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Review This Story || Author: Amanda Johnston

The Lady Next Door

Part 7


                                        Chapter 7 Changing It Up

                  So Sunday turned out to be a success, other than Jack getting a little freaked out by the anal sex, we both enjoyed it thoroughly!  I can't believe how turned on I was with the wax, and how well it went, even though I didn't have a solid plan on how to remove it. Jack really loved everything as well, he loved the whole predicament theme, and my excitement just increased his. I was a little unsure if I would end up burning Jack with the wax, but I guess I got the temperature right, Jack said that wax, once it cooled a few degrees, felt fantastic on his balls. It also relieved some of the pressure he felt from the ring around his sack, the warmth allows the scrotum to relax and the balls to hang a little lower. This is why he didn't complain about the heat in the attic, he new if it was cold that the ring would be much more torturous. This is something I didn't really know about male sex parts, I learned something new. This makes me think that it may have been more painful if I had used ice water instead of wax, something to keep in mind for a later date. Anyhow, we had a nice dinner, I got to actually talk with Jack and got to know him a little better. I learned his nineteenth birthday coming up in a few weeks, which of course means candles, spankings, and birthday suits. He finishes his finals on Friday and I told him I'll do something special for him on Friday night, not sure what, but I'll give it some thought. By Monday night I've decided what I think I'll do, it might make up for the abuse he suffered at the end of my strap-on. I give him a call and run it by him.

               "Hi Jack, It's Diane, can you talk? Good, so I've got an idea for Friday that I want to run by you, it's a little different from what we've been doing. I remember you mentioned you wanted to tie me up, to dominate me, do you remember that?"

                "Yes, absolutely, I remember, I still do."

                "Well what if we do a little switch on Friday? I'll let you do anything you want, you'll be in control."

                "Wow, well um, yes, of course yes, I'm into that."

                 "Good, and don't feel pressured that you have to do all this wild stuff in the attic, it could be very simple stuff downstairs on the bed, basic bondage, or something more sensual and passionate, whatever you feel comfortable with.

                "Yeah, that sounds great!"

                "Good, and remember you're in control, it's you're night."

                 "Right, I know."

                 "So how about being here at 8:00?" 

                 "Sounds good. but I just want to mention I got a lot of questions from my mother when I got home last night."

                 "Oh? what kind of questions?"

                 ''Well, my little brother saw my car parked on Densmore."

                  "Ohhh, and what did you say?"

                  "I had an alibi ready just in case, I said I went to the beach with John Cosgrove, my parents don't like me hanging with him, he got into a lot of trouble with police during hog school. He drove and I didn't want him pulling up at the house, so I told them that I met him on Densmore and left my car there. They kind of bought it, and at this point aren't concerned with me hanging with him so I didn't get any flack for that." 

                   "OK, I guess you need a more discreet way to get over here, no more parking on Densmore. It's so ironic because our front doors are only fifty feet apart. I've thought about your mothers reaction if she ever found out, I have hinted a little bit about the BDSM thing once, but never come out and told her."

                  "Yeah, I think she knows, and or my father knows, it was mentioned once in passing, it's what tipped me off initially."

                 "Well, if your fathers like most, he probably won't care, he'll probably be proud, so long as he doesn't know the details. Your mother may be another story, she'll brand me a cradle robber, a Mrs. Robinson."


                "It's from a movie, Dustin Hoffman, it's before your time. Anyhow, you figure out how to get over here without your folks knowing." 

               "I'll figure something out."

               "Good, I'll see you Friday at 8:00, good luck with finals this week, goodbye."

               "Thanks, bye."

              On Tuesday I got an interesting email from a woman who is curious about BDSM, and domming in particular. She's in her mid thirties, been divorced for about five years, has always had desires to dominate men, but whenever she worked up the courage to attempt it with her partners, they were unreceptive to put it mildly. She's seen a few BDSM websites that allow you to connect with others, but she has no experience, so she's not getting much interest. The old catch 22, it's hard to gain experience unless you have experience. So she's interested in having me show her a few things, and maybe participate if that's an option. First I asked how she got my name, it turned out to be from someone I didn't know, which concerned me, I don't want my personal info floating around. I did eventually trace it back to a man I was with when I first started this, and I still keep in contact with. Anyhow, I tell her I learned a lot of things online, almost everything really. You just need to be creative and follow your inner desires. I also told her I wasn't a professional, I don't charge money, I'm  not a 24/7 lifestyler, I just do it for fun when I have free time. She's OK with that, she's just curious on learning a few basics and seeing my playroom. I reluctantly agree to get together with her, and we plan to meet Thursday night.  

            The doorbell rings and I introduce myself, she introduces herself as Sue. She's an average looking woman, nice figure, trim, with brown hair that hangs to her shoulder blades.

A little make over would do wonders for her. We sit in the living room, we start with small talk which eases into her telling me how she's had these desires for as long as she can remember, but has never acted on them. She's single and is tired of repressing her feelings, and is ready for something new. I restate the things I said in the email, there's a lot of info online, but decide to ease into the basics. I initially didn't know how to tie a knot, so I start there by showing her a few. We discuss other basics, safewords, knowing limits, monitoring your partner, role playing, and different fetishes. I tell her for instance, that I'm not into foot worship, and I don't do a lot of corporal punishment. I like humiliation, role playing, B&D, and my favorite CBT. I give her a quick tour of the attic playroom, show her some of my toys and tools of the trade. She also seems to be intrigued with some of my interests, and fantasizes of having a full time young, male slave. I'm surprised by this, being that Jack has just become my number one slave boy. I tell her about Jack and she's impressed that I've roped such a young one, it makes her realize it's possible. I'd love to show her some pictures, she's not very local, so the chances of her knowing him are close to none. If I do show her the pictures I feel like I'll be betraying Jack…unless I have Sue at our next session, which would make seeing the pictures a non issue.

             "Sue, I do have a few pictures of my boy, but I want to warn you these are XXX rated. I assume you've seen male bondage photos online, right?

             "Yes, yes, don't worry, I won't be offended or shocked, if that's what you mean."

             I nervously open my laptop and click on my "Jack" folder, I start wondering if this is a good idea, who is this woman really? a cop? I'm not doing anything illegal, Jack's not a minor.   

            "I've had this boy for less than two weeks, he'll be nineteen next month"

             I start out with the most conservative photo first, here Jack is spread eagled in the frame, gagged, nipple clips, and still in the black thong, the photo fills the screen.

            "Oh..Wow…Well, you weren't lying, he really is a good looking boy, very good looking in fact….and the picture is very erotic too….very kinky…I like how you have him tied!"

            "Thanks, I can enlarge the photo, here's a close up of his face…."

            "Nice, he could be a model! How did you find him?"

             "I was lucky I guess, he really is a good looking kid, and I don't think he even realizes it. Here"s another, but I've plugged his ass and bound his cock and balls."

             'Wow, very nice, does he like this? It's pretty intense."

             "He loves it, he's hard almost all the time. Here's close ups of his cock, balls, and ass. It's a small butt plug, it was his first time, our first session actually, I keep his whole body hairless, he's completely shaven."

             "My God, that is so hot, that's some amazing rope work on his genitals…yeah these are the kinds of things I've dreamt about."

             "Oh that's just the beginning, here's some newer ones, I just bought the rack he's mounted to. Here, I've put him in a cock harness, it's called the Gates of Hell, it's a cock constrictor, I showed it to you upstairs. I have a ball stretcher clamped around his scrotum, and if I enlarge the photo, you'll see that his testicles are being pulled down by these ropes. You can also see he's mounted in place by his ass, it's my favorite new toy. I love him in this…. Is this too much for you, too over the top?"

             "No No, I love it. I love what you do with him, it's amazing, I have to admit, I'm turned on by your work, and your slave is quite a catch, literally."

            "Thanks, here's a few more, I hope you aren't shocked with these next photos, this is the first time I've done this, just an idea I got in my head and figured out how to make it happen."

             "OK, what is that exactly?"

              "Let me enlarge it. You can't see his balls, they're submerged in hot wax, I left him in it until the wax hardened, I encased his testicles."

              "Oh..My…that is just so kinky… didn't it burn? did you get his balls out."

               "It's massage oil wax, it has a lower melting point than regular wax. I just researched on the internet. I little imagination goes a long way."

                "Here's a picture of his balls encased, this was a huge turn on for me, getting to this point. He loved it too, he said the warm wax felt great."

                "Well I'm certainly impressed….and turned on."

                "Well we might get together on Sunday, do you want to observe, or participate?"

                "Oh…wow…umm…yes, absolutely….with this boy right?"


                 "What should I wear? I don't have any fetish clothes."  

                 "That's fine, as long as it's black you're OK. Black jeans, black top, and black boots and your good to go, it doesn't have to be revealing, whatever you're comfortable with. I'll email you the details when I know them."

                  "Diane, thanks so much, you've been so helpful, this is the push I need."


                 OK, Diane wants to switch roles, I can do this. I want to go in with a plan, a few ideas. I'm thinking we might use the bedroom, I don't feel I know my way around the equipment in the attic playroom, and there's too many options, which means more decisions. Diane's right, I'll keep it simple, maybe some bondage and spanking, but it will all lead to her being fucked. I can see it being more sensual, more, dare I say, like love making. You can count the number of times we've kissed on one hand. We've been doing rough sex entirely, I think we should change it up. I think I'm going with the "sensual bondage" theme.

                 My big problem is how to get to Diane's without my parents knowing. I can't take my bike after dark, my folks know I don't ride in the dark, so that would raise a lot of suspicion. I could take the bike during the day though, I'd take my mountain bike, ride down the trail behind Diane's house like I did on Sunday. I could walk it through the woods to her house, no one in my family would see it parked in her backyard, it would be easy to hide. Still, what about after dark? Damn, this is difficult only because she lives next door, if she lived across town I'd just drive, no problem. I almost want to just tell my mother about Diane, that we're having an affair. Of course I wouldn't tell her the nature of it, but she would probably know the nature of it. Maybe I could say Diane hired me to do some work on her house, finish the basement or something. That could backfire, I could just see my mother coming over with refreshments, or to check on how the job's coming at the most inopportune moment. Well, if I don't have a plan before Friday I can have my friend Bill pick me up and drop me off on Densmore St. Of course, I'd have to tell him what's going on, why he's dropping me off a quarter mile from my house. I'd tell him the truth, that I'm having an affair with Diane. He'd most likely be impressed, and as long as he keeps his mouth shut about it I'll be OK. However, I can only ask him to do this occasionally, so the problem isn't completely solved.  



          "Hi Jack it's Diane. are you all set as far as getting over here tonight?"

           "Yes, I'm good for tonight, 8:00 right?"

           "Yes 8:00. Listen, I met a woman who is interested in a little BDSM play, she's never done anything, she's a novice. She's interested in domming, I've been giving her some tips and was wondering if you'd be OK with her observing one of our sessions?"

           "Hmmm, well who is she? Where did you meet her?"

            "She's a friend of a friend, I met her once, she seems nice. She's in her mid thirties, I think you may really enjoy it, you know, two women, isn't that every guys fantasy?"

            "OK I guess, yeah let's do it."

             "Great, how about Sunday at 1:00 again?"

              "That will work, I'll see you tonight my little slave girl!"

               "Oh, I like the way that sounds, see you tonight Jack." 


Review This Story || Author: Amanda Johnston
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