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Raya Becomes a Puppy-Girl

Part 5


    Once, she was a pretty goth-girl, trying to make it as an aspiring DJ. That was years ago, though. What she was focused on, at the moment, was making sure her tongue, bulging through her leather snout by the piercing, stroked every inch and corner of her owner's naked feet. The taste was strong, especially today, since Jessica had walked for hours downtown, shopping. The smell, likewise. The tall, redhead woman had made a habit out of having her little bitch lick her tired feet after a long day. She made sure she got her tongue all over her soles and between every single toe. It was like a foot massage, only much better. Trixie was not happy with her current assignment, but she knew very well things could get much worse for her, and fast. She kept on working on her Lady's feet for a good 25 minutes, all the while throwing glances at her mistress every now and then, as if that would make Jessica pity her and relinguish her from her task - it certainly didn't.

When Jessica was bored of her pet's attention, she simply got up and, after leading Trixie outside, where her and Spike's kennel was, retired to her bedroom. Trixie had learned for some time now, that she was to spend her nights inside the small doghouse and not roam free in the yard. She had broken this rule, once, and the incident had been very constructive, reminding her to never disobey her mistress' orders. She wanted pee so badly, she couldn't hold it anymore. Urinating on the wooden floor of her home would certainly backfire next day, so she stealthily crawled out and did her number one on the grass.

But her little mischief was being recorded. After a severe punishment, she never got out again, during night time, even when her bladder was feeling like it would burst. A security camera located high up against the wall, facing the yard's entirety, and one inside the kennel made sure Trixie could not avoid her mistress' ever-present eye. Even though Jessica rarely ever looked at the footage, the fear alone at the possibility made Trixie very complied.

   Trixie's body looked amazingly fit and toned, thanks to the daily, strict, training schedule enforced on her. She would never have such strong thighs or flat belly in her previous life, if she had never met Jessica. Lately, she took Trixie along with her, during her runs in the estate's park. It was more fun to exercise with her pet, rather than alone. The rocky ground was rough on Trixie's stamp legs, but she followed her owner diligently, the pink leash clipped on her matching collar guiding her along Jessica's side.


   It was another usual morning. Trixie had just gotten her morning fuck from Spike, something he liked to do to begin his day. He had filled her with his semen countless times already, so it wasn't a big deal for her, dragging her white crotch across the green grass to clean her dirty pussy. It wasn't the most efficient way, but it was all she could do. Jessica put food on their bowls and left for work, leaving them alone in the yard. Trixie liked those moments, they offered her a chance to relax and just lay on the grass or play with Spike. It was dull, but the meaning of that word had changed dramatically for her, over those past years.

   At noon, the french door opened and out walked Jessica, followed by another woman. She, too, was aroung her forties, with long dark hair and a deep red shade of lipstick on her lips. She wore a very expensive, but simple white shirt, its buttons revealing part of her rich cleavage. "Here she is!" said Jessica, pointing at the deformed girl. "She is a treat!", exclaimed the woman. "Denise will be staying with us for a couple of weeks", Jessica addressed her bitch dalmatian - something she rarely did. Then, she turned to Denise. "The girls had so much fun playing with Trixie last time." The brunette responded. "I know, they can't stop blabbing about it!"

   Jessica's sister in law had fun watching Trixie assume the positions Jessica had taught her. The doggy-girl responded in no time, much to the woman's satisfaction. Afterwards, both women relaxed outside, with a cold glass of ice-tea on their manicured hands. "How are the ponies?" chatted Jessica. "Good, good, we took in a new one recently." answered Denise. "She is a pain in the ass, but they always are at the start, so, what are you gonna do?", she sipped her drink. "That's true" agreed Jessica. "At least renting them brings in some money", Denise continued.

   If the weekend with her two energetic girls was bad, these two weeks turned out to be a nightmare for Trixie. Denise was a proper devil when it came to tormenting the poor doggy-girl. Her amusement was the only thing that seemed to motivate her in these actions and so however much Trixie would beg and whine, her sad eyes went unnoticed. Having Denise around the house while Jessica was off at work was the worst.

There were two times were she had videotaped her love-making sessions with Spike on her cell phone, making sure she got every bit of shame on the girl's face captured. She'd go as fas as to piss in Trixie's empty water bowl, letting her clench her thirst with her warm urine. Trixie refused to drink from the bowl, but after a couple of days without water, the stinky liquid didn't seem so bad. Denise would just tell Jessica her pet's bowl had been filled and that was the end of that conversation. The excessive physical strain Denise put her through also helped her crave anything drinkable.

Another time she came to her wearing some gardening gloves, holding a bunch of nettles on one hand. She ordered her to assume the DISPLAY position, then kneeled over her. "Come on, girl, jiggle that bell. Tell Denise you want some nettles rubbed on your little clit." Trixie should have guessed the reason her clit-bell had been put on this morning wasn't gonna be a good one. She looked petrified, once at the stingy plants over her exposed, sensitive piece of flesh, then at the woman, then back at the plants. She could not anticipate how this would hurt. "JIGGLE IT", Denise yelled this time to show her patience was running thin. "With a doomed expression, Trixie shook her hips as she lied there, making the little bell sing. Next moment she felt like her clit was on fire. Denise rubbed the nettles relentlessly on her tender skin, with a satanic smile on her face.

The itch didn't leave Trixie for three days, tormenting her every waking minute. She'd rub her bottom against anything to get some relief, but it was pointless as the scratching returned immediately. Denise was more touchy with her pets than Jessica, and also less repelled by their filthyness. She sometimes took pleasure in stroking the pet's suffering labia and clit and that made Trixie seek her touch constantly during these three days. Denise loved seeing the puppy's pained pleads, regardless of whether or not she helped the doggy-girl.

   It was around the second week, when Denise started putting Trixie's tongue to the test. Jessica herself was against the idea of involving herself sexually with beasts, but Denise was one of her best friends and she knew how much she liked to use her pets like that. She'd often tease her and call her a "filthy slut", but it was all in good nature and Denise laughed whenever that came up.

After bathing her so she could enter the house, Denise would take her to the guest bedroom where she'd sleep. Jessica's phone played a big role in guiding the puppy to please her newest mistress just right, delivering encouraging and instructing shocks. Trixie hadn't had any sexual encounter with a human, since that first day Jessica brought her home, and that seemed to be decades ago, now.

The woman tasted salty, but that was the least of Trixie's problems. Having to bring her to orgasm, usually multiple times, was a challenge every time and her neck was often bruised from the number of zaps she endured. Denise would get the puppy-girl to satisfy her no matter what. After hours of fun for one and misery for the other, Denise would clip the leash, that was held on her bed's foot, on Trixie's collar and drift off to a peaceful, happy sleep. Trixie would have to deal with her cunt-breath when the sun came up.

   On Denise's final day at Jessica's place, they went out for drinks. It was way past midnight when they returned home, both considerably drunk. "Let's play with the doggies!" shouted Denise, still full of energy. "Oh, come oooon, they'll make a mess on the carpet, i haven't cleaned them", whined Jessica, without any real effort of convincing her friend. "It'll be fine, just got get em!" Denise reassured her.

Both dogs were sleeping cosily inside their kennel, when they heard their mistress wake them up. "Come on, up! up! Both inside the house!" slurred Jessica. Trixie crawled half-asleep inside the living room where Denise was sitting, followed by the male dalmatian. The strong lights opened up her eyes for good, now. What did they want from her? "Make her blow it!" cheered Denise like a great idea had just popped in her head. "You heard her", nodded Jessica as she made herself comfortable on the couch next to her friend. Trixie felt like being hit by a truck. She hadn't tasted Spike's penis since the first days of his arrival here, and she definitely didn't want this experience repeated. The two ladies sat and starred at her waiting impatiently. Why did these women wish to torture her all of a sudden?

Unluckily for her, Jessica had her cell phone handy and sent a couple of shocks to her collar to speed up the show. The soft whines weren't even heard by the two women, as Trixie lowered her head under the dog's belly and between it's legs. She hesitantly reached her tongue on Spike's flaccid, furry penis. Another shock later and she was licking it all over it's surface. "Right, get it hard, little bitch!" Trixie heard Denise's drunken voice. It was revolting, but she kept licking and teasing it, flicking it with her tongue until Spike finally started to wake up. "There we go!" commented Jessica. "Milk all of Spike's jizz!" Trixie had forgotten how awful it was, and supressed the urge to gag many times. "Deepthroat it!" yelled Denise now.

Trixie's face was right in there, her snout pressing against the hound's flesh, as it starting thrusting inside her mouth. The girth wasn't much, but its length still prevented her from breathing when it thrusted down her throat. She reflectively tried to back off, but more shocks kept her still, receiving all of the dog's efforts. After fifteen agonizing minutes. Spike shot his load, and, as she had been instructed, she caught it all. The gulp that was heard from the pet's throat made Jessica clap like a teenage girl, cheering "yeaaaah!" They had the time of their lives over there. "You missed a drop, there", said Denise menacingly and the pet-girl completed her task, licking the sticky liquid off the floor.

   The next day it was for Denise's departure. Trixie was relieved, but the dialogue between her owner and her friend didn't put her at ease. "I'll be going on a business trip next month. Would it be ok if i dropped her over at your place for four or five days?", Jessica asked. "Of course, are you kidding? the girls will go mad! I liked playing with her, too, hehe", said Denise. "Ok, i'll let you know exactly when." The two women hugged and said their goodbyes. Trixie watched them, with the lingering taste of dog semen still on her mouth.

Review This Story || Author: Denkira
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