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Raya Becomes a Puppy-Girl

Part 4

       The next two days were very busy for Jessica's pet. Her two nieces took advantage of their stay there, and spent almost every minute playing with Trixie. Jessica warned her little pet, to always express the utmost excitement towards the girls, during their stay. She didn't need to mention the bells or the cockroaches this time, Raya got the message just by her mistress' tone. She rushed to greet the girls when they came out of their bedrooms, by licking their hands with her stretched, exposed tongue. "Wow, she looks much more energetic than last night!" commented one of them. "Yeah, she was a bit ill yesterday", lied Jessica.

They spend their time playing all sorts of games with the cute puppy-girl, while Jessica was usually watching them from afar, relaxing in a sunbed outside. They played fetch with a pink plastic bone, Jessica had brought for Trixie, they made her do tricks and petted her like crazy, all with her three bells ringing joyfully. They really liked when they snapped their fingers, and she was on her back and wiggling her bell, in no time. They took her to walks, even though they'd forget to take off her tail-plug, and they always fed her by hand.

If someone told Raya that she would end up begging to lick dog food off some teenage girl's hands, she would most likely call them mad. But there she was now, without a sign of shame (at least on the outside), with her face on the grass and her tail wagging. She wasn't gonna get punished, she was gonna be a good bitch, and that meant doing anything to satisfy her mistress and her guests.

The fact that they had visitors didn't mean that Trixie was spared from her daily exercise. The girls saw Jessica connect her to her treadmill, but after five minutes of watching Trixie run, they got bored and left her alone, outside.

It was a relief for Raya when time came for the two girls to leave. She was exhausted from the ordeal and she'd get some time to relax, without them here. Jessica promised to bring Trixie over when she visited next time, as she waved at them from the entrance door. 


   Life went on for Raya. She didn't have much to go on, but it was two years now, since Jessica brought her to her new home. She wasn't as lucid as the woman she once was, and she definitely looked nothing like the dark haired, sexy goth, Jessica had met in that nightclub. But she had grown into what Jessica wanted her to be. A docile, pretty, pet bitch. She didn't think anymore about ways to escape, or hiding her nakedness, or getting away with anything that deviated from what Jessica considered perfect behaviour for her pet. She was at last, fully conditioned to obey any order, no matter how degrading or difficult, to avoid punishment. Jessica had become increasingly more strict, to keep her pet on her toes, or more accurately, paws.

A new way to do that, was what she called the "punishment box". It was a black, metal casing, small enough for Trixie to barely fit into. She was very claustrophobic, and so, the box became quickly a hideous torture method. Jessica liked to hear Trixie's whines every time she was placed inside, for hours on end. When her owner felt really evil, she'd throw the box full of roaches inside, before locking it shut. That drove Trixie insane with fear, and always improved her willingness to behave, once she was let out. Her panicked moans echoed from inside the metal prison, like music to Jessica's ears.

Trixie's pathetic way of living, made any rewards the more exciting for her, like a special meal, or being allowed inside the house. Jessica had even bought her a warm, cozy dog basket to sleep on, and she would go straight to it, after begging her mistress for permittion of course.

   One day, Raya was napping on her basket, when she heard the door being unlocked. She rushed in her four stump legs, to greet her mistress like she always did, but was surprised to find she didn't return home alone. On her side was a big, male, dalmatian dog. It had the same white skin and black spots as her. It also looked well trained and strong. Jessica broke the silense. "This is Spike. He'll be staying with us from now on. I hope you two will become great friends, wouldn't you like that?" The question prompt Trixie to ring her clit bell, even though she didn't share Jessica's enthusiasm. This could only be bad, she thought. Jessica led Spike by his leash closer to Trixie, and he started sniffing her ass. "Aren't you gonna greet him?" asked Jessica with a smile. Trixie got the hint, and stuck her snout under the dog's tail, while he did the same to hers. The smell was horrible, and Raya tried desperately not to gag. "There, now you are introduced, god, you look so great together!" She laughed at her own joke.

   Before putting them away at night, Jessica ordered Trixie to approach her, then snapped her fingers. With Raya presenting herself to her, she produced a bottle with a clear liquid in it. "This is a female dog hormone, it is very strong and will attract any males from miles away." Raya started to whine, she knew what her owner had in mind. "Sssh" Jessica silenced her pet and begun rubbing the oil-like liquid on Raya's naked body. She was very thorough to make sure she was covered with the hormone in every inch of her body. She rubbed it on her exposed tongue and deep inside her vagina and pussy-lips. Then, she led her inside her kennel, where Spike already was.

"Spike's house will arrive in about two weeks, so he'll stay with you, until it does." Raya was terrified. The dog noticed the attractive smell and begun to inch towards her. He wasn't chained anywhere, but Trixie was, like every night. "Good night, you two! Have fun!" said Jessica and closed the kennel door shut.Raya was disgusted, she wanted to push the large dog away, but he quickly climbed on her back and his weight kept her down. Her chain prevented her from moving away from him, and she realized she was doomed. She screamed in her ring-gag, for what? help? she knew that wouldn't arrive. The male dalmatian found her hole and stuck it's furry dick inside, holding her in place by her waist with its front legs. Tears run down Raya's face, as her clitty bell rang for hours, with every thrust it gave her. Jessica watched everything from the camera inside Trixie's kennel, very aroused. The strong hormone was irresistable to the animal that came inside the girl's pussy and mouth six times! Jessica was very happy that the drug on the puppy-girl's tongue had enticed Spike to face-fuck her.

The next day, Jessica let them both out. "Had a nice sleep. you two?" she asked them, although she knew, only one could answer her. Trixie was a mess, with dried dog cum stuck on her pussylips and on her leather snout. She ranged her bell, looking up at the woman who had caused this to her, utterly defeated. "Well, i'm happy for you Trixie" joked the tall woman and left the two dogs alone.

   Jessica had said that a new kennel for Spike would arrive, but after witnessing how enthusiastic Spike was towards his new mate, she decided to make the dog-house "theirs". She painted it a more neutral brown collor, and replaced the wooden sign on the front to read "Spike and Trixie". Raya was more miserable than ever. She tried to avoid the dog's sexual appetite, but it was impossible. Her training may have made her thin and toned, but Spike was larger and much faster, and she could do little to prevent him from mounting her. When Jessica would catch her resisting, she'd punish her severely, and so she had no choice but to endure Spike's advances towards her. The bitch hormone became her permanent scent, excluding

Spike's cum, and she was bathed with it after every bath Jessica gave her. They spend their days out in the yard, and took their walkies together with Jessica, using a single leash that split into two, so they walked right next to each other. Nights were her worst nightmare though. Chained securely inside the small kennel with the horny beast, Trixie had essentually become his sex toy. He ravaged her every night, to the point she would have trouble crawling next morning from her painfully sore genitals.

   After a few months, Raya's mind could not even comprehent the appauling things she suffered through. Jessica was worried she might completely brake her, and that wouldn't be fun. She had plans for Trixie and, even though they were risky, she insisted until she finally succeeded. In her desperation, Raya was starting to enjoy her nights with Spike. It was gradual, but the sex with her canine roommate was, eventually, the only thing she could look forward to. She was never a slut like a lot of the girls she had seen in her time in the clubs, but she had needs as well. Even though she tried not to show it whenever they were in front of her mistress, the camera footage showed Jessica everything, from Raya's lustful moans, to the movement of her hips, banging back against the dog's  hard cock.

Raya was a real animal, now. She didn't care anymore about what felt wrong, or degrading, or imhumane. Spike made her feel good, and she didn't have the luxury to turn down those feelings. Sure, she'd prefer if Jessica didn't tease her about it, refering to her two pets as "lovers" and showing her footage of their love-making sessions, especially her powerful orgasms. But she wasn't a human anymore, she was a bitch, and bitches getting fucked by dogs was only natural.  


   The final stage of Trixie's conditioning was in motion. If she passed that, Jessica would never have to worry about her again. A great pet loves its owner like nothing else in the world. But how can you make someone love you, when you have caused them so much pain?

If you take everything from them, then give the smallest something back. That's what Jessica intented to do. Her pet would truly belong to her, then. She started speaking more lovingly to her, with encouraging remarks like "good girl" and "i'm so proud of you" and rewarded her a bit more generously. She also made a habit out of inviting her to sit on her lap, while she read her books. Ofcourse she had to be cleaned for that. Raya liked the smell of her mistress, and the caresses she received from her.

Especially since she didn't see much of Spike as before. Jessica often took the dog inside at nights, while Trixie was left alone in her kennel. Other times she chained him out of her reach. She wanted to show her that SHE would decide when her pet would enjoy his company.  Raya missed him, and it made her desire any contact. That contact now came from her mistress. It strenthened their bond and turned Trixie's attention from Spike towards her. Jessica particularly enjoyed teasing her pet's nipples and watching her arousal, as she squirmed and tried to suppress moans, only to stop and leave her horny and in heat.

   * The sound of her mistress' high heels stopped. "I'm going out for a while" she said to Trixie. She was curled up with Spike inside a bigger basket that Jessica had bought. They liked to cuddle together, it was cozy and warm. "And when i return i'll feed you. If you and Spike behave well, maybe i'll even add some chocolate chips you like so much." Trixie rose from her basket and begged her mistress for the sweets, her tail swinging and her bell jingling. "Haha, i'll think about it" said the tall, beautiful woman and petted her puppy-girl on her hairless head.   

It wasn't easy, but Jessica had made it. The girl she had disfigured, humiliated and tortured, now looked up at her with bright, adoring eyes. She was her mistress, she took care of her and was responsible for anything good that happened to her. Sometimes she was punished. but that was her fault for not satisfying her owner. If she was mean or cruel to her, she had every right to be. After all, she was just her pet dalmatian bitch.

Review This Story || Author: Denkira
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