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Raya Becomes a Puppy-Girl

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Synopsis: A sexy goth is turned into a woman's personal dalmatian bitch.

   Raya slowly opened her eyes. She was sleeping inside her basket, when the sound of high heels near her woke her up. She liked the warmth and cozyness of her basket, but she only slept there when she behaved and didn't displease her mistress. She was a very strict mistress, but could also show a more loving and caring side. But Raya, or Trixie, as was her name now and during these past three years, had to fight for that care and earn it, every time. It had been made very clear to her from the very beginning.


    Colorful lights. The feeling of the bass hitting you right in the chest. People dancing like it was the last day in the world. She loved every part of that lifestyle. And she had the means to live it every night. Her rich upbringing made sure of that. She particularly liked hanging out in the "Deep Web", a goth-style night club that matched her aesthetics. She always liked to dress in black. Black boots, long up to her knees, black cute dresses that showed a bit more skin than her parents would approve. They all went great with her long and straight dark  hair. She really liked her hair and took extremely good care of it.

   It was a casual day in the Deep Web. Raya was hanging in the booth with two of her girlfriends, when she noticed a new presence step inside the club. She knew most of the regulars, especially the women, so she found it strange that this extra-ordinary looking person had slipped off her radar. She was a tall woman, about 30-35 years old. She wore a very elegant purple dress and a big matching hat over her red, curled hair. On her neck

rested a big necklace that came down to her breasts, with all sorts of precious stones that made it shine in the club's darkness. It was as if she stepped out of a modern, twisted, noir film.

Raya watched the woman take a seat in the booth next to theirs. She was alone, which made it ever stranger, since she was a stunning looking woman. "Do you know who she is?" Raya asked her friends, Felicia and Natalie. They both shook their heads, puzzled. Raya continued her night of drinking and partying, unaware of the woman's sneaky looks towards her.

   It was Saturday night and the club was full of people as expected. Raya had drunk a considerable amount and was now dancing under the club's photorythmic lights. Then, she spotted the tall woman she'd seen before, approach her gracefully through the crowd. "I see you a lot around here, what's your name?" said the woman in a deep, sexy voice. Raya didn't stop dancing but yelled "I'm Raya!" . The woman stayed elegant and replied, "my name is Jessica, I'm the new owner of this place." she didn't lie, there wasn't a need for that. "I like meeting people who frequently come here" she added. "Great, nice to meet you!" yelled Raya, again. "I'm also looking to add some new DJs, if you're interested.." Jessica said with a little smirk on her face.

She had been watching Raya for months now. Not her obviously, but people she paid well. They collected every information that might be useful for Jessica, in order for her to approach the petite goth-girl. Raya's face lighten up at the woman's proposal. She had only played in a handful of places, nothing really popular. But becoming a DJ was her dream, and she would do anything to make it reality. In her drunk state, it didn't even cross her mind that the woman in front of her, whom she'd just met, might be lying.

"I would love to work here for you!" she replied, unable to contain her excitement. Jessica seemed to move away from her, but then turn to face her and waived for Raya to follow her. Raya saw her go inside the ladies restroom. Her heart begun pounding, she had to go inside. She hesitantly opened the door, her steps echoing in the simingly empty room, as the music's volume from the dancefloor was now quieter. She walked across the room, till she saw Jessica stand on the last stall's wall, the door wide open. "Aren't you gonna come in?" she teased her. Raya had frozen in front of her, just a few feet outside the stall's door. She wasn't really grossed out by women, but she definitely wasn't a lesbian. She really wanted this job, though and this was a chance she might never have again. She took a deep breath and walked inside.

Jessica dragged the bolt on the door, and then turned to face Raya. "I'm not very hard to please, you know. I promise i'll keep my word." she said calmingly to the girl in front of her. She then reached and gave Raya a gentle kiss on the neck, and again higher, then higher, until their lips met. Raya felt weird, but not unpleasant. The drinks certainly helped. Jessica closed the toilet's seat and put her right leg on top. She lifted her expensive silk dress, to reveal her naked crotch. Raya knew what she had to do, but she didn't like it. "I am not gonna wait for long.." said the tall woman playfully, but also assertively. Raya kneeled and started licking her cunt. Jessica looked down on the goth-girl as she pleasured her, the thoughts of what was to come for her made her dripping wet. Raya already felt humiliated, like a sex servant, but kept going.

Finally, Jessica came squirting all over the girl's pale face. Raya felt disgusted but tried not to show it. "Haha, you're so cute, you know that?" laughed Jessica. "Come sit here on my lap for a bit". She sat on the toilet seat after giving the girl a tissue. Raya sat on the woman's lap. It's weird but it doesn't matter, she thought. It's over now. While she was cleaning her drenched face, she didn't see Jessica take a small syringe out of her handbag. The next moment Jessica placed her right hand over Raya's mouth, smothering her. The young girl screamed at the top of her lungs, but the syringe was already stuck on her neck and after a brief struggle, she lost consciousness.

   Raya felt like she had been sleeping for weeks. Her head felt like it was being crashed. She tried to rise up, but felt she was unable to move at all. Her limbs, her waist and her neck were strapped to a medical table. Then, a wave of pain hit her entire body and especially where her hands and knees where. She didn't know what it was, but every inch of her body ached. She saw Jessica appear over her side, with a satisfied look on her face.

"Your tattoo is healing very well" she heard the woman say. "Your limbs will take a bit longer, but there's no rush" added Jessica. Raya started crying and moaning, but a big red ball gag strapped in her mouth made it impossible for her to make any comprehensible sound. "You'll be ready to come home with me in a month or two. There's some more things i'd like to have done to you."

Jessica would tranform the girl into her favorite kind of pet. A dalmatian bitch. Her hands had been cut off at the wrists and her legs at the knees. she would never walk again, nor would she be able to grasp anything. She was tattooed all over her body, a clear white color with black spots in various places, just like a real dalmatian. Even her genitals, her asshole and her perky lips were not spared the painful treatment. Every hair, from her head to her pubes was shaved and then a special cream was applied to make sure they would never grow again.

Raya almost didn't recognise herself when Jessica pointed a mirror at her face. She immediately started weeping again. Over the next weeks, Jessica would visit her little puppy every day, to check on her progress, but mostly to torment her psychologically. "You'll never have those dark, pretty hair of yours" or "you always put on so much make-up, now you won't need to paint your face white" were just a few of the things she'd say to the poor woman, who was always strapped to the medical table. Jessica was a pure sadist. She wanted to break the girl's spirit as quickly as possible.

After two months, the additional preparations were finished. Jessica's pet was ready to leave the surgery room and begin her new life. Her wounds pretty much healed, she had already started to walk on all fours, the only way she could move now. In addition, three golden rings were pierced on her nipples and sensitive clit. The process was done without any anesthetic and it was a real nightmare for Raya. But that was nothing compared to what they did to her face to complete her bitch-look. A  slim, white alice band was sewn on the top of her head. On it where attached two leather, black and white doggy ears, that, like a dalmatian, dropped slightly to the sides. After ten days, the band was part of Raya's scalp, and trying to remove it would cause her great pain. The effect was very convincing and made her look really cute.

Lastly, a leather dog snout was placed on her. It was also black and white to match her face, and covered her nose and mouth, but left her eyes exposed. Jessica didn't want any straps on her dog's neck, so the snout was worn and  then sewn on the back of Raya's neck, so that it stayed perfectly snug around her face. The snout wasn't very large, and had a ring gag on the inside. This was fitted between Raya's teeth and held her jaw open.

In addition, the gag had a small pin attached to the bottom of the ring, facing upwards. After having her tongue painfully stretched with a pair of pliers, it was pierced and then held there by placing a tiny screw nut on a small thread, located on the top of the pin. Raya hated it, as it made her tongue permanently stick out of her dog snout, and caused her to drool nonstop.

   When Jessica arrived to pick her up, she had brought a small doggy-cage with her. Unlike most, it was opaque on all sides except the entrance. It had a bright pink color, and over the small door, was written the name "Trixie". When Raya saw Jessica bring it inside the room, she widened her eyes and tried to crawl away. "Where do you think you are going Trixie? There's only one way out of here, and it's in this cage for you." laughed Jessica at the mutilated girl's attempts at preventing the inevitable. "I think this will motivate you enough. It's my welcome home gift to you!" she added and took a pink, leather collar in her hands. The words "TRIXIE" were very visible, made with silver glitter.

Jessica placed the collar on the naked girl's neck and fitted it so that the words were in front of her. "Now, get on your cage, Trixie" she ordered her. Raya begun pleading like the countless times she had before, during these two months. But Jessica wouldn't sit and negotiate with her dog. She pressed a button on her cellphone, and a strong electric shock was sent through Raya's body. "Don't you ever disobey me, ever!" she yelled at the creature, that was now writhing in pain on the ground. She lifted her thumb off the button, and the shocks stopped. With tears in her eyes, Raya crawled inside the small cage. Jessica locked the small door, and signalled to two men that were standing behind her, to take the cage to her car. "You're not very fat for a girl, but i

want my bitch to be perfectly fit and thin, if i am to lift to her. But we have plenty of time for that."

"Trixie" was placed in the trunk of Jessica's luxurious car, and off they went. After a 90 minute drive in complete darkness, she felt the car stop. They picked her up like before and followed Jessica inside her mansion. Raya could see through the small door of her cage that the house was really big, each room decorated with a very modern style. But they did not stay in the house. They made their way through the rooms until they reached a backyard. It was plain, really. Beautiful green grass all over the cement-fenced area. Then, in the right corner, was a wooden dog house. It had been painted pink, like her collar, and her name was again displayed on top of it's opening.

"I have prepared everything for you" said Jessica, much less hostile now, as she opened the cage's door and let Raya out. "This is your place, for the time being. If you behave well, who knows, maybe i'll even let you inside the house..." She ordered the crawling girl to follow her to where her home would now be. She had no choice but to obey this time, she didn't want to get zapped again. The older woman clipped her collar to a big chain that was attached to a short, metal pole, just outside the opening. She then kneeled, for the first time since, to take a better look at her creation. She sighed in relief, that the preparations were over, and that she'd finally be able to spend time with her new pet. Raya looked up at her, their eyes now met. "I'm gonna have such fun with you" she said. "If you do as i say and don't displease me in any way, maybe you won't have such a bad time here."

She laid down on the soft grass and opened her legs. Her nice dress would get dirty, but she didn't give a fuck at this moment. "Go on, i think you remember how to do this, right?" Raya tried to plead again with her captor, but only unintelligent moans would come out of her leather snout now. Still the dumb noises were entertaining to Jessica, as was the sight of drool dropping from Raya's stretched tongue.

"Don't make me get my phone out, now" Jessica warned her little puppy. The puppy stayed still for a second, then begun crawling towards it's mistress legs. As Raya reached Jessica's pussylips with her forcefully stretched tongue, the chain became taut. Jessica didn't move an inch, though. "Come on, get that tongue over here" she teased her. With the collar pulling against her neck, choking her, Raya licked the woman's pussy, until she squirted on her face, even harder than the last time. She got up and left her little pet chained, with a wet snout and not a sign of dignity.

    She had become accustomed to walking on all fours. Her back stump legs didn't give her any chance of rising straight up. Her mutilated arms only served as front legs now, as she crawled around the vicinity of Jessica's back yard. She appeared bigger to her now. Maybe it was the position she was in, her face always a few inches from the ground. Or maybe it was her complete helplessness towards this woman that made her seem so imposing.

Jessica had took the time to explain to her pet how her men had staged the 28 year old woman's death. An experienced forger prepared what would appear as Raya's suicide note. Her car was never found, and so, Raya would become lost in the sea of missing people throughout time. Raya couldn't help but cry at hearing those words. No one would come look for her, especially here, since no one saw the two women ever together.

To her pet's dismay, Jessica wasn't over with accessorizing her new puppy. Her tail was introduced to her the very next day of her arrival at the estate. When Jessica showed it to her, Raya understood its purpose immediately. She whined behind her snout, but couldn't avoid it, as she was chained to her post since Jessica left her. The tail was about 10 inches long, white and soft to the touch. At the end of it was attached a not particularly small plug. It certainly wouldn't come off without an outsider's helping hand. Jessica made "Trixie" sit still, even if it took some shocks to her collar to do so, then slowly shoved the plug in the girl's ass hole. "What's wrong? Don't you like your new tail? Come on, wiggle it so i know you like it" she ordered cheerfully. If she wasn't painted all over, it would be obvious how red from embarassment Raya had turned, as her tail swung left and right with the movement of her hips.

Jessica loved humiliating her little bitch. That's why she bought three small bells that she would attach on her nipple and clit rings. Just the sound of them as she crawled made Raya miserable. It was weird how that small detail made it so degrading. The bells would also later serve Jessica during Trixie's training. If she was to be her little dalmatian pet, she would have to let go of her human nature.

   But it wasn't easy for her. She cried herself to sleep every night. chained inside her pink dog house. Jessica thought it'd be nice if she had a mirror installed there, so that Trixie could become familiar with her new appearance. Trixie couldn't bear to look at herself like that, and the sudden glances at her form would send her into a sobbing fit every time during the first week.

A first week that went by mostly uneventfully, as Jessica was preparing her pet's training schedule. But Raya had gotten a very distinct taste of her new life. One example was the taste of dog food she was fed every day. Her pink plastic bowl was filled twice a day, usually with dry dog food. "Meat will be only for special occasions" as Jessica told her. Raya never liked the smell of it, never mind the taste. She remembered when she used to feed the family dog, and rush to the sink to clean her hands of the dry food. But now, she gobbled it up with no hesitation, after realizing that it was this or nothing at all.

She'd even learned to push the food in her mouth with her protruding tongue, which was now stretched well enough, so that it didn't hurt as much, as in the beginning. After a few days, Raya would sometimes not even notice the pool of saliva that formed in front of her from her constantly drooling snout. When she did though, it made her feel like a real animal and she'd whine by herself, humiliated.

Her tail was removed once a day by her mistress so that she could defecate, then put back in its place. Jessica was not very patient with her pet. When the tail was off, she had to go then and there, otherwise she would have to hold it for another 24 hours. Raya was mortified at being forced to poop in front of another person, but after the first few incidents, she relinquished any shame, in order to ease the pressure on her aching belly. Jessica loved to watch her doggy defecate in front of her. She often made her look straight into her eyes while she was doing it, with the simple threat of the shock collar. Raya tried to hold back her tears at those times, she didn't want to give Jessica that satisfaction, too. But she soon would find out, that her pride was only harming her. 


   Raya was not a chubby girl. She was actually very beautiful and curvy, even though she had never really worked out in her life. She was lucky in that way. But Jessica wasn't satisfied with mediocrity. She would make Trixie the fittest and prettiest pet possible. Her training was programmed to do that, but not just that. It would also condition Raya into an obedient and docile pet, and tranform her from this physical and phychological mess that she was now. Raya might have looked like a dog, but she wasn't one, yet.

She was curled up outside, chained next to her house. At least there wasn't a mirror there, to remind her of her situation. She also liked the feel of grass on her tummy, better than the rough wood of the dog-house, which she only used when it rained or it was too cold outside. The french door opened and out walked Jessica, dressed in a pretty, sky blue tracksuit that showed her toned physique. Raya kept looking at her, worried, as the tall redhead approached her. She unclipped her chain and led her to the center of the yard. "Today we begin your training. I expect you to be a good little bitch and not make me zap you, at least not a lot." said the woman, looking down at her pet.

Raya started moaning in fear, breathing heavily through her snout. "Shut up!" her owner yelled. "Now, today we'll start slow with a few positions and then we'll go for your first walk." Raya stood still, looking up at her tormentor, praying inside her head. " The first position is STAY. You will take that position every time i am in the same room with you, and off course in whatever other case i want you to. You sit on your butt with your back legs open and your front legs in front, straight down." Raya kept looking at the woman, a wave of defiance hitting her. Who does this woman think she is? She was a human being, she had to stand up for herself! She tried to curse at Jessica, although what was heard was a loud unintelligent sound. Jessica sighed dissapointed and took out her phone from her jacket. She kept her finger on the phone's touch screen for a while, to show her pet that she wouldn't take any objections.

"The next time will be twice as much." she warned Trixie, who was now mad at failing to exert any kind of freedom. Still, the shock was really painful and she wasn't ready to suffer like that again. She lowered her head and let Jessica continue. "Where was i? oh, yes, the signal for the STAY stance is this" she said, and pointed her index finger downwards with her right hand. Trixie looked at her owner, hesitant, then slowly assumed the position described. The position forced her tail, and subsequently her plug, to bend inside her. It was very uncomfortable but Raya didn't move at all. "Spread your back legs more" Jessica instructed her pet and she obeyed quickly.

"The next stance is BEG. You arch your back until your front legs and head are on the ground, and you wag your tail with excitement, ass as high as possible. During begging, it's important you always look the person in the eyes at all times. For now, you will beg whenever it is time for your meals and poops. If i don't think you're enthusiastic enough in your begging, you won't get food or have your tail removed. Now let's see what that will look like."

Raya couldn't take this degradation anymore. She launched at the woman, in an attempt to knock her down, but she could only reach her up to her legs and just managed to nudge her. Jessica couldn't help but burst into laughter at Raya's effort. "HAHAHA, that was priceless!" she laughed as she took her phone again and zapped Trixie until she almost lost consciousness. " I didn't think i would start your bell training this early, but i guess you earned it, Trixie" she said, in a more serious tone. Raya was still twitching from her latest shock. She had regreted standing up to her. It only made her look silly and earned her shocks. And now, whatever punishment Jessica had in store for her.

The last stance was DISPLAY. Jessica ordered her puppy to lay on her back with her legs raised and her holes presented as clearly as possible. A snap of her fingers was the signal for that position and Trixie obeyed this time without any more shocks. If her clitty bell was on, she was to always jiggle it as vividly as possible.

   Jessica took her time alternating between positions and commands with Trixie for about 45 minutes. When she reached a point where they were performed quickly and succesfully, she sighed. "Enough for today, now let's go for a walk." She led Trixie by a matching pink leash through the house and out into a empty road. Jessica owned a lot more than just the mansion and no one would bother them there. The sight was beautiful, with trees and flowers stretched all around. But the road was cement which as Raya found out, was very hard on her stump legs. She could follow her mistress while she was walking, but when she started jogging she couldn't keep up. "Come on you lazy bitch, i don't have all day!" she heard, followed by a couple of encouraging zaps on her collar. She tried her best, panting after only 5 minutes. Every time her leash became taut, another small zap would force her to step up her speed. Jessica had installed the same technology in her mp3 player, so that she could discipline her puppy, while still listening to her jogging playlist.

after about an hour they returned home. Raya was drenched in sweat, even though Jessica was a light jogger. Her feet hurt, her lungs burned and she was ready to collapse. Jessica picked up a water hose and sprayed Trixie all over. The girl screamed as the cold water hit her body. Luckily for her, her mistress went inside and returned with a towel made just for her, judging by the drawings of doggy paws on it. After a thorough cleaning, she was fed her usual dry dog food. The sun had set and Jessica was about to go inside after a productive day. "Don't think i have forgotten about your little tantrum earlier.." she remarked to her pet as she was hungrily eating her meal.

   After she was done, Jessica led her to her dog house. She'd chain her inside at nights, by an iron ring, located at the back wall. She'd use a smaller chain, so that Trixie couldn't step outside her small house. But this time she was carrying a small box with her while she led her inside. She took a small microphone and reached inside the dog house, placing it in a holder that Raya had never noticed, up in the ceiling. Raya was scared, she didn't know what this meant. Jessica attached her collar to the ring and then took out 4 bells. The girl had seen the first three, but the fourth was attached by a thread to what looked like a clamp. Jessica clipped the bells on her nipples and clit and placed the forth one snuggly on her exposed tongue. Trixie let out a painful moan.

"Now, here's what your bell training is about. It will improve your concentration and hopefully, we'll also teach you some humility." Raya looked at the woman, petrified. "Inside this box are about fifty cockroaches. I know how much you're afraid of them, so you will spend the night with them." Trixie was now visibly shaking in fear, making the bells on her body rattle. She was afraid and disgusted by cockroaches more than anything. "Here's the thing. This microphone here will pick up every bell ring or moan. It will also count the amount of rings and moans using a program. So, tomorrow, you'll receive as many shocks as bell rings. You'll also stay plugged with your tail as many days as the moans recorded." She then opened the box and dropped its contents on her unsuspecting pet. "Goodnight, Trixie!" she said with a sadistic smile and closed the opening of her house with a slide door. As she walked towards her living room, she could hear the sound of the bells ringing furiously.

   The next morning Jessica was very excited to see her pet. She had stayed awake for a while, imagining her puppy's torment, but it was a certainty that Raya had slept even less. She drunk her morning coffee looking outside into the yard, at the pink house. It looked so peaceful from there, but what occured inside was far from it. She opened her laptop and clicked on the mic icon on the screen. After a few seconds the screen displayed two numbers. Bells:84   Moans: 4

The redhead smiled satisfied and sipped the last of her coffee. When she opened the slide door of the dog house, she saw Raya in a terrible condition. She hadn't slept at all. Roaches were roaming all over her body, from her back to her head and her private parts. She was still shaking, from exhaustion or fear was unclear at this point.

Jessica released her from the metal ring and pulled her out into the sun. It was a warm, beautiful day. But Raya had suffered like she never thought was possible.Jessica chained her to outside post and begun stroking her back. "I know it must have been a tough night, but you have to understand your place now." she said to her. She didn't have the strict tone that she had other times , though. She appeared to genuinely try to comfort her puppy. Raya slowly started sobbing. She didn't know if they were tears of relief, that her torment was over, or fear for what the shocks that awaited her. It didn't matter though. She wept and wept and Jessica caressed her lovingly. She knew she had broken new ground today. She placed her hands on the girl's face. "I know this is hard for you, but i promise you, it will get better. We don't have to put the roaches again. It's all up to you." She kept her hands on her pet's face, looking in her moist eyes.

"Now, i'm going to give you your zaps. i want you to remember all this, though, cause i don't want to be doing it again." She lied, but she knew that her pet needed strength now. A cruel and caring mistress was better than just a cruel mistress. "I want you to be silent at all times." she continued more assertively. "I don't ever wanna hear you trying to talk or even moan again. You will reply only by ringing your clit bell, if it's in place, ok?" Raya shook her hips, producing a ring on her bell. "Good", Jessica smiled and took out her phone.

      The next days were tough for Jessica's human dalmatian. She responded to Trixie, now. Raya already seemed to be a distant memory, although it would take time before she was completely dissolved from Trixie's mind. But her latest bell training certainly pushed her in the right direction. She obeyed Jessica's every command during her training and most of the time, she managed to earn her food and plug breaks, by begging as submissively as she could. The cockroaches stayed inside their box, but Jessica kept it inside her dog's kennel, as a simple reminder to her, that it could open at any moment.

The bell training continued and was sometimes extended to day-time hours, depending on Jessica's mood. She had now up the ante by installing a motion sensitive camera into her dog house. Because she was too bored of administering all these shocks every day from the remote, she spend the extra time and money to connect the microphone and the camera to her shock collar wirelessly. The slightest movement or sound recorded would automatichally send a strong wave of pain to Trixie's collar. Jessica would turn the young girl into the most stoic of creatures.

It was impossible to hold still for so many hours, in the same crawling position, with her legs totally straight. Raya's entire body burned horribly, she couldn't even move her tongue, the bell hanging from it was now the worst tool of torture she could imagine. All this meant that she was getting very little time to rest her eyes. Opportuninties to sleep were rare and only between training breaks she could drift off, just for a little while, before Jessica's voice would send her off to a new task.

   Jessica had purchased a small treadmill to help her with shaping her figure. It would get her to perform better during her walkies and help her lose any fat she had. It had various settings and was really practical for Jessica, who could now just chain her pet on the machine's low bar and with a press of a button make her work out for hours. She'd either set a standar program with alternating speeds or just set a minimum speed limit. The machine had its own shocking mechanisms that could be placed like stickers in any part and shock if the limit was not observed. Jessica loved putting the zappers on Raya's tender pussy lips and watch her run on her cute little treadmill, that didn't leave any room for her to slow down, anyway. One time she was especially mean and placed them over her eyes. The puppy-girl moaned in dispair, but what her mistress wanted was the rule and she was beginning to understand that. 


   Six months had passed since the day Raya met that tall charismatic woman in the night-club. She had a lot of friends then, and a family that she always considered a pain in the ass, but at the end of the day they were there for her. She missed them, all of them. Now, this woman was all she had. Day and night, every hour and every second that passed, her life was determined by this woman's whims.

But the initial hatred she had for her was starting to subside. How long could someone stay angry at a person or a situation, after all? she depended on Jessica for her life now, and that was a fact, whether she liked it or not. Her bell training had been reduced to once or twice a week, which was something she was very grateful for. Jessica was probably right. The start was the worst.

But her thoughts worried Raya from time to time, when the night fell and she was chained inside her kennel. "Does this means i'm ok with this? Am i just going to live the rest of my life as someone's dog?" She tried to push back these thoughts, because they only caused her sorrow.

   Her days continued and a routine was slowly, but clearly being established. She'd wake up (if there was no bell training) when the sun would rise. She would curl up inside her kennel for two or three hours until Jessica would wake up and let her outside. Sometimes, if she was in a really good mood, she would let Trixie free to roam around the back yard.

Others, she wasn't that nice. Raya would never forget a day when Jessica had found a fire-ant nest in the garden. She brought her pet over it, filled with glee, and said to her. "Look, Trixie! I found some friends for you to play with." and then pointed her finger, signalling the STAY stance. Trixie moaned pitifully, and received a shock for her indiscipline. She eventually lowered her naked crotch onto the hole were the vicious ants came from. Jessica watched her sob silently as dozends of bites tortured her pussy. "Good girl!" she cooed her and petted her head after 10 hellish minutes.

   At noon, Trixie would bring her a bowl of dog food, and one with water. She had learned to swallow the solid food much faster now, even though her ring gag kept her from chewing it properly. It caused her great discomfort in the beginning, trying not to choke on it. After her meal it was exercise time. Four to six hours on the treadmill, in conjuction with the bell training, had turned Raya's body to almost perfect condition. Her legs were nicely toned and her waist was slim. Her tummy was flat and her ass had become very firm, without a hint of cellulite.

After her runs she was usually chained again outside, until her afternoon walk. Jessica found it easier and cleaner for her garden to let Trixie do her business during their walks. It was great to see how unaffected she had become from shitting and pissing in front of her mistress, at last. Not a sign of shame was in her eyes, she was only focused on relieving herself during the small time frame she was given.

Finally, at night, if Jessica was tired, or not in the mood for any games with her dog, she'd put her inside her kennel for the night. It was a simple routine, but a pet's life is simple by itself. Jessica was of the belief that her puppy-girl was only there to make her life a little happier and less dull. "That's what pets are for", she'd always say.

   One day, instead of sending her to her kennel, Jessica came out with a dog shampoo and a towel. "That is weird", thought Raya. She only cleaned her every four of five weeks, and even then she was only using the garden hose. Dogs don't need to be cleaned that often, and even when she was soaking in her own filth, Jessica didn't care. That's what dogs do. But now, she cleaned her thoroughly with the soap and dryed her carefully. She didn't say anything during this, which made Raya even more nervous. Only after she was done, she kneeled down to look closer at her and said. "I'm gonna let you inside the house, now. This is your reward for being a good bitch lately." Raya was pleased that she was at least getting something for her troubles.

Jessica opened the french door and let Trixie inside. It was so warm, the girl had forgotten what room temperature felt like. The room was huge and it looked very festive, decorated with various abstract paintings on the walls and a long wooden table in the middle of the dining room. Far on the other side, where the living room was, she saw a beautiful fireplace, the fire producing a calming, almost lulling feeling.

Raya was snapped back into attention by Jessica's words. "I want you to be at your best behavior, because i'm going to have some guests over for dinner." Raya stared at Jessica's eyes, surprised. She was not expecting to hear that! "If i'm not satisfied with you, you'll go back to your kennel, with your bells and the cockroaches for company. And i know you wouldn't want that to happen, right?" Trixie ringed the bell attached to her clit ring very clearly, contemplating on what the evening might hold for her. Jessica had toyed with her, by "letting" her stay inside. But the warning was clear. She didn't want that box opened, at any rate.

Jessica then attached two bells on Trixie's nipple rings, saying "this will notify me if you're being restless", in a teasing, cutsy manner. She then took a collar from the table next to her and brought it in front of her pet. "And this is your formal collar, it's only for special occasions, such as this one!" she explained and put it around Raya's black and white neck. It was not the nylon fabric and steel buckle that her pink collar was made from. It was black leather, with a silver buckle and a small, silver, coin-shapped label with the word "Trixie" beautifully engraved on it. Jessica took pride in everything that she owned, and that meant that her dog had to look appropriately, too. She pointed her finger down and Trixie assumed the "stay" position immediatelly. Jessica left her standing there, as she went to get dressed for the evening.

   Raya was getting increasinly nervous. She didn't want to be seen like this by any other people, as if one wasn't cruel enough. When the guests finally arrived, her heart was pounding like a drum. Jessica greeted everyone at the door with a kiss on the cheek, all very rich men and women, with modern fashioned clothes. She herself looked stunning in a silk dress that matched her hair, with beautiful figures all over it. "Where is the doggy?" she heard one of the voices among the crowded chatter, followed by chuckles. "She's over here, come, take a look!" She heard her owner's distinct voice.

It was a nightmare. All eyes were on her, about fifteen people looking down at her naked form, and she could do nothing about it. Standing on the position she was ordered, trying not to instictively cover herself and displease her mistress. A young woman, in her twenties, started petting her head, she was certainly younger than her, Raya thought. Another man pulled one of her nipple rings, and she let out a soft squeal. She tried to control herself, when she saw at the corner of her eye that her mistress noticed her slip.

After about twenty minutes  that seemed like an eternity, Jessica's guests gathered around the table to dine. Jessica prefered her doggy to stay still during their dinner, but her friends wanted to see her crawl and move around the house, so she let her be. They were having fun, and she always wanted to be a good hostess. Raya wanted to find the deepest darkest hole and hide from this humiliating ordeal. She sat curled up in the corner, while Jessica and her guests were eating and chatting in good spirits.

   An hour passed and most of them had forgotten about Trixie. An old man, possibly in his sixties, took a french fry from his plate and politely asked Jessica: "Can i give this to her?" pointing at the puppy-girl. "Sure" she smiled and turned to look at Trixie. She wasn't hungry, and didn't want to go near them again, but she felt that she'd regret it deeply, if she didn't approach him. Jessica's eyes were now fixed on her, as were everyone's else's, but for a different reason. Raya crawled slowly next to the man's chair. He had a warm smile behind a thick, white moustache. She arched her back and lowered her torso, always looking at him. She begun wagging her tail, left and right, and left and right. "She has to earn her food, that's why i trained her to beg like this everytime", Jessica bragged a bit. The old man lowered his hand down Trixie's snout, and she took the fry in her mouth from his wrinkly fingers.

She gobbled it after a few moments. The man petted her head, pleased. "Me too! Me too!" said another woman enthusiastically. She was about the same age as Jessica, and sitting right beside her. They seemed like best friends. She deeped her index finger in a tiny bowl with some kind of sauce, and pointed towards Trixie. "Come here girl!" she urged her. She was having a blast. After begging, again, Trixie reached her long tongue and licked the sauce from the woman's finger. "Come on, all of it, i want my finger sparkling!" she laughed.

   After dinner, they moved to the living room, where the fireplace was. Jessica ordered Trixie to come near her and she obeyed without hesitation. She sat beside her in the same position as earlier, while she sat on the couch, chatting with two other people. No one paid much attention to her now. How long can someone play with a dog before they get bored, after all? Trixie was tired. She would have been asleep hours ago, if she was on her kennel. She tried to stay concentrated on staying awake and immobile. Then, the doorbell rang. "I don't believe it, they came after all." said Jessica and went to open the door. In the hall walked a man with two teenage girls, not older than fourteen years old. "So glad you made it!", Jessica greeted them, happily. She loved her two nieces, like very few things in the world.

"Come, let me show you something!", she said after a few words with her brother, and grabbed each girl by their hands. Their eyes glowed with glee when they saw Trixie. "Can we pet it, aunt Jessy?" they asked with one voice. "Of course, you can do whatever you want!" she smiled. The girls examined Trixie from her tail, to her stump legs, to her snout. They especially liked her milky white skin with their pretty black spots. "Watch!" said Jessica and snapped her fingers, ordering the girl to take the "display" stance. The girls were thrilled with Trixie's obedience. Raya was forced to present her genitals to everyone and the ringing of her clit bell was the icing on the cake. The two girls petted her all over her body.

Trixie thought the worst was over, but she hated this more than anything. For the next hour, she had 4 hands touching her and caressing her constantly, the girls just wouldn't leave her alone. She wanted to scream, whine, anything to show them how awful she felt, maybe they would understand that she was human, that what was happening wasn't supposed to be normal. They were young and pure, they would understand, right?

But she didn't do anything. The fear of what would happen to her if she angered her mistress, had her deadly silent. The girls begged their dad to let them stay for the weekend, and to Raya's dissapointment, he agreed.

   Eventually, all the guests left and the girls went to bed, after being promised to play again with Trixie tomorrow by their aunt. She layed on the couch, in front of the fireplace, tired, but happy after a fun night. "You had some slips today, Trixie" she scolded her pet. Raya's heart sunk, her eyes looking deeply worried. After all this, she would STILL be getting punished? "Buuuut you did ok, i guess, so no punishment today." Trixie was relieved. She felt so grateful, so thankful, she did something she would never thought she could do. She reached her owner's hand, which stuck out a bit from the couch, and begun licking it. Jessica watched her puppy-girl express her gratitude, a bit surprised, with a big smile on her face. She licked and licked and only stopped when Jessica removed her hand from her sight. "I'm too tired to take you home, so you'll stay here tonight. But i don't want to see you an inch away from where you are standing now, when i wake up, understand?"

A single jingle was the only sound heard in the big house, and moments later they both drifted to sleep, Jessica on the couch and her pet curled up right next to her.

       The next two days were very busy for Jessica's pet. Her two nieces took advantage of their stay there, and spent almost every minute playing with Trixie. Jessica warned her little pet, to always express the utmost excitement towards the girls, during their stay. She didn't need to mention the bells or the cockroaches this time, Raya got the message just by her mistress' tone. She rushed to greet the girls when they came out of their bedrooms, by licking their hands with her stretched, exposed tongue. "Wow, she looks much more energetic than last night!" commented one of them. "Yeah, she was a bit ill yesterday", lied Jessica.

They spend their time playing all sorts of games with the cute puppy-girl, while Jessica was usually watching them from afar, relaxing in a sunbed outside. They played fetch with a pink plastic bone, Jessica had brought for Trixie, they made her do tricks and petted her like crazy, all with her three bells ringing joyfully. They really liked when they snapped their fingers, and she was on her back and wiggling her bell, in no time. They took her to walks, even though they'd forget to take off her tail-plug, and they always fed her by hand.

If someone told Raya that she would end up begging to lick dog food off some teenage girl's hands, she would most likely call them mad. But there she was now, without a sign of shame (at least on the outside), with her face on the grass and her tail wagging. She wasn't gonna get punished, she was gonna be a good bitch, and that meant doing anything to satisfy her mistress and her guests.

The fact that they had visitors didn't mean that Trixie was spared from her daily exercise. The girls saw Jessica connect her to her treadmill, but after five minutes of watching Trixie run, they got bored and left her alone, outside.

It was a relief for Raya when time came for the two girls to leave. She was exhausted from the ordeal and she'd get some time to relax, without them here. Jessica promised to bring Trixie over when she visited next time, as she waved at them from the entrance door. 


   Life went on for Raya. She didn't have much to go on, but it was two years now, since Jessica brought her to her new home. She wasn't as lucid as the woman she once was, and she definitely looked nothing like the dark haired, sexy goth, Jessica had met in that nightclub. But she had grown into what Jessica wanted her to be. A docile, pretty, pet bitch. She didn't think anymore about ways to escape, or hiding her nakedness, or getting away with anything that deviated from what Jessica considered perfect behaviour for her pet. She was at last, fully conditioned to obey any order, no matter how degrading or difficult, to avoid punishment. Jessica had become increasingly more strict, to keep her pet on her toes, or more accurately, paws.

A new way to do that, was what she called the "punishment box". It was a black, metal casing, small enough for Trixie to barely fit into. She was very claustrophobic, and so, the box became quickly a hideous torture method. Jessica liked to hear Trixie's whines every time she was placed inside, for hours on end. When her owner felt really evil, she'd throw the box full of roaches inside, before locking it shut. That drove Trixie insane with fear, and always improved her willingness to behave, once she was let out. Her panicked moans echoed from inside the metal prison, like music to Jessica's ears.

Trixie's pathetic way of living, made any rewards the more exciting for her, like a special meal, or being allowed inside the house. Jessica had even bought her a warm, cozy dog basket to sleep on, and she would go straight to it, after begging her mistress for permittion of course.

   One day, Raya was napping on her basket, when she heard the door being unlocked. She rushed in her four stump legs, to greet her mistress like she always did, but was surprised to find she didn't return home alone. On her side was a big, male, dalmatian dog. It had the same white skin and black spots as her. It also looked well trained and strong. Jessica broke the silense. "This is Spike. He'll be staying with us from now on. I hope you two will become great friends, wouldn't you like that?" The question prompt Trixie to ring her clit bell, even though she didn't share Jessica's enthusiasm. This could only be bad, she thought. Jessica led Spike by his leash closer to Trixie, and he started sniffing her ass. "Aren't you gonna greet him?" asked Jessica with a smile. Trixie got the hint, and stuck her snout under the dog's tail, while he did the same to hers. The smell was horrible, and Raya tried desperately not to gag. "There, now you are introduced, god, you look so great together!" She laughed at her own joke.

   Before putting them away at night, Jessica ordered Trixie to approach her, then snapped her fingers. With Raya presenting herself to her, she produced a bottle with a clear liquid in it. "This is a female dog hormone, it is very strong and will attract any males from miles away." Raya started to whine, she knew what her owner had in mind. "Sssh" Jessica silenced her pet and begun rubbing the oil-like liquid on Raya's naked body. She was very thorough to make sure she was covered with the hormone in every inch of her body. She rubbed it on her exposed tongue and deep inside her vagina and pussy-lips. Then, she led her inside her kennel, where Spike already was.

"Spike's house will arrive in about two weeks, so he'll stay with you, until it does." Raya was terrified. The dog noticed the attractive smell and begun to inch towards her. He wasn't chained anywhere, but Trixie was, like every night. "Good night, you two! Have fun!" said Jessica and closed the kennel door shut.Raya was disgusted, she wanted to push the large dog away, but he quickly climbed on her back and his weight kept her down. Her chain prevented her from moving away from him, and she realized she was doomed. She screamed in her ring-gag, for what? help? she knew that wouldn't arrive. The male dalmatian found her hole and stuck it's furry dick inside, holding her in place by her waist with its front legs. Tears run down Raya's face, as her clitty bell rang for hours, with every thrust it gave her. Jessica watched everything from the camera inside Trixie's kennel, very aroused. The strong hormone was irresistable to the animal that came inside the girl's pussy and mouth six times! Jessica was very happy that the drug on the puppy-girl's tongue had enticed Spike to face-fuck her.

The next day, Jessica let them both out. "Had a nice sleep. you two?" she asked them, although she knew, only one could answer her. Trixie was a mess, with dried dog cum stuck on her pussylips and on her leather snout. She ranged her bell, looking up at the woman who had caused this to her, utterly defeated. "Well, i'm happy for you Trixie" joked the tall woman and left the two dogs alone.

   Jessica had said that a new kennel for Spike would arrive, but after witnessing how enthusiastic Spike was towards his new mate, she decided to make the dog-house "theirs". She painted it a more neutral brown collor, and replaced the wooden sign on the front to read "Spike and Trixie". Raya was more miserable than ever. She tried to avoid the dog's sexual appetite, but it was impossible. Her training may have made her thin and toned, but Spike was larger and much faster, and she could do little to prevent him from mounting her. When Jessica would catch her resisting, she'd punish her severely, and so she had no choice but to endure Spike's advances towards her. The bitch hormone became her permanent scent, excluding

Spike's cum, and she was bathed with it after every bath Jessica gave her. They spend their days out in the yard, and took their walkies together with Jessica, using a single leash that split into two, so they walked right next to each other. Nights were her worst nightmare though. Chained securely inside the small kennel with the horny beast, Trixie had essentually become his sex toy. He ravaged her every night, to the point she would have trouble crawling next morning from her painfully sore genitals.

   After a few months, Raya's mind could not even comprehent the appauling things she suffered through. Jessica was worried she might completely brake her, and that wouldn't be fun. She had plans for Trixie and, even though they were risky, she insisted until she finally succeeded. In her desperation, Raya was starting to enjoy her nights with Spike. It was gradual, but the sex with her canine roommate was, eventually, the only thing she could look forward to. She was never a slut like a lot of the girls she had seen in her time in the clubs, but she had needs as well. Even though she tried not to show it whenever they were in front of her mistress, the camera footage showed Jessica everything, from Raya's lustful moans, to the movement of her hips, banging back against the dog's  hard cock.

Raya was a real animal, now. She didn't care anymore about what felt wrong, or degrading, or imhumane. Spike made her feel good, and she didn't have the luxury to turn down those feelings. Sure, she'd prefer if Jessica didn't tease her about it, refering to her two pets as "lovers" and showing her footage of their love-making sessions, especially her powerful orgasms. But she wasn't a human anymore, she was a bitch, and bitches getting fucked by dogs was only natural.  


   The final stage of Trixie's conditioning was in motion. If she passed that, Jessica would never have to worry about her again. A great pet loves its owner like nothing else in the world. But how can you make someone love you, when you have caused them so much pain?

If you take everything from them, then give the smallest something back. That's what Jessica intented to do. Her pet would truly belong to her, then. She started speaking more lovingly to her, with encouraging remarks like "good girl" and "i'm so proud of you" and rewarded her a bit more generously. She also made a habit out of inviting her to sit on her lap, while she read her books. Ofcourse she had to be cleaned for that. Raya liked the smell of her mistress, and the caresses she received from her.

Especially since she didn't see much of Spike as before. Jessica often took the dog inside at nights, while Trixie was left alone in her kennel. Other times she chained him out of her reach. She wanted to show her that SHE would decide when her pet would enjoy his company.  Raya missed him, and it made her desire any contact. That contact now came from her mistress. It strenthened their bond and turned Trixie's attention from Spike towards her. Jessica particularly enjoyed teasing her pet's nipples and watching her arousal, as she squirmed and tried to suppress moans, only to stop and leave her horny and in heat.

   * The sound of her mistress' high heels stopped. "I'm going out for a while" she said to Trixie. She was curled up with Spike inside a bigger basket that Jessica had bought. They liked to cuddle together, it was cozy and warm. "And when i return i'll feed you. If you and Spike behave well, maybe i'll even add some chocolate chips you like so much." Trixie rose from her basket and begged her mistress for the sweets, her tail swinging and her bell jingling. "Haha, i'll think about it" said the tall, beautiful woman and petted her puppy-girl on her hairless head.   

It wasn't easy, but Jessica had made it. The girl she had disfigured, humiliated and tortured, now looked up at her with bright, adoring eyes. She was her mistress, she took care of her and was responsible for anything good that happened to her. Sometimes she was punished. but that was her fault for not satisfying her owner. If she was mean or cruel to her, she had every right to be. After all, she was just her pet dalmatian bitch.


    Once, she was a pretty goth-girl, trying to make it as an aspiring DJ. That was years ago, though. What she was focused on, at the moment, was making sure her tongue, bulging through her leather snout by the piercing, stroked every inch and corner of her owner's naked feet. The taste was strong, especially today, since Jessica had walked for hours downtown, shopping. The smell, likewise. The tall, redhead woman had made a habit out of having her little bitch lick her tired feet after a long day. She made sure she got her tongue all over her soles and between every single toe. It was like a foot massage, only much better. Trixie was not happy with her current assignment, but she knew very well things could get much worse for her, and fast. She kept on working on her Lady's feet for a good 25 minutes, all the while throwing glances at her mistress every now and then, as if that would make Jessica pity her and relinguish her from her task - it certainly didn't.

When Jessica was bored of her pet's attention, she simply got up and, after leading Trixie outside, where her and Spike's kennel was, retired to her bedroom. Trixie had learned for some time now, that she was to spend her nights inside the small doghouse and not roam free in the yard. She had broken this rule, once, and the incident had been very constructive, reminding her to never disobey her mistress' orders. She wanted pee so badly, she couldn't hold it anymore. Urinating on the wooden floor of her home would certainly backfire next day, so she stealthily crawled out and did her number one on the grass.

But her little mischief was being recorded. After a severe punishment, she never got out again, during night time, even when her bladder was feeling like it would burst. A security camera located high up against the wall, facing the yard's entirety, and one inside the kennel made sure Trixie could not avoid her mistress' ever-present eye. Even though Jessica rarely ever looked at the footage, the fear alone at the possibility made Trixie very complied.

   Trixie's body looked amazingly fit and toned, thanks to the daily, strict, training schedule enforced on her. She would never have such strong thighs or flat belly in her previous life, if she had never met Jessica. Lately, she took Trixie along with her, during her runs in the estate's park. It was more fun to exercise with her pet, rather than alone. The rocky ground was rough on Trixie's stamp legs, but she followed her owner diligently, the pink leash clipped on her matching collar guiding her along Jessica's side.


   It was another usual morning. Trixie had just gotten her morning fuck from Spike, something he liked to do to begin his day. He had filled her with his semen countless times already, so it wasn't a big deal for her, dragging her white crotch across the green grass to clean her dirty pussy. It wasn't the most efficient way, but it was all she could do. Jessica put food on their bowls and left for work, leaving them alone in the yard. Trixie liked those moments, they offered her a chance to relax and just lay on the grass or play with Spike. It was dull, but the meaning of that word had changed dramatically for her, over those past years.

   At noon, the french door opened and out walked Jessica, followed by another woman. She, too, was aroung her forties, with long dark hair and a deep red shade of lipstick on her lips. She wore a very expensive, but simple white shirt, its buttons revealing part of her rich cleavage. "Here she is!" said Jessica, pointing at the deformed girl. "She is a treat!", exclaimed the woman. "Denise will be staying with us for a couple of weeks", Jessica addressed her bitch dalmatian - something she rarely did. Then, she turned to Denise. "The girls had so much fun playing with Trixie last time." The brunette responded. "I know, they can't stop blabbing about it!"

   Jessica's sister in law had fun watching Trixie assume the positions Jessica had taught her. The doggy-girl responded in no time, much to the woman's satisfaction. Afterwards, both women relaxed outside, with a cold glass of ice-tea on their manicured hands. "How are the ponies?" chatted Jessica. "Good, good, we took in a new one recently." answered Denise. "She is a pain in the ass, but they always are at the start, so, what are you gonna do?", she sipped her drink. "That's true" agreed Jessica. "At least renting them brings in some money", Denise continued.

   If the weekend with her two energetic girls was bad, these two weeks turned out to be a nightmare for Trixie. Denise was a proper devil when it came to tormenting the poor doggy-girl. Her amusement was the only thing that seemed to motivate her in these actions and so however much Trixie would beg and whine, her sad eyes went unnoticed. Having Denise around the house while Jessica was off at work was the worst.

There were two times were she had videotaped her love-making sessions with Spike on her cell phone, making sure she got every bit of shame on the girl's face captured. She'd go as fas as to piss in Trixie's empty water bowl, letting her clench her thirst with her warm urine. Trixie refused to drink from the bowl, but after a couple of days without water, the stinky liquid didn't seem so bad. Denise would just tell Jessica her pet's bowl had been filled and that was the end of that conversation. The excessive physical strain Denise put her through also helped her crave anything drinkable.

Another time she came to her wearing some gardening gloves, holding a bunch of nettles on one hand. She ordered her to assume the DISPLAY position, then kneeled over her. "Come on, girl, jiggle that bell. Tell Denise you want some nettles rubbed on your little clit." Trixie should have guessed the reason her clit-bell had been put on this morning wasn't gonna be a good one. She looked petrified, once at the stingy plants over her exposed, sensitive piece of flesh, then at the woman, then back at the plants. She could not anticipate how this would hurt. "JIGGLE IT", Denise yelled this time to show her patience was running thin. "With a doomed expression, Trixie shook her hips as she lied there, making the little bell sing. Next moment she felt like her clit was on fire. Denise rubbed the nettles relentlessly on her tender skin, with a satanic smile on her face.

The itch didn't leave Trixie for three days, tormenting her every waking minute. She'd rub her bottom against anything to get some relief, but it was pointless as the scratching returned immediately. Denise was more touchy with her pets than Jessica, and also less repelled by their filthyness. She sometimes took pleasure in stroking the pet's suffering labia and clit and that made Trixie seek her touch constantly during these three days. Denise loved seeing the puppy's pained pleads, regardless of whether or not she helped the doggy-girl.

   It was around the second week, when Denise started putting Trixie's tongue to the test. Jessica herself was against the idea of involving herself sexually with beasts, but Denise was one of her best friends and she knew how much she liked to use her pets like that. She'd often tease her and call her a "filthy slut", but it was all in good nature and Denise laughed whenever that came up.

After bathing her so she could enter the house, Denise would take her to the guest bedroom where she'd sleep. Jessica's phone played a big role in guiding the puppy to please her newest mistress just right, delivering encouraging and instructing shocks. Trixie hadn't had any sexual encounter with a human, since that first day Jessica brought her home, and that seemed to be decades ago, now.

The woman tasted salty, but that was the least of Trixie's problems. Having to bring her to orgasm, usually multiple times, was a challenge every time and her neck was often bruised from the number of zaps she endured. Denise would get the puppy-girl to satisfy her no matter what. After hours of fun for one and misery for the other, Denise would clip the leash, that was held on her bed's foot, on Trixie's collar and drift off to a peaceful, happy sleep. Trixie would have to deal with her cunt-breath when the sun came up.

   On Denise's final day at Jessica's place, they went out for drinks. It was way past midnight when they returned home, both considerably drunk. "Let's play with the doggies!" shouted Denise, still full of energy. "Oh, come oooon, they'll make a mess on the carpet, i haven't cleaned them", whined Jessica, without any real effort of convincing her friend. "It'll be fine, just got get em!" Denise reassured her.

Both dogs were sleeping cosily inside their kennel, when they heard their mistress wake them up. "Come on, up! up! Both inside the house!" slurred Jessica. Trixie crawled half-asleep inside the living room where Denise was sitting, followed by the male dalmatian. The strong lights opened up her eyes for good, now. What did they want from her? "Make her blow it!" cheered Denise like a great idea had just popped in her head. "You heard her", nodded Jessica as she made herself comfortable on the couch next to her friend. Trixie felt like being hit by a truck. She hadn't tasted Spike's penis since the first days of his arrival here, and she definitely didn't want this experience repeated. The two ladies sat and starred at her waiting impatiently. Why did these women wish to torture her all of a sudden?

Unluckily for her, Jessica had her cell phone handy and sent a couple of shocks to her collar to speed up the show. The soft whines weren't even heard by the two women, as Trixie lowered her head under the dog's belly and between it's legs. She hesitantly reached her tongue on Spike's flaccid, furry penis. Another shock later and she was licking it all over it's surface. "Right, get it hard, little bitch!" Trixie heard Denise's drunken voice. It was revolting, but she kept licking and teasing it, flicking it with her tongue until Spike finally started to wake up. "There we go!" commented Jessica. "Milk all of Spike's jizz!" Trixie had forgotten how awful it was, and supressed the urge to gag many times. "Deepthroat it!" yelled Denise now.

Trixie's face was right in there, her snout pressing against the hound's flesh, as it starting thrusting inside her mouth. The girth wasn't much, but its length still prevented her from breathing when it thrusted down her throat. She reflectively tried to back off, but more shocks kept her still, receiving all of the dog's efforts. After fifteen agonizing minutes. Spike shot his load, and, as she had been instructed, she caught it all. The gulp that was heard from the pet's throat made Jessica clap like a teenage girl, cheering "yeaaaah!" They had the time of their lives over there. "You missed a drop, there", said Denise menacingly and the pet-girl completed her task, licking the sticky liquid off the floor.

   The next day it was for Denise's departure. Trixie was relieved, but the dialogue between her owner and her friend didn't put her at ease. "I'll be going on a business trip next month. Would it be ok if i dropped her over at your place for four or five days?", Jessica asked. "Of course, are you kidding? the girls will go mad! I liked playing with her, too, hehe", said Denise. "Ok, i'll let you know exactly when." The two women hugged and said their goodbyes. Trixie watched them, with the lingering taste of dog semen still on her mouth.


   Jessica had two dalmatian dogs, Trixie and Spike. They looked different at first glance, but they were both essentially animals, a 4 year old dog and a 32 year old bitch. Despite her years, she was very fit, with a tight and slim body, thanks to her strict fitness schedule and her dry-food-only diet. Spike didn't work out much, but that didn't stop him from having his way with Trixie every so often.

Trixie liked having Spike around. He kept her company when mistress wasn't keeping her busy, and gave her some orgasms, every once in a while. She still understood human speach, but, although she once considered herself the same species as her owner, she felt closer to Spike, to this kanine. They shared a life, after all. They often ate from the same bowl, and slept on the same kennel. They were walked together, played together, had sex with each other... It was a life she certainly couldn't say she shared with her mistress, whose lifestyle was in another spectrum, in comparison to hers.

   Sadly for Raya, Jessica was getting bored with her current pets. Her pet-girl was kind of fun, still, but she wasn't exactly thrilled with Spike. It was three years since he had brought him, and he had served his purpose in helping her dehumanize the goth-girl Trixie once was. But she needed something fresh, a new addition. She wasn't in the mood to go into the trouble of finding a girl and breaking her all over again. "Hopefully some of my friends might have something", she thought.

Raya was really sad to hear that Spike would leave them. She liked his company and didn't want to be alone with her sadistic owner again. She whined and try to tug at her mistress' dress, as she lead the male dog by the leash out of the yard, and towards the exit. Jessica pointed her finger down and Trixie immediatelly abandoned her efforts. She sat on her butt with her front legs in front of her, in what was the STAY position. She stuck her snout on the glass door, as Jessica led Spike out of the house and towards his new owner.

   Jessica had found who her new pet would be. She was one of Denise's ponies, not for long though. Denise had acquired her two months ago. She was profitable, but Denise wanted to send her, as a gift to her friend for the wonderful time she had spent with Trixie - and the ones she would spend in the future. Thus, the girl was pretty docile, afraid and, as Denise liked to say, tamed. Only thing she needed to do was, to modify her according to her desires. Jessica got to work with enthusiasm.

   Raya was alone with mistress for a few days, before the new pet home was ready to come home. Raya saw men carry a small cage, just like she was brought into her home four years ago. They brought out in the yard, and left Jessica with it. She unlocked the door, and gently cooed: "come out, doggy, here we are!". Nothing happened for the first 2 or 3 seconds. Then, Raya saw an amber-red colored feminine form, white across her chest and belly, down to her legs. A terrified girl crawled out of the cage. She was mutilated like Raya had been, with no hands from the elbows down and legs from the knee down. She had gone through similar changes as Trixie had, but more resembling of a fox, rather than a dog breed. Her ears were pointy, unlike Trixie's. A white leather snout covered half of her amber tattooed face. Her tongue was also pierced and held outwards, like Raya's, and her mouth held open with a similar ring-gag. Finally, she had an orange, fluffy tail, plugged inside her ass, along with the same three nipple and clit piercings as the other girl.

Raya read the name on her purple collar. "Freckles". She then noticed, the ones on the scared girl, still visible behind her tattooed cheeks. "She is a ginger, or at least was one, so i named her Freckles!", commented Jessica. The young girl seemed lost, standing on all fours in front of the tall evil woman, and the other mutilated girl. At least she had her arms and legs when she was a pony-girl! She was only 21 years old, slim, with small, perky breasts and a big round ass. Trixie's breasts were larger than hers, but her butt definitely wasn't that voluptuous. She hadn't been in the stables too long to get really toned, which was something Jessica liked, along with her beautiful, light-blue eyes and cute freckles. She looked like she wanted to scream, more from desparation rather than actual attempt at calling for help. Bus she didn't, it seemed she had learned that objecting or complaining in any way didn't go too well with either of her Mistresses.

Jessica didn't need to say anything to her older pet, this time, just shot a look at her. Raya crawled towards the frightened girl and begun sniffing her asshole, like all bitches do. At least it smelled better than Spike's, Raya thought. The young girl looked flustered by the girl's action. "She is being treated like an animal, like me, why isn't she protesting, or at least, why is she doing this without even the tall woman ordering her?" She couldn't imagine what four years of physical and psychological damage did to a human's spirit. Raya probably wouldn't give a shit, but Trixie really liked the girl, she smelled nice and had soft and smooth skin. She crawled to face the new pet, and to her surprise, started licking her colored face. It was a thing she had learned to do years ago from Spike, a display of affection. They would both lick each other's faces and mouths, nesting inside their warm doggy-bed, or snuggling for warmth on their kennel. She was showing in her own way, that she liked the young doggy-girl.

   "Freckles" didn't seem to enjoy that welcome. The older girl's tongue was all over her cheeks, then her lips, then her own exposed tongue. "Come on, Freckles! You like Trixie don't you! Don't be rude..", she heard the woman's voice over her head. She returned the gesture, giving Trixie some of her tongue as well, but without the same enthusiasm. She received a shock on her collar for her lazyness, which forced her to be more into her welcoming kisses with Trixie. After a warm greeting, both pets were chained inside their common kennel. "I guess i need to change that sign", murmured Jessica to herself. 

   The two bitches would get to know each other better. Trixie comforted the girl during her first hard days in Jessica's custody. She didn't like seeing the tears flow from under her eyes. She'd gently lick them off the young pet's cheeks, and cuddle her inside the cold dog-house. She didn't like seeing the fox-girl sad and wanted to help her. Freckles accepted her kindness with relief, but didn't understand the way the black-and-white girl behaved. She had never met this girl, but in her eyes, she acted like a pure beast, like she never was a woman to begin with.

The redhead was once known as Judy Sanders. A smart, pretty girl, who had met a young man and was already thinking of getting married to him. She worked at her father's job, and it was ok, but Judy had aspirations of someday finding a job of her own. Unfortunately, she caught Denise's eye one day when she happened to walk by her on the street. She offered her a "modeling" gig, and the money seemed too good to turn down. The rest as they say, is history, and she now finds herself in some rich lady's house, pretending to be her dog, along with some other strange girl.


   Jessica let the two doggy-girls get familiar with each other for the first three days, before beginning their training. She would make a show out of the two girls, something that would satisfy every adult guest she'd ever have. After she spend sometime alone with Freckles, to get her acquainted with the standard position orders, she brought Trixie along to join them.

The two puppies looked up at her with worrying eyes, standing next to each other. Jessica was holding a long cane on her hands, and had a sinister smile on her face, one that Trixie knew too well by now. "So, today i'm going to teach you little bitches to make love to each other. The way I want you to." The two amputee girls looked at her wondering what she meant. "When i clap my hands i want you to sixty-nine, licking each other's cunts as hungrily as possible. You'll do this everytime i clap my hands in front of you" She instructed them and clapped her hands together. The two puppies were taken by surprise by the sudden order, until a good strike by the wooden cane helped them along. With two red welts on their asses, the puppy-girls got to work. Trixie laid down on her back, while Freckles stood over her. Judy, as she was once known as, had never licked a girl's pussy before, she never considered herself gay or bisexual. She tasted Trixie's sweaty, dirty cunt from days without a bath. A normal human would consider it appauling, but for Trixie, this was actually pretty clean in comparison to other times.

Jessica egged them on with reminding hits of the cane, urging them to be more passionate and not slack off. She watched them lick each other's pierced cunts for about half an hour like that, before moving on. "Ok, now time for some kisses!", she clapped her hands twice now, and the girls were instructed to turn and face each other, one still lying on the ground, the other on top of her. Freckles now looked up at Trixie's black and white snout closing in on her. Raya was tired, but she didn't seem too bothered by the task, so far. She liked the romantic nature of this encounter. All the other times she either had to do disqusting or degrading things, or just serve Jessica and her guests, people she had no sympathy or feelings for. But that girl was different. She was like her, she was the only one who understood her, she was a dog as well as her. Even though she had been ordered to do this, it somehow felt consensual, if not a bit fun.

Freckles on the other hand whined a couple of times to her mistress, and got a good caning on her sides in return. She felt the girl that was called Trixie on her body, from her waist to her tongue. She felt the big, white, spotted tits press against hers. Raya's slim belly and waist on top of hers. She certainly had the body of a beautiful woman. If only she hadn't been turned into this mindless animal, she might had even enjoyed herself. Their tongues intertwined sloppily for a while, both girls tasting their one pussies on each other's tongue. Their sweaty bodies rubbing against each other. Raya sensed she was close to an orgasm and instinctivelly hugged Judy's stamp leg with her legs, purposely rubbing her pierced clit against the girl's thigh. " I didn't order anyone to cum!" she heard Jessica's voice and moments later the sound of the cane striking her back. Trixie let out a painful whine and removed her pussy from its position. The puppies would come when their mistress wanted them to.

   After a few more minutes of training, Jessica gave her doggies some food and water, before leaving them out in the garden. She warned them that if any bitch had an orgasm, the cameras outside and inside their kennel would let her know, and she would punish them. Raya was frustrated, at least with Spike she could get some relief when she needed it. His penis wasn't very big to really fill her, but the dog's quick pace and stamina was what got her over the edge.

Freckles didn't care much about the restriction. She just looked at Raya, with the kind of disgust that someone feels when they've just done something they never thought they would do. "Why are you so sick, do you actually enjoy what's happened to us?" she yelled at the girl. But only moans came out of her snout, making her even angrier. In her panicked state, she didn't even know what she was trying to utter, anymore. Trixie quickly crawled over to the young pet-girl. Years of shocks for trying to utter any sound had programmed her to expect pain in this situations. She wanted to spare the little fox-girl that fate. She raised her front paw, up to Judy's snout, trying to make her stop. The 21-year-old jumped at her, in a fit of rage, knocking her on her back. She pinned her down with her body, trying to smack her with her chopped, orange paw-hands, without much success. Trixie let out soft painful moans.

Judy stops. The young woman she is hurting, is not even defending herself. Raya looks up at her with glassy eyes, her front paws cover herself. She is not her enemy. She is not the one responsible for what happened to her.She has probably been through a lot more than i have, Judy thinks. She drops on top of her and hugs her, breaking down in tears and heavy sobs.

   The bitches' love-training continued thoughout the coming weeks. Both girls learned each other's smell and taste very well, all thanks to their trainer's discipline. Judy was young and inexperienced, but a quick learner, too. She remembered hearing that the key to a good pussy-lapping was doing the alphabet with your tongue, and she

put that technique to the test. She knew she was doing a good job, indicated by the sound of the dalmatian girl's heavy breathing and the feeling of her heart on her chest, beating like crazy. Trixie came very close to orgasming a few times, but she knew doing so would earn her a punishment by Jessica, so she tried to control herself.

What had started as a fun activity had quickly turned into a nightmare for both girls. On one hand, Jessica wanted them to be all over each other, giving the maximum pleasure they could. On the other, they couldn't enjoy that pleasure too much, the view of the punishment box looked incredibly ominous. None of the girls wanted to experience it.

   Freckles had become less hostile towards Trixie, a sign that her conditioning was going well. She was now less reclusive and even enjoyed some times when the weather was nice and the puppies could roam outside in the yard. She sympathized with Raya now, and had even started to get used to the idea of having sex with another woman.  She still hated Jessica with all her being, but the imposing redhead didn't care much. All in good time, she said to herself.

Their nights at the kennel were hard though. After a day of generous amounts of lovemaking, both girls just wanted to get off and fall asleep, but the camera on the top of the wooden house reminded them that Jessica was like an all powerful god to them, watching their every move. After their cuddling during the first days, the amputee girls didn't want to touch each other much and cause any further sparks of arousal.

But Judy became more and more desperate for a release. "How bad can this box be? There's no way she's looking at every footage of that camera", she convinced herself. Trixie was already curled up and asleep next to her. It was too late for anyone to be up at this hour, Judy thought to herself. She snuck closer to the sleeping puppy-girl, and begun licking her ear. Trixie slowly opened her eyes and looked at Freckles, puzzled. Freckles stuck her snout between her back legs, trying to reach that place she knew so well by now. Trixie kept her legs closed and let out a small whine, trying to warn the youngster. But the girl was determined. She surprised Trixie, pinning her down with her body, and started licking her nipples. It didn't need much for the cute things to become hard as steel. Trixie moaned louder! She didn't want this to happen, even she'd think about coming all day. She didn't want to go back in that terrifying box!

But the fox-girl had already stuck her stamp legs between hers, and was riding her pussy against Trixie's thigh. If only Raya could get some leverage to knock her off her, but the tingling inside her was too strong. She tried to utter another scream, but Freckles pressed her paw painfully on her neck, cutting her breath. Judy was trully a beast herself. She was going to get that orgasm if she had to fuck a woman, a dog, or a piece of wood from this damn dog-house! Trixie steadily gave up to the bliss that was coming her way, and took her turn stroking her cunt on Freckles' orange back leg. They both came together with an earth-shuttering orgasm, without a care about what  the next day would have in store for them.

   The next day they woke up, all snuggled up. During the afternoon, Jessica walked outside to put them some dog-food. She noticed how they were avoiding eye-contact and seemed worried, even though they were always looking forward to their meals. Full of suspicion, Jessica went inside and fast forwarded through the video-footage from inside the kennel. The two girls thought they had somehow made it without being spotted. But when their mistress came back with an evil grin on her face, they knew something was wrong. Both girls begged pathetically, shaking their tails as much as possible, letting out pitiful whines. but it was all in vain.

"You've learned to sixty-nine so well, now you'll stay like that until you learn that your orgasms belong to me", Jessica said with a strict tone in her voice and closed the box's hatch, cutting all light from the two puppies, who were tightly packed together in opposite sides. The box forced both the girls' leather snouts to be buried between each other's crack. Their legs and arms had no room to move whatsoever, as well as the rest of their bodies. They quickly started sweating immensely , the box being properly cooked by the morning sun. In addition with the progressively fouler smell of their bodies. Judy must have passed out a couple of times from the heat, as Raya's stamp legs were pressing on her ears, hugging her head. Raya was softly sobbing from the claustrophobic experience she had vowed herself to avoid at all costs. When Jessica finally opened the hatch, both puppies couldn't be in a worse shape. "I hope you learned your lesson", she simply commented.

   The horrific experience made both girls extra complied and docile. Their training resumed without any more insidents and definitely without any orgasms. Each day the same course took place. One clap and the puppies would sixty-nine, two claps and they made out, three claps for nipple licking. Judy thought, that if she ever got out of this hell, she would have trouble concentrating on not abusing people at the sound of clapping hands.

At the end of the month, Jessica decided it was time to have her first outdoor party. She washed her doggies really well, and fitted them with their bells and their formal, leathers collars instead of the nylon ones. The black and silver for Trixie, and a red and gold for her newest pet. It was a sunny day. All sorts of people showed up for the event, everyone dressed in high fashion. Tables were placed out in the yard alongside a large grill. Everyone was having a great time. Then, Jessica showed up with her two doggies, crawling on either side of her, led by a common black leash that split into two. The bells on their nipples and clit piercings made sure that no one missed the two bitches, who were dying of embarassment and humiliation, especially Freckles, who had never experienced such degradation.

   Jessica kept the two bitches by her side while she conversed with her guest and enjoyed her meal. Then, after everyone was full, she led the two puppies to the center of the yard. People gathered all around them to watch, as Jessica called them. "Who wants to see the two bitches make sweet love to each other?" she laughed. she clapped her hands three times, and the girls knew to start licking each others pierced nipples. The two girls felt so de-humazined, people looking and taking pictures with their phones, others laughing and others encouraging the show. Every move of their tongues on the nipples caused the bells, still attached to them to ring. Raya and Judy tried to focus on the task and ignore the crowd, but it wasn't easy. Despite the fuss around them, their nipples were rock hard when Jessica clapped their hands once. They immediately assumed positions on top, but as they went to start licking, an idea struck Jessica. "Why don't we try something else?" they heard her voice. She reached down to where Trixie's tail was, and pulled the big plug, sealing her asshole shut, out. Trixie let out a small moan, then watched her mistress do the same to Freckles.

"Let's do some ass licking!" she yelled and everyone agreed to the suggestion. The two puppies were mortified. None of them wanted to come close to each other's filthy asshole. A strong shock on both their collars reminded them that they didn't have a choice in that matter and they got to work. The crowd enjoyed the spectacle, and with each shock Jessica delivered to them, the puppies became even more disgusting in the exploration of each other's shitholes. They both gagged a lot, feeling the roids on the outside of the sphincter with their tongues. With more electric encouragement, they even penetrated each other with their tongues. Both girls were in tears now, cursing the moment they were brought to this world.

Jessica then clapped twice. Trixie and Freckles were resigned to their fate. Making out was usually fun, even in their deformed situation. but now that they had to taste their own assholes, it was the least attractive scenario. They reluctantly begun french kissing. Raya liked kissing the ginger girl, but now she was on the verge of vomiting. What made everything worse was the cameras' clicks and the peoples' eyes all over them.

When Jessica ordered them to stop, they were so relieved that their ordeal had finally come to an end. But they were wrong. "Time for a game!" she announced, and they couldn't believe their bad luck. Jessica brought out something a strap on, with a thick, 9-inch spiked dildo on the end of it. This surely wouldn't be pleasant for any human. "Whichever bitch makes the other come, she'll get to fuck her with this!", she explained the rules to her pet-girls. Both girls started whining and trembling in fear, begging her mistress to pity them. "You want to go in the box again?", she asked them and they were quickly on each other, grinding and licking with everything they had. People started chanting over them, it was almost like a ritual.

Fear drove them at the start, but they quickly realized that despite all their suffering, they were both very horny from the constrant tease that was their training. Trixie had been better prepared for something like this. If nothing else, Denise had taught her thoroughly to pleasure a woman with her tongue. Judy moaned louder and louder, and Raya didn't let her get away from her. The fox-girl climaxed powerfully, under cheers and whistles. "Trixie is the winner!", yelled Jessica and proceeded to put the strap on her older pet.

Freckles was already filled with tears before Trixie even climbed her. Raya didn't want to hurt the young girl, but Jessica had gotten the cane out for this, and told her that anything other than full, powerfull thrusts were going to be punished. Trixie mounted the girl and held her with her front paws from her waist, with her weight on the poor girl's back, just like a male dog. She penetrated her slowly at first, and, with the first strike of the cane on her ass, begun thrusting rythmically. "Now it's your turn to cum Trixie, if you want to come ofcourse.." said her owner. Trixie saw only red at the sound of this. The inside of the strap on had a wrinkly nub that pressed right against her clit. She just had to work that fake cock to get off. Judy's eyes were wide open like never before as the spike intruder entered her. She hadn't known pain like that in her life. She tried to move away from the fake cock, but Trixie had pretty much immobilized her. It was time for her orgasm now. Judy screamed and whined, her young pussy bleeding from the assault, but Raya didn't let up, not until she came hard from ravaging her poor friend.



   Jessica had fun with her little pets, organizing those social gatherings on a weekly basis, The girls dreaded these days with all their heart, but, like all other things inflicted upon them, it became a part of their lives. Apart from those parties, Jessica enjoyed watching them by herself, when she was feeling bored. Sometimes she'd let them come after minutes and hours of frustration, sometimes she wouldn't allow them to climax at all. The puppy-girls' joy depended solely on their mistress' whims. She sometimes liked to spike their water-bowl with aphrodisiac drugs and just watched them writhe in agony, knowing the consequenses of a misdemeanor.

   Jessica noticed that Trixie had taken a motherly role towards her newest pet, who, after the latest parties, had been broken completely. She often caught Trixie cleaning the younger girl with her tongue, licking all over her entire body, and sometimes even her private parts when they were really dirty. There wasn't any deed that was beyong Trixie now, after all these years, her mistress still found ways to sink her humanity lower. Jessica would often catch them standing outside their kennel, with Freckles nesting under Trixie's taller body, like a cub seeking care from its mother. The young fox-girl had taken all the characteristic behaviors of her older lover, the way she moved when around mistress and when they were by themselves.

Jessica was glad that Trixie had taken that role, in a way, she was happy for her. She'd watch the two bitches lick each other affectionately, play and cuddle together. She eventually let them both in the house, with the condition that they shared their doggy-basket and behaved themselves. She also liked when she had them lick her feet while she read, one doggy on each sole.

Judy, the once bright, 21 year old redhead, was lost and had given her place to Freckles completely. It took less time than Raya took to surrender her mind, but she was too young and sensitive to last for long. She just was glad to be with her "mommy", as she saw as, now, even though she had no inhibitions about fucking her "mother"'s brains out, or Trixie about her "child", for that matter. Even actual bitches seemed more sophisticated creatures than what those young women had been turned into.

    It's a warm Sunday morning. The sun is shining bright above Jessica's garden. Jessica is relaxing outside,

reading a book. Her two pets were allowed to play with each other on the grass for a bit, a few yards away

from her. Trixie had just finished "nursing her baby", as Jessica called it, and was trying to get some sleep.

It was important for them to take advantage of this break. Jessica had exhausted them over the past months.

But it was definitely worth it. She occationaly glances over at them, enjoying the sight. Even after all these

years, it never fails to send her on a momentary power trip.

After all, these aren't just any ordinary bitches. They were once both beautiful, sophisticated and respected 

women. They didn't walk on all fours, certainly not naked. They could converse, flirt, laugh and joke. They

had dreams and aspirations. The fact that she, herself had crushed all these things that made them human, and

had turned them into pure beasts, completely obedient and depended on her, was what Jessica loved the most

about them.

   She was, once again, feeling bored. That, mixed with a feeling of loneliness had been washing over her,

more and more, every day. She wasn't the type of person that craved affection. She had friends and was by all

means enjoying her life, but every now and then, that feeling would come up. Not a man or woman in the world

could give her what she was after. But she had found the way to battle that feeling, to scratch that itch.

With the help of her pet-girls. She wanted them to ADORE her and she would make that wish true. It was an

artificial affection, but it was much more fun for her. She wanted to mold these two people, even more. She

would find the way to bring them even closer to her AND to each other.

   So, she paid another visit to her trusted ""veterinarian" for a few alterations. While she liked the way

their fake snout stuck out of their face, the plan she had in store for them required Freckles to be able to

suck with her own lips. But she didn't let their stretched tongues undecorated. Golden round rings, matching

those on their breasts an clits were pierced on them.

Jessica needed to make sure that her bitches didn't communicate in any way that resembled actual women. Only

sound that would come from them would be yelps and barks, the first to beg and the second to show they

understood. She also made them howl, during the rare times she let them orgasm. It de-humanized them more. No

more nods and moans for them.

Jessica was curious to see if they would utter any words once their ring-gags were off. She was certain they

would like to throw more than a few mean words her way. To her pleasant surprise, they were both too tamed to

utter a single word. In the end, she would have both their vocal chords cut if they did, a warning she made

very clear to them.

Raya and Judy just watched with eyes full of hate, wanting to curse her out so bad, but knowing the

consequences. Jessica didn't forget about that look her puppies had given her when they returned home. She put

their new tongue rings to use, attaching each one's through a self-locking ring to each other's clit-ring. She

left them like that for the rest of the day. She liked the way their locked 69 looked and decided they would

spend their nights in the kennel like that. After all, Jessica needed to make sure that her bitches didn't

communicate in any way that resembled actual women. She needed to be certain, not have to check a camera,

microphone or anything. She needed to KNOW, what her puppies were capable of. Trixie and Freckles were not

thrilled with the idea, but didn't have a say. They would have to get used to falling asleep with the smell of

each other's pussies on their noses, every single night.

   After tattooing the newly visible parts of their faces, giving them both kanine, black noises and black

lips, (with a thin dark line connecting the two), and giving Freckles some cute whisker implants that made her

even more fox-like, Jessica focused on their new, actual tails. She was tired of plugging and unplugging their

assholes everyday for them to shit, a realistic dalmatian and a fox tail, surgically attached to their coccyx

was more pleasant to look and less work. That made their tails a true part of their body, and the puppy-girls

could feel it swing with every step.

Their assholes had been stretched throughout the years from the plugs though, and it would take a good amount

of effort from the doggy-girls, if they were in a position where deficating wasn't allowed. And that was most

often the case, as Jessica made it very clear that they could shit during their walks with her, and only then.

She usually walked them everyday, but when she wasn't bothered, they just had to toughen up, and keep their

bowels in check, whenever she was too hangover, or not in the mood to walk them. Shitting on their mistress'

beautiful grass was strictly forbidden, and they found out, when an incident where Freckles couldn't help

herself any longer, resulted in both puppies having to clean up the messy spot, by eating what Judy had

dirtied the grass with.

   Jessica wanted to have complete control over their sexual pleasure, and not just command it. She figured

the girls probably never touched themselves, after that last time, but again, she had to know. She had each

one implanted with a small micro-chip on the inner walls of their pussy. This device could measure moisture on

the part it was placed, and sent a painful electic shock if the humidity surpassed a desired point. The chip

could be remotely switched on and off by a remote, but Jessica liked to have everything on her smartphone, and

so, she controlled her puppies' orgasms literally with a touch of her finger.

   The last part of the newest modifications was done on Trixie. The older pet had gotten settled to her new

role as Freckles' mother-figure very much. Raya always wanted to have children, but now that she knew that

this fate wasn't meant for her, she had grown attached to the young doggy-girl in a very motherly way. Jessica

wanted to re-inforce that relationship by making Trixie nurish the young puppy with her own milk. After being

injected with tons of hormones, Raya's breasts grew to a size G in a couple of weeks. They would almost touch

the ground in her crawling position. After her sessions would be over, she would lactate on her own,


When Trixie first showed signs of lactation, Jessica brought Freckles with her and informed her that she would

be not be fed by her anymore, but from her "mommy's nutritious breasts". Judy pleaded with yelps, but after

the first whole day she had gone without any food, she soon fell on Raya's large breast, sucking her tender

nipples hungrily. Her dignity was far less important than her hunger. Maybe if she hadn't been broken for so

long, she would have lasted more days. Judy was a prideful woman once, but now she sucked the life-giving milk

from another woman's breasts without a glimpse of shame.

In time, Judy forgot how dogfood, or any kind of food, tasted, Trixie's milk was the only thing she had for

meals. Her "mom" was fed dry dog food like before and she had to eat a good amount to keep the young pup

healthy. Jessica's friends were delighted by the sight and always made a big fuss around them whenever they'd

catch them during breastfeeding.


   After the "external" changes, Jessica moved on to her bitches' behavioral re-conditioning. She believed

she was too soft on them at times and that they had too much "free" time on their stamped paws. That needed to

stop. They were good pets, but Jessica wanted them to be great ones, exhibiting devotion and submission at all


   On the early days of Judy's arrival, Jessica was worried that the girl's presence could reverse some of

the work she had done, breaking Raya. But eventually, Judy fell into the same submissive pit, and the

helplessness of her situation made it apparent that she had to adapt, and submit to this strange woman she

didn't even know before. As a result, they both fell into the new guidelines rather easily, something that

pleased Jessica.

Upon losing herself, Judy had gone to Raya for kindness. Nesting under her warmth and feeling her breast on

her face was her happy place. And the same went for Raya. Feeding her "child" wasn't only a release from the

pressure on her full-of-milk breasts, but a comfort and closeness she didn't have, since Jessica gave away her

last dog, Spike. She trully cared for the girl and often tried to keep her away from any sadistic plans

Jessica had in mind for her, without ever succeeding ofcourse.


   The instructions were simple, but not easy by a long-shot. The dog-girls would have to express their

gratitude and obedience to their mistress at all times. That meant that whenever they saw her, they were to

automatically express joy, by wagging their tails and sticking their tongues out, like excited bitches. They

had to offer to be petted by cuddling with their heads and beg to lick their mistress' boots, in a display of

love. All these things had to be done, every time Jessica appeared to them, unless they were instructed

otherwise, (usually with a simple hand-gesture).

Most of all, they had to SHOW that they really wanted this, a trait which was easier said than done,

considering the ordeals the petgirls suffered through. Jessica instructed them, that the same rules applied to

any guest she might have had over. Trixie and Freckles would become trully loveable pets by any standar and

according to everyone.

Jessica didn't want them slucking much either. She programmed her cellphone to shock her dogs awake at 07:00

every morning. When they weren't "exhibiting their love" or going through anything else, Jessica's bitches

would always have to be sitted from either side of their owner in the "staying" position. They were to remain

docile in that position, when she wasn't around.

   Her parties still had a lot of success. In one of them (one of the few times they were let inside the

house), guests had fun tormenting them by rubbing their nipples and forcing them to kiss and play with each

other, for their microchips to fry their helpless cunts once they were turned on.

Sometimes her guests would bring their own dogs over. After strapping both her puppies on the grass by poles

on their collars, they had a pretty straightforward gangbang. Trixie and Freckles had to make every dog cum at

least three times, with constant zaps and the fear of "the box" motivating them to move their hips and suck as

sedactively as possible. Needless to say, they were both covered in dog jizz by the end of the party. Their

faces of complete disgust and exhaustion were documented on Jessica's video-camera. At least this time, they

had gotten one or two orgasms out of it.

   Jessica resigned from bathing them, too. But, that didn't mean they had the right to violate her nostrils

with their filth. The dog-girls were both trained extensively, to lick each other clean in all areas. It was

another way for Jessica to degrade them, but also bring them even closer than two regular people could ever

be. Everyday, Judy got a taste of Raya's salty sweat, from her armpits to her privates, and the dirt that was

stuck with it. Especially after the hormone treatment, Raya was sweating much more, much to the young girl's

dismay. Raya would get her share of filth tasting as well, though, cleaning the young pup with care. The

latest training made both girls try to sneak, wiping their bare assholes on the grass after returning from

their walks, but Jessica put them in their place right away, after a visit to their least favorite box.

Whatever remainings of excrement were left, had to be removed by the other's delicate tongue.

The last part was the most painful for them to swallow. Literally, as Jessica made sure that they were to be

pretty thorough in licking each other's assholes to perfection. After all, if she noticed any of them stunk

even the slightest, they would both be punished horrifically.

It was vital to her that they were disciplined as a unit, and not individually. That strengthened their bond,

and thus their teamwork. They were loyal to their mistress, but also cared for each other. Now both puppies

were careful not to make any mishaps, and cause the other unearned pain.


      As Jessica was daydreaming about what could she do to make her day more exciting, she noticed a pair of

pointy ears over her book. Freckles was making her way towards her. Sitting with her legs crossed Jessica saw

the doggy-girl seductively lick her right boot, wagging her tail in what was the begging position.

It was a usual thing for them to do, as a way to beg for things. They knew how much Jessica enjoyed making

them lick her bare feet, and they also knew she was more likely to be nice to them, if they served her well.

"What do you want Freckles?" said the woman, not waiting for any responce. At any other time she might had

kicked the pet away, if she didn't want to be bothered. This time, Jessica stood and watched her. Judy, who

was now only known by the name written on her collar, kept licking at her high, black boots with her wet

tongue, her eyes fixated on her mistress, as if she was asking for something. She was never really given the

time to use those charming eyes on any guy in her lifetime, but she had learned how to use them to beg.

   Jessica let her doggy do its thing for a bit, nailing her with her dark eyes. She was definitely hers now.

The woman grabbed her pet from under her shortened arms and placed her against her raised leg. Freckles'

pierced pussy was now resting on the edge of her boot. Judy then saw her press something on her phone.

The doggy-girl's eyes lit up! Sexual pleasure was one of the few things she had left to enjoy in this world.

She didn't come much, as orgasms were a big NO NO without her mistress' permission, but she did get horny at

least in the past. She kind of scratched that itch, be it a kiss by Trixie, or dryhumping on the grass. That

had been taken from her as well, during those last months, by her mistress. Could she actually let me?!? Judy


She began yelping more desperately, begging her mistress, simply to allow her to hump her leg, hugging her

calf with her "front legs". Jessica placed her hand on her pet's smooth head, between its two pointy ears,

then started swirling her toe against the girl's pussy.

Without missing a beat, Judy started grinding herself on Jessica's boot, like a bitch in heat. Just the boot's

leather, wet from her slurping earlier, would easily do the trick. But Jessica snapped her fingers, commanding

her to stay completely still.

   Judy tried to remain motionless and not hump Jessica's leg, but it was so hard! She remembered the family

dog doing the same thing to her leg when she was little. She tried to push the degrading thought away, as the

realization that she was now trying to do the same thing to that woman caused her tremendous humiliation. She

just wanted to cum, if only that woman would let her!

Jessica's foot was the only thing moving, rubbing Freckles' aroused clit. The doggy's breathing intensified.

But she didn't dare cum without some sign of approval. She kept still, hugging Jessica's leg, looking at her

mistress' eyes, yelping, pleading for release. She knew Jessica could leave her fighting like this for a

while, or just get off her and ruin everything. But she had to try, this was a rare chance!

"Come on, get it", said Jessica casually. Freckles knew she had to concentrate if she was to cum like that.

If she moved again, her mistress would probably take that orgasm away from her, if not punish her, too. Slowly

but steadily, with her eyes fixated on her mistress, her soft yelping sounds built up to a loud howling one!

Just as Freckles was climaxing, Jessica pressed the button on her phone, activating the pet's microchip.

Freckles' howl's of joy quickly gave room to agonizing yelps, as her wet pussy was now torturing her. She

writhed in agony for a couple of minutes, before she could stand again. "Clean up your mess", ordered her

owner. With tears in her eyes and a ruined orgasm, Freckles slurped her juices off Jessica's boot.

   "Break's over!" she said so that Trixie could hear her as well. Both doggy-girls quickly gathered on

either side of her and stayed still, their eyes fixed forward, as their mistress petted their heads, relaxing

under spring's sun. "It's a good day to be alive, don't you think so, girls?", she sighed with joy.

"Girls". Even the use of that word alone seemed like a jab to them now. Raya, a brunette goth, party animal,

and Judy, a shy, engaged redhead, didn't remember the last time they had a good day, or the last time someone

actually called them "girls". Whenever it was, it seemed centuries ago. They couldn't tell which of their

lives was the most surreal, anymore. The earlier, peaceful times that were fading away or the much more real

hell they lived in now.

"NO". That was the answer they wanted to give. They had plenty of things they wanted to say. "It's a shitty

day today and it will be a shitty day tomorrow. And the only one responsible for this is you, you heartless,

sadistic, twisted evil bitch!"

But the only responce Jessica heard from them was ..."Aarf!".

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