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Collected by jpozed

Cruel women, helpless men (24 stories listed)

  • Princess Melanie: by pissy-boy
    (Synopsis: The super hot and popular Melanie lures a socially awkward geek into her web, and traps him. What follows is his complete subjugation and humiliation.)
  • Tom's Traumatising Transformation: by rbbral
    (Synopsis: Tom, an obnoxious TV sex show host, investigates a rumour that an interactive SM website is non-consensual and involves women who have been abducted and forced to perform. Tom soon regrets his actions.)
  • Improving Our Marriage: by Dan Butler
    (Synopsis: The main character falls in love with, marries, and becomes the slave to a beautiful woman. She and her friends abuse him and deprive him of sexual stimulation by using a chastity belt. Ultimately, he is locked in it for life.)
  • Melvin: by Chuck.
    (Synopsis: She would be perfect for him, quiet and shy as she was at work. He would kidnap her, keep her in the hidden room and once she saw she would be safe, he would remove the collar. They would fall in love, he was sure once she calmed down she would see that.)
  • The Client: by Dark Fire
    (Synopsis: This back an forth story is told from the point of view of the female torturer and her victim who has been sentenced to an agonizingly slow death by her hand as she uses her full imagination to inflict agony upon him.)
  • Sitter Cam: by Ashish
    (Synopsis: Father installs hidden cam to spy on his son\'s babysitter and he gets the show of his life.)
  • Shylock: by Carmenica Diaz
    (Synopsis: A man is forced to repay a loan shark in an uncompromising way)
  • The Tease: by Carmenica Diaz
    (Synopsis: A cruel ending to a game.)
  • My House: by Jonathan
    (Synopsis: One man's interview with the head of Artemis house--a secret and exclusive club for dominant women men exist only as slave property.)
  • An Afternoon of Torment: by Sean Dunne
    (Synopsis: A visit to a novice dominatrix that turned into a completely unexpected and wholly unforgettable experience.)
  • The Prey: by Wistan
    (Synopsis: Marie is a psychopath, driven by the desire to capture and destroy the men she selects. Entirely without conscience or mercy, she lives to inflict pain.)
  • Melissa: by Wistan
    (Synopsis: The tale of Gary, a man who lands a beautiful wife. Unfortunately for him she enjoys a little humiliation and cuckolding. Well... actually she enjoys a lot of it! This is a kinder, gentler kind of story in which the wife does honestly love and care for her husband and makes this clear to him throughout.)
  • Norway: by P.Hepburn
    (Synopsis: Norway 1940: A female civilian seduces a military leader of the German occupation forces, eventually turning him into her tool to gain power. Bus as the soldier is too paralyzed by her charms, he let things happen and soon he finds himself under the her total tutelage while her girlfriend starts playing with him for fun. What can he do to regain control of his life before he falls too far? And where would he end if he surrender to his seductresses?)
  • Who, Why, What: by ducttape
    (Synopsis: Dee has turned a willing victim into a tormented creature.)
  • More Than He Bargained For: by rbbral
    (Synopsis: A young man travelling in europe visits a prostitute and asks to be tied up and beaten. She however has an arrangement with a local dominatrix who is looking for a permanent live-in slave. The prostitute calls the dominatrix who comes to inspect the young man and consider if he is what she is seeking.....)
  • Herrin: by M.M.
    (Synopsis: Long term enslavement...real hardcore femdom.)
  • The Pet - Yukiko Fujimori: by Moonbeam
    (Synopsis: This is a story of Yuki, a stunning Japanese aristocrat and the revenge she has exacted against an old enemy. She was also mentioned in a previous story, "The Pet" in case the reader wants some background. It is pretty intense, so you are warned!)
  • Natalie: by Koppite727
    (Synopsis: a girl i knew in college, or wish i had known...)
  • Witchseekers: by Kirsten Smart
    (Synopsis: The hysteria of the medieval witchhunts returns in modern times. Tales from a disbanded online community, these stories follow the torture, interrogations and executions of the unfortunate accused. Dungeons, suspension, chains, racks, pears, hot irons, strappado, thumbscrews, hot oil, water torture, toe-torture, impalement, whipping, hanging and burning at the stake are all featured in graphic detail. )
    Comment: Part 4, 'Bubba,' is the one to go for here
  • Predator and Prey: by rbbral
    (Synopsis: A young male sub answers an ad placed by a dominatrix for a live-in slave. He prepares for their first meeting, dressing in a rubber catsuit. Soon she arrives and has him under control. She appears to be a very serious mistress, and things for him begin to quickly slide out of control. The ending has a twist too. )
  • The Art Of Escape: by Tyjord
    (Synopsis: A young escape artist gets some unexpected help with his training from his girlfriend. Help he soon begins to regret.)
    Comment: The best BDSM story I've ever read. Unconventional and avoids every cliche of the genre to memorable effect.
  • Predator 1, Prey 0: by Selveate
    (Synopsis: A woman selects a man to emotionally destroy)
  • Jason's Vacation: by Tyjord
    (Synopsis: Young man falls victim to an s/m conspiracy plotted by two beautiful, sadistic women.)
  • The Pet: by Moonbeam
    (Synopsis: A wealthy former model turned legal tycoon has a house of horrors in the Hamptons attended by her staff of beautiful maids and one male torture pet.)
    Comment: Tantalising glimpse into a life of extreme suffering

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