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Collected by miss_kim

domination (8 stories listed)

  • Rhode Rage: by James X Pendergrass
    (Synopsis: Roger is a young man full is piss and vinegar. He doesn't have much respect for anyone else, especially women. One day he has a traffic incident and he gives an older woman the middle finger. Soon, Roger discovers he has insulted Vanessa Cromwell, the owner of the country club where Roger works. With the help of her female supremacist friend and other female employees, Vanessa decides to teach Roger an extremely humiliating lesson.)
    Comment: iray
  • The Adventures of Jack and Jill: by rolf palsy
    (Synopsis: The trials and tribulations of orphaned teenage twins who fall into the hands of one group of perverts after another as they make their way to adulthood. Beware, this story has absolutly no redeeming qualities, nor are any intended.)
    Comment: ....
  • Repayment: by Dark Fire
    (Synopsis: A rich torture fetish pays his victims to endure a night they'll never forget. One such victim wants to back out...but it's too late.)
    Comment: michael repayment
  • Broken by Monica: by Rolf Larsen
    (Synopsis: A dominating teenager makes a classmate her slave)
    Comment: ..
  • Brian find a Mistress: by Goddess Racheal
    (Synopsis: After years of searching, Brian find what he hopes is his dream Mistress)
    Comment: brian finds misstres
  • My Dutch pet: by willowblonde
    (Synopsis: A Dutch sailor starts off on a six month trip to the Caribbean as a free man looking for no strings sex whenever possible along the way and ends his trip in England the slave of a former lover.)
    Comment: dutch pet
  • AKA and the Dancer: by Jason
    (Synopsis: AKA, the serial killer of young men, picks up a lonely young hustler, a hustler with a difference, on a dark midweek midnight.)
    Comment: snuff
  • A Session With Bondage/Pain Slut Patrick: by pcmman
    (Synopsis: A description of some very extreme male bondage with CBT and some intense mummification.)
    Comment: ...

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slavary (5 stories listed)

training (1 stories listed)

training (1 stories listed)

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Snuff (1 stories listed)


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