty, the dress actually did show a bit of the bottom of her ass. The girls had been forbidden to wear anything else or pull the dresses down if they hitched up, and were told to walk and sit 'Valerie style'. Isaac was referring to how Valerie loved to walk with her butt swaying and jiggling temptingly, with her legs more spread than they would be naturally. She was fully aware of how much of a turn on this was, but always persisted with it as she felt safe under her clothes all the time anyway. Mostly in school, she loved to sit with her knees shoulder-width apart, teasing the younger losers around her. Naturally when she went out with her shorter skirts and dresses, she refrained from doing so. Today however, there was no such choice for the two girls.

They were told to take the metro to town, and all throughout the journey the girls could feel the stares of men opposite them on the insides of their thighs. They were sure the men could see their pussies clearly with their legs spread like that, and kept their heads lowered throughout the journey, feeling thankful that Isaac had not told them to do anything else. Luckily for the girls, no one approached them and they got off at the stop they were supposed to. Climbing up to the waxing studio was even harder, they had been told to run up the escalator to the 5th floor of the mall. Everyone behind them got a clear view up their short dresses but that was not all. By the time they reached the 5th floor, their dresses had hiked up all the way to their hips and their asses and pussies were completely exposed. Unable to pull their skirts down or cover up, they continued walking slowly with their legs spread 30 inches as instructed. Isaac had known that this would definitely happen.  Shoppers were all around, and they stared blatantly, shocked, at Amanda's shaved pussy but more often than not fixated on the bright pinkish bush poking out from Valerie's skirt. Amanda and Valerie pretended not to notice that they were flashing the whole mall from waist down, but the blushes on their faces gave them away. They took a full 10 minutes to cross the short span of the 5th floor. To the delighted bystanders, here were two cheap young sluts who had apparently pulled up their dresses to expose their youthful butts and pussies to the world for some reason.

Valerie was still dreading what was to come though. When they reached the studio, before stepping in, in one swift and smooth motion, she removed her dress and tossed it into the nearby bin. She was once again naked in public without anything to cover herself up with. They walked in, looking like they did not have a care in the world, a completely naked brunette with a bright pink bush, and another smoothly shaved tanned young woman with her dress hiked up to her hip, her pussy completely exposed. Amanda was glad that they had entered the shop, for she was allowed to pull down her skirt from now on. She was actually relieved that the bright pink pubic hair of her 'friend' was so obscenely outstanding, and hoped that her own pussy would be long forgotten. She knew she was to assume another role now though, and immediately approached the counter while dragging Valerie by the ear along. The same two beauticians that Valerie had clashed with were there, and they burst out laughing at the sight of the woman who had scolded them. She had been proud, bitchy and seemingly rich, and now she was naked, every single part of her body was exposed to whoever cared to look. Her bright pink bush did not make things any less hilarious. Valerie could only try to avert their gaze. "Assume your neutral position, slut." said Amanda and Valerie obeyed. "Hey girls, my slutty slave here tells me that she scolded you two a few weeks ago because you all suggested that she do a full hollywood shave. She was somehow under the illusion that a waxed pussy is only for a slut, and that she isn't a slut. She's of course, nothing but a fucktoy and her pussy will be completely waxed today along with the rest of her body from neck down. She'll give you two a full apology and will of course pay in full." Amanda said. She felt a tinge of regret for the quivering naked figure next to her, but that soon turned to relief that it was Valerie that was now the lone subject of humiliation. It was Valerie's cue, and she quickly shifted from her neutral position to begin grovelling on the floor.

Trying to ignore the stares of a few men and women sitting around in the studio, who were obviously loving the show, Valerie crawled on her hands and knees and waited for the girls to come out from behind the counter. She looked just like a faithful dog. The girls were now beside themselves with laughter, and were taking a video of this performance. She was made to beg for forgiveness, calling herself bad names and even offering to lick their pussies if they would forgive her. In the end, the girls waited a full 15 minutes while the audience slowly increased in number, and told Valerie that she was to finger herself to orgasm right there in the shop before they would get started on waxing her. Valerie complied, and was surpised to find herself already mildly wet from all the exposure so far. All the eyes were fixed on her ghastly coloured pussy hair and her own fingers moving in and out of her fuckhole. Eventually she did cum after another 20 minutes of stroking her g-spot and the hard bud that was hidden by her bush. She then proceeded to lick and suck her own fingers like a cock, her humiliation complete as she tasted her own juices purely for the pleasure of the watching eyes and of course the two young beauticians.

The beauticians, insistent on humiliating the previously arrogant bitch more, then did a public waxing for Valerie. She was simply told to lie spread eagle in the waiting area and as more than 10 people watched, the hair was slowly trimmed and stripped off from her most private area and the rest of her body until she was finally as smooth from neck down as she was when she was barely adolescent. Valerie obediently stayed spread eagle while many pictures were taken of her. As she had been instructed, Amanda then proceeded to give all who wanted it Valerie's facebook account name. The beautician who had recorded the video uploaded it immediately, tagging Valerie. Her legs almost horizontal, her body was similar to a star and she was forbidden from covering herself up. Amanda told the beauticians that Valerie would settle the bill and that "her slave was to find her own way home", then left without a backward glance at the pitiful figure of her once-friend.

"Good that you're back, slut. Now tell me what happened and be graphic." Isaac said to the shuddering naked figure of Valerie who had walked through her own front door only moments earlier.  It was 11 in the night and he had met Amanda 5 hours ago already. She was told that she was not to mention what had happened to anyone or else her husband would find out about everything that happened today, and was told to go home and rub herself to orgasm twice and obediently wait for her husband to be back, completely in the nude. Valerie was still shivering, having worked up a sweat for whatever reason and she was dripping on her tiles, but assumed her neutral position and recounted what had happened. Her neutral position was all the more obscene with her freshly waxed body and most importantly, bare pussy boldly spread and exposed with sweat dripping off.

"After she left, I was made to stay in my star-shaped position for another hour and they fingered me. They also rubbed their shoes on my pussy which was wet from the fingering and then made me lick off my own pussy juice from their shoes. They laughed at me about how I acted like an uptight bitch but I was actually nothing but a worthless slut. Then, they kicked me out saying that I didnt have to pay for the waxing. Thank goodness for that because I had no idea how I was going to do it. I was arrested straight away by the security guard who was a disgusting old man and I begged him on all fours not to report me to the police. He made me wait in the dumping room with all the smelly rubbish, saying that I was so thrashy that I belonged there anyway. I was to rub myself continuously until he came back from his shift and I was scared because I had no idea when that would be. When he came back after another hour, he had condoms with him and he brought me to his office and fucked me really hard. He squirted on my face and told me not to wipe it off. I told him that I had no money to get transport home and he laughed at me, saying that I was lucky I had such a pretty face and body because I obviously had no brains at all. Luckily, he was nice enough to drive me to the nearest train station to my house. He fucked me again in the car and gave me some tissue paper to wipe off the cum on my face from the first time. He told me that I was to run home, but if I heard anyone say the word 'stop', I were to stop and play with myself for 5 minutes in the spot before I was allowed to continue on my way. So I ran. I met quite a few people along the way including my classmate Alice who hates me. She laughed and told me that the whole class would find out about it, and took so many pictures of me that her handphone was out of memory. When I got to the gate, Gregg told me to stop and I had to rub myself again. He fingered me while I rubbed my clit and it was actually quite a turn on. Then I ran up the stairs and I found that the key was not under the mat so I knocked until you answered. " Valerie recounted in a happy voice, but she was anything but that. Her body was no longer private, having been naked and outdoors for almost half a day already. Countless people had seen her with bright pink pussy hair, then a shaved pussy. She had fucked a stranger, had been licked by her friend-emy, and worst of all it had been documented in pictures and videos by many different people, most of them strangers.

Isaac was obviously delighted at her humiliation. "I have to say I picked up quite a few good ideas from your story today. Now, a few new rules." he mercilessly started to list them down.

1) She would no longer be allowed to wear clothes within the compound of her condominium, not even shoes. She could put on clothes at the gate unless told otherwise.

2) She would not have the key to her own house. Someone would have to open the door for her and she were to rub herself continuously until the door was open.

3) While naked and not doing anything, she was to be in her neutral position. Leg spread was changed to 20 inches.

4) While naked and walking she was forbidden from covering herself up. She was to walk 'Valerie style' at all times.

5) While seated she was to sit 'Valerie style'.

6) If clothed and her skirt hiked up, she was not to pull it down.

7) Her entire body from neck down was to be kept shaved.

8) She was to be up at 4am every morning to do 2 hours of exercise in the condominium gym. She would stretch, then use only the hip adduction and abduction machine, and the treadmill. Of course, she would be in the nude. This was the only time of the day that she was allowed the have the house key and it was to be kept in her pussy throughout.

9) She was forbidden from owning or wearing any form of underwear or shorts. She was to throw all those that she had away immediately.

10) Her skirts and dresses had to show at least half an inch of butt cheek when looked at casually from the back. Those that did not had to be altered immediately.

11) She was to drink 2 litres of water after the morning exercise at one go, but she was only allowed to piss after she asked someone for permission. The pissing rule applied throughout the day.

12) When she had her period she was allowed to use tampons with the string cut off. Changing of tampon could be done without permission.

13) Showers were to take 5 minutes only, with the door open. She was only to use cold water and was to wash as deep inside her pussy as she could go.

14) She could only eat whenever she was allowed to and only what was offered.

15) She was to be dolled up and ready for fucking by 730am each day. This meant a messy bun, hairless from the neck down, and waiting in the neutral position near the main door.

It was especially humiliating for Valerie to listen to her being described like a toy as she stood there exposing her cold bare body to him. He told her that new rules would be added everyday but that these were as it stood for now. Then, he said, "Accept all friend requests on your facebook page and call Alice and say you'd love to meet her tomorrow. Make up a good reason, but make sure she comes. Then go and shower and go to bed. Don't forget to settle your clothing as I mentioned."

Alice was sniggering after she received the call. Her hated enemy in class had apparently been a randy exhibitionist and now she had the evidence to destroy that bitch's life forever. In fact, the entire class barely liked Valerie. She had been transferred there when she got retained, and frequently teased the boys in class. Or at least, teased their cocks. The girls hated her simply because she always acted like she was superior to them. She picked up her phone, flicking through picture after picture of Valerie naked in public, her shaven crotch apparent. Grinning, an idea hit her..


The shrill ringing of the alarm pierced Valerie's sleep. Groaning, she pressed the buzzer down. For a moment she thought that she just had a particularly dirty dream, then she realised she was naked. She lept out of bed, knowing that she had to spend at least 2 hours in the gym. Still not completely awake as she was used to sleeping in, she opened her cupboard and was about to search for some sports bras and exercise shorts to throw on. Then, she realised that they had all been thrown away the previous night. Only her self-altered micro skirts and dresses were left. She brushed her teeth while wetting her house key with the tap, then slid it into her pussy. It felt very cold and she actually shivered as it went in.

As she left her house, a fresh wave of humiliation hit her. She was powerless to control herself, and she was now naked in public again. It made it slightly worse that she was naked in her own condominium compound, where people she saw everyday could now see her as naked as the day she was born. She padded all the way down to the first floor using the stairs as ordered, panting by the time she reached. She then crossed the park, the cool morning breeze making her nipples perk up. Thankfully it was 410 in the morning and no one was up to see the beauty walking stark naked towards the gym. As she entered the gym, she actually heaved a sigh of relief that it was so early. The gym was relatively large but the hip adduction/abduction machine and treadmills were strategically placed right in front of the huge glass walls. This meant that anyone walking past just had to look in and they would see her repeatedly spreading and closing her legs, or running on the treadmill where her tits would be bound to bounce. She begun her workout, automatically using a really tough weight and running speed. She also realised humiliatingly that as she sat on the machine her arms immediately wrapped around the backrest, exposing her tits. As she ran, her arms were at her side but the high speed caused her to spread her legs wide as she ran. By the time it was 615, she was totally drenched. She was not allowed to use a towel, having to be completely naked. She simply slunk out of the gym, dripping sweat all over, and padded across the park again on bare feet. She was just telling herself that it was lucky it was Sunday so no one would be awake at this time when she realised that she would have to do the same thing every single day. Her legs felt dead tired but she still had to run up the stairs, and humiliatingly felt around her pussy for the key she had inserted inside. The abduction and adduction of her thighs and hips had caused the key to constantly rub against her g-spot. It was slick with pussy juice and sweat, but she opened the door and entered quickly nonetheless.

The shower was equally traumatising. She had never had the need to take a cold shower before and to do so after working up such a sweat meant it was virtually freezing that she actually felt thankful that Isaac had limited bathtime to 5 minutes. She quickly soaped all over her body and even inside her pussy, desperately trying to scrub the dirt off and build a bit of warmth. Then, she shaved herself all over and tied her hair into the messy bun that Isaac had wanted. Her smooth rebonded hair took longer than she expected, but she finally got it into the shape that she hoped he would find attractive enough. She felt a jolt of anger, having to dress her naked body up purely for the judgement and pleasure of others was not something she was used to. Finally, at 7, she proceeded to drink 2 litres of tap water and waited in her neutral position in front of the main door.

No one came, and Valerie was left standing until 11. She felt full to bursting with water and hungry too, having really exerted herself this morning. At 11, she heard the click of the door and Isaac entered. He had apparently taken one of her keys. Eyeing her pathetic naked form, he told her to put on some make up and pat a bit of baby powder on her pussy. He told her that that would have to be done every morning too. Valerie hurried to obey, needing to piss desperately. She proceeded to beg him to let her use the toilet and when she finally got the permission to, she rushed in. He followed her in, grinning at how her butt shook when she sprinted. It was quite a humourous position, Valerie standing up in her neutral position and pissing, and it forced her to squeeze her pussy muscles to shoot the piss hard enough to prevent the drops from falling on the floor. In the end she had to straddle the toilet bowl when the strand of liquid thinned, her legs spread wide and her nether lips parted, for Isaac's viewing pleasure. "Ok slut, wipe yourself, pat more baby powder on that pisshole and then make me a sandwich. I'll be waiting in the living room." She hurried to fix him a sandwich, her own stomach growling.

Isaac generously allowed her to fix some raw vegetables for herself to eat, but she had to give him a good handjob first. He squirted into her salad bowl and gave her a minute to finish it up. "Protein is good for girls too!" he said. She was so hungry that it was more than enough time. "Now slut, where's the rest of your family?" he asked. "My parents are overseas and my brother doesn't stay with us. My parents will be home tonight. Isaac I can't walk around the neighbourhood naked when my parents come home." she cautiously said. Isaac glared at her and simply replied, "Your life is mine. If I want you to lick your mum's pussy and suck your dad's cock you will do so. I will arrange for your parents to shift out immediately. I will have a house for them elsewhere but they will still pay for the maintainence this house. They will only remember that this apartment is rented out to someone and won't even remember they had a daughter. Not that they would want one that's such a slut anyway." he finished with a laugh. Valerie was stunned but she could only nod. It was better that way, it would mean less embarrassment for her. She shuddered as she imagined doing the sort of things he had mentioned to her parents. "Isaac, Alice will be here soon. I think she's coming at 1." "Good slut. I'll be making preparations for that. In the meantime, I have new ideas for your drinking. From now on you will only drink from a dog bowl. " he gestured to a dusty abandoned dog bowl that her old dog had used. "You will fill it from the tap, place it on the floor, and then drink. You will be in sort of a star shaped push up position, your legs spread horizontal and hands beside the dog bowl lifting your body off the ground. I want your pussy and ass to be fully spread, which should not be hard with all your dancing. Pussy faces the door if you are alone at home and drinking, and pussy faces the nearest person if there is someone in the house. Now, I want you to drink 50 bowls. Don't you dare ruin your make up. " Valerie obediently carried out his orders, and she realised with another wave of humiliation that she was actually drinking out of the bowl that her own domestic pet had used before he died.  She had reached bowl 45 when the doorbell rang.

She would have froze, except for the fact that she had a task that she had been ordered to complete. Finishing the bowl, she got up and mechanically filled it up again despite the dread that was building within her. Isaac told her to turn her pussy to the door and keep it in place even after she finished that bowl, and opened the door. Staring between her widely parted thighs, to her horror, she saw Alice enter the apartment. But Alice was not alone. Virtually her entire class was here, and the 20 teenagers entered her house. There were gasps and she heard scraps of conversation, "Oh my gosh you were right Alice.. She's completely shaved too, that's really hot.. I wanna fuck her right now.. Hmm her asshole's pretty dark in colour compared to her skin.. She looks so happy like that.. What a dumb slut.. Wonder how she lives with herself huh?" She was utterly humiliated, her legs spread almosy horizontal for a bunch of teens a year younger than her. It was all for their viewing pleasure and they commented freely on her most private regions. "Finish up the last few bowls then get these people some drinks, dumb slut. " Isaac's voice jolted her. She obediently got up, standing there in her full naked glory and continued with the last few bowls. She was ordered to not be able to hear anything Isaac said, but she could see him talking to her classmates, and many of them kept laughing and pointing at her as she brought them drinks in the nude like a good maid. A few of the guys, and humiliatingly even a few of the girls stroked her smooth pussy casually. It made her feel really like a toy, and she knew that things were going to get so much worse. She heard Isaac say, "Abandon all pretences." to the group, and to her, "You now obey anything anyone tells you. Anyone at all. I might be back in the next few weeks to check up on you, but I guess you're in good hands now. Oh, your previous orders from me still hold." With that, he walked out.

Valerie was stunned, and for a moment so seemed her classmates. Then, there was an uproar as many of them got up at once and charged towards her. In her neutral position, they were free to touch her anywhere they pleased and she could not stop them. A full 5 minutes of being fingered and discussed followed, until Alice spoke. "Ok its clear that this slut is now our possession. Isaac told me that his orders are not to be removed, they can be modified though. But in the meantime i think they sound fun enough for me so.. If anyone has any ideas then feel free to raise them to the slut and she will obey of course. Her parents will never come back so this house is basically a playhouse for us from now on. She will clean it and keep herself in a fuckable state. We're her masters after all and she lives to serve us. " It was so humiliating for Valerie to hear Alice, a girl younger than her, talk about her like a pet in her own house. She knew it was true though, her life was only what Isaac, and what they, now, said it was.

"Alice, may i piss?" Valerie asked meekly. Her classmates burst out laughing. "Oh yeah, she's not even allowed to piss without permission now." Alice cruelly reiterated the extent of Valerie's fall from grace. "Trouble is, none of us like you. Ok we like you as a slaveslut, but we aren't going to be so nice as to allow you to piss just like that after all your cockteasing and arrogance in school. If you want to piss that bad, you're going to have to try harder than that. Why not you go downstairs, buy a pack of condoms, and ask the shopkeeper if you may piss? Now go, and masturbate while you speak to the shopkeeper."

Valerie was completely naked of course, and the old woman who worked at the shop pursed her lips at her. Valerie, masturbating with her other hand as she had been ordered to by Alice, asked in a soft but polite voice, "Please miss, can I piss?" She got a tight slap across her face and the old woman, screaming curses at her and stuff like, "Your parents will be so disappointed.", threw her out. Still rubbing her clit, which made her all the more urgent, she left, crestfallen. A couple of young children nearby sprayed water at her as she walked past and parents ushered them away, shooting her disgusted looks. By the time she climbed up the steps again, the embarassment and the walk had caused her to perspire quite a bit. Another of her classmates, Edel, opened the door after 10 minutes of her begging and she ambled in, her gait looked funny as she squeezed her thighs together trying not to piss. Before she could open her mouth, Edel gave her a slap on her tit. "Legs spread, slut. Remember your neutral position. " Valerie wasn't sure how she succeeded, but she did so, her legs trembling. Edel attached a dog collar that belonged to Valerie's old dog, to her neck and told Valerie to get on her hands and knees. Edel walked her to the lift, and they took it down. "You know, ever since you tried to seduce my exboyfriend a year ago, I've been wanting revenge. Now, I've finally got it. " she said. Blushing, Valerie just crawled out on all fours when they got to the first floor. Edel brought her to a nearby grass patch that was thankfully secluded and told her to piss. On all fours, and with the powerful stream of liquid gushing out from her groin, Valerie really felt like a dog or worse. Just when she was in midstream, she heard a familiar voice. "Hello, I'm her neighbour Jon. " "Oh hello Jon, I'm Edel! Its really nice to meet you, I'm just walking my dog." "That's a nice dog, don't you think that we should take it to the pool? I think the other neighbours would love to get a good look at it." Jon said. Horrifired, Valerie looked up at Edel with pleading eyes. Edel was apparently more interested with flirting with the handsome Jon and they took a slow walk around the pool which Valerie used to frequent, suntanning in her bikini. Now she was being led around on all fours completely naked for the viewing pleasure of anyone who cared to look. Worse still, Jon told her to stick her butt higher by arching her back more and spread her legs wider when she crawled, and she obeyed. Her pussy was spread so wide that every gust of wind caused a tingle on her moist slit. She was probably ogled at and discussed about by at least half the people living in the estate.

Valerie spent the remainder of the afternoon fucking the rest of the boys, "making full use of the condoms", as Alice said. Then, she ordered pizza for dinner which Valerie paid for. Valerie was made to answer the door and with a sultry look, guided the deliveryman's hand to her smooth pussy. Her classmates devoured the pizza, satisfied, while she served drinks. One of the boys, Jackie, had a brilliant idea and from then on, she had to serve them drinks with the cans or cups raised straight above her head so that her armpits and tits could still be taut and exposed. This prevented her from covering up any part of her body. Her legs were as usual spread 30 inches while walking. Alice had tried to increase it to 3 feet but she decided she did not look slutty enough if she looked too uncomfortable while she walked. Valerie then ate the remnants of the pizza by dipping it and rubbing it all over and inside her pussy, and was rewarded with an espresso cup full of cum for her good performance. The class then sat down for a class discussion. A quiet girl, Rox, whom Valerie had picked on before for being too timid, said, "We should get her expelled so that she can better prepare to be a full time slut!" Humiliated, Valerie could only stand in her neutral position and occasionally perch in her star shaped position as she was told to drink more water while they discussed how best to get her expelled.

When the discussion was finally over, Valerie was allowed to piss in the toilet while they all stood around and watched. She was however, in a daze, knowing that tomorrow her life would be truly destroyed, if it had not already. Her facebook, instagram and twitter pictures were changed to full body maps of her smooth naked body. In an hour, she was banned from all three. Her social life was finished, many of her true friends having sent her messages ending friendships with what they called a disgrace to humanity. They had all obviously seen the video of what happened in the waxing studio too. The only 'friends' she had left were the classmates, who were determined to humiliate her in every single way possible.


Valerie did her usual morning routine, the difference being that she had been told to stop and chat with whichever neighbour she saw in the morning. It was unlikely she would meet anyone anyway, or so she thought. This morning, she met old Mr Thomson walking his dog and was forced to say hello and make small talk until he told her that he'd better go before his wife saw him. He admired her body openly, stroking her slit as they spoke. His dog even gave her slit a full lick, and she shuddered with arousal, hoping Mr Thomson had not seen. She had to rush back home after her exercise and finished her bath and making up by 645.

As instructed, she did not take her school bag and left the estate fully in the nude. She flagged down a taxi, and the young driver blatantly stared at her spread pussy. He managed to reach her school by 710. She realised she did not have any money to pay him, but thankfully he just reached behind and fingered her for a bit before saying that the ride was on him. She forced a smile out and walked towards her school gate, completely in the nude. Unable to stop herself from sweating at the thought of what she had been ordered to do, she could feel her baby poweder dissolving as sweat trickled down her slit. Breaking into a run, she charged past the security guard and ran straight up the podium where the entire school was staring at, as the principal was making a speech there. She simply stood beside the middle aged lady and started to rub herself. She had been told to cum loudly within a minute and she did so. The whole school was in uproar, and as she licked her fingers, her other hand waved over her head manically like someone totally happy with masturbating in public.

As expected, she was expelled that very day. Probably what made it worse was how she kept going on and on in the principal's office about how she felt that her pussy was smoother than silk. She even started talking about how she dyed her pussy hair bright pink once and that she loved the feeling of getting a full body wax. She said, "It was so much better than the cocks I ate these past few days!" It was all part of fat Amelia's plan anyway, her obese classmate had an obvious dislike of the lithe and sexy Valerie from the start. She was sent home by one of her favourite teachers, Mr James, but she tried to seduce him and he dumped her by the roadside near her condominium. She ran all the way home stark naked, as cars all along the road honked at the sight of her shaved pussy proudly shining in the sun with all her sweat.

She had been given the day off my Alice, now her tormentor-in-chief, in a sense. She had been told to revamp her house slightly. First, pictures of herself in various erotic poses were printed out and enlarged and then framed up. Of course, she was fully naked in every single one of them. The humiliation of carrying such pictures that were obviously of herself on the metro almost overrid the joy at being able to wear clothes and shoes after almost 3 whole days of being naked continuously. While her skirt barely covered her butt, she felt satisfied that at least she was not completely naked. She was also to visit a sex shop nearby and purchase various outfits and toys after depositing the pictures at home. The young punkish girl over the counter sneered at her as she virtually bought one of everything in the shop, not forgetting to top up her stash of condoms tenfold. She had also been allowed to settle her meals for herself for the day, and was even allowed to piss as and when she liked, in private. She felt almost thankful to Alice. As usual though, she had to strip before she entered her condominium compound, and this time she had to blow Gregg in his dingy little office while wearing the brand new french maid outfit. "At least I'm not completely naked", she thought to herself again.

She started to make the necessary changes to her home as she had been instructed. Portraits were thrown, and replaced by her nude erotic 'Sluterie pics'' as Alice called them. The walls were almost completely covered with pictures of her spreading her pussy, sometimes even fucking one of her classmates, and they stared her boldly in the eye everywhere she looked. Staring at her own face, she could not help but agree that she did have a good face while fucking. Cupboards were cleared, her parents' things dumped, and a rack was set up for dildos as well as an entire cupboard for the outfits she had just bought. More of her clothes were thrown, mainly those that were not sleeveless or were not short enough or did not show enough cleavage. At 9, the furniture that she had been told to order had arrived, as well as the moving guys. As instructed, she told them that if they finished up their work quickly they would get a fuck each. Eyeing the pictures around the house, they set to work. Valerie assisted as much as she could, puffing as she tried to shift the heavy furniture. Her legs seemed naturally spread by now and the men got a good look between them from the back, providing them with even more motivation. The living room now had a bed with sofas surrounding it, and her room had a couple more beds for people to stay over, "You will have many many visitors", Edel had snidely told her. Her parents' room had a hi-fi system installed with a mini fridge packed full of beer. Her kitchen had a sort of a minibar shifted in to, it rows where alcohol would soon be placed. The unnecessary furniture was discarded.

By the time they had finished, it was nearly 2 in the morning. Valerie was exhausted but she had to fuck the men. Thankfully only two of the six seemed up for it after all the exertion, although the rest did film down the whole process. As she rode up and down on his pole, she thought to herself, "I'm really a slut now, helping my classmates to shift around my own house so that they can fuck and humiliate me more. And I even tipped these men using my pussy!" The men rewarded her with cum on her face, and they left her staring around at what her house had become. It was really a party house now, and she was sure that she would be the main event of the parties that would be held here. She found herself able to cry, and she hugged herself to sleep as she thought about how things would have been different had she not got on the wrong side of Isaac. Now she was just a worthless slut. Her moping was cut short when she realised she was rubbing her own pussy. Apparently it was one of Alice's instructions too, that she had to rub herself to orgasm once every night before sleeping. By the time she fell asleep, it was 330.


The alarm clock rang 30 minutes later. She had barely been asleep and now another day and fresh humiliations would come. She had neglected to shower last night as she was too tired, and she stank. She could smell dried cum and sweat all over her body. The two used condoms were lying near her and she disgustedly threw them down the rubbish chute. She had been instructed to change the sheets and wash them when they got dirty, and she sighed, knowing that they would have to change them today already. She stripped the bed and replaced the sheets, bending down at the hip to pick up the soiled ones and dumped them into the washing machine. Every single thing she did seem to remind her of the indignity of it all. Here she was, completely naked in her own house, cleaning up because of what others had done, in order for her house to look good enough for other people to come in and dirty it. She decided that since she was only to be in fuckable condition by 730, she would go down for her exercise slightly later. "At least I've had some alone time for a while." she thought to herself. She took a quick shower and shaved.

Her neighbours were treated to the delicious sight of the shaved brunette jogging and spreading her legs in front of the gym glass wall as they left for work. By now, the entire estate knew of her fate. Strangely enough, nobody reported it to the police or anything. "Probably Isaac's work." she realised. Some schoolchildren or teenagers even came in and took pictures of her exercising. She could not help but feel immensely humiliated as they asked her to assume various erotic poses. By the time she made it back to her apartment, it was 7. Mr and Mrs Thomson were now out together, so thankfully when she tried to initiate conversation the missus stalked off, and Mr Thomson had to follow. As per her orders, Valerie had to try to talk and prolong conversations with anyone she saw whenever she was walking around the estate. It made her seem like a desperate slut, in her birthday suit and trying to chat people up and prolong the conversation for as much as possible, and that was how her classmates liked it. Valerie retrieved her key from her pussy as usual, and unlocked the door. As she was about to close it however, a strong arm stopped the door.

"Hey Valerie!" Jon's voice sounded. "Hey Jon, how are you? You look good today, and you're out rather early. Don't you work the afternoon shift? How's work anyway?" she babbled, as she normally did when she tried to prolong the conversation nowadays. Jon smiled wickedly and entered her home without invitation. "You really are a slut aren't you, I never thought you were this way. But I can see now you can't even stand the thought of people not staring at your naked body, you're so desperate for it! Can't believe I even thought of dating you once. Ah well, go and have your shower first i guess. You can suck my cock later." She was surprised that he did not come and watch her bathe, but she tried not to look at the wide open toilet door anyway. When she came out, dripping wet as usual, she saw why. He had brought over a huge dog bowl, probably able to fill up to 50 of those she had been using. He was in the process of attaching a hose to one of the spare taps, and when he saw her, he gestured to her to finish the job. Her hair was still wet and lanky, but she did look very erotic with water dripping slowly off her as she, shivering, bent over at the hips and secured the hose. Flashes of prosperity greeted her from the back as pictures of her spread pussy were taken. "Hmm," Jon commented, "Your asshole is quite dark. Maybe we'll get that altered huh?" Valerie hoped not, she had heard from Amanda in the past that bleaching the asshole was excruciatingly painful. The other end of the hose was dropped into the huge dog bowl.

"I think your friends will approve. Now whenever you drink, you fill it up to the brim and don't stop drinking unless it is empty or you are ordered to. You know the position to be in! And your make up better not be ruined." he proceeded to fill the bowl up as she was told to dry and tie her hair. When she was done, she was told to drink. The feeling of indignity hit her again as her muscles ached from maintaining her body off the ground. Here she was, spreading her legs as wide as she could and drinking slowly from a dog bowl, so that Jon could admire her pussy from the back in her own house! She felt so worthless. Her hands were trembling by the time she finished, and Jon gestured toward his cock. "Tell your friends about the new instructions regarding drinking. Now suck, slut."

She was left standing in her neutral position after Jon left. Extremely tired from last night, her bladder was full to bursting and she had to call Alice to allow her to piss some time around 11 when she could not take it anymore. Her begging was put on speaker and to her utmost humiliation, Mr James was in class. They all got a good laugh out of it. She was told to piss, then go downstairs and buy some vegetables. Her pussy felt sore as she ran down, and looking down she saw it was quite pink from all the work it had been doing. Sighing, she approached the small shop again and as usual, the old shopkeeper stared at her with disdain in her eyes. Alice had told her that in the future if she was hungry at home she could munch on cucumbers or bananas. Valerie suspected that these 'authorised' foods were chosen to humiliate her more. Passing by young Mrs Sab with her baby, she was forced to stop and talk once again. Mrs Sab looked at her with some sort of pity, apparently her attempts to make small talk were so good that they really seemed genuine. Humiliatingly, she had to stand in her neutral position as she made her feeble attempts at conversation, which made her seem even more slutty.

She had been standing in her neutral position near the door for almost 3 hours straight, when she heard the key turn in the lock and her classmates entered. She was exhausted but was still told to serve them drinks as they lounged on the beds and sofas. She had been forbidden from going on them unless to sleep in the night. They seemed hardly interested in her today, so much so that she even dared to approach Alice and ask her if she could have a nap. It was a very bad move as she soon found out. "You stupid slut, I gave you the day off yesterday and you dare to tell me you are tired? Fill your dog bowl and drink now. You will not be allowed to pee until bedtime. That should keep you awake. Oh and from now on, you will sleep on the balcony in a star shaped position with your back on the floor. Legs will be horizontal. No more resting on the bed. Of course you will still have to change and wash the sheets if they are dirty. Same goes for the cleaning of the floor." Alice flared up at her. Sniggering, the rest of her classmates watched as she slowly took the hose and started to fill the dog bowl. Francis, one of the nicer boys in the class, came to her aid. "Come on Alice, let her piss before dinner. She'll die otherwise. We can take her downstairs to piss anyway, there will be plenty of people to see. And maybe she should get the luxury of more sleep, she doesn't have to go to school anyway." Alice thought about it, and agreed that she would be able to piss before dinner and that from now on she was allowed to begin her morning exercises at 630. There would be more people watching anyway. Valerie performed some genuine and heartfelt grovelling and feet kissing on Francis, and he absent mindedly rubbed his shoe on her pussy. After she had licked his shoe clean, she proceeded to drink up the water.


Thursday night was as usual, torture for Valerie. Her ex-schoolmate, Chris, happened to live opposite her. She had dated one of his good friends, Luthor, in the past and had broken that guy's heart. Now, Chris was videotaping her public naked sleeping every single night and was sending the videos to Luthor. Luthor was then distributing them to almost every single person he knew. Valerie was not aware of this but she was not only a community slut now, she was becoming a public slut too.

Her classmates usually left earlier on weekdays, and she got to sleep more. She got into her mandatory position, much like doing a split with her arms stretched vertically over her head, except that she was now on her back and fully naked. Her shaved pussy, spread so wide with her legs being horizontal, could be almost clearly seen even through Chris' video camera. She tried to sleep, but the cold night breeze blew against her pussy and tits as usual. She felt her nipples harden and her pussy got moist, a natural reaction to the cold. The cool marble flooring made it worse. She resigned herself to the fact that it was going to be natural thing for her to shiver herself to sleep in the erotic spread eagle position. Edel had instructed her not to move from that position until her alarm clock rang at 6 in the morning, and she would really have rather had less 'sleeping time' now. It was too late though, and she closed her eyes in the humiliating position. Opposite, the streaming continued..


Nowadays in the morning it was considered the norm for Valerie to spend 4 hours exercising. This was because she would encounter more and more people along the way and some purposely came into the gym to look at her as well. As per her instructions, she had to stop what she was doing, get into her neutral position, and try as hard as she might to make and maintain conversation with them. It was especially humiliating that her efforts seemed so genuine, so genuine that she seemed like the perfect example of a desperate slut in need of company.


A full month had passed since Valerie had been expelled, and slightly more than that since she lost control over her mind and her life. She was now well known among young people as The Slut, her former true friends denying ever knowing her, her current 'friends' just cruel youths who never stopped finding new ways to humiliate her. Photos and videos of her were constantly uploaded online on social networking sites, and Alice took much satisfaction in claiming credit for some of it. One day, as Alice was flipping through a slideshow of erotic pictures of Valerie on the projector screen that had been installed in Valerie's old room, she commented that perhaps Valerie should have her own website. People could then pay to rent her. "I mean, she is a public slut but she was OUR slut first. So we should get some money from it huh. Her body's our property after all. We should earn from it!" It seemed like quite a good idea, and there was unanimous agreement thst it should be developed. Valerie would have objected if she coul, but all she could do was continue walking around naked, serving drinks to her tormentors.

Various crude comments and discussions followed, and they realised that the website would take more time than they first thought to set up. They thus devised a game called  'Valerie got fucked' which they decided would happen on nights when they felt bored. The rules of the game were as follows:

1) Valerie would be given instructions on what to do and then proceed. Se could go alone or be accompanied.

2) She would have between 10pm to 6am, leaving the house at 10pm and reaching home at 6am.

3) All who fucked her must be persuaded by Valerie to sign on her back using a marker. One person got one signature.

4) The winner would be the one who devised the scenario where Valerie got fucked the most. This would encourage punishment of Valerie if there were a lack of signatures or if there were repititons of the same signature.

Valerie was horrified, but was forced to keep her dirty girl smile on her face, her pinkish shaved pussy now filled by a remote controlled vibrator. The remote control was tossed around like a toy, which meant her arousal was equally played with. Reality hit her, she was now not only going to be used and humiliated like a toy by this evil group, she was going to be used in their game where winning meant suceeding in getting her pussy used the most. She shuddered to think how many different people would be using her pussy.

Edel, smiling evily, had just won first dips to their slaveslut's first night of 'Valerie got fucked'. However, just as Edel was trying to think of a good plan, an unlikely 'saviour' walked into Valerie's house. It was Isaac. Alice, obviously glad to see him too, gleefully recounted bits and pieces of the previous weeks. When she got to the 'Valerie got fucked' game, Isaac smiled at her. "Look, not that I don't approve. But I have a plan to make her even better at this game. I want to send her to Thailand for tubal ligation, breast enlargement, permanent hair removal, circumcision and asshole bleaching. I hae a contact for a doctor there who's willing to do it for a minimal fee and it will be completely a secret. He will even do vaginoplasty to tighten her pussy muscles for free. You will have her back within the next six months, able to be fucked without protection, with larger tits, completely and permanently smooth all over except for the hair on her head, with a perfect pussy and an asshole to match her fair complexion. Sounds good?" Valerie would have burst into tears if she had been allowed to cry. One would have thought that a full month of being a sex slave would have removed all shades of dignity from her, but to hear herself being discussed in this manner was too humiliating to take.

Not all of her classmates were pleased but eventually they voted on it and soon, Valerie was on her way to the airport. She was not allowed to pack anything, not even her passport or identification, and was completely naked as usual. The airport was packed full with strangers all gawking at her nude body. She followed Isaac obediently though, much like a faithful dog would trail begind its owner. As they passed through the customary baggage check, for some reason the male security guard chose her 'at random' to do a body cavity check. He proceeded to perform it in public, and Valerie's feeble protests were cut short by a rubber-gloved finger, that had shortly before been rubbed around inside her pussy, being shoved roughly into her mouth. She had a feeling that this development had all been Isaac's idea, and despite her humiliation at being either frowned at or gawked and videod, she felt strangely safer with him than with her classmates. The body cavity check did not last long thankfully, although the constant probing, and of course her forced exhibitionism, had certainly got her juices flowing.

The plane ride was uneventful, although the young air stewardesses could not hide their disdain and turned their noses up at her. Valerie felt humiliated to be stared at like a worthless piece of meat that was trying to attract attention using her nudity, but was also relieved that she did not have to continuously approach people and try to make small talk in her neutral position already. She still felt a wave of shame knowing that she was nothing but a decoration at best. She even managed some sleep on the plane seat, although Isaac had ordered her legs to remain spread 20 inches apart. Her arms were allowed to rest on her thighs though. A thought suddenly hit her. She had no identification, no clothes, nothing with her at all. Isaac did not seem to have any plan to get her any new clothing, so she would simply be a nameless naked body in a foreign land for six full months. She shuddered at the humiliations that would be sure to come.

It wasn't long before she felt the usual blush all over her body. As she left the plane, eyes continued to follow her naked form as she walked what Isaac always referred to as 'Valerie style'. She was just an object to be stared at to all these people, and when she saw a police officer approach her, she thought that Isaac might let her cover up a little. However, the police officer simply stuck two fingers in her pussy and walked off. Emboldened, the crowd started to move closer and closer to her, and in her walking position with her arms wrapped above and around her head, her body was free for all to touch. Touch they did, strange hands and fingers of men and women and children were put all over and inside her. It was not like in her own country, where her physical nudity was kept within her community mostly. The embarassment was even stronger at being naked in public surrounded by so many complete strangers of various nationalities than when she had first realised that her naked erotic pictures and videos had been distributed to her former friends.


The past three months had flown by for Valerie. She had spent the three months naked all the time, but she had been kept in a lush hotel for the entire period. Isaac had contracted, or probably controlled, a team of caregivers to look after her, post surgery. They did really take good care of her. They fed and showered her, and she spent much of her recovery time sleeping on the comfortable and soft bed that was so different from the hard cold marble floor at home. She had not seen Isaac since her last surgery about 2 and a half months ago.

The experience of being in the shady clinic beside many young women who were obviously prostitutes had brought a fresh wave of humiliation. They had stared at her naked body like she was of an even lower class, and thinking to herself, she was not surprised that they felt so. At least they had the decency to cover up in public. As instructed, she babbled in her attempts to speak to them, and most of them simply frowned at the seemingly worthless and desperate slut in front of them. The surgeries themselves went relatively smoothly, but they were far from painful. The multitude of painkillers she was put on made the three months fly by even faster. She had gotten more or less used to living in a proper house like a proper human again, barring her nudity. Her doctor had told her that just three months should have been enough for a full recovery, and she felt silently thankful that Isaac had mentioned she would be here for six months.

One day, she woke up and her team of nurses was gone. Isaac was back. He told her to assume her neutral position and she hurried to, taking longer than usual after more than 2 months of not having to do so. Her lack of familiarity with her enlarged boobs also made her hunch a little. Her modest tits had been transformed into round, succulent, full globes. Isaac told her that this did not mean she was to arch her back or have any less tautness in her neutral position. In fact she was to try to thrust them out even more. Her pussy felt weird and she gathered that the constant tight feeling she felt was from her tubes being cut and tied. That was apparently not all, as he inserted what seemed like his whole fist into her pussy. Looking down, she saw only two fingers inside, and she was told to squeeze. He looked satisfied and she realised that her inner pussy muscles had been tightened too. Her labia minora was almost completely gone, giving her pussy the look of a flower that was soon to bloom. Her clit stood proudly, and embarassingly, in the open. There were, however, unwanted additions to her body. Her bouncy tits had been pierced, and so was her clit. A special cream had been applied over the healing period to ensure that the holes would never close. Her skin was different too. Already softer than most at the start, her hair from the neck down was completely gone. It felt different from even waxing, and when she had first woken up after the surgery she could not take her hands away from the smooth mound above her slit and her pale white armpits. It literally felt better than silk. Isaac was sure to check whether it was as he had ordered, stroking her all over as she posed in her neutral position. Her most intimate areas were caressed and checked, and he seemed satisfied. She was now the perfect fucktoy, her body just attracted male and female hands to run themselves all over and inside her.

She was given two more months to 'relax' in Thailand. She would continue to be naked of course, never being allowed to put on clothes for her time here. However, there would be no more nurses looking after her. She would have to leave the hotel to buy her own food and the like. Having no money and identification, she had to earn a living for herself for the rest of her stay here. She was to meet Isaac at the airport exactly two months later, naked as usual.

It was the worst two months of her life so far. She was ordered to spend at least 12 hours continuously naked outside per day. If she came back to the hotel, the 12 hours resetted. As she walked along the streets day after day completely in the nude, she realised how unfriendly the country actually was. She was basically a public utility. The fact that her naked body screamed for rape did not help her. Her pussy was groped endlessly and she could only smile seductively and moan while maintaining her neutral position. Walking 'Valerie style' was particularly humiliating, and she wished she had been more conservative in the past.

To earn money, she prostituted herself out in the night. Countless strangers were brought back to her hotel, and she fucked them good in return for a token sum. Her exploits in the hotel room were, unknown to her, all videotaped down through a CCTV. She found that her pussy was now able to squeeze a cock much harder than before, and the men loved it, just as much as they loved squirting inside her. The prostitutes she met along the street all hated her because she was by far the most popular, her naked body already causing the horny men to focus on her without her propositioning them. She knew that she was even less than a street whore. On rare nights that she was alone, she did as instructed, and masturbated herself to sleep. The ceiling was a giant mirror and she watched transfixed as her expert fingers got to work on her nether regions. She felt a wave of humiliation every time she thought of her nether region, that less than half a year ago it had been private and covered with a bush that she had kept religiously. Now she had a hairless body and crotch, and countless strange cocks had shot their whitish goodness into her.


Valerie met Isaac at the airport as instructed, just a day before her 20th birthday. She was naked as usual, having been naked continuously for 5 months now. Her body was well and truly a public good and everyone had the right to use her, even without paying. She had even been bent over right on the streets and fucked, getting her usual reward of cum on her face. She thanked the men nicely by licking off their balls, tasting a mixture of her own pussy juice and their cum. She shamefully noticed that her pussy was much more sensitive after circumcision, and got wet and stayed wet easily.

Isaac casually told her to fuck the taxi driver, which she did so in the cab which people walking past frequently peered in to see. It was quite a sight, a big breasted flawless young woman riding an old man's cock. She still felt a pang of disgust at the fact that she now fucked on command, whenever and whoever she was told to do so. Her most intimate connection with someone possible was now free for all to demand. He came inside her and Isaac told her not to wipe off her trail of cum oozing from her pussy. She was to continue to let it flow out slowly all the way to the plane, and on the flight. Naturally, many people noticed, and the foreigners in the airport turned their noses up at her, disgusted at the figure that defined sexual need walking past them. She was to take the flight alone though, Isaac did not accompany her and Alice and co. would meet her at home. This meant probably fucking another taxi driver to get a ride, "A ride for a ride is fair" said Isaac.

When she touched down, she suddenly felt more shy than the past few months in Thailand. She was about to be completely naked outdoors in her home country. Her body might have been changed, but her mind was still the same, and she was dreading being seen by her 'own people' exhibiting herself so blatantly. Immigration had obviously been settled by Isaac from afar, and she walked in the neutral position to wait at the taxi stand. A few teenagers rushed over to take pictures with her and of her, and she complied with the air of someone loving being totally naked outdoors. They then showed her a website of herself, obviously set up by Alice and co., '' , and she saw countless naked pictures of herself uploaded as well as a comments page. She was sure that new pictures of her new and improved body would soon be uploaded, and that the netizens' pleas for her to finally be rented out be answered. She would have cried if she could, but instead she found herself gyrating her smooth pubic mound against a boy's hand, adding a few moans here and there. They left after squeezing her big tits and stroking her hairless body all over.


When she reached home, it was exactly 12am. It was her birthday. Gregg rewarded her with jizz in her hair, commenting that she had 'never looked better'. Some of her neighbours took her to the underground carpark and fucked her too, she had never met them before and assumed they were new to the idea of her, the community slut.

A dog bowl was waiting for her at home. Alice and co., having graduated just a few weeks before that, admired her smooth skin as she finished up the huge bowl. Commenting on how her asshole now looked fuckable after the whitening, they felt her all over to test of her smoothness. She could only stay in her star-shaped position as her pussy was played with, and they apparently could not keep their hands off her silky smooth crotch. Her usual pinkish blush even spread to her now almost-constantly moist pussy, much to her tormentors' delight.

As her birthday present, she was told to tie her hair with a huge ribbon, go over and beg Jon to fuck her. "A slut's perfect present is a good hard fuck." Edel said as she absent mindedly played with Valerie's smooth slit. As she walked out of her apartment completely naked, she heard Edel say, humiliatingly, that they would begin playing 'Valerie got fucked' the very next day. The rules had been changed and the game still lasted 8 hours, but it was not limited to the previously suggested time frame. "More fucking when more people see her naked during the day!" Edel was obviously delighted. Valerie was obviously humiliated but, like a good pet and slave she had no choice but to follow the orders and go over to seduce her neighbour..

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