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Valerie\'s story

Part 2

"Good that you're back, slut. Now tell me what happened and be graphic." Isaac said to the shuddering naked figure of Valerie who had walked through her own front door only moments earlier.  It was 11 in the night and he had met Amanda 5 hours ago already. She was told that she was not to mention what had happened to anyone or else her husband would find out about everything that happened today, and was told to go home and rub herself to orgasm twice and obediently wait for her husband to be back, completely in the nude. Valerie was still shivering, having worked up a sweat for whatever reason and she was dripping on her tiles, but assumed her neutral position and recounted what had happened. Her neutral position was all the more obscene with her freshly waxed body and most importantly, bare pussy boldly spread and exposed with sweat dripping off.

"After she left, I was made to stay in my star-shaped position for another hour and they fingered me. They also rubbed their shoes on my pussy which was wet from the fingering and then made me lick off my own pussy juice from their shoes. They laughed at me about how I acted like an uptight bitch but I was actually nothing but a worthless slut. Then, they kicked me out saying that I didnt have to pay for the waxing. Thank goodness for that because I had no idea how I was going to do it. I was arrested straight away by the security guard who was a disgusting old man and I begged him on all fours not to report me to the police. He made me wait in the dumping room with all the smelly rubbish, saying that I was so thrashy that I belonged there anyway. I was to rub myself continuously until he came back from his shift and I was scared because I had no idea when that would be. When he came back after another hour, he had condoms with him and he brought me to his office and fucked me really hard. He squirted on my face and told me not to wipe it off. I told him that I had no money to get transport home and he laughed at me, saying that I was lucky I had such a pretty face and body because I obviously had no brains at all. Luckily, he was nice enough to drive me to the nearest train station to my house. He fucked me again in the car and gave me some tissue paper to wipe off the cum on my face from the first time. He told me that I was to run home, but if I heard anyone say the word 'stop', I were to stop and play with myself for 5 minutes in the spot before I was allowed to continue on my way. So I ran. I met quite a few people along the way including my classmate Alice who hates me. She laughed and told me that the whole class would find out about it, and took so many pictures of me that her handphone was out of memory. When I got to the gate, Gregg told me to stop and I had to rub myself again. He fingered me while I rubbed my clit and it was actually quite a turn on. Then I ran up the stairs and I found that the key was not under the mat so I knocked until you answered. " Valerie recounted in a happy voice, but she was anything but that. Her body was no longer private, having been naked and outdoors for almost half a day already. Countless people had seen her with bright pink pussy hair, then a shaved pussy. She had fucked a stranger, had been licked by her friend-emy, and worst of all it had been documented in pictures and videos by many different people, most of them strangers.

Isaac was obviously delighted at her humiliation. "I have to say I picked up quite a few good ideas from your story today. Now, a few new rules." he mercilessly started to list them down.

1) She would no longer be allowed to wear clothes within the compound of her condominium, not even shoes. She could put on clothes at the gate unless told otherwise.

2) She would not have the key to her own house. Someone would have to open the door for her and she were to rub herself continuously until the door was open.

3) While naked and not doing anything, she was to be in her neutral position. Leg spread was changed to 20 inches.

4) While naked and walking she was forbidden from covering herself up. She was to walk 'Valerie style' at all times.

5) While seated she was to sit 'Valerie style'.

6) If clothed and her skirt hiked up, she was not to pull it down.

7) Her entire body from neck down was to be kept shaved.

8) She was to be up at 4am every morning to do 2 hours of exercise in the condominium gym. She would stretch, then use only the hip adduction and abduction machine, and the treadmill. Of course, she would be in the nude. This was the only time of the day that she was allowed the have the house key and it was to be kept in her pussy throughout.

9) She was forbidden from owning or wearing any form of underwear or shorts. She was to throw all those that she had away immediately.

10) Her skirts and dresses had to show at least half an inch of butt cheek when looked at casually from the back. Those that did not had to be altered immediately.

11) She was to drink 2 litres of water after the morning exercise at one go, but she was only allowed to piss after she asked someone for permission. The pissing rule applied throughout the day.

12) When she had her period she was allowed to use tampons with the string cut off. Changing of tampon could be done without permission.

13) Showers were to take 5 minutes only, with the door open. She was only to use cold water and was to wash as deep inside her pussy as she could go.

14) She could only eat whenever she was allowed to and only what was offered.

15) She was to be dolled up and ready for fucking by 730am each day. This meant a messy bun, hairless from the neck down, and waiting in the neutral position near the main door.

It was especially humiliating for Valerie to listen to her being described like a toy as she stood there exposing her cold bare body to him. He told her that new rules would be added everyday but that these were as it stood for now. Then, he said, "Accept all friend requests on your facebook page and call Alice and say you'd love to meet her tomorrow. Make up a good reason, but make sure she comes. Then go and shower and go to bed. Don't forget to settle your clothing as I mentioned."

Alice was sniggering after she received the call. Her hated enemy in class had apparently been a randy exhibitionist and now she had the evidence to destroy that bitch's life forever. In fact, the entire class barely liked Valerie. She had been transferred there when she got retained, and frequently teased the boys in class. Or at least, teased their cocks. The girls hated her simply because she always acted like she was superior to them. She picked up her phone, flicking through picture after picture of Valerie naked in public, her shaven crotch apparent. Grinning, an idea hit her..

Review This Story || Author: OpenlyJas
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