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Collected by delish

To be read (35 stories listed)

Button Pushers (33 stories listed)

Exceptional Quality (17 stories listed)
These have solid stories that kept me interested. They have better than average plots and writing.

Stories With Heart (3 stories listed)

A Glut of Tease and Denial Stories (31 stories listed)
This has been a huge interest of mine, though it tends to wax and wane. This is a catch-all for stories I've found with this theme- the exceptional, the good and the mediocre.

  • The Senator's Wife: by Ladyvet
    (Synopsis: A senator's wife is sentenced to prison and enforced orgasm denial of a fiendishly cruel nature when her political views cause him embarrassment.)
  • The Discipline Punishment: by Tuefel Hunden
    (Synopsis: This is an account of my recent activities with my Mistress and her new pet.)
  • Waiting for Him to Come: by Ladyvet
    (Synopsis: A submissive woman surrenders herself to a world of pain, servitude, degradation and unfulfilled desire.)
  • Just Another Church Sunday: by shanon
    (Synopsis: Every Sunday, my Master inspects me before we go to church to make sure that I am suitably prepared. As a Catholic, he has taught me about the seven cardinal sins - of which two my Master and I are especially prone to: wrath and lust. But he also taught me that Masters and slaves have different paths to avoid sin, each depending on the other. An important lesson that he teaches me more about... every Sunday.)
    Comment: A fairly short story, but well written with lots of detail- I wish there was more religious erotica out there!
  • Heaven and Hell: by Jeremy Binder
    (Synopsis: She teased me with her delicate and talented fingers, stroking my cock, bringing me closer and closer to the edge of climax. My body arched and strained in my bonds. My cock head felt so taut that I wondered if the purplish skin might tear. Again and again, she wrapped her oil-slick fingers around my head and twisted. She was going to make me cum. I had little doubt that anything could prevent that as this point. Then, she stopped. She put a warm finger to my lips and whispered, “Shhh, I know this is difficult for you. It’s supposed to be...\")
    Comment: F/m tease/denial- an excellent read!
  • Hand Job Mistress: by James Lakes
    (Synopsis: )
  • Cling Wrap: by Carmenica Diaz
    (Synopsis: Things changed when Serena movd next door! Soon, he changed my wife! )
    Comment: F/m
  • A Lesson in Cock Control: by Chris2
    (Synopsis: A sadistic black dominatrix punishes a slave for his lack of cock control.)
    Comment: F/m denial
  • The Line Between: by Jeremy Binder
    (Synopsis: Jeremy finds that nothing is more excruciatingly erotic and exciting that to find oneself naked and bound in the hands of a lover who patiently, devilishly and repeatedly takes him to the edge of blissful denial.)
    Comment: Teasing F/m by an exceptional author
  • Milking Matthew: by Akasha
    (Synopsis: Matthew endures forced milking and other humiliation at the hands of two gorgeous and sadistic women)
  • Chastity: by TheVariableX
    (Synopsis: A girl is locked in a chastity belt day and night by her father.)
  • Teasing Daddy's Cock: by Eric
    (Synopsis: A handsome widower returns home to find his college-aged daughter in self-bondage. Both he and his daughter find themselves on the receiving end of excrutiating tease-tortures from his cruel Asian girlfriend and her wicked daughters.)
  • Punished With My Own Desire: by Joachim
    (Synopsis: Woman volunteers for a special punishment program instead of going to jail. She doesn't know it will end in slavery and eternal sexual denial.)
    Comment: Very long, haven't read it all yet
  • Toys...: by Nikita
    (Synopsis: Kymber violates the \'no cumming without permission\' rule laid out by Michael. The consequences are humiliating and exacting.)
  • Dungeon Of Denial: by Dangermouse
    (Synopsis: A woman is taken prisoner by lesbians to be used in the manufacture of a new aphrodisiac.)
    Comment: Haven't read all of this one yet, but it's a very good theme
  • I Beg To Differ: by icechic
    (Synopsis: A little slut-whore learns waht happens when she comes wihtout permission....a stroy of her sweet denial.)
    Comment: A good read about a naughty submissive
  • Orgasm Control: by robbermagnet
    (Synopsis: She is awakened to be controlled.)
    Comment: Excellent, raw, and realistic... Highly recommended.
  • Her Pain for His Pleasure: by Michelle
    (Synopsis: Michelle looks for the perfect, sadistic dom to compliment her intense need for torture, pain and humiliation. She finds one via the internet ...)
    Comment: A decent effort, with a minor nod to denial
  • Anna's Date: by fellatrix
    (Synopsis: In a future where women are required to be subservient and wear chastity belts, Anna is sent out on a date with a friend of her father's.)
    Comment: The story doesn't center around denial, though it does play a part. The humiliation in this one is very nicely done.
  • Trapped: by Lofwyrkp
    (Synopsis: A woman is turned into a very unusual slave.)
    Comment: Short, cruel little tale- tasty
  • A Taste of Honey: by Jeremy Binder
    (Synopsis: Her body is stretched and helpless. His tongue and fingers bring her closer and closer to the edge, driving her to lustful mindlessness. “I will beg him,” she thinks, “as ridiculous as that sounds, I know I will beg him.” The thought unnerves her. All Kate can think about is cumming. Yet, she knows that will not happen. Not now anyway. )
    Comment: I love this- Jeremy Binder is amazing
  • The Big Tease: by Tarrachus
    (Synopsis: A slave is tortured and is cruely teased and denied orgasm.)
    Comment: A quick read; very hot
  • The Price of Greed: by SpeechMasterOne
    (Synopsis: A sexy woman faces two choices: Become rich, powerful and a 24/7 tease toy, or face personal and professional ruin. Hmmm, what would you choose?)
    Comment: I'm so disappointed that this one hasn't ever been updated. It's a hot story about greed.
  • A Very Long Night: by Ladyvet
    (Synopsis: A submissive wife is forced to have sex without enjoying a climax with strangers while her husband observes.)
    Comment: Short, but well written and generous with humiliation. Yum.
  • Love by the Numbers: by Ladyvet
    (Synopsis: A blonde slave is pierced, infibulated with rings and brutally disciplined by her black Master.)
    Comment: Extreme, but very delicious, with excellent manipulations
  • The Taming of Tara: by Joanna O'Dwyer
    (Synopsis: Tara Gordon, up and coming women's polo player attracts the attention of a young nobleman, who resolves to take her for his own. But this is 21st century England, this sort of thing can't happen...can it? Only in the cellars beneath Deepdene Grange can the answer be found...)
    Comment: Looks like this one isn't being updated anymore, but it has excellent writing
  • Cary's Frustration: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: marvelous tease/denial, cbt story of a unique marriage.)
    Comment: 2 chapters, Fdom, male denial- a little bit extreme for my tastes now
  • Shouldn't I Get to Cum?: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Poor slave-boy can't cum no matter what!)
    Comment: Fdom, male denial- a little on the short side
  • Service With a Smile: by Ladyvet
    (Synopsis: A submissive husband discovers that providing stud service to an assortment of women as his Mistress requires him to do it is not nearly as pleasurable as it could be.)
    Comment: Fdom, male denial- I love Ladyvet
  • Useful Humilation: by Carmenica Diaz
    (Synopsis: Tammy is suprised when her friend Rose tells her she has her philandering husband under lock and key. She is even more suprised when Rose tells her she is going away with her boyfriend and wants Tammy to look after the key while she's gone.)
    Comment: Fdom, male denial- fairly good plot, as I recall.
  • Roll of the Dice: by Ladyvet
    (Synopsis: A submissive husband finds himself sexually stymied by his dominant wife's unusual present and the rules she devises to keep him aroused and unsatisfied.)
    Comment: Fdom, male denial

My Reviewed Stories (9 stories listed)
These are stories I've reviewed that don't necessarily fit into any of my other shelves. This shelf is a work in progress.

Disquieting (5 stories listed)
Something about these stories disturbed me on a core level by the time I finished reading them. They're either so well-written that I can't just dismiss them, or they pushed my buttons along the way.

Odd Fetishes (2 stories listed)
Stories with unique fetishes, or fetishes that are not what I'd read, normally.


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