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The auction

Part 3

The Auction 3

The bet and the reward

Susie lay moaning helplessly while four pairs of hands were running over her body, teasing her, pinching her nipples, massaging her ass, invading her dripping pussy. She had lost all count of time long ago.

"You really should try that new boutique downtown, girls," Mandy said while giving Susie's nipples little squeezes of her sharp nails. "They have the most amazing clothes."

"Did you get your outfit there?" Ursula asked her plump hands massaging Susie's ass.

Marsha grabbed Susie's pussylips and pulled them painfully wide giving Inez easier access to shove 4 fingers into the opening between them.

"You should not spend so much money on clothes, Mandy." She remarked a bit sharply.

"And you should slow down a bit or you two will be giving that slavewhore yet another orgasm," retorted Mandy.

"Who cares?" Claudia gave the big dildo she was inserting in Susie's back hole another sharp shove that made Susie moan. "She's only a toy. Who cares if a toy has orgasms or not? Besides that bitch is so hot she can have them all the time."

"Yeah, she really is the hottest slut I have come across," Ursula commented now methodically pinching Susie's ass eliciting little squeals from the slavegirl.

"Oh no," Inez piped up. "My daddy has this whore he bought for the farm slaves. She is ancient, over 30 and quite fat with big udders like a real cow. But she can have sex any time of the day." Inez settled into a slow, teasing rhythm fucking Susie's pussy. "You know, he has like 50 of those male farm slaves and he keeps them in 7 stables. And this slut makes the rounds, sleeps in a different stable every day of the week. If she gets any sleep that is. Those farm animals are really horny after a week without and they keep jumping her. And the headman swears she has an orgasm every time they use her pussy and begs them to fuck only. Of course they are in too much of a hurry and there is always a cock in her mouth, too. I guess that is why she is getting fat, all the spunk she is fed. But she still gets at least one orgasm every time she is mounted. Imagine that 7 or 8 orgasms every night."

The girls laughed and kept teasing Susie, but denying her release. Susie moaned and would have begged but for the ballgag they had put on her.

"You know," Claudia said after a while. "I think my whore could beat that. She is so hot, she could have 7 orgasms in an evening."

"Yeah, but that is easy. It would only be once, not every night."

"She would have to have more and in a shorter time," Mandy added.

"Naaah, she couldn't," Inez said.

"You think so?" Claudia seemed miffed. "I bet you this whore could have ten orgasms in an hour."

"Ten in one hour? Not even she is that hot," Mandy said dismissively.

"No?" Claudia challenged. "What do you want to bet? Next Saturday we all meet again and I'll show you."

* * *

An hour later Susie was kneeling at her owner's feet still panting with frustration. Claudia had made the girls stop once the bet had been accepted and that had left Susie high and dry.

"Now listen, slut. I want to win this bet. And you will win it for me. Because if you don't, I'll have you whipped every day of the week. I don't mind being served by a whore with a few welts. But you won't like that one bit. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Miss," Susie whispered.

Claudia looked at her for a moment, then smiled.

"But I am a lenient mistress, so there will also be a reward. If I win, it will be enough money to buy another slut like you. And I will take you along to choose her. And once in a while I may let her lick your horny cunt. You like having that slimy twat of yours licked, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, Miss," Susie's head bobbed so vigorously that Claudia exploded in laughter.

"So we understand each other. It's either a tongue in your cunt or the whip on your skin."

The next week was torture for Susie. She had been hot to start with, but all through the week (apart from doing her duties) she was given to Rita, the petite make-up girl. Rita pampered her, but also kept touching and teasing her, keeping Susie in a perpetual state of arousal, but denying her any release. Susie was woken up by a hand between her legs and sent to sleep with soft lips on her nipples. The other slaves were included, too, and Susie could not pass any of them in the halls without feeling a hand on her ass or her tits. She was never left alone to make sure she did not rub her clit. But the nights were worst. She lay awake (with her legs kept open by a spreader bar) fantasizing about huge cocks and supple tongues, but her hands were always chained high above her head making it impossible to touch herself. When Saturday finally arrived Susie could not wait.

Claudia's friends were sitting comfortably sipping their drinks, when Susie was led into the room. A strange man fitted something on her.

"A climaxometer," Claudia explained to her friends. "I don't want you saying I have cheated. Whenever she comes the bell will ring."

Along the wall a number of other slaves were lined up. The males all had impressive cocks and all of them were standing to rigid attention. The female slaves were all good-looking and beside Rita Susie recognized Yvette and Madeleine, the pleasure slaves belonging to Claudia's mother. They certainly would know how to make a woman come.

Claudia snapped her finger at Rita and the brunette took her place between Susie's thighs.

"Ready, girls?" Claudia looked at her friends, then pressed the button on a stopwatch. "Go, Rita:"

With a quick wink at Susie, Rita bent down and her tongue flicked over Susie's clit at express pace. She had hardly started, when Susie exploded. Rita only stopped until the bell had stopped ringing, then continued. Susie was still feeling her first orgasm, when it was superseded by her second. She moaned in frustration, when Rita immediately stopped licking and moved aside, but then groaned, when she was replaced by one of the male slaves who slipped his hard cock into Susie's dripping pussy and started humping. At the same time she felt Rita's tongue on her nipples. Susie writhed and jerked under the weight of the man who had mounted her, lost in the pleasure he gave her. She did not feel him cum before she came herself. But he was still replaced by another, fresh slave, who fucked her even harder and faster and with a bigger cock. Susie was lost in a world of cocks, tongues, hands and sheer animal lust. She felt a cock leave her pussy and groaned, but then felt a number of tongues and hands on her body. She saw Yvette and Madeleine had taken over taking turns on her pussy and tits, driving her relentless on only to be replaced by the first slave again who fucked her with new vigour. He came together with her and when he withdrew she moaned.

"Please, let me suck it clean."

From that moment on she always had a spent cock in her mouth, tasted the heady mixture of cum and pussyjuice. Then she felt her body lifted and a slave raised her leg to ram his cock into her slimy hole. But at the same time she saw Madeleine kneel behind her, then felt her tongue easing in between her cheeks and teasing her ass. She came when she felt the tongue wiggle into the tight hole. When the man in front pulled out she wanted to protest, but he shoved Madeleine away and pushed his cock into her ass, while another one took his place in her cunt. She felt cold wetness on her breasts and wondered which of the slaves had cum on them, but then saw she was helplessly drooling, just a piece of fuckmeat being used for its purpose. She was fucked and licked and fucked again, sucked cocks that had spent themselves in her pussy and ass. Unable to move she allowed her body to be twisted and turned by the other slaves. She heard the bell ring  again and again, but had lost count long ago. Yet another man came in her pussy and stuffed his cock into her mouth. She groaned as her pussy felt empty, the screamed when it was invaded again. Sucking on the spent slavecock she looked down and gasped. Yvonne was kneeling between her legs and shoving her small fist into Susie's pussy. When she was all the way in started fucking it, Madeleine leaned over and sucked her clit into her mouth biting down softly. Susie screamed continually until yet another orgasms overwhelmed her. The two girls immediately left her and with no other slave touching her, Susie's hands flew down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit shamelessly. She lay with her legs wide-open und her cunt dripping slimy strands of cum and rubbed her clit until she had had another two orgasms. He clit was sore, but she did not care, just wanted to cum and cum and cum again.

From far away she heard a sharp command and two of the male slave grabbed her hands and tied them behind her back.

"What a shameless slut."

"A real fuck animal. Did you see her drool?"

Look at those holes. That whore would fuck anything."

"Can you imagine? Being fucked to ten orgasms and then rubbing herself to two more? You certainly won your bet, Claudia."

"Yes, I have. Whore clean up that mess you made. And you, girls, pay up!"

"Wait a moment, whore." Marsha stood up and walked over to where Susie was trying to raise the energy to lick the floor clean. She raised her skirt and peed all over Susie's body. "Now you can clean up, filthy slut."

* * *

It had been another week without orgasms, but this time Susie hadn't really minded. Her body had been sore and it was only in the last couple of days that she had become needy again. She was in her Mistress's bed cleaning her feet and behind.

"So today you are going to get your reward, whore. There is a big slave auction and we are going and buying another pleasure slave for me. You will help me choose and then prepare her for me and afterwards, if you have both been good, she will lick your hungry cunt."

"Yes, Mistress, you are very kind, Mistress." The words came without hesitation, while Susie felt a tingling between her thighs.

"Yes, I am," Claudia responded. " I should have whipped you minutes ago. You have been fiddling around back there for at least five minutes and your tongue still isn't in my hole."

An hour later her Mistress was finally ready, dressed, made up and with a hearty breakfast inside her. Susie had been waiting by the front door for over 30 minutes, dressed as her Mistress saw fit for a slave, net stockings, a net top that left her breasts bare and a massive collar with a leash attached. When Claudia finally arrived, she popped a ballgag into Susie's mouth.

Susie had expected Claudia to take a limo, but her Mistress just started walking and Susie had no choice but to follow her Mistress through the streets almost naked and leashed. There were few other slaves about. Susie had learnt that, while slavery was perfectly legal, well-trained and good-looking personal slaves were a luxury item that most people could not afford. So they sight of a naked and well-proportioned young slave raised quite a few eyebrows. Things got even worse, when Claudia decided to pay someone a visit, she did not care to explain who to Susie, but instead just tied her to a lamppost. Men (and some women) stopped to have a good look at the naked slave and they discussed her body freely, as if Susie could not hear. Some of the more daring ones even grabbed a feel. Susie was grateful, when her Mistress returned after a few minutes and took her to a tram stop.

In the tram They sat down opposite a young man, who eyed Susie without any hesitation.

"Nice slavegirl you have there, Miss."

"She is ok, very hot, a real slut, but needs plenty of training."

"Mind if I give her some?" the man leered, but was obviously surprised when Claudia shrugged and removed the gag.

"Don't fuck her cunt, though. I don't want the slut to come just yet."

The man's hesitation lasted only a few seconds, then he grabbed Susie's hair and pulled her down on his cock. Blushing Susie went to work and soon had the man groaning and soon after felt him shooting his load. She even thanked him for his attention. Just when the gag had been fitting into place again, another man stepped up asking if he could have a go too. Claudia looked at her watch.

"We'll have to get off in a few minutes, but if you are ok with a handjob."

When they left the tram, Susie's face was sticky with a load of cum. After a couple of minutes' walk she recognized the auction house, where she had been sold herself only a few weeks ago. Claudia was greeted with respect and they walked straight through the auction room to the stables to examine the merchandise.

At least here Susie wasn't the only naked slavegirl. In fact there were naked women and men everywhere. Some were being led by on leashes or coffles, others were standing at attention in their display boxes. Yet other were tied up in all sorts of poses to display their bodies. Claudia pushed Susie forward.

"Go ahead, slut. Pick some other slavewhore you want to lick your hole. But make sure she pleases me or I'll have you both whipped."

"Yes, Mistress Claudia."

Susie walked slowly along the displayed slaves. There were so many. She imagined each of them going down on her and not even halfway through she felt her pussy tingling and wet. She stopped in front of a coffle of several slaves and the vendor, seeing Claudia stop as well, gave a curt order. The slaves, obviously well-trained, reached down and careful not to actually touch their pussies reached down and pulled the lips apart to allow the potential buyer to inspect their intimate parts. Susie almost decided on a dark-haired slave with small breasts and perky nipples, but then continued on to see, if there was someone better.

She went on, but towards the back of the barn there were mostly working slaves, strong, but not good-looking enough to please her Mistress. She was about to turn back, when she saw a group of three heavily chained women in a corner, their faces distorted into ridiculous shapes by nose-hooks. The prices quoted were very low. She turned to Claudia.

"Mistress, what about those three slaves back there. Why are they different?"

Claudia cast a quick look.

"Oh, those are criminals. We don't believe in jails here. Criminals are simply sentenced to a few years of slavery. They are usually sold for hard labour and get whipped regularly. Few become criminal again after a few years of that."

She laughed and turned away. Intrigued by some instinct Susie approached the slaves, then suddenly stopped and gasped. No, that couldn't be true. She ran up to one of the slaves. It was only when the slave's eyes widened in shock that Susie trusted her eyes. With the heavy chains, the harness and that nose hook she looked so different.

"Petra?" She whispered.

The slave nodded vigorously, but cringed at the same time. Susie only stared at her lost in thought. What was her sister doing here, chained up as a common criminal and about to be sold as a slave? Claudia's words rang in her brain. Hard labour. Whipped regularly. Susie glanced at the sign above Petra's head. 5 years for drug smuggling. She could not let her sister endure that for five years. Without hesitation she hurried back to her Mistress and knelt.

"Mistress, you said I could choose a slave. I have one I would like you to buy."

Claudia looked at her, then motioned for her to show her choice. She frowned when Susie led her down to the criminals.

"What do I want with a common work-slave, whore? They are untrained and unruly. Choose another one."

"Please, Mistress. I will train her and I guarantee she will obey you in everything."

Claudia shook her head, but took a closer look at Petra.

"Well, her body is ok." She reached out and grabbed Petra's breasts and ass. "Firm flesh and unmarked, too. But that hairy cunt is ugly." She shoved her finger inside Petra making her cringe. "And she is absolutely dry, no pleasure slave material."

"Please, Mistress. I will make sure she pleases you and is always hot for you. And she is cheap."

"Why are you so insistent on this slut, Susie? You like hairy snatches? That hair will come off right away."

"No, Mistress," Susie bit her lip. "She is my sister and I don't want her to be a common workslave. I'll make sure she pleases you in every way. Please Mistress. And she is so cheap, you could get another one, too."

Claudia pondered for a while a small smiles playing about her lips.

"Your sister, eh? Now that would be an interesting idea." She looked Petra over again, then looked down at her kneeling sexslave. "Alright, I'll buy her, but you'll be responsible for her. Whenever she misbehaves and gets a whipping, you'll get the same number, understood?"

The transaction was finalized quickly. Criminals were not up for auction, but Claudia could buy her at a ridiculously low price. She gave the leash to Claudia, but forbid her to undo the harness or the nose hook, then went over to the other side of the barn.

"What should I do with 3 girls? So I'll buy a male slave instead."

She inspected the merchandise coolly, testing muscles, checking teeth and having Susie rub a few slave's cock to get them to full hardness. When she had made her choices, she took a seat in the auction room. Each seat had space on the floor for slaves to kneel. Susie was burning to talk to her sister, but when she started whispering to her, a sharp slap from her Owner taught her better. Susie did not pay any attention to the auction itself her eyes resting on Petra who could do nothing but stare back, and was caught unawares, when Claudia suddenly stood up having just won the bidding for a male. He was of medium height and build, but had quite an impressive cock. Claudia waited to have him brought up to her, but refused the leash. Instead she just grabbed his balls and led him out of the building that way. Susie followed leading her sister like a dog.

This time Claudia decided on having a walk and Susie saw quite a few women grin at the sight of a male being led by his balls, but also heard the irritated remarks at a slave leading another slave on a leash. In the warm air Susie's face started itching and she realized that one of the reasons her sister had been staring at her that way, must have been the cum drying in her face. And that reminded Susie that she would have to teach her big sister to offer herself to everyone like a common whore.

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