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Collected by miss_kim

domination (8 stories listed)

Abduction (2 stories listed)

slavary (5 stories listed)

  • Moms at Play: by nahanom
    (Synopsis: Happy Valentine's Day Mom. Thanks for always putting your wicked desires and sadistic needs ahead of any silly maternal instincts you might have felt for me. These stories celebrate those delightfully cruel Mommies who love to torture there own littlle boys.)
  • Liam's Mistake: by BlackJack
    (Synopsis: Accepting a stranger's ride in the middle of the night was the last mistake Liam would ever make...)
    Comment: asian
  • Slave Girls in Bondage: by kilogram
    (Synopsis: Civilization has collapsed and slavery became the basis of the society. Women were forced to obey any order they got. Nobody care about their needs. After all, they existed only to please.)
    Comment: pony girls
  • A+ Amy: by USMC4ME
    (Synopsis: This is in fact the first story I have ever posted anywhere. Amy was the hot little girl in highschool that everyone wanted. This is the story of her abduction and her first night as a prisoner.)
    Comment: ....amy
  • Captured White Slaves: by Karen Kay
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: truck

training (1 stories listed)

training (1 stories listed)

humiliation (1 stories listed)

Snuff (1 stories listed)


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