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Valerie\'s story

Part 1


Valerie woke from a hazy dream, or at least that was what it felt like. She found herself standing at a sidewalk beside the gate of her lush condominium. Valerie was 19, a brunette, and in her final year at high school. She had been retained along the way, having no interest in studies. She had a moderate bust and her fair skin was silky smooth, her long legs had just the right amount of flesh which always attracted male eyes to peer up at the tight bum and other secrets her short skirts barely covered. Today, her ex-classmate, Isaac, would change her life forever. Being an expert at mind control, he could make anyone do anything he wanted. The bad news for Valerie was that he had set his sights on her.

"Your life as you know it is over. Now, strip." he said simply. Still ignorant, Valerie knew that she would never, in a million years, strip naked in public. She angrily retorted, "You dumbass, you better get your attitude right and treat me with some respect." As she finished her sentence, her efficient hands had already pulled her last piece of clothing, her pale pink panties, to the ground. She stepped out and slid off her slippers, nudging them neatly beside the small pile of clothing. In the bright noontime sunlight, she was completely naked on the sidewalk next to the estate where she lived. "Ah, as expected. You never do shave." Isaac continued. "How the hell would you know, dickhead? What the fuck?" A horn from a car passing by jolted Valerie to her senses, and she looked down to see her huge dark bush proudly exposed. The driver had obviously seen her in her full naked glory. Even before her hands could cover herself up, she heard the order, "Don't you dare to cover up. No tears allowed either. Keep your arms above and wrapped around your head, I want your armpits and tits to be taut. We're going to take a walk up to your place. Legs must be 30 inches apart as you spread them when you walk. Now let's go. Don't say anything, just keep a smile on that face of yours. " She could not stop herself obeying as she followed him through the gate, leaving her clothes behind.

Completely naked, she felt utterly humiliated as she walked through the gate to the tall buildings of her condominium. She did this countless times everyday and it felt even more humiliating to now be naked on such a familiar path. Unsurpringly, the first person she passed was Gregg, the old security guard. She had recently chastised him for the 'horrible' standard of hygiene in his little office near the gate. Now, to his surprise and delight, he saw that same arrogant young woman walking towards him, her fair skin positively glowing pink in the sun with her obvious blush all over. Apparently following a young man, she was completely naked but her smile gave the impression that she was extremely pleased with it. Curious, he approached the young man. Valerie was told to heel and she just stood nearby like a good dog as the two men spoke but she could not hear anything as they were whispering. Isaac told her that she was to stand in her 'neutral position', that was her arms raised over and wrapped around the back of her head, pulling her tits and armpits tight, and legs were to be 15 inches apart. She maintained the position, humiliated, staring at the floor. Finally, after a minute or so, they were on their way again, leaving Gregg with a huge smile on his face. It felt like a year, being naked in public for the first time in her life.

They reached the lift of her building without meeting anyone else, which Valerie found really odd at this time of the day especially on a Saturday. She was nevertheless thankful for this, wondering how she was going to explain her clothing, or lack of it, to her neighbours. Isaac seemed disappointed and ordered her to climb up the stairs. "You are never allowed to use the lift. Always climb up the stairs and make it quick. Don't you dare reach your floor after me. " he said snidely, stepping into the lift. Valerie lived on the 6th floor and never had a reason to climb the stairs before. In fact she hardly did any exercise except dancing. Today was different however, as she rushed up the stairs with her arms still locked behind her head. Climbing up two steps at her time, her thighs parted widely pink, giving anyone behind her a clear look straight into her most private area. There did not seem to be anyone in the stairwell in any case, but Valerie did not dare to turn around. She had worked up a bit of sweat by the time she reached her floor, just in time to hear the lift ding. Isaac ordered her to open her door, and she stooped to retrieve the key from under the floor mat. He told her to stop, and only bend at the hips. Then, she was told to stay in that position. Humiliated, she waited as he walked slowly behind her. She was then told to spread her legs a bit more apart until they were 20 inches apart and then she was told that from now on whenever she was to bend over, this was how she would do it. He took out his phone and was about to snap a shot when the door beside her's opened and her handsome neighbour Jon walked out. Mortified, Valerie tried but could not move a muscle and remained in her humiliating position. Jon, a young man of 21 years, was thus treated to a sight of her pussy and asshole spread wide from the back. Isaac walked over to Jon and said, "Don't worry about her, she's just horny. She just couldn't stop showing off in public. As for you, abandon all pretences." Valerie thought it was not possible for herself to blush redder, but she was sure now that she was bright red all over. Jon was told to feel her pussy, and she had the utmost humilation of her handsome next door neighbour getting a feel of her soft centre from behind as she kept up the erotic pose. Worse still, he commented on how wet and hairy she was before Isaac sent him on his way.

Valerie's parents were away for the weekend and would only be back on Sunday night. Isaac did not seem to care whether or not they were home in any case, ordering her to open her door and marching in before her. She was told to get him a glass of cold water and could not help but feel a pang of irritation, having to serve drinks like a subservient maid in her own apartment. "Good girl," he said, "Whenever you are not doing anything, you are to be in your neutral position unless I tell you otherwise." She assumed the position, blushing. "Now, a few rules. I'll of course be letting your, and our, friends know that I have control over your life. I'll do this subtly though, and I'll be letting some of them take over control now and then. It should be quite fun I presume. Not for you of course. Since I mentioned it, just to let you know, when I tell anyone to abandon pretences, it makes them act like how they would want to if they were not afraid of being judged. It really leads to very interesting scenarios as you'll soon find out. I'm doing this because I can and I feel like it. Like I said earlier, no tears will be allowed at all times. I hate hairy pussies, and I'm in half a mind to make you shave it completely bald right now. However, I have quite a good plan for that so that'll have to wait. Now, we'll do a bit of a Q&A. Firstly, I can see you like yourself to be smooth elsewhere, your armpits and legs are obviously freshly shaved or waxed. Do you wax or shave them?"

Valerie did not even have the time to digest the first part of his derogatory speech when she found herself answering, "I shave them most of the time but I've got them waxed before a few times at this place in town. I haven't gone for a while because I had a run-in with the staff there last month. " "Good," came the answer, "We'll be paying that place a visit today. This is getting better than I thought. Anyway you'll find yourself being completely honest with me because of my power. So don't look so surprised that you are telling me more than you think you should. That will also be the case for whoever I choose to let control you. Now, your friend Amanda. Tell me about her." Isaac was obviously not in the mood to drag this out.

"Amanda is a slut. I always feel she uses me to get to know more people, and then she'll backstab me. Its happened countless times. I was so happy when her parents disowned her after her pregnancy and her enforced marriage. If not for the fact that she still owes me money, I would have disowned her as a friend in a similar way too. She's staying at her in-laws' place now. Oh, her pussy is completely shaved. In fact, she's waxed from the neck down and does it every two weeks or so. She was the one who introduced that waxing salon to me. I found out she was completely hairless when we were playing truth or dare once, and we had to do a double dare. I was dared to kiss the tattoo she has on her bare mons. It was disgusting." Valerie gasped at her apparent willingness to spill her thoughts of her 'good' friend. Amanda had been in the same school as them in the past, Isaac had since graduated and Amanda had been expelled but she was certainly quite an attrative raven-haired girl with big boobs. "Call Amanda up. Convince her to meet you at your place now. " Valerie did as she was told and then assumed the neutral positiom again, dreading what was to come as Isaac listed out her new instructions. Her face could not hide the look of shocked disgust at the end of it.

The moment Amanda stepped through the door, she was immediately under Isaac's control and she was filled in on the instructions too. Valerie was told to step out of the house, naked as usual, while Amanda was told to strip completely and left in the house. Isaac stood nearby watching with a grin, eyeing Amanda's completely hairless pussy spread on the sofa, and shouted, "Ok sluts, action!"

"Honey, I'm home!" came Valerie's voice as she stepped into the house, "Whoops!" Amanda was spread out on the sofa, right hand squeezing her right tit and the other hand rubbing her pussy quickly. "Sorry dearie, I was being naughty just anticipating you being home!" Amanda blushed as she spoke. Amanda spread her legs wide and Valerie gave her a long, slow lick, beginning from her bleached asshole all the way to the top of her slit and back. Then, Valerie lay down and Amanda did the same to her. Under normal circumstances Amanda would have been totally disgusted by the hairy bush lining Valerie's slit, and Valerie would have puked at the thought of having a completely bare pussy in such close proximity. She associated shaved pussies with pornstars and worthless horny sluts. Today, however, they had been ordered to keep the dirty girl smiles on their faces and not to wipe their mouths. "Honey I've got good news for you! I've decided to shave my pussy completely bald. This way, we'll both have similar bodies! We'll have no hair from the neck down and all the guys in world will want to fuck us!" Valerie knew how dumb it sounded but she could not stop herself. Amanda was visibly delighted and gave Valerie her reward, a full-on tongue flapping performance on her 'dearie's' pussy, ending with a few pubic hairs in her mouth and a loud orgasm from Valerie. It was impossible to tell if it was genuine or faked. Amanda then got up and told Valerie that she had a great idea of how to celebrate her last 'hairy day'. She took some hair bleach and proceeded to bleach Valerie's dark bush completely white. Then, she dyed it bright pink. Valerie was in virtually a star shaped position on the sofa throughout this, her arms and legs all spread eagle while letting out frequent giggles or 'I love you honey' as Amanda worked on her nether area. Their horror and humiliation at this weird act could not be seen at all. Then, they posed and took a few shots of their full naked bodies using a timed camera, showing the stark contrast of Valerie's now bright pink bush beside Amanda's hairless slit.

They put on short dresses without any underwear at all, and high heels. Thankfully for Amanda her feet were roughly the same size as Valerie's, but her boobs felt painfully squashed in Valerie's smaller-sized dress. Amanda was silently cursing Valerie for her short dresses. For Valerie herself the dress barely covered her curvy butt, and for Amanda, who was more busty but had less of a booty, the dress actually did show a bit of the bottom of her ass. The girls had been forbidden to wear anything else or pull the dresses down if they hitched up, and were told to walk and sit 'Valerie style'. Isaac was referring to how Valerie loved to walk with her butt swaying and jiggling temptingly, with her legs more spread than they would be naturally. She was fully aware of how much of a turn on this was, but always persisted with it as she felt safe under her clothes all the time anyway. Mostly in school, she loved to sit with her knees shoulder-width apart, teasing the younger losers around her. Naturally when she went out with her shorter skirts and dresses, she refrained from doing so. Today however, there was no such choice for the two girls.

They were told to take the metro to town, and all throughout the journey the girls could feel the stares of men opposite them on the insides of their thighs. They were sure the men could see their pussies clearly with their legs spread like that, and kept their heads lowered throughout the journey, feeling thankful that Isaac had not told them to do anything else. Luckily for the girls, no one approached them and they got off at the stop they were supposed to. Climbing up to the waxing studio was even harder, they had been told to run up the escalator to the 5th floor of the mall. Everyone behind them got a clear view up their short dresses but that was not all. By the time they reached the 5th floor, their dresses had hiked up all the way to their hips and their asses and pussies were completely exposed. Unable to pull their skirts down or cover up, they continued walking slowly with their legs spread 30 inches as instructed. Isaac had known that this would definitely happen.  Shoppers were all around, and they stared blatantly, shocked, at Amanda's shaved pussy but more often than not fixated on the bright pinkish bush poking out from Valerie's skirt. Amanda and Valerie pretended not to notice that they were flashing the whole mall from waist down, but the blushes on their faces gave them away. They took a full 10 minutes to cross the short span of the 5th floor. To the delighted bystanders, here were two cheap young sluts who had apparently pulled up their dresses to expose their youthful butts and pussies to the world for some reason.

Valerie was still dreading what was to come though. When they reached the studio, before stepping in, in one swift and smooth motion, she removed her dress and tossed it into the nearby bin. She was once again naked in public without anything to cover herself up with. They walked in, looking like they did not have a care in the world, a completely naked brunette with a bright pink bush, and another smoothly shaved tanned young woman with her dress hiked up to her hip, her pussy completely exposed. Amanda was glad that they had entered the shop, for she was allowed to pull down her skirt from now on. She was actually relieved that the bright pink pubic hair of her 'friend' was so obscenely outstanding, and hoped that her own pussy would be long forgotten. She knew she was to assume another role now though, and immediately approached the counter while dragging Valerie by the ear along. The same two beauticians that Valerie had clashed with were there, and they burst out laughing at the sight of the woman who had scolded them. She had been proud, bitchy and seemingly rich, and now she was naked, every single part of her body was exposed to whoever cared to look. Her bright pink bush did not make things any less hilarious. Valerie could only try to avert their gaze. "Assume your neutral position, slut." said Amanda and Valerie obeyed. "Hey girls, my slutty slave here tells me that she scolded you two a few weeks ago because you all suggested that she do a full hollywood shave. She was somehow under the illusion that a waxed pussy is only for a slut, and that she isn't a slut. She's of course, nothing but a fucktoy and her pussy will be completely waxed today along with the rest of her body from neck down. She'll give you two a full apology and will of course pay in full." Amanda said. She felt a tinge of regret for the quivering naked figure next to her, but that soon turned to relief that it was Valerie that was now the lone subject of humiliation. It was Valerie's cue, and she quickly shifted from her neutral position to begin grovelling on the floor.

Trying to ignore the stares of a few men and women sitting around in the studio, who were obviously loving the show, Valerie crawled on her hands and knees and waited for the girls to come out from behind the counter. She looked just like a faithful dog. The girls were now beside themselves with laughter, and were taking a video of this performance. She was made to beg for forgiveness, calling herself bad names and even offering to lick their pussies if they would forgive her. In the end, the girls waited a full 15 minutes while the audience slowly increased in number, and told Valerie that she was to finger herself to orgasm right there in the shop before they would get started on waxing her. Valerie complied, and was surpised to find herself already mildly wet from all the exposure so far. All the eyes were fixed on her ghastly coloured pussy hair and her own fingers moving in and out of her fuckhole. Eventually she did cum after another 20 minutes of stroking her g-spot and the hard bud that was hidden by her bush. She then proceeded to lick and suck her own fingers like a cock, her humiliation complete as she tasted her own juices purely for the pleasure of the watching eyes and of course the two young beauticians.

The beauticians, insistent on humiliating the previously arrogant bitch more, then did a public waxing for Valerie. She was simply told to lie spread eagle in the waiting area and as more than 10 people watched, the hair was slowly trimmed and stripped off from her most private area and the rest of her body until she was finally as smooth from neck down as she was when she was barely adolescent. Valerie obediently stayed spread eagle while many pictures were taken of her. As she had been instructed, Amanda then proceeded to give all who wanted it Valerie's facebook account name. The beautician who had recorded the video uploaded it immediately, tagging Valerie. Her legs almost horizontal, her body was similar to a star and she was forbidden from covering herself up. Amanda told the beauticians that Valerie would settle the bill and that "her slave was to find her own way home", then left without a backward glance at the pitiful figure of her once-friend.

Review This Story || Author: OpenlyJas
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