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The auction

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The auction

When my Owner opened the cage I could see in his eyes that this was going to be an unusual day. I stepped out quickly, knelt before him and kissed his shoes. He allowed me to kiss his right foot for a minute then pushed the left one forward

A minute later he pulled back.


Immediately I knelt up, spread my knees wide and grabbed my hands behind my head. When I looked up at him expectantly, I saw him smile.

“I guess you are well-trained now, Susie.”

I still hated the name, but it had been a great day in my training, when I had progressed from cunt or slut to being granted a name. Not my former name, of course, but a slave name. He had even explained that susie derived from Susie, the cow, because of my big udders.

“I guess it is time I got my investment back.”

He produced the leash and slipped it onto my collar. Then he turned and walked towards the door of the ranch. I hastened to follow. After all I had learned well, that a slave follows her Owner and every time he has to pull on the leash will result in a serious punishment. I had some trouble following his big strides with my high heels, the only piece of clothing I was allowed to wear.

When we reached his station wagon he opened the back door and the door to the dog-cage. I crawled in and he locked the cage behind me. When he drove through town I still winced at every casual view that was cast into the back of the car. But in the past few months I should have learnt better and kept trying to kneel upright so as to expose my udders in a way pleasurable to the casual onlooker. After all that was my sole duty, providing pleasure to everyone.

I had arrived as a tourist, curious about this country that still practiced slavery. And even more curious about the claims that the slaves were happy. I had talked to some of the slaves at the hotel and they had seemed curiously content. Then I had met Him. It had started as a one-night-stand. At least that was what I thought it was. But I was fascinated by his self-assurance that bordered on arrogance.

One night had become several and when he had started dominating me it had seemed so natural. And when my holiday was over and he told me he wanted me to stay on and be trained by him, I had accepted without thinking. He trained me for a month and then offered me the Choice, capital C. The Choice to leave Him and the country or to sign the papers that proclaimed I was a slave. By that time there had been no question.

That had been 4 months ago, four months in which I had learned to be naked at all times, to have no privacy, to move about on his leash and obey every command. Now I served him in every way, cooked his meals, served his drinks, cleaned his boots and obviously fulfilled all his sexual demands. But in all those months I had never left that ranch. I suddenly dawned on me that beside the tourist place and the ranch I had only been in one place here, the office where I signed the papers.

I started when his car pulled off the road and swung into a parking lot. He got out and let me out of the cage. I looked around nervously. There were a number of people about, but they did not stare, just cast quick appraising glances over my body. I knew not to cringe when their eyes moved from my swinging tits down to my shaved pussy.

He walked quickly towards a big industrial building. Over the door I could make out a sign that said: “Miller Auction Rooms: Stock Auction Today.” Suddenly it all came together, but I still could not quite believe it. He was going to sell me! Of course I had always known that slaves were bought and sold and he had never hidden the fact that he had had and trained a number of other slaves, but it only sunk in now. My training was over and he was going to sell me.

Inside there was a big amphitheatre-like room, but he pulled me to the side following a sign that said “Kennels”. When we entered I was speechless. The room was like a long hallway with small numbered enclosures on both sides. Many of these were already filled with naked men and women. He looked about, then steered me to a space marked A26. He slipped off my leash and instead connected my collar to a short piece of steel chain that dangled from the wall. A man in a livery approached him leafing through a list he carried on a clipboard.

“A26? You must be Mr Clarkson?”

He confirmed this with a curt nod.

“Good. And today you are selling?”

“This is Susie”, he explained while the men put down the details on a  small backboard. He seemed to know the drill, because he never hesitated and gave the information in the order the employee needed them Obviously he had sold slaves here before.

“26 blonde blue eyes 36-28-36 fully trained unbred”

“Very well, Sir. And in which category do you want to enter her? We sell job-trained slaves, breeding cattle, farm slaves …”

“I know. Shes a fully-trained whore.”

“Three-hole-accessible, I presume?”

“Of course.”

“And would you like to put a reserve on her?”

“Yes, not to be sold under $4000.”

The employees eyebrows went up.

“That is rather a high reserve, Sir.”

He interrupted the man.

“Shes worth it. Tell Mr Miller to present her the right way and shell sell.”

“Very well, Sir.”

The employee hung the little blackboard over my head and left. He patted my tits and looked into my eyes.

“If you dont sell, youll come home to a whipping, Susie. And I don't only mean your ass. This time the whip will play on your udders and cunt. So make sure they want you.”

Before I could even answer, he had turned and walked away casting appraising looks at the rest of the merchandise.

During the next hour I was ready to disappear into any mouse hole a hundred times. Potential buyers came past casually looking at the signs, but when they saw mine, almost all would stop and look me over. Many grabbed my tits and reached between my legs. When the first one grinned and said: “A true whore. Her cunt is dripping already.” I just about died of shame. After that they all pawed my pussy and I was soon gasping with arousal despite myself.

Then the hallway emptied and the first slaves were led away. Opposite my stall was a woman slightly older than myself, but with a flat unattractive face and baggy breasts. I could just make out the sign above her head. She was being sold as a farm slave and the reserve was just $300. No wonder those $4000 had made the man gasp. That reminded me of His threat. I had to make sure they bought me, since I hated the whip more than anything.

The kennel emptied slowly and I was one of the last one to be taken out into the auction room. Then my time came and assistant replaced the chain with a leash again and led me away. At the entrance to the auditorium he suddenly started jogging and I had no choice but to follow despite my high heels. The trot made my tits bounce and this was greeted with whistles and some very explicit remarks. Thinking of the whip I tried to make them bounce even more.

After a couple of rounds he led me up to a stage and turned me towards the audience. I was blinded by the spotlights. The auctioneer stood next to me with a portable microphone.

“And here we come to one of the highlights of todays stock auction. This beautiful slave is called Susie and you have just seen her udders bounce. She has been trained by an excellent slave trainer and is now a fully developed whore, ready and eager to satisfy even your more depraved cravings. Her mouth is used to cock, but I am assured she can quickly be retrained, if bought by or for a lady. However I must say that those wonderful udders would really be wasted if not regularly fucked.”

During the resulting laughter he turned to me and quietly commanded me to spread.

“And here is the one asset they all have, but this cunt is not only trained to take cocks of any size, it is positively drooling to do so.”

He reached between my legs and his hand came away glistening with my juice. He let everyone have a good look at his wet hand then raised it to my mouth and automatically I started licking it clean.

“But there is one more asset, of course. Susie, turn around and show us your eager asshole.”

I blanched, but knew I would have to obey anyway. I turned, bent over deeply and spread my asscheeks wide.

“You see, ladies and gentlemen? Fully trained and obedient.”

“That asscunt looks rather tight”, someone shouted.

“You think so?”, the auctioneer replied. “I am assured it is easily accessible. But there is a simple test for that.”

He waved towards the back of the stage. Two assistants brought what looked like a padded table. A third one pulled a leash which ended on the collar worn by a naked man of medium build, obviously another slave.

“Susie, suck him hard.”

I gulped. Of course I had practiced blowjobs, but here? In front of maybe hundreds of people? I looked around wildly and caught His eyes. He raised his eyebrows, which was enough to make me obey. I quickly knelt before the naked slave and sucked his limp cock into my mouth.. It started to grow immediately and soon I had to move backward a bit, but I still kept licking and sucking. When I was finally told to stop it had grown into an amazingly long thick cock.

“Nicely done , Susie, now over the table.”

With some trepidation I obeyed. I breathed a bit easier, when the slave squeezed some lubricant onto my ass, but when he started making his way inward I still bit my lips. But I had learnt the hard way that it is better to relax and so I tried to do so. Still my ass hurt, when he finally shoved his cock all the way inside. But despite the pain I still felt my pussy dripping. I was waiting, hoping for him to fuck me, but instead he simply pulled out and left the stage.

“You see? The ass may be tight, but still easily fucked. Now where shall we start the bidding.”

The following minutes were extremely confusing. I heard voice shouting, but more often than not the auctioneer just acknowledge some movement I had not even seen behind the spotlights. The bidding started at 1500 and quickly progressed to 2500, then dragged to just above 3000, where it stalled.

“You cant be serious, ladies and gentlemen. Just 3000 for a horny, but well-trained whore like that? I think you need to be reminded of her abilities. Show us how you play with your cunny, Susie.”

Masturbate? But I had had to do it often for Him, mostly without permission to come, of course. I turned around on the table and started moving my hands over my body. I caressed my breasts, the slowly slid down to my pussy. I forgot everything around me. At some point I felt something soft and moist touching my face. I started licking at once and encountered the taste of pussy. I lapped it up greedily. From far away I heard the auctioneers voice droning away. I knew I was getting close to orgasm, when my hands were pulled away and tied behind my body. I groaned in frustration, when the woman I had been licking moved away, too. When I could think clearly again, I heard tha auctioneers voice congratulating the winner.

“And Susie goes to Miss Grant for $7500. Congratulations.”

There was applause, but I kept thinking about the price. $7500. Suddenly I was filled with pride. I had done my Owner proud. I was led off the stage. In the hallway a dark-haired girl approached me. She was elegantly and expensively dressed an could hardly be older than 18, but she handed over the cheque without blinking. Then she took my leash and led me away. While I followed quietly she kept chatting away.

“Itll be such a change finally having my own whore. Now that Im 18 I can finally send nanny away, when I get really horny. Its such a drag having your pussy licked by an old slave woman. She always made a fuss when I wanted to pee in her mouth or wanted her to stick her tongue into my pucker. And just wait till I show you to Walter. Hes always on about blowjobs and assfucking and other filthy stuff no self-respecting woman will do. But now I have you, so when he gets those perverted ideas again, Ill just let him do it to you and have you lick my pussy in the meantime. Besides I have some rather perverted ideas myself. And with you I can try them all out.”

She made me get into her car and tied me up in the trunk.

When she let me out again, I saw a big, expensive-looking house. A grossly fat old slave came running to help my new owner out of the car. She pointed to me and he immediately grabbed my leash and pulled me after her. Through an impressive staircase I was led to a well-furnished room. Beside the big bed stood a cage, obviously my new home. Unselfconsciously my owner dropped her clothes on the floor, which the slave hastened to pick up and put away. On her way to the bed, she passed the slave and gave the slave's half-erect cock a little slap that made him wince.

"I see that my new whore awoke even your useless little pecker," she grinned. "When I am done with her, she can give you a blowjob. Now get out."

The slave's eyes lit up and his cock went to full hardness immediately. With a hungry look at me, he left. My owner dropped on the bed and spread her legs.

"What are you waiting for, whore?" she hissed and when I hastened to join her she slapped my udders hard. "I'm not used to being kept waiting. Now you had better make it good or your udders will suffer."

Resigned to my fate I knelt between her legs and tasted my owner for the first time.

The auction 2

The birthday party

I woke up from a loud noise. When I opened my eyes, for a moment I was completely disorientated. The bedroom was luxurious and big, much bigger than the stable I was used to, but if I had any illusions what I was doing here, the sturdy metal bars in front of my face told me different.

"Hurry up, whore, don't keep your owner waiting,"

An old naked woman with saggy breasts was poking me through the bars of my cage, obviously a slave like myself.

"My name is Susie," I objected.

The old crone cackled, while fumbling with the lock.

"Your name is anything that Miss Claudia wants to call you. And right now she wants to call you whore. So get out there and greet your owner, whore," she whispered pointing towards the sumptuous bed.

Resignedly I crawled out of the low cage. Only a few months ago I would have shrunk at the thought of my big breasts dangling as they did, but my trainer had taught me early on that slaves did not wear bras, did not wear anything as a rule. The old woman slapped my ass and pointed to the bed, where I had pleasured my new owner last night. Her slender body with its small pert breasts  just peeking out from under the covers and the full black hair spread out on the pillow looked gorgeous, but I was given you time to admire her. As soon as was within reach, the crone grabbed my hair and pulled me closer, then twisted my nipples vivciously.

"What are you thinking of, whore? It is already a minute past the time Miss Claudia wants to be woken up. And she is used to having a tongue bath in bed while she is waking up. Now start with her armpits."

Somewhat hesitantly I crawled upwards only to give a muffled cry when her sharp nails pinched my nipples again. With a vicious final twist the fingers released me and I started licking my owner's left armpit. Luckily she shaved, but the sweat of a night was salty on my tongue. I tried to lick as thoroughly as I could. When she felt the lady was clean enough, the old slave made me crawl all the way around her feet to clean the other armpit. When I was done with that Miss Claudia was still only moaning in her sleep and the old slave grabbed my hair and pulled me down to my lady's feet. Obediently I licked them, pushed my tongue between the pretty toes to clean away the night sweat, then sucked each toe like a miniature cock. Without being told I slowly made my way up my owner's legs. I had just reached the knees and was busy pushing my face under them to clean the backside of the leg, when Miss Claudia stretched and moaned louder.

"Isn't she cute, nanny," Miss Claudia crooned. "So sexy and so well-trained. Of course I will train her further. I want to have the best slavewhore in the entire college. I want all the girls and boys to beg me to let them use her. That's enough. Clean my crack now." I only just remembered in time.

"Yes, Miss Claudia, thank you for allowing me to touch to your wonderful anus, Miss Claudia."

"See, nanny? She's such a natural shameless plaything," Miss Claudia turned over onto her stomach so I could press my face between her taut cheeks. "You should have seen when they displayed her at the auction. She got so wet and horny she really masturbated in front of all those people. How degraded she is. Stick your tongue in deeper, stupid whore."

I worked hard pushing my tongue between her cheeks and she made me do it for a long time all the time prattling away about what a good slavewhore I was going to be for her. Finally she had Nanny hand me a glass of water to rinse my tongue. Not being allowed to leave her bed. I had to swallow the water afterwards. Then she turned over and let her legs fall apart. This time I remembered to thank her right away and got to work cleaning her densely haired pussy. This time I realized the pungent odour much more than I had the night before. Some of it I knew only too well, the smell of any aroused woman, but this scent was different, more intense, tickling my nose and my tastebuds and making my pussy tingle with excitement. I tasted her honey that soon started to flow, but to my surprise she did not let me give her an orgasm, but instead pushed my face away while she got up.

"Aren't you going to thank me for the privilege of being allowed to touch my body with your filthy tongue, whore?" my owner hissed.

"I'm sorry, Miss Claudia, thank you, Miss Claudia."

With a hooked finger she motioned for me to kneel up in the bed and carelessly backhanded my breasts a few time making them burn. When she was satisfied she went to have a shower, while I knelt and washed her with a soft sponge, then dried her off with the biggest and softest bath towel I had ever seen. When she pushed the towel away and left the bathroom I hastened to follow and knelt by her side when she sat down at the make-up table. She looked at me and laughed.

"What do you think you are doing, whore? I'll be made up now and then dressed. You are too stupid to do either right. You're just a whore. Go and tell nanny to send up the make-up girl. And tell Carl to get you ready."

"Yes, Miss Claudia."

As I left she called after me.

"And tell Carl he can have his reward before he showers you."

Showers me? Maybe as Miss Claudia's personal whore I would be pampered a bit, too. That would be nice after the harsh training. I made my way down to the basement and found the old woman sitting there waiting. I told her her orders, then asked for Carl. She pointed to the fat old slave who was just coming in.

"Carl, you are to shower me and get me ready. But she says you can have your reward before you do that. I'll wait here."

Like a flash the old woman was on me and slapped my breasts so hard I cried out.

"Count yourself lucky Miss Claudia has ordered that only she is to slap your face, whore. You will show some respect and call her the Mistress at all times? Understood, whore?"

"Yes, yes, nanny."

Another flurry of slaps hit my tits while out of the corner of my eye I could see Carl watching with a bright grin and a half-erect cock.

"And that will be Miss Nanny to you. Just as you will address any other slave here as Miss or Mister. After all you are just a common whore."

"Yes, Miss Nanny." Anything to make her stop. She might look old, but she certainly knew how to hit a pair of big breasts like mine.

Luckily she seemed mollified and left. Carl sauntered closer with a wide grin on his face.

"So you will wait here, while I get my reward? I bet you will. 'cause you are the reward. On your knees! Head!"

Suddenly I remembered the exchange last night. Miss Claudia had indeed promised him he could have me. Resigned I knelt and started working on his cock. It was still half-limp and shriveled and I had to remember all my training to get him to cum in my mouth.

When he had come, he motioned me to follow him outside into a small courtyard. He picked up a hose and without warning turned it on spraying me with ice-cold water. I leaped and jumped and tried to turn away, but he was experienced and made sure the jet hit every part of my body. His grin widened when he directed it between my legs. When he turned it off he pointed to a rag hanging over a railing. Wordlessly I dried myself off. So much for being pampered.

I spent the next couple of hours in the slave quarters. Carl gave my some breakfast, which was surprisingly good. It seemed the Mistress wanted her slaves healthy and well-fed.  Then he put me to work in the kitchen preparing the slave's lunch. It was after lunch that the surprise came. A petite brown-haired slave waved me over and told me she was to put make-up on me and dress me. While she worked she chattered incessantly and soon I knew that I had been bought by the only daughter of a rich industrialist. Her father was dead, but her mother was very much alive and all the slaves seemed to be very fearful of her. Rita also told me there were 25 other slaves in the house, but apparently I was the only sex slave. Rita admitted without hesitation that beside her job as a make-up girl and stylist, she was also often given to the male slaves as a reward for good service. She seemed quite proud of it, too.  When she was done with my make-up and a male slave had done up my hair, she even handed me a pair of silk stockings.

Stockings and a pair of heels, both in a burning red. Astounded I looked at her.

"The young Mistress says at her birthday party everyone should be dressed up, even her whore. Come along, we should have another 15 minutes, but better be early."

She lead me upstairs by the backstairs (of course) and then pointed to a small alcove next to a door.

"Wait there. The door leads to the dining-room. The first guests have already arrived, but the Mistress will want them to have their cream tea first. But listen carefully. When she calls for you, make sure you enter right away."

Then to my surprise she leaned forward and planted a lingering kiss on my left nipple and I could feel her tongue wiggling over it for a second.

"Better make sure your nipples are nice and hard, sweetie. After all she wants to show off how hot her new whore is."

She disappeared with a wink and left me standing near the door. I could hear voices from the other side. All of them sounded female and there was a lot of laughing and giggling. They seemed to be enjoying their tea and in no hurry to call me in. I stood near the door for a long time wondering what my new life would be like. When I signed the slave contract I had assumed as a matter of course that I would serve men and even when I had been trained to pleasure women, I had never assumed I would end up as the slave to a young woman. But I realized with a start that I did not mind. My life was serving and as long as I was made to serve well, I would be happy. I almost missed my new 'name', when the Mistress uttered it. Of course she hadn't made an effort to speak loud. After all it is up to the slave to pay attention. Taking a quick breath I walked through the door.

Only to be greeted with a sharp: "Down, whore!"

I was trained well and immediately I lowered myself onto hands and knees.


Another well-known command. I crawled towards the table making sure to greet my owner first. A lingering kiss with lots of tongue on her left shoe followed by the obvious words.

"Good afternoon, Miss Claudia. Thank you for allowing me to serve you."

I resumed the kiss until she pushed me away with her foot, then crawled on and planted the next kiss on the next left shoe.

"Good afternoon, Ma'am. Thank you for allowing me to greet you."

Three more feet and I had made the round. They all looked like they belonged to young women, but of course I had not presumed to raise my eyes to look at their faces.

"Attention display!"

In a flash I rose up facing the group, my feet planted exactly two feet apart and my hands behind my head to show off my breasts to full advantage. Though I kept my eyes lowered I could still make out the other guests, all of them more girls than women, apparently all in Miss Claudia's age.

"Very obedient." That was the plump blonde girl sitting on the left.

"And what a pair of knockers. You should have her treated to lactate, then you could get the milk for you tea from her like from a real cow." A sharp-featured brunette.

"No," Miss Claudia answered. "Those things will start sagging soon enough and I can get a cow for a few hundred at any auction. I want to have fun with this whore."

"And I am sure you already had, you little minx," a smallish girl with close-cropped black hair replied. "I still remember how often you had Lizzy service you, when we had that sleepover for my 18th birthday. And Lizzy isn't even a trained whore. How often have you had her between your legs, Claudi?"

"Well, that is where she belongs, isn't it?" the last of the guests, a dark-skinned girl with a full  head of curly hair interrupted. "After all that is what whores are bread for, to lick pussy. And this one sure seems to like her station. Just look at the hard nipples. I bet she is creaming even thinking about servicing you, Claudi."

"Are you, whore?" My owner asked.

How could I answer that? A slave must never do anything for her own pleasure.

"Serving you is a great honour, Miss Claudia, and pleasuring you with my tongue is a wonderful experience my body reacts to."

"Display cunt!"

She seemed to know all the standard orders that had been drilled into me. I spread my legs even wider and reached down to pull my pussylips apart careful not to touch my clit. Then I gasped, when my Owner pushed two fingers into my open hole. She withdrew them immediately and held them up glistening.

"Wet like a true whore should be."

She raised her a bit further and I hastened to lick them clean of the whoreslime that coated them. Rather awkward because I had not been told to break 'display cunt' position.

"May I take a look?" the blonde girl asked rather timidly.

"Sure, Ursula, in fact all of you are welcome. Whore, you will obey my friends as you do me."

"Yes, Miss Claudia."

Ursula very carefully pushed the tip of her middle finger into me. The others were not so careful and used two finger to full length as my owner had. The dark girl made me gasp. She shoved three fingers into the moist opening, waited a moment, then started fucking me with them.

"Well," she remarked conversationally, "let's see if your whore is just a bitch in heat or if she has some self-control."

After just a few strokes I was gasping and dying to come, but I had learnt painfully that a slave never comes without a direct order. My body tensed as I was fighting the increasing arousal. I tried to think of other things, of the pain of punishment, of my former life, but the need just kept increasing. And then her movements changed slightly and every time she shoved her fingers in her thumb rubbed over my clit. I groaned and bit my lips feeling sweat pour down my body.  The tingling rose from my legs as had almost reached my cunt, when the brunette interrupted.

"Hey, Marsha, stop for a moment. I think we can have a little fun with the whore."

Marsha stopped, but left her fingers inside me her thumb still pressing against my clit.

"Yeah? How, Mandy.?"

"Why don't we try out what she will do for an orgasm. That is, if Claudi doesn't want to keep her chaste."

"Me?" Miss Claudia laughed. "What do I care whether a slave has an orgasm?"

The five girls looked at each other and  Marsha suddenly withdrew her hand. It was coated in my juices and took me a while to clean.

"Well, Mandy, what do you have in mind?" she asked.

"Quite simple, we each give her an order and if she performs them all to our satisfaction, she gets her orgasm."

If I hadn't been so well-trained, I could have kissed and hugged her. I couldn't even remember when I had been allowed to cum and I promised myself silently I would do whatever they ordered.

"Sounds fun to me," Claudia smiled. "Here, let's draw cards who goes first."

Ursula, the plump blonde, won, but looked rather lost for a while, then her face lit up. She reached across the low coffee-table and got hold of a tray with cookies on it. One flick of the wrist scattered two dozen cookies all across the floor.

"Fetch, bitch!" she commanded.

I dropped onto hands and knees and crawled towards the nearest cookie. Bitches don't have hands, so I lowered my face and picked it up with my lips careful not to wet it with my spittle. I returned to the table and carefully placed the cookie back on the tray, then hastened to fetch the next one. By the time I had retrieved them all the girls were all giggling about some remark about how big my ass looked when I bent down and my knees were aching from the hard tiled floor.

"Good bitch," Ursula commended me, then looked around as if to gather everyone's attention. "as your reward you can have all the crumbs."

This produced another burst of laughter. I knew, of course that the fact that I was not hungry, was irrelevant, so I spent more long minutes licking the numerous crumbs from the floor. I even remembered to thank Ursula for my reward.

"Here!" This was Inez, the smallish girl.

I crawled towards her and when I approached, she spread her legs for me.


"Oh, Inez, do you always have to think of sex? I bet you have some slave or other between your legs most of the day."  Mandy, the brunette, complained in a joking voice.

"So what? That's what she is for, isn't she? And when I have the chance to be serviced by a trained whore, I won't let the chance go unused. "

My head was underneath her skirt by now and I was greeted by a smell that can only be described as horny cunt. Her pussy was positively dripping and I first busied myself lapping up her juices, then languorously licked her long inner lips before tickling her button with the tip of my tongue. She kept up a running commentary describing in shameless and exact detail what I was doing. I took my cues from her and concentrated on the things she liked best. Her smell was stifling, but I concentrated on the promised reward. Soon I felt her body starting to quiver and when she finally went over the edge a gush of her pussyjuice hit my face.

"I guess she did well?" Claudia asked ironically.

"Oh yes," Inez was still gasping. "You can bring her around to my house any day."

Mandy was the next one to call me over. She handed me a banana.

"I want to see you stick that inside you, all the way" she explained coldly. "And as I am sure a horny slut like you would probably get an orgasm with that in her cunt, you'll stick it up your ass. Get down. Bitch, face on the floor and ass in the air."

The posture created general merriment that increased while I tried to work the banana in my tight asshole. My training helped me to relax and after some stretching it slipped in easily.

"You can leave it there while you complete the next tasks," Miss Claudia informed me. "Do you want to come, whore?"

"Yes, Miss Claudia. It would be wonderful, if you would grant me an orgasm."

"Let's see how much you want to come. Go to the door and fetch the tawse hanging near it."

The thin leather strap was hard to the touch and I knew from experience it could be very painful. Miss Claudia watched me fetch it but shook her head, when I knelt to present it to her.

"We want to see what you will do for an orgasm. So here is my task. We'll play a little game, in which you have to earn 100 points. You get a point for a hard stroke on your big ass."

She paused to let that sink in. 100 strokes, hard ones, on my ass? It would be on fire afterwards. I blanched.

"Of course, if you don't want any more on your ass, you can earn more points, elsewhere. A stroke on your tits will earn you 3 point and one on your cunt will even get you 10. You decide."

On my tits the tawse would be even more painful and I could not even imagine how it would feel between my legs. But I just had to try.

"Yes, Miss Claudia, please whip me."

"Oh no, whore" she laughed. "Why should I work up a sweat, when it is you who wants to cum? You will deliver the strokes yourself. We will only decide if they are hard enough to count."

If I could have I would have blanched even more. But I turned around slowly to give them all a good look at my ass and raised the tawse. The first strokes weren't so bad, even though I hit myself hard fearing to have strokes discounted. But when each side had received 10 strokes there was no space for new ones and hitting an area already red and burning doubled the pain. I bit my lips and kept whipping my ass closing my ears to the dismissive remarks about the whore who would do anything just to be allowed an orgasm. But when I had reached 40 the pain was overwhelming and I stopped. Breathing hard I turned around slowly trying to put the moment I would have to strap my tender tits. But their eyes were on me and I could not make them wait for too long. The first stroke left a red mark all across my left tit soon to be joined by 3 more, but I could not bring myself to hit again knowing I would have to hit the same spot again. So I delivered four more to the other side. Feverishly I tried to compute. 40 plus 8 times 3 came out at 64, which meant four strokes right into my cunt, if I wanted that orgasm.

"If you want to hit your whorecunt, lie down so you can spread fully and make sure you hit your fuckflesh," Mandy commanded.

Shivering I lay down and opened my legs wide. They made me adjust my position so all five had a good view. My arm was shaking, when I raised it, but I forced myself to bring it down hard. The pain was like my cunt was on fire and tears were streaming down my face. This time, I realized too late, I would have no choice but to hit the same, the most tender spot again and again. The second stroke made me cry out. Almost in trance I raised my arm twice more and hit my wet pussy twice more in quick succession. The strokes made me scream and I felt someone was holding a burning torched to my cunt, but I had done it. One more task and I would have an orgasm.

"What a shameless and cunt-driven slut you are." Marsha's voice was dripping with contempt. "you want a cock in your slimehole?"

"Oh yes, please, Ma'am," I managed to gasp.

"Well, none of us will fuck you obviously and you are not worth calling some slavestallion over, so you will have t do with what you have. You can use the banana. Pull it out of your hole."

After all that time her dismissive voice still stung. But I had been given an order and the burning in my cunt was slowly making way to an incredible mixture of pain and arousal. I produced the banana and looked towards Marsha hopefully.

"That thing is filthy. Clean it, then you can fuck yourself."

I did not need to look to know what was filthy about it, but I was so close. Without any hesitation I slipped it into my mouth and sucked it avidly.

"Look at that. That whore will suck anything. I guess your male slaves will be very obedient and eager, if you promise them your whore's mouth once in a while," Mandy quipped.

I licked and sucked trying to ignore both the taste in my mouth and the remarks they made about me. Finally I risked a look at the fruit and found it clean. I waited eagerly.

"Well, she has performed well, I would say," Ursula ventured. My breath almost stopped. Would I really be allowed an orgasm? There were mumbles all around. Finally my owner spoke.

"Ok, whore, but we will need you soon, so don't take too long. You have a minute, so hurry up."

I almost forgot to thank her in my eagerness to start, but when that was done I spread my legs slightly where I was standing and shoved the banana into my wet cunt. No chance to drag it out sweetly, but I started fucking myself as fast as I could right away. My left hand found my clit and I rubbed that, too. The sensation of fucking and rubbing my freshly whipped pussy was overwhelming and I felt the tingling rise from my knees almost at once. The temptation to slow down and enjoy a long orgasm was huge, but I had no way of telling the time, so I increased my pace, rubbed my clit furiously until a huge climax washed over my entire body and I had the most incedredible orgasm ever standing there and masturbating in front of five young women I had not even known 24 hours earlier. When the wave receded my knees buckled and I fell at my Owner#s feet and kissed tem avidly.

"Thank you, Miss Claudia, thank you with all my heart."

"Not bad, whore. I gave you a minute and you took 27 seconds. I like a slave who doesn't fuss around, but tries to please even when given an orgasm. Next time you'll do it in 25 seconds."

The Auction 3

The bet and the reward

Susie lay moaning helplessly while four pairs of hands were running over her body, teasing her, pinching her nipples, massaging her ass, invading her dripping pussy. She had lost all count of time long ago.

"You really should try that new boutique downtown, girls," Mandy said while giving Susie's nipples little squeezes of her sharp nails. "They have the most amazing clothes."

"Did you get your outfit there?" Ursula asked her plump hands massaging Susie's ass.

Marsha grabbed Susie's pussylips and pulled them painfully wide giving Inez easier access to shove 4 fingers into the opening between them.

"You should not spend so much money on clothes, Mandy." She remarked a bit sharply.

"And you should slow down a bit or you two will be giving that slavewhore yet another orgasm," retorted Mandy.

"Who cares?" Claudia gave the big dildo she was inserting in Susie's back hole another sharp shove that made Susie moan. "She's only a toy. Who cares if a toy has orgasms or not? Besides that bitch is so hot she can have them all the time."

"Yeah, she really is the hottest slut I have come across," Ursula commented now methodically pinching Susie's ass eliciting little squeals from the slavegirl.

"Oh no," Inez piped up. "My daddy has this whore he bought for the farm slaves. She is ancient, over 30 and quite fat with big udders like a real cow. But she can have sex any time of the day." Inez settled into a slow, teasing rhythm fucking Susie's pussy. "You know, he has like 50 of those male farm slaves and he keeps them in 7 stables. And this slut makes the rounds, sleeps in a different stable every day of the week. If she gets any sleep that is. Those farm animals are really horny after a week without and they keep jumping her. And the headman swears she has an orgasm every time they use her pussy and begs them to fuck only. Of course they are in too much of a hurry and there is always a cock in her mouth, too. I guess that is why she is getting fat, all the spunk she is fed. But she still gets at least one orgasm every time she is mounted. Imagine that 7 or 8 orgasms every night."

The girls laughed and kept teasing Susie, but denying her release. Susie moaned and would have begged but for the ballgag they had put on her.

"You know," Claudia said after a while. "I think my whore could beat that. She is so hot, she could have 7 orgasms in an evening."

"Yeah, but that is easy. It would only be once, not every night."

"She would have to have more and in a shorter time," Mandy added.

"Naaah, she couldn't," Inez said.

"You think so?" Claudia seemed miffed. "I bet you this whore could have ten orgasms in an hour."

"Ten in one hour? Not even she is that hot," Mandy said dismissively.

"No?" Claudia challenged. "What do you want to bet? Next Saturday we all meet again and I'll show you."

* * *

An hour later Susie was kneeling at her owner's feet still panting with frustration. Claudia had made the girls stop once the bet had been accepted and that had left Susie high and dry.

"Now listen, slut. I want to win this bet. And you will win it for me. Because if you don't, I'll have you whipped every day of the week. I don't mind being served by a whore with a few welts. But you won't like that one bit. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Miss," Susie whispered.

Claudia looked at her for a moment, then smiled.

"But I am a lenient mistress, so there will also be a reward. If I win, it will be enough money to buy another slut like you. And I will take you along to choose her. And once in a while I may let her lick your horny cunt. You like having that slimy twat of yours licked, don't you?"

"Oh, yes, Miss," Susie's head bobbed so vigorously that Claudia exploded in laughter.

"So we understand each other. It's either a tongue in your cunt or the whip on your skin."

The next week was torture for Susie. She had been hot to start with, but all through the week (apart from doing her duties) she was given to Rita, the petite make-up girl. Rita pampered her, but also kept touching and teasing her, keeping Susie in a perpetual state of arousal, but denying her any release. Susie was woken up by a hand between her legs and sent to sleep with soft lips on her nipples. The other slaves were included, too, and Susie could not pass any of them in the halls without feeling a hand on her ass or her tits. She was never left alone to make sure she did not rub her clit. But the nights were worst. She lay awake (with her legs kept open by a spreader bar) fantasizing about huge cocks and supple tongues, but her hands were always chained high above her head making it impossible to touch herself. When Saturday finally arrived Susie could not wait.

Claudia's friends were sitting comfortably sipping their drinks, when Susie was led into the room. A strange man fitted something on her.

"A climaxometer," Claudia explained to her friends. "I don't want you saying I have cheated. Whenever she comes the bell will ring."

Along the wall a number of other slaves were lined up. The males all had impressive cocks and all of them were standing to rigid attention. The female slaves were all good-looking and beside Rita Susie recognized Yvette and Madeleine, the pleasure slaves belonging to Claudia's mother. They certainly would know how to make a woman come.

Claudia snapped her finger at Rita and the brunette took her place between Susie's thighs.

"Ready, girls?" Claudia looked at her friends, then pressed the button on a stopwatch. "Go, Rita:"

With a quick wink at Susie, Rita bent down and her tongue flicked over Susie's clit at express pace. She had hardly started, when Susie exploded. Rita only stopped until the bell had stopped ringing, then continued. Susie was still feeling her first orgasm, when it was superseded by her second. She moaned in frustration, when Rita immediately stopped licking and moved aside, but then groaned, when she was replaced by one of the male slaves who slipped his hard cock into Susie's dripping pussy and started humping. At the same time she felt Rita's tongue on her nipples. Susie writhed and jerked under the weight of the man who had mounted her, lost in the pleasure he gave her. She did not feel him cum before she came herself. But he was still replaced by another, fresh slave, who fucked her even harder and faster and with a bigger cock. Susie was lost in a world of cocks, tongues, hands and sheer animal lust. She felt a cock leave her pussy and groaned, but then felt a number of tongues and hands on her body. She saw Yvette and Madeleine had taken over taking turns on her pussy and tits, driving her relentless on only to be replaced by the first slave again who fucked her with new vigour. He came together with her and when he withdrew she moaned.

"Please, let me suck it clean."

From that moment on she always had a spent cock in her mouth, tasted the heady mixture of cum and pussyjuice. Then she felt her body lifted and a slave raised her leg to ram his cock into her slimy hole. But at the same time she saw Madeleine kneel behind her, then felt her tongue easing in between her cheeks and teasing her ass. She came when she felt the tongue wiggle into the tight hole. When the man in front pulled out she wanted to protest, but he shoved Madeleine away and pushed his cock into her ass, while another one took his place in her cunt. She felt cold wetness on her breasts and wondered which of the slaves had cum on them, but then saw she was helplessly drooling, just a piece of fuckmeat being used for its purpose. She was fucked and licked and fucked again, sucked cocks that had spent themselves in her pussy and ass. Unable to move she allowed her body to be twisted and turned by the other slaves. She heard the bell ring  again and again, but had lost count long ago. Yet another man came in her pussy and stuffed his cock into her mouth. She groaned as her pussy felt empty, the screamed when it was invaded again. Sucking on the spent slavecock she looked down and gasped. Yvonne was kneeling between her legs and shoving her small fist into Susie's pussy. When she was all the way in started fucking it, Madeleine leaned over and sucked her clit into her mouth biting down softly. Susie screamed continually until yet another orgasms overwhelmed her. The two girls immediately left her and with no other slave touching her, Susie's hands flew down to her pussy and started rubbing her clit shamelessly. She lay with her legs wide-open und her cunt dripping slimy strands of cum and rubbed her clit until she had had another two orgasms. He clit was sore, but she did not care, just wanted to cum and cum and cum again.

From far away she heard a sharp command and two of the male slave grabbed her hands and tied them behind her back.

"What a shameless slut."

"A real fuck animal. Did you see her drool?"

Look at those holes. That whore would fuck anything."

"Can you imagine? Being fucked to ten orgasms and then rubbing herself to two more? You certainly won your bet, Claudia."

"Yes, I have. Whore clean up that mess you made. And you, girls, pay up!"

"Wait a moment, whore." Marsha stood up and walked over to where Susie was trying to raise the energy to lick the floor clean. She raised her skirt and peed all over Susie's body. "Now you can clean up, filthy slut."

* * *

It had been another week without orgasms, but this time Susie hadn't really minded. Her body had been sore and it was only in the last couple of days that she had become needy again. She was in her Mistress's bed cleaning her feet and behind.

"So today you are going to get your reward, whore. There is a big slave auction and we are going and buying another pleasure slave for me. You will help me choose and then prepare her for me and afterwards, if you have both been good, she will lick your hungry cunt."

"Yes, Mistress, you are very kind, Mistress." The words came without hesitation, while Susie felt a tingling between her thighs.

"Yes, I am," Claudia responded. " I should have whipped you minutes ago. You have been fiddling around back there for at least five minutes and your tongue still isn't in my hole."

An hour later her Mistress was finally ready, dressed, made up and with a hearty breakfast inside her. Susie had been waiting by the front door for over 30 minutes, dressed as her Mistress saw fit for a slave, net stockings, a net top that left her breasts bare and a massive collar with a leash attached. When Claudia finally arrived, she popped a ballgag into Susie's mouth.

Susie had expected Claudia to take a limo, but her Mistress just started walking and Susie had no choice but to follow her Mistress through the streets almost naked and leashed. There were few other slaves about. Susie had learnt that, while slavery was perfectly legal, well-trained and good-looking personal slaves were a luxury item that most people could not afford. So they sight of a naked and well-proportioned young slave raised quite a few eyebrows. Things got even worse, when Claudia decided to pay someone a visit, she did not care to explain who to Susie, but instead just tied her to a lamppost. Men (and some women) stopped to have a good look at the naked slave and they discussed her body freely, as if Susie could not hear. Some of the more daring ones even grabbed a feel. Susie was grateful, when her Mistress returned after a few minutes and took her to a tram stop.

In the tram They sat down opposite a young man, who eyed Susie without any hesitation.

"Nice slavegirl you have there, Miss."

"She is ok, very hot, a real slut, but needs plenty of training."

"Mind if I give her some?" the man leered, but was obviously surprised when Claudia shrugged and removed the gag.

"Don't fuck her cunt, though. I don't want the slut to come just yet."

The man's hesitation lasted only a few seconds, then he grabbed Susie's hair and pulled her down on his cock. Blushing Susie went to work and soon had the man groaning and soon after felt him shooting his load. She even thanked him for his attention. Just when the gag had been fitting into place again, another man stepped up asking if he could have a go too. Claudia looked at her watch.

"We'll have to get off in a few minutes, but if you are ok with a handjob."

When they left the tram, Susie's face was sticky with a load of cum. After a couple of minutes' walk she recognized the auction house, where she had been sold herself only a few weeks ago. Claudia was greeted with respect and they walked straight through the auction room to the stables to examine the merchandise.

At least here Susie wasn't the only naked slavegirl. In fact there were naked women and men everywhere. Some were being led by on leashes or coffles, others were standing at attention in their display boxes. Yet other were tied up in all sorts of poses to display their bodies. Claudia pushed Susie forward.

"Go ahead, slut. Pick some other slavewhore you want to lick your hole. But make sure she pleases me or I'll have you both whipped."

"Yes, Mistress Claudia."

Susie walked slowly along the displayed slaves. There were so many. She imagined each of them going down on her and not even halfway through she felt her pussy tingling and wet. She stopped in front of a coffle of several slaves and the vendor, seeing Claudia stop as well, gave a curt order. The slaves, obviously well-trained, reached down and careful not to actually touch their pussies reached down and pulled the lips apart to allow the potential buyer to inspect their intimate parts. Susie almost decided on a dark-haired slave with small breasts and perky nipples, but then continued on to see, if there was someone better.

She went on, but towards the back of the barn there were mostly working slaves, strong, but not good-looking enough to please her Mistress. She was about to turn back, when she saw a group of three heavily chained women in a corner, their faces distorted into ridiculous shapes by nose-hooks. The prices quoted were very low. She turned to Claudia.

"Mistress, what about those three slaves back there. Why are they different?"

Claudia cast a quick look.

"Oh, those are criminals. We don't believe in jails here. Criminals are simply sentenced to a few years of slavery. They are usually sold for hard labour and get whipped regularly. Few become criminal again after a few years of that."

She laughed and turned away. Intrigued by some instinct Susie approached the slaves, then suddenly stopped and gasped. No, that couldn't be true. She ran up to one of the slaves. It was only when the slave's eyes widened in shock that Susie trusted her eyes. With the heavy chains, the harness and that nose hook she looked so different.

"Petra?" She whispered.

The slave nodded vigorously, but cringed at the same time. Susie only stared at her lost in thought. What was her sister doing here, chained up as a common criminal and about to be sold as a slave? Claudia's words rang in her brain. Hard labour. Whipped regularly. Susie glanced at the sign above Petra's head. 5 years for drug smuggling. She could not let her sister endure that for five years. Without hesitation she hurried back to her Mistress and knelt.

"Mistress, you said I could choose a slave. I have one I would like you to buy."

Claudia looked at her, then motioned for her to show her choice. She frowned when Susie led her down to the criminals.

"What do I want with a common work-slave, whore? They are untrained and unruly. Choose another one."

"Please, Mistress. I will train her and I guarantee she will obey you in everything."

Claudia shook her head, but took a closer look at Petra.

"Well, her body is ok." She reached out and grabbed Petra's breasts and ass. "Firm flesh and unmarked, too. But that hairy cunt is ugly." She shoved her finger inside Petra making her cringe. "And she is absolutely dry, no pleasure slave material."

"Please, Mistress. I will make sure she pleases you and is always hot for you. And she is cheap."

"Why are you so insistent on this slut, Susie? You like hairy snatches? That hair will come off right away."

"No, Mistress," Susie bit her lip. "She is my sister and I don't want her to be a common workslave. I'll make sure she pleases you in every way. Please Mistress. And she is so cheap, you could get another one, too."

Claudia pondered for a while a small smiles playing about her lips.

"Your sister, eh? Now that would be an interesting idea." She looked Petra over again, then looked down at her kneeling sexslave. "Alright, I'll buy her, but you'll be responsible for her. Whenever she misbehaves and gets a whipping, you'll get the same number, understood?"

The transaction was finalized quickly. Criminals were not up for auction, but Claudia could buy her at a ridiculously low price. She gave the leash to Claudia, but forbid her to undo the harness or the nose hook, then went over to the other side of the barn.

"What should I do with 3 girls? So I'll buy a male slave instead."

She inspected the merchandise coolly, testing muscles, checking teeth and having Susie rub a few slave's cock to get them to full hardness. When she had made her choices, she took a seat in the auction room. Each seat had space on the floor for slaves to kneel. Susie was burning to talk to her sister, but when she started whispering to her, a sharp slap from her Owner taught her better. Susie did not pay any attention to the auction itself her eyes resting on Petra who could do nothing but stare back, and was caught unawares, when Claudia suddenly stood up having just won the bidding for a male. He was of medium height and build, but had quite an impressive cock. Claudia waited to have him brought up to her, but refused the leash. Instead she just grabbed his balls and led him out of the building that way. Susie followed leading her sister like a dog.

This time Claudia decided on having a walk and Susie saw quite a few women grin at the sight of a male being led by his balls, but also heard the irritated remarks at a slave leading another slave on a leash. In the warm air Susie's face started itching and she realized that one of the reasons her sister had been staring at her that way, must have been the cum drying in her face. And that reminded Susie that she would have to teach her big sister to offer herself to everyone like a common whore.

The Auction 4

Sisterly love

Back at the mansion Claudia handed the male slave over to her Nanny, then looked over at Susie.

"She is your responsibility. Feed the slut, make her presentable and make sure she knows how to please me or you will both be whipped!"

Nanny stared in surprise, but left Susie alone as she led her sister down to the slave quarters. When they were finally alone in the small room that served as Susie's sleeping place, when she was not sleeping at the foot of her Mistress's bed, ready to be used, Susie immediately took off the harness and the nose hook, then hugged her sister tightly. Petra cried on her shoulder for a while, then settled down on the couch that doubled up as Susie's bed.

"What brought you here and into this situation, Petra?"

It turned out that Petra had wanted to look for her and decided to take a holiday here. Unfortunately she had also decided to take a couple of joints with her. Petra became all agitated at the unfairness of it all, giving her 5 years for just a couple of joints and the indignity of being shown off naked to all those people. Susie leaned in and softy touched her lips to her sister's.

"Shhhhh, let me calm you down, sis."

It had been a kind of shamefaced game when they were both in their teens. It had started with a kiss and a cuddle, but soon developed into more intimate caresses until they had stroked each other's pussies, when they were agitated for some reason. Soon it had become more of an excuse for mutual masturbation. They had grown out of it, when they had their first boyfriends. Petra looked somewhat shocked, when Susie's hand glided down her body until it softly pushed her legs apart, but after a moment's hesitation opened her thighs and sighed, when Susie started caressing her lower lips. Susie smiled to herself and ran her fingers up and down her sister's pussylips, then reached up to caress her breasts only to find Petra hands cupping them already.

For a few minutes Susie gently stroked her sister feeling her calm down and relax. After a while Petra took a deep breath.

"I talked to someone from the embassy while I was on trial and he said there was nothing he could do for me, since it was all legal etc. I really did not know how I could get through five years of what they did to me. But now I am safe, thanks to you." She smiled. "So what is it you do here? Housework I expect. And what did they get you for? A joint, too?"

Susie took a deep breath. Where to start? She pushed two fingers into Petra's moist pussy and was rewarded with a slight moan. Petra closed her eyes and even pulled apart her lips to give Susie easier access. Susie moved her fingers inside her sister for a while until she felt the juices flowing freely. Slowly she started to explain.

"Remember when we used to do this, I always loved doing it to you? Pleasing you? Making you come? I still love serving. So when I came here, I quickly found out this is what I like." Another deep breath. "I am a slave voluntarily, Petra. I wanted to remain here and be someone's slave. It is not always pleasant, but then again what is? But it gives me fulfillment." She increased her pace a bit and rubbed Petra's clit with her thumb. "And it makes me so horny you wouldn't believe."

Petra gasped at the sudden sensation of having her clitty stroked, then gave a small smile.

"I can understand being horny, sis, but doing someone's housework and being a sort of chambermaid to that young woman? How does that make you horny?"

Here it comes.

"I am not a chambermaid really, at least that is not my main function. And I certainly don't do housework." One more deep breath. "I serve Lady Claudia personally, very personally. In every way. In short, I am a sex slave." She waited for a few seconds, then ploughed on. "And so are you now."

Petra's eyes widened.

"You mean you have sex with that woman?"

"And with anyone she gives me to. Though it is not so much having sex as fulfilling all her intimate wishes and desires. Giving her pleasure is my duty, my own is of no importance to her."

Petra thought for a moment, then her eyes darkened.

"But that makes you little better than a whore!"

Susie did not even flinch.

"Yes, honey. The difference is I don't get paid for it. And that a whore has limits, a slave doesn't."

That kept her sister quiet for a while. Then she shook her head.

"I am not going to judge you, sis. It is your decision. But I could never do anything like that."

Now it was Susie's turn to shake her head.

"You will have to, Petra. Lady Claudia wanted a second sex slave and it was the only way to get you out of the work gangs. And anyway you would probably have been used by anyone who had a mind to there. You are a slave now, sis, whether you like it or not, and for the next 5 years you will have to do what you are told. And do it well, no matter what it is."

*  *  *

Thankfully they were left alone for a few hours. Susie got some food and for a while the two relaxed and Petra even smiled happy to be with her sister again. Then Susie went in search of a sharp razor and shaved her sister's pussyhair until she was naked as a slave needed to be for Lady Claudia. Petra felt obviously awkward at first, but calmed down when Susie started licking her nipples and caressing her body. She was getting visibly excited, when the small bell in the corner rang. Susie jumped up her heart racing.

"Come, Lady Claudia wants us. And try to be respectful and obey every command. Lady Claudia can be very strict."

When they walked through the kitchen area Nanny told them to wait until Lady Claudia had finished her dinner. They squatted side by side while other slaves walked past and looked them over. Most of the male slaves got erections and some unashamedly stroked their cocks in front of them, though none dared come. One slave kept staring at them, but did not touch his huge erection and Susie recognized the slave Lady Claudia had bought together with her sister. On his chest the word 'Dong' had been written in crude felttip lettering. Apparently this was to be his household name. Then Nanny came in with a tray full of half-eaten dishes. She glanced over at Susie and her sister and jerked her head towards the door.

"Off you go, sluts."

"I'm not a slut, you old crone," Petra protested before Susie could stop her.

Amid the laughter of the other slaves Nanny grinned at them.

"You had better learn quickly, slut."

Susie pulled Petra towards the door and hurried towards Lady Claudia's bedroom.

"Petra, please remember what I told you," she hissed frantically. "Obey no matter what Lady Claudia wants you to do. You are a slave now whether you want to or not. And you will be punished harshly if you displease her."

Before Petra could answer they reached the door. Susie opened it quietly, pulled her sister through and down to her knees beside her. She crawled towards her owner and licked her shoes in greeting. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw Petra following her. Lady Claudia pushed her away with her foot, leaned forward and attached a leash to Petra's collar, then pulled her closer and looked her over. Susie breathed a sigh of relief, when Petra planted a fleeting kiss on Lady Claudia's shoe.

"Not bad, Susie. Now that she is cleaned up, she looks quite presentable. She might even make a decent slut some day." She tugged on the leash. "Come here and let me inspect you."

She pulled harder and Petra got up and reluctantly straddled the chair Lady Claudia was sitting in.  The young woman ran her hands over Petra's body appraisingly squeezing and pinching, testing the merchandise.

"Nice lips. I hope you have taught her how to eat pussy. Her tits are a bit on the small side, not like your udders, Susie. But a nice firm ass. I'm sure Walter will like that. He prefers a small ass for fucking. Ok, let's see you do each other."

She pushed Petra off her lap and settled back expectantly. Petra seemed about to protest, but Susie pulled her towards a small sofa and under the guise of nibbling her ear erotically whispered to her.

"Please relax, Petra. You are doing well so far. Just forget she is there and let me relax you. Please."

Petra bit her lip and gave a small nod. Still looking at her sister anxiously Susie lowered her face and softly licked Petra's right nipple. Petra's body still felt tense, but the nipple sprang to attention immediately. Susie renewed her efforts and felt her sister's body relax slowly as the pleasure washed through her. After a while Petra pushed her away slowly and raised her head to kiss her lips lingeringly. Susie felt a wave of pleasure coursing through her body when she felt her sister's hands on her breast. They kissed for a while their hands roving over each other's bodies, then Susie placed her sister on the couch and gently parted her legs. Her fingers found Petra's moist pussy and she lowered her head to start sucking her clit. Petra's body started shivering and she gave small noises of delight as Susie's experienced tongue pleasured her.

"I can't see properly," Lady Claudia complained.

At once Susie lowered her sister to the floor her back raised against the sofa. Petra' legs fell open immediately and Susie lowered herself to her sister's pussy again, nibbling, sucking, licking. Her tongue kept busy entering, then just licking lapping up her sister's juices. Petra was breathing heavily, when Lady Claudia interrupted again.

"Switch places. I want to see the dark slut working on you."

Susie's heart skipped a beat, but Petra seemed eager to please her sister, too. When Susie leaned back, she immediately knelt and caressed Susie's lower lips. Soon she bent forward and hungrily plunged her tongue into her sister's sex. Susie groaned with delight as her sister's tongue worked inside her pussy. Mindful of her Lady's wishes, she straddled her sister's face and felt her tongue darting in and out of her moist slit, presenting her open sex and her ass to her owner.

"Enough. Come here."

Susie pulled herself from the haze of pleasure and crawled to her Owner, her sister reluctantly following. Claudia snapped her finger at Petra and pointed between her legs. Petra gulped and slowly moved between her Owner spread thighs. She gently lifted Claudia's sheer panties to expose her pussy, then hesitated.

"Hurry up, bitch. I don't like to be kept waiting."

Petra's face hardened, but she forced herself to bring her head close to her Mistress's pussy and flicked her tongue over her clit. Claudia pushed her away and slapped her face.

"Not that, cunt. Until you are fully trained, I'll have that slut with the cow udders lick me. Open up, I need to pee."

Petra's eyes widened and she jerked away violently.

"What do you take me for, you perverted bitch? I am not a cunt and I most certainly won't drink your filthy piss."

Lady Claudia's eyes widened and she seemed about to slap Petra harder, but then a dangerous smile spread over her face. She pushed Petra away and looked at Susie.

"Come here, … pisswhore."

Susie looked at her sister pleadingly, but approached her Mistress at once and opened her mouth. Soon she felt the hot stream entering her mouth. Desperate to please her Mistress she swallowed without spilling a drop, then licked the last drop from the wet pussy. She looked over at her sister trying to make her apologize and offer service. But Petra just stared wide-eyed. Suddenly Susie felt her Owner pushing her face down.

"Ass up, whore!"

When Susie hurriedly obeyed Claudia started spanking her hard.

"I told you to prepare your sister or you would share her fate. Now you will. You will both learn what it means to disobey me." Her hand fell on Susie's exposed ass again and again. "You will learn respect and obedience. Oh yes, you will."

Her hand quickly pressed a button by her side, then resumed the spanking. When Nanny entered with a couple of male houseslaves, Susie's ass was bright red, but she bit her lips and did not utter a sound.

"Have them both tied up, Nanny."

Susie was grabbed roughly and seconds later found herself tied standing with her hands above her head. Her sister, she saw, fared worse and she was hanging from her arms. Lady Claudia rose and approached Susie, smiling again.


When Susie obeyed, she backhanded her pussy viciously. Susie groaned in pain.


Biting her lips she obeyed only to have her pussy slapped hard again.

"You think I am spending my money just to keep your dear little sister from the workcamps? You think you can give her an easy ride living at my expense? Spread!"

Another vicious blow made Susie cringe.

"She will turn into the most shameless and degraded slavewhore in the country or you both will feel what it means to displease me. Spread!"

Shivering Susie raised her legs sideways again, then cried out when her Owner's hand hit her swollen pussylips again.

"You will make sure she learns that she is just meat, just a toy like you are, because you will share her fate. The next time I see you, she will come crawling to me, lick my feet and beg me to be allowed to be my and everyone else's pisswhore. And that will be her name, too, for the next 5 years, pisswhore. You can come to me, whenever she is ready, but if you come and she isn't … . You don't even want to know. Spread!"

Moaning Susie obeyed again, the screamed when a particularly hard blow hit her.

"But before you even think about approaching me again, you will learn some manners."

She nodded to the male slave standing in the corner and he approached swinging a whip. Without waiting he directed a first blow at Susie's breasts, then methodically whipped her entire body. But most of the blows did not hit her back or ass, but the front of her body, her big breasts, her stomach, her pussy her thighs. Soon her entire body was a mass of pain and she screamed freely. Lady Claudia stood watching and smiling. When he finally lowered the whip at a curt command of his Mistress Susie hung in chains helpless. When he free her, she collapsed on the floor.

"Here, Susie, service!"

Susie crawled towards the bed and found Lady Claudia on all fours. She set about caressing and licking her bottom at once and despite the pain felt the young woman's eager reaction and delighted in the taste of her juices. She licked her tight pucker with all the devotion she could muster, then concentrated on her clit. Lady Claudia moaned and groaned and soon shuddered with an intense orgasm. She collapsed on the bed and Susie softly cleaned up all her juices.

"Ok, enough. Nanny, take them away and give them to the field slaves for a few days. Tell the workbeasts they can do whatever they want with those fuckpuppets as long as they don't damage them."

Susie's eyes went wide, but Nanny grinned and whispered something she could not understand. Lady Claudia laughed.

"Yes, Nanny, you and the other houseslaves can have them afterwards. Have your fun with them. When Susie here says her sister is ready for me, bring them to me. But no earlier than next weekend. I want them to enjoy all those eager slave cocks."

*  *  *

Nanny waved the houseslaves away, then grinned broadly at the two slaves tied to the wall in the spacious garage.

"We will have some fun with you pampered pets. Once the field slaves are through with you, you will be so eager to please." She cackled and pinched Petra's ass hard enough to make her cry out behind the gagging tape. "And we will train you to be very obedient even to the lowliest cleaning slave, slut. You will learn that we do an honest day's work and you are just fuckpuppets. And you," she turned to Susie her grin widening. "You will give old Nanny everything you give to Mistress and more."

With a final slap of Susie's ass she left. Susie stared after her, until she was distracted by a stifled sound from her sister.


Petra's pleading eyes more than her voice told Susie she was trying to apologize for getting her into this mess. Susie took a deep breath and tried to console her sister, but with the duct tape across her mouth and with the hands tied above them all she could manage was rubbing her hip against Petra's.

They had been waiting for hardly ten minutes, when there was the sound of a vehicle outside. The door opened and two men in heavy work boots stomped in. Their eyes took in the sight quickly, running up and down their bodies, assessing their flesh with practiced ease.

"Nice fuckmeat, those two, Larry." A big man with a nearly bald head approached Susie, grabbed her tits and ass with calloused hands and squeezed.

"Yeah, the field slaves will keep their holes filled all night, if we let them." Larry somewhat smaller and stockier explored Petra's body making her squirm. "Come on, Louis. Let's load them up."

"You load the dark slut. I'll take the blonde with the big udders over myself." His broad wink made his partner grin.

Louis tied Susie's hands behind her back before freeing her feet, then used the rope to bind her tits leaving 4 feet dangling. Grabbing the end he led Susie out of the garage by her tits. Outside a tractor waited with idling engine. A small skinny woman was tied on the trailer. Larry pulled Petra onto the trailer, while Susie was pulled down a path that led into the woods. Looking over her shoulder she saw Petra being tied up, too. Her eyes widened when she saw the overseer tie her to the end of the trailer her legs spread fully, her pussy wide open and inviting every man to just step up to the trailer and fuck her. Susie stumbled and was roughly pulled along. When she tried to look back again bushes obstructed the view.

On aching feet Susie tried to follow the man leading her, but when woods gave way to stone ground she had to slow down to pick her way carefully. After pulling her along for a while the man turned.

"If you can't keep pace, bitch, I guess I have to encourage you a bit."

He undid the rope around her tits and slipped it into her mouth, tied it around her shoulders and finally slipped it between her legs. It was done quickly and professionally, he obviously had lots of experience with unruly slaves. When he turned to walk on, he wordlessly gave the rope a hard tug and Susie winced when the rough rope cut into her crack and slipped right between her soft pussylips. She groaned. The man turned around without slowing down.

"Getting horny already, bitch?" He laughed. "Lead a male beast by the balls, a female by her cunt, that's the way to do it."

By the time Susie saw the farm buildings she had walked for over a mile and her feet were hurting. Louis pulled her into a small barn. When he noticed how carefully she tread, he grinned.

"Sore feet, bitch? Won't be a problem. You'll spend the next few days on your back anyway. Or on your knees. Or in some other position. But I don't think anyone will want to use you standing up."

He pushed Susie onto a table and with practice motions tied her up with her ass in the air. Then he dropped his clothes on the floor.

"Haven't got much time, that will come later. But it would be a pity not to be the first one to use your fuckhole."

He rammed his cock into Susie's pussy and started pounding her. After the initial pain Susie got wet quickly and after not having come for a couple of days soon moaned in delight at the hard fucking she got. Louis grabbed her hair.

"Like it, do you, bitch? Good, I like a slut that creams. If I want a dry fuck, I'll fuck your ass."

He pounded away hard and reached his orgasm just as Susie was ready to peak. Feeling his cum spurt inside her pushed her over the edge.


Just as quickly as he had started, he pulled out, wiped his cock on Susie's face and got dressed. Hardly a minute after her orgasm she had to get up again and was roughly pushed through a door into a bigger barn. The first thing Susie noticed was a tiled area at one end with a row of cages stacked stacked three high along the wall. Then she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her sister kneeling in the straw near her. Louis pushed her to her knees and put her hands in metal shackles just like her sister wore. Both were still gagged, but despite her shivering Petra managed to show Susie that she was alright.

Unable to talk and knowing better than to move the sisters waited in silence. Susie's knees started aching, when the doors opened and about a dozen well-muscled men were herded in with cracks of the whip. They hurried towards the cages and crawled in supervised by Larry and a woman with short blonde hair, who seemed to enjoy aiming her whip at the slaves' cocks. No wonder the men hurried to reach the safety of their cages. The skinny woman who had shared the ride with Petra entered a moment later and started pushing bowls of food and water into the cages through slits obviously left for the purpose. She cringed when the blonde overseer's whip hit her tiny breasts and hurried out. The men started devouring the food immediately, while the blonde leaned against a wall watching occasionally smirking at the two kneeling women.

It was only when the slaves had finished their food that they looked around and discovered Susie and Petra. There was some prodding through the wires as the slaves pointed them out to their neighbours. Within seconds a dozen pairs of eyes were fixed on them hungrily and a dozen cocks were standing to rigid attention. But they did not utter a sound, obviously in fear of the overseer's whip. When the door opened all eyes went to the door, then straight down. The blonde pushed herself away from the wall and stood almost at attention, when Claudia walked in followed by Larry.  She nodded to the blonde.

"Louis told you about those two, Mercedes?" She jerked her head towards the sisters.

"Yes, Miss Claudia."

"Good. Obviously you have first choice, but I use them when the slaves are in their cages."

"Yes, Miss."

Claudia turned away and slowly walked along the row of cages. The men remained absolutely silent and never raised their eyes.

"Listen, beasts. Those two need to learn they are just whores. Pieces of meat for the pleasure of others. So I'll let you have them for a while. Use them any way you like, but don't damage my property or there will be hell to pay. So work hard to earn the privilege. If you don't, the overseers will whip you while the others fuck those sluts. Understood?"

"Yes, Mistress"

Claudia stalked out without a further word. Mercedes cracked the whip.

"Well, if you want to fuck tonight, you won't need any more break. Out!"

While Mercedes chased the slaves back to their work, Larry slowly approached the two kneeling women.

"You gonna give me trouble, sluts?"

Both shook their heads in unison. Grunting Larry bent down and removed the shackles, then slowly dropped his clothes.

"Prove it! I hear you are pretty well-trained, cow," he addressed Susie removing her gag. "Let the slaves ride in your sister. You give me a good blowjob and I'll go easy on you. Now show me what you got!"

Seeing a chance to make things a bit easier for them Susie slid forward on her knees and started licking the man's heavy balls. He tasted and smelled of sweat, but she forced herself to apply everything her trainer had taught her about a giving good head. Her tongue darted out, teased, licked. She sucked the balls into her mouth, caressed them with her tongue, then slowly made her way along the hard shaft. When she started licking the head, she was rewarded with a groan. She wrapped her tongue around it, then slowly opened her mouth wide and slid her lips around the cock, slowly taking it deeper and deeper before returning to the sensitive tip. Then she started sucking in earnest, moving her head up and down, running her tongue around the tip incessantly. The man groaned, but did not move. Susie kept sucking and licking until her tongue started hurting. Suddenly he pulled back and started rubbing his own cock hard. After a few seconds thick strings of cum splashed into her face covering her lips. Larry smiled down at her.

"Not bad, cocksucker. Considering I just fucked that skinny bitch's cunt and ass making me cum a third time in an hour is quite a feat."

When he reached he undid the ropes that held Susie. When he reached for his clothes, Susie was faster.

"Please, Sir, may I dress you?"

He looked surprised then grinned.

"Nice touch. I see we understand each other."

Susie helped him into his clothes like she had helped her Mistress, then addressed him again.

"Sir, would be please untie my sister, too? She won't give any trouble, I promise."

He seemed to consider for a moment, then shrugged.

"Ok, but don't think you can pull a fast one. You owe me another of those first-rate blowjobs."

"Yes, Sir. Whenever you desire, Sir."

He grinned, released Petra, then walked away. At the door he turned back.

"The field slaves will be back in four hours. You had both better be wet then. They are not going to be particular if a fuckholes is wet or dry."

When the door closed behind him, Petra fell into Susie's arms.

"I'm so sorry," she cried. "It is all my fault."

Susie held her.

"It's ok, sis. You know why I am here. I don't mind sucking his cock or being fucked. I am a slave. I feel it is only right."

It took a few minutes until Petra looked at her, her tears slowly drying. Then she took a deep breath and nodded.

"Yes, I know. And I guess I had better get to like it, too, eh? All that time gagged I had nothing better to do than think. I guess I am in it whether I like it or not."

"Yes," Susie nodded looking serious. "Think you can do it? If not, you'll be sold as a workslave, but maybe that is easier than this. Never mind me. I'll get along."

Petra shook her head violently.

"No. For one I don't want to be a fieldslave either. And for another I certainly don't want to lose you again. I'll survive those years. With you." A small smile stole across her face. "Who knows, I might even get to like it. After all I always liked sex as much as you did."

Susie smiled back.

"I'll try to help you, sis. Just try to remember to obey. That will make things a lot easier."

Petra nodded.

At that moment the door opened and Mercedes swaggered in. The sisters quickly knelt facing her, their eyes on the floor. The blonde overseer approached and walked around them. Her voice was dangerously low, when she started to speak.

"No damage, Miss Claudia said. I am sure you heard that. But that does not mean you can't be punished. Give me one reason and I'll lay the whip on you, understood?"

"Yes, Miss."

"Good. Don't move."

She bent forward and pinched Susie's nipples, then slowly pulled and twisted. Her face only inches from the slave's she regarded her carefully.

"I said don't move, slut. You move one inch and you'll get the whip."

"Yes, Miss," Susie's voice was thick with pain as her nipples were twisted viciously. Just when she thought the pain could not increase, she felt Mercedes's fingernails. She gave a small moan, but forced herself to remain immobile. Suddenly the blonde dropped her breasts. Susie was desperate to rub them, but knew better. The overseer turned to Petra.

"I hear you refused to be Miss Claudia's piss toilet. Well, I won't ask you that then." The sarcasm in her voice was thick, as she raised her short skirt revealing she wore nothing underneath. She placed one foot high on one of the cage bars. "No, I won't do that. Instead you will crawl here and lick my ass. NOW!"

Susie felt Petra stiffen beside her, then slowly fall forward and start crawling towards the overseer. Susie held her breath. When Petra reached the blonde, she cast one quick look over her shoulder, then her face disappeared between the woman's asscheeks.

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