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Collected by the_rider1971

The Rider's FemDom (32 stories listed)
Women in control.

  • Submissive Cuckold: by chatbug
    (Synopsis: Wife, boyfriend, and dominatrix torment submissive husband)
  • The Thralldom Sperm Donation Center: by Aceith
    (Synopsis: A single male who visits a semen donation facility finds himself bound into mindless slavery after one visit. He discovers a hazy world of agonizing pleasure....from which there is no escape. )
  • Card Sharp: by Some Writer
    (Synopsis: A girl agrees to set up a game of strip cards between her ex-boyfriend and the girl he fancies. But the cards are fixed...)
  • The Fox and the Hound: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: The slaves were trained by their masters and mistresses, and they put on a good show for their guests.)
  • Two Girls Team Up: by Mind Prison
    (Synopsis: Eric finds himself in a tight situation when two of his friends, Jane and Lauren, discover that he has some dirty little secrets.)
  • The Trap: by Bad Bob
    (Synopsis: When the sexual advances of a young female university lecturer are turned down by one of her male students, she decides to lay a trap and imprison him. Once she has him, she emasculates and humiliates him before reducing him to being her mere sexual play thing.)
  • Becky's Slave: by Doug Young
    (Synopsis: A man's wife turns him into a submissive sex slave and uses him for her pleasure. She also loans him out to friends. He is punished, denied, and forced to perform all kinds of disgusting acts.)
  • The Old College Try: by Alias
    (Synopsis: Tristan gets more than he bargained for trying to make up for a bungled date...)
  • Up To The Job: by Some Writer
    (Synopsis: A boy is blessed with a large cock but cursed by not being able to come, until he gets to college and meets three girls who change his viewpoint entirely...)
  • A University Education: by Some Writer
    (Synopsis: When a university student gets tied up by a girl he has a crush on, things don't quite go the way he wanted.)
  • Wishes: by UBisSub
    (Synopsis: A man wishes for his wife to make him her slave, he get way more than he wants. As the saying goes Be careful what you wish for!!!)
  • The Mansion: by Lady Blade
    (Synopsis: A Slave Training Center where family traditions don't come without a price.)
  • The Scholarship Student: by James Lacy
    (Synopsis: Due to the lack of family support for his college education, the young student was seduced into the trap that his mistresses carefully planned. He was so willing to jump in to it.)
  • The Birthday Present: by solivagus
    (Synopsis: Thomas gets more than he bargained for when his wife agrees to dominate him on his 40th birthday.)
  • A Slave To Politics: by SpeechMasterOne
    (Synopsis: A Deputy Mayor finds she becomes a sex toy to a sexy young intern.)
  • So Easy: by Topcat
    (Synopsis: Be careful of the foreign exchange student you bring into your home. Dominate lesbian takes small town girl and makes her a pet.)
  • Clinical Teasing: by Eric
    (Synopsis: A businessman checks into a sperm bank for a private donation. He is injected with a powerful aphrodisiac subjected to a prolonged series of series of excruciating teases from the doctor and a pair of young oriental nurses.)
  • Jason's Vacation: by Tyjord
    (Synopsis: Young man falls victim to an s/m conspiracy plotted by two beautiful, sadistic women.)
  • Penalties: by Carmenica Diaz
    (Synopsis: Barry had a secret fantasy that involved prolonged teasing and subsequent denial. He never revealed it to anyone until he saw an advertising leaflet that promoted a tease and denial service. Poor Barry, he just had to call. This is a story in three parts and all parts will be posted here. This story will also be published in a collection of short stories at some future time.)
  • The Longest Night: by Chris
    (Synopsis: An arrogant male finds himself in the dungeon of three extremely creative dommes.)
  • Birthday Boy: by Carmenica Diaz
    (Synopsis: (Book excerpt from author's published eBook) Ross requested that his wife be a little broadminded and become a little dominant in their sex play. Debra tries and Ross accepts what he thinks is her na?ve attempt until Debra devises a unique birthday gift. Happy birthday Ross, happy birthday - birthday boy! )
  • The Letter: by Dr. Phil
    (Synopsis: A young professional man writes a letter to a powerful older woman and makes the mistake of his life. Humiliation. Four Parts.)
  • Shame On You, Mr. Hyde: by Dr. Phil
    (Synopsis: It'a amazing how easy it is to enslave a young man, once you understand how all the parts work! Girls, don't try this at home. A tale of humiliation in 14 parts.)
  • What Are Friends For: by Blueknight
    (Synopsis: Scott, part of a group of 20 something friends, is roped into being the slave for 3 females of the group, and their trip to the cities BDSM nightclub.)
  • Engaged and Committed: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: Michael always had fantasies in the dominance and submission with her nurse girl friend. She figured that out and committed him into the hospital she's working. Her nurse friends came to help and the situation was a little bit out of her hand.)
  • Chateau Noir: by Frank Watson
    (Synopsis: His uncle was a sponsor to a private discipline school and he was sent to this school to meet the head mistress. This was definately an unexpected and exciting experience for him.)
  • The Stud: by steven352
    (Synopsis: A high school senior visits a university he is thinking of attending and is kidnapped.)
  • Dr. Benson's Office: by redleg112
    (Synopsis: Wife gets revenge on cheating. Husband turns him over to local female Dr for traing at clinic. f/m nc tease denial torture)
  • Service With a Smile: by Ladyvet
    (Synopsis: A submissive husband discovers that providing stud service to an assortment of women as his Mistress requires him to do it is not nearly as pleasurable as it could be.)
  • Roll of the Dice: by Ladyvet
    (Synopsis: A submissive husband finds himself sexually stymied by his dominant wife's unusual present and the rules she devises to keep him aroused and unsatisfied.)
  • Life of the Party: by Joe1
    (Synopsis: A guy is blackmailed by a coworker and agrees to do anything she wants and what she wants is more than he bargained for.)
  • A Week Away: by carnaj
    (Synopsis: A game gone wrong! Billy loved to be tied up, and his sister Christy soon learned that she loved to do the tying. When their mother goes away for a week however things get out of hand as Christy kicks up the game to new levels. Bondage and Foot Fetish run rampant as Billy is held captive by his sister, friends and neighbors for a week of torture that will not end.)

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