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The Lady Next Door

Part 6

                                                                                         Chapter Six: Things Heat Up

                Sunday doesn't arrive fast enough. I didn't sleep well, I'd wake up during the night and my thoughts would immediately turn to Diane, about what she had planned for me, what she means by "things are going to get a little more intense." I tried to clear my mind to get back to sleep, only to reawaken once again, only to go through the routine all over again. I eventually got a few good hours of sleep before getting up around 8:00. I had planned on doing a bike ride from 9:00 to noon, I was looking forward to it. I knew it would be very difficult to hang around the house waiting until 1:00, just to much anticipation. It turns out to be quite a scorcher, one of the few times it gets up to 90 degrees in May. I'm not used to the heat this early in the year and cut my ride a bit short, returning home at 11:00. I avoid even looking at Diane's house as I pedal up the driveway, I just want to play it cool, not get overly excited. I go into the shower, but before, I apply the hair remover, it's much easier this time since I'm just removing stubble. After the shower I kill the remainder of the time trying to watch baseball with my father, but the anticipation is painful. As I leave I realize that I've never gone to Diane's in the daylight, it may be hard to be discreet. After I park my car I remember there's a path through the woods that runs behind our houses which I can take. I do have to work my way from the path and through the woods to Diane's house, this worked well because the heavy brush made me hard to see. Soon enough I'm knocking on Diane's back door. 

          She let's me in, she's drinking a glass of white wine, and seems to be in a good mood.

         "I'd offer you a glass but I don't want to be arrested for encouraging underage drinking." she jokes.

         "That's OK, but can I get a glass of water? I think I got a little dehydrated last weekend."

         "I'm sure you did, a lot of fluid came out of you, I'll try to keep you more hydrated today."

         "Yeah, that would be good."

          "So, are you ready to take it up a notch?"

          "I am, yes…um, I'm looking forward to it."

          "Great, I think you need a safe word just in case. Do you know what that is?"

           "No, what is it?"

           "I don't think you'll need it, but if at any time you're in excessive pain, or don't want to continue you need to tell me with a special word that we'll come up with."

          "OK, I think."

           "How about "Bike" that should be easy for you to remember."

           "That sounds good."

           "And if you're gagged, the back up will be to nod your head up and down continuously, as if your nodding Yes."

           "OK, why don't I just nod my head No, it seems more logical?"

           "Well you may be nodding your head No a lot today, or at least I hope so. Now that we have that out of the way why don't you undress for me….I want to inspect you."

           My heart races as she tells me to strip, but I take my time to make it more erotic for her and me, it'll probably be the only time I'll be in control of anything all day. I eventually finish up and assume the position as Mistress gives me a quick once over by gliding her hands over my body checking for hair. She lowers herself in front of me so she's eye level with my sex, she gives me a visual inspection, lifting my cock up to check my testicles for hair. and running fingers over everything checking for stubble. She turns me around, runs her hands over both ass cheeks before splitting them apart. To my shock I feel her tongue glide through my crack, bottom to top, before her tongue returns to my asshole for a few more strokes.


          "Very nice my little slave, very smooth and very clean. However, I want you clean inside as well, so I think a quick enema  is in order for you. Let's go in the bathroom over here."

         Oh God, not again. Mistress already has the enema bag, hose, and nozzle lying in the sink.

        "Now hold onto the shower curtain rod, reach all the way to the ends, good. Now spread your legs all the way to the front and rear of the tub, good. OK, we're going to be quick about this."

         She lubes up the nozzle, hangs the full bag on the curtain rod, then slips the nozzle into my ass. I immediately feel the water rush in and watch the bag as it empties, she pulls out the nozzle, and soon the pain sets in.

         "OK, so just hold that for a minute or two and then you can use the toilet. I want you to shower off after, then wait for me in the hall, in position."

         Mistress leaves the bathroom, I hold in the water for what seems to be a minute but I'm sure is less, before releasing the enema. After quickly showering I wait in the hall, in position.

         "Good, I'm sure that feels better, and good to see you don't have a hard on."

         Mistress quickly kneels down in front of me and lubes my testicles.

         "Here's one of your new toys, and it will only go on if you aren't hard, so don't ruin it, I just need to lube you up."

         After quickly lubricating my cock and balls she easily slips one of my testicles through a large chrome metal ring, the second takes a little prodding, she pulls on my scrotum and eventually works my second ball through the ring. 

         "That's the hard part, your soft cock will slip right through the ring, see like that, it's your basic cock ring, but with a little more."

          She slips a leather strap, which is lined with snaps, under the ring. She then places four more rings on my cock and over this strap which runs along the top of my penis. My cock is only beginning to harden, but the rings are a little more than a snug fit. One ring is placed between each snap to hold them in place, she folds the other half of the strap over the rings and clips the snaps,  my cock is now harnessed. 

         "Comfy isn't it? I'm sure you have figured out your predicament, These rings are just a little smaller then your erect penis, your cock will torture itself if you become excited, and getting out of it is impossible, you'll be trapped in it until your cock goes limp, but unfortunately it's very hard to cum with it on. I was worried that you'd have your ever present hard on and I wouldn't be able to put you in this, so glad it worked out for the best, don't you?"

         "Yes Mistress Diane."

         "Did I tell you I saw your mother this week? We had a great chat, but she told me you've been naughty, you've been doing some bad things that boys get punished for. She told me that  when she does the laundry she finds sticky, gooey boy cream in your boy panties , and also on your bed sheets. It sounds like someone has been having wet dreams, someone can't control his penis. Well it's under control now isn't my little toy."

          "Yes Mistress, my cock is under your control now."

          "It is, but I think a spanking is in order. Why don't we go into the living room and I'll put you over my knee, but first let's get this pretty pink gag in your mouth, I don't want your screams to bother the neighbors."

            Mistress sits down on a wooden chair and has me lie across her lap, it feels very odd.

            "Yes, that's good right there, with your cock between my legs, this way I can hold you in position. Now where did I put that paddle…ah, here it is. Let's start out with ten spankings, and I want you to count."


              WHACK…..Ahhh…. ewh




             The spankings are a lot harder than last week and seem to be getting harder, they really hurt.

             "Good boy, your bum is getting all red and warm."







            God that hurt, I guess she wasn't kidding about raising the intensity.

            "Good boy, you took it all, now you can get up off my lap….ohhh it looks like someone is getting excited, I guess my little slave likes to be punished. That's good because he has a lot more punishment to go through today. Let's go upstairs and see what else we can find to play with."

             "Yes, Mistress."


              I follow her up the stairs, the attic is warm, the windows are shut, and she has yet to install her air conditioner. She leads me to this strange looking device which she has placed under the metal frame we used last week. She has me kneel down on a padded strip…..I don't really know where this is going.

              "This is a new toy I just got, as soon as I saw it I knew you would look so good strapped to it. To get started I want you to kneel here, good, spread your knees apart to the straps. Good, nice and wide, just let me strap you in, OK…good. Now your wrists….let's get the cuffs on…….and now I can attach the ropes…..and tie the ropes to the metal frame above your head….good…..nice….and……tight….yes….like that. OK, let's take a look, mmmm…very sexy, slave boy, you look like the Eiffel Tower with your thighs spread and your arms stretched straight up. But we're not done, no no, not even close. Here's the feature that I really like about this toy. There's a few things that attach to the post your leaning on, they attach below. It has this special dildo that securely connects to the post, and the dildo, well the dildo goes into your sweet little bum bum to hold you in place."

              Oh God, she plans to put me on this dildo!! It's not huge in width or length, but unlike most butt plugs it's widest at the base which could be a problem. Mistress finishes lubing it up and begins to slide it up inside of me. Yes, this is a bit bigger than others she's used, and it seems the further in she pushes it the harder my cock gets. She finally gets it in far enough to attach it to the beam, but if it went any further up my ass or I sink onto it, it would be painful. OK, this is getting intense.

             "You're looking good. How does that feel in your bum? Hmmm, by the looks of your hard, little cock I think you really like it, don't get too excited sweetie. I have a few more evil things for you….. here's one of my favorites, another big chrome ring."

              She holds up this thick ring and uses a little wrench to remove two screws that allow it to come apart.

              "Now this can be a bit hard to get on, especially since you're already in that harness. First thing is to get it placed correctly, under your cock….over your balls….and your sack in the center hole. Good, that wasn't hard, now just reinstall the screws……oh yessss….very hot….. you're balls are so tight, I just love the site of your plums packaged this way."

              My God, she's bolted the thing around my sack, I can tell she is now really getting off on what she's doing to me, as she caresses my tightly cinched nuts. It feels incredible, but she stops way to soon. I start wondering what I've gotten myself into.

            This has a little attachment too, but I don't think your going to like it. It screws onto each side of the ring like this………….with this little bar positioned under your delicate little balls…….and when I turn these two thumb screws the bar rises, but of course your sweet plums have no where to go….….there's two options… if I spin the ring like this so the bar is below both balls, they'll be crushed…haha….mmmm…but if I spin the ring like this, with the bar between your balls,  they'll be split when I raise the bar….I'm going to give you the choice on how I'm going to torture your plums….crushed?….no? OK……split?…..OK, split it is."

               I can't believe this, she's squeezing the life out of my testicles, and seems to be in this state of euphoria as she does so. I can see her hands trembling a little bit, most likely from excitement. She really is getting off on seeing me tortured. I can hear my own breathing deepen as I try to endure my situation. 

               "I love slowly turning the screws and seeing your nuts gradually getting squeezed and separated…..there, I think that's enough for now, is it a little uncomfortable?… Yeah, it is…. Do you need to use your safe word?….No? good boy. Just a few more things so you don't try to get away.  This little rope will finish off your sex parts, I'm just going to tie your ball stretcher to the beam below you, I like you immobile you know. There….oh my, your sexy parts are really getting some attention, I certainly have your balls under control, and your sexy cock is so hard that it's being strangled in the harness, poor baby, just a world of hurt…..and to finish you off how about a nice set of clothes pins on your nipples?….mmm yes….let me taste them first….yummy…OK these are not very strong…..there we go…how does that feel."

              The plastic clothes pins are not very painful, but I'm sure they'll get worse over time. She gently pulls at the pins, which stretch my nipples out, as she speaks to me, and I can hear myself moan and whimper with every breath, all to Mistress's delight.

               "Just so you can see how delicious your sex looks I'm going to place this mirror on the floor in front of you….is that good…can you see what I've done to your balls? Good, I'm going to go downstairs to change my clothes, I'll give you some time alone to enjoy your little predicament hahahaha."

               As I walk down the stairs I'm trembling with excitement, the sight of Jack's firm, young body tied and stretched so taught as he's mounted on the rack is really a fantasy come true. Looking at his  harnessed, rigid cock and tortured balls has made my mouth dry with anticipation. It seems it was just yesterday that he was the unobtainable boy next door that taunted my imagination and created so much sexual frustration, and now he is a little sex toy that I have naked and bound in my attic. I get to the kitchen and start heating the water for the wax. As the water heats up I decide to change into my new outfit. I've been looking for this for a while and when I finally stumbled upon it online I quickly bought it. Once dressed I return to the kitchen to find the water  boiling, and I place the container of hard wax into it and turn the heat down. Within minutes the wax is liquid and I take everything upstairs. I'm trembling again as reality sets in, the reality that I'm really going to do this, the idea that I'm going to wax Jack's balls has me hugely excited as well a little nervous.     

              OK, this is intense, I'm bound almost motionless, I can only move my head, arms and upper body a little, but I'll feel pain somewhere else if I do. My thighs are spread wide apart, clips on my nipples which have begun to hurt, my cock is harnessed and constricted in these maniacal rings, my balls are being stretch, split, and squeezed. Not to mention I've been mounted on this dildo. Move? What was she thinking? If I try to lift myself away from the large base of the dildo to give relief to my asshole, my balls are stretched by those ropes, and if I try to lower myself to take the strain off my testicles my anus is stretched open. Now I know the true meaning of "sex toy," and Diane has turned me into hers. I can see my tortured sex from the top and bottom, and I have to say I'm hugely aroused, my cock is hard and sticking straight out. It's all super erotic, and at the same time humiliating to be Diane's little sex toy. Maybe this will be a way of life for me? Regular sex seems so boring now. What's really strange to think about is all the normal, everyday activities that are going on just next door in my house. Oh God, imagine if my mother or friends saw me like this! I know I should really hate this, but I don't, I love being completely controlled by Diane, turned into a piece of sex meat for her pleasure. I could tell how turned on Diane was, it's like she's gone to another level of pleasure. Since Diane has been gone my erection has relaxed a bit and some of the discomfort has lightened as well. I soon hear her make her way up the stairs, I feel nervously excited.

            "Glad to see you didn't leave on me, our fun is just beginning."

             Mistress has changed into the most amazing outfit, she's wearing a harness made of leather straps which criss cross their way around her body. Her tits are exposed, two leather straps run between her legs on each side of her crotch, leaving her delicious pussy exposed. She's also wearing my favorite thigh high leather boots. She looks incredibly HOT, this is by far the sexiest outfit she's worn, unfortunately my erection has returned and my cock is bobbing up and down with excitement. She's also carrying a pot for some reason, which she puts down before approaching me.

             "So do you like this new toy? It's called a 'Slave Display Mounting Rack'… pretty accurate, I think you're displayed quite well. I really like how you're mounted in position by your asshole. I'm thinking of having you displayed like this at my next party, how would you like that?"

           "MMMM, MMMMM, MMMMM,"

            "What was that, I can't understand you, I'll take it as a yes, hahaha. I feel guilty keeping you all to myself, I'm sure many of my friends would very much appreciate your young, firm body…. the women...and the men. If I was able to have you 24/7 this is how I'd keep you, you're just so scrumptious when your naked and bound. I  think I really need to get some pictures."

           Display me?!? I thought this was to be discrete, I'm sure she's just trying to scare me. She takes a few pics of my sex parts and dildo for obvious reasons, as well as a full frontal shot.

           "Something's not quite right, you're pretty well immobilized except for your head, we need a little change…… we go, that gag is wrong, let's replace it with this harness gag."

          She puts me in the harness gag from last weekend, then proceeds to tie a rope from the top of the gag to the bar above me preventing me from looking down.

          "Yes, that's much better, now look right at the camera, good boy, a couple more, nice….very hot. We could maybe start a website dedicated to your domination, hmmm? No sense letting your good looks go to waste. OK, I want to take that gag off, I just wanted it for the pictures, I want you to be able to look down so you can see what I'm going to do to you next."

           She takes the harness gag off, but thankfully doesn't replace it with the old one, well not right away. She gives me a drink of water. She unties the rope that's pulling the ball stretcher down, and removes the bar that has been spreading my balls apart, which gives me some relief. However, she doesn't remove the ring that's around my sack, but screws two eyehooks into it, the holes that were left empty when she removed the bar. A thin ropes is attached to each eye hook, these ropes are tied to the post behind me to immobilize my testicles and preventing me from moving my hips forward. She then secures me to the post with a strap a few inches below my naval, and does the same to each thigh just below my crotch. Everything between the three straps is completely, and utterly immobile, this would be my ass, my cock, and my balls. I notice the whole time that Mistress's pussy is glistening with her excitement. She gags me once again, and finally places what appears to be a small, hydraulic car jack under my bound testicles. Is she going to crush them with the jack?!? Now I'm getting scared and protest through the gag to no avail.

                     "Did the jack frighten you sweetie? Don't worry, if I wanted to crush your tender balls I would have done so already."

                     She produces a paper cup, like you would get a serving of ice cream in, and tapes it to the top of the jack, my balls are now just above the cup. I really have no idea what she's up to. She then duct tapes all four sides of the jack's base to the floor. She walks over to the pot and pulls a jar from inside it, and places what looks like a thermometer into the jar and walks back to me.

                     "So my little sex toy…I'm sure you're wondering what this is all about. You've heard about playing with candles, you know, dripping wax, many people do it. Well I have a different way to have fun with wax. See, I'm not going to pour the wax on you…I'm going to put you in the wax!…. I'm going to pour the wax into this paper cup…….this….. Oh baby, you figured it out…'re so cute when you whimper and squeal…..yes, I'm going to cook your sweet little balls in wax….. let's test the wax…that looks like the perfect temperature….I don't want to over cook you….. now when I turn this knob the jack will slowly rise until your balls are completely submerged…oh, are you really trying to wiggle free?…you can't escape….I can make the wax much hotter which will really hurt, do you want me to heat the wax up more?.…OK then, behave….. I want you to watch as I raise the jack… see the wax rising?…. the wax is now just about a millimeter below your little bound sack, so I'll stop here.…let you contemplate what's going to happen to you…. oh baby, your eyes are tearing up, you can whimper all you want, it won't change what's about to happen to you…….so are you ready to have your delicate little balls cooked?…..No? ….how unfortunate, because I'm more than ready, so into the wax you go!!…..mmm nice….good…let's keep going until you're all the way in…yeah…waxed balls.. sounds scrumptious doesn't it? …that's about it…. your all the way in… your fully submerged, the wax is up to the bottom of your ring…..this is sooo hot, let's get a picture….or two…nice….now you see why I had to bind you so strictly...OK my succulent little sex slave, I'm going downstairs while your plums stew, when I get back the wax will have hardened, and your balls will be completely encased…….see you soon, sweetie."  Just before I go downstairs I look back at Jack, I seem him thrashing his upper body around trying to work his wrists free, all the while his crotch remains motionless as he dangles in the slowly hardening wax, my heart races.      

                 Oh my God!!! This can't be true!!! As soon as I realize her plans for me with the wax I plead through the gag!! I try to wiggle free, but I'm truly trapped!! I watch in terror as she pours the wax into the cup!!! She stops before the wax reaches my balls. My heart races as I watch her slowly raise the jack, wax getting closer and closer to me!!! Oh God, I brace myself as it first makes contact with my sack and I hear myself squeal!! God it's Hot! She really is planning on cooking me! However, the pain soon begins to pass, the heat seems to feel tolerable, even good. Soon the warmth feels pleasurable, similar to the feeling I get just before I cum. However, I soon remember that I'll soon be trapped, I can't even attempt to wiggle myself out of the cup to prevent my balls from becoming entombed in the wax. I also realize the wax will keep me locked in this cock harness. How am I going to free my balls once the wax hardens? I soon start thinking about all these pictures she keeps taking, I hope they're for her own, private use. I do trust her, but she mentioned the idea of publishing them on a website, it makes me wonder. Maybe she's sharing them with friends, or coworkers. No, she has more sense than to show these at work. So maybe her BDSM friends? The idea of women masturbating to pictures of me bound and tortured is kind of erotic. Looking down and seeing my hard cock being tortured, my balls slowly being encased in wax, and my ass impaled on a dildo is pretty damn erotic! I'm extremely excited as well as scared, I really need to cum, but it doesn't seem like Mistress is in any rush to let me. I fantasize about cumming in her mouth, or tying her to the bed downstairs in that leather outfit, and fucking the shit out of her. As I think about these scenarios I feel the rings bite into my cock as my hard on grows. I really need to try to get rid of my erection since it just aggravates my predicament. I try to get my mind off the situation I'm in and think of non sexual things, like my job, my boss, biking, and my family. I'm amazed at how easily and quickly my cock softens, reducing the pressure on my sex. I hear mistress coming up the stairs, it's hasn't been more than ten minutes, and I don't believe the wax has hardened, maybe she has decided not to go through with this punishment, she's going to release my balls before they're encased. She enters carrying yet another container.

             "Well sweetie, I see you've developed some control, you're penis is all droopy, feels better huh? Let's check out your little situation, how's the wax coming along, hmmm still soft I see. To speed the process along I brought up some ice water, I'll just put you, and the cup in it, you'll be encased in no time."

             So much for her setting my balls free, she gives the cup a squeeze to check if I'm done. Holding the cup steady, she begins to lower the jack enough to slip the small pot of ice water between the jack and the cup. She balance the pot on the jack and begins to raise the jack until the cup is sitting in the water.

           ''There, shouldn't be long now. I know you've had a tough time baby, it's hot up here and your sweating, and I know you're scared. You know Mistress loves you and wouldn't let anything bad happen to you, and you know that this is just the beginning, right baby? Once that wax hardens and I separate it from the cup, I'm going to bring you down into my bedroom, someplace I don't bring just anybody.  See, I have this big wedge of wax in there, it's shaped like a giant wedge of cheese, it must be two or three hundred pounds, three feet high with a sharp edge running along the top. And on the top there's a hole drilled out that's just a little bigger than the wax encasing your nuts. I'm going to have you straddle the wedge and you'll be able to drop your waxed nut sack right in the hole. Then I'll top off the hole with fresh, hot wax, all the way past ring on your scrotum. When it hardens you'll be my permanent little prisoner…..oh you're whimpering again….I think you want to be mistress's full time sex toy , don't you? Of course you'd always be naked, you'd look so delicious with your wrists bound to the ceiling hook above, with only your hard little penis sticking up. I'd make you cum every morning, you know I love hearing and seeing you squirt your delicious sauce. But if you give me any trouble I'll just drill another hole into the wedge for your cock and encase that too, you'll be tethered by your boy parts with no way of escaping, hahaha…..Oh, it looks like you really liked that story, your cock is throbbing, and even leaking precum, you must be really excited, but don't get your hopes up, it was just that, a story to get you hard. Anyhow, I think you should be done by now, let me give the cup a squeeze….oh yes your done."

           Strangely, I did find her story hugely exciting, she is a master at control, mentally and physically. Now Mistress begins to lower the jack, steadying the pot as she does so, the cup now suspended from my balls, the site of this in the mirror is terrifying yet exciting. However, Diane is completely enthralled, her hands shake with excitement as she peels the paper cup to separate it from the now harden wax. She immediately snaps a bevy of pictures.

            "Oh God, this is so amazing!!!… your balls are completely encased!!!…locked in!….my two little captives!….. you look so delicious I could eat you...look how they swing when I push them…oh God this is so hot…. and I can just barely see them inside the wax, all pink….. God, I'm so turned on by this I'm shaking…I really….I really, really need to cum!"  

             She quickly stands up and pulls  the gag out of my mouth. She pulls two small step stools in front of me and stands on them, which positions her dripping pussy to the level of my mouth.

             "I want you to suck my clit as hard as you can……yes, harder….and flick your tongue across it…..faster….oh God….keep sucking….mmmm…….mmmmm…..OK….when I tell you…..I want you to….mmm….put your mouth on my pussyhole….and fuck me with your tongue…..and be ready…mmmm….mmmm…..drink all my juice……just keep suck…ing….mmmm…..Mmmmm….Yeah…..Oh Fuck….Fuck…..OK now….move….Ahhh…..AHhhh….AHHH….AHHHHH…..AHHHHH…AHHHHH….AHHHhhh….Ahhhh….ahhhh……ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

             I've never seen anyone go into such a sexual frenzy as this, she became an animal! She had an amazingly hard and fast orgasm, she released a torrid of sweet juice, so much that I couldn't take it all in, but I tasted and swallowed most of her nectar. After she came she went to retrieve a dildo gag which she strapped into my mouth, and proceeded to mount the eight inch phallus. She held onto the rope that my arms were tied to, pulling her self up and down with it. Soon she began to rub her clit with one hand and another powerful orgasm soon followed. Mistress rested for a few minutes before dismounting my face. She seemed more calm now, more sane, like she switched from one personality to another.

             "I….I really needed that…that was great…..Oh baby look at you…I know you need to cum badly too….you were good all week…..and look what I've done to you. Maybe I can make you cum, you'd REALLY like that wouldn't you? Let's see, you're certainly immobilized which is good, easier to control your orgasm that way. The rings will be hard to work around, but the head of your cock is exposed. It might be tough, but I think I can get you into my mouth…Be prepared that after you squirt I'm going to continue to stimulate the head of your cock, I want to take advantage of your tight bondage, and torture you. Also, you know your cock swells just before you shoot, so it may hurt with the rings. Mmmm….I haven't tasted you in a week." 

           Wow, she's switched from evil mistress to compassionate lover. Maybe the evil sadist is due to sexual frustration, and when she releases, it mellows her out. Anyhow, I've never been so horny and in need of release more in my life than right now. Diane get's herself into what appears to be an uncomfortable position, so as to get my cock in her mouth. I don't care because I'll be surprised if I last more than two minutes, I may cum as soon as my cock touches her mouth. She finally finds a workable position and takes me into her mouth, ahhhh the feeling is unbelievable..what I've been dreaming about, finally. Unlike the high school girls I've been with, Diane knows how to give a blow job. She's limited by the rings, but focuses on the sensitive head. Oh My God, I can already feel it building, I feel it initially in my balls, my balls which are encased in wax, which Diane is lightly pulling and twisting.


         I quickly squirt my load into Diane's hungry mouth, I scream violently into the gag, instinctively trying to thrust my hips forward, but held in place by multiple restraints. The rings burning into my cock for what feels like a never ending orgasm. Diane continues torturing my head past my climax which drives me crazy, if there's a place where immense pleasure is bordering on pain, this is it. It felt like I shot a huge amount of cream into Diane's mouth, probably because I haven't cum in a week, but mistress never let me escape her mouth, and was able to swallow every bit of me. Diane was right, waiting really intensifies the eventual orgasm. I hang exhausted by the overhead rope.            

               ''That was a sweet orgasm baby, I know you really needed that. Let me get that gag out of your mouth and get you some water……there you go."

              "Thank you Mistress Diane, thank you!!!"

              "You know….I didn't plan that….I planned that we would cum another way, but it was still great."

              "Yes mistress, that had been building for a long time. Now what about the wax?"

             "Well I really like it, I'd love to keep you like that all the time, the cock harness and all, but I know I can't."

              "Mistress, how did you plan getting me out of the wax?" 

               "Well with heat, either hot water or a flame. That's special wax which melts at a lower temperature, if I used regular wax your plums actually would have been cooked. So, we can dip your nuts in a pot of boiling water, or I can run a candle underneath and melt it off that way….or…maybe I could suspend you in a position where your waxed balls are hanging below you, I'd lower you into a caldron of boiling water, dipping your nuts in and out until the wax is melted off…..Yeah, I guess that's a little over the top, so maybe not,….  OK, here's what we'll do, I'm going to make you work for it, or maybe dance for it is more accurate. To start with I'm going to release you, even though I hate to, you look like a work of art."

              I'm not liking my options, sometimes Diane scares me. If she was just some woman I picked up at a bar and we went back to her place and engaged in what we've done today, I'd wonder if I'd ever walk out alive. A few times today, I had visions of her butchering me, cutting me into pieces, storing me in her freezer, and eating me. Anyhow, she's going to release me which will feel good, I've been bound for what seems like about two hours. She starts with the fiendish little ropes that are holding my balls in place. After warning me of impending pain, she takes off the pins that are clipped to my nipples, I squeal in pain. She releases my wrists and knees, as well as the three straps on my waist and thighs. Finally, I slowly lift myself off the dildo that has been imbedded in my ass, I feel a tingle in my cock as it slides out. The harness is still locked around my cock, it won't be going any where until my balls are free. She could unscrew the ring around my sack, but decides not to. My sex feels heavy, and weighted down, it's hard to walk due to my balls imprisonment. Mistress goes down stairs to retrieve some things as I stretch out. She returns carrying two short candles with short candleholders, and newspaper.

          "So the first thing is to get you strung up."

          "Again Mistress? I've been bound all day."

           "OH, now your going to get mouthy? You know, there's many other things I could do with you besides free your precious little balls. You know what? Plan change. Get over here….here, stand here. I tried to help you out and you get bitchy? OK, I can play that game too."

          "I'm sorry Mistress, I didn't…"

           "It's to late for sorry."

           Again Mistress's mood changes, I'm not sure if she's really mad or doing more role playing. She leads me over to her long bondage table and has me face the long side of the table. She binds my ankles to the legs, spreading them about four feet. She leans me over the table and binds my wrists to the top of the legs on the other side. Oh no, I think I know where she's going with this, but I'm afraid to say anything. Finally she kneels down and runs a long, thin rope under the strap in my cock harness, almost giving me rope burn in the process. One end is tied to the bottom right leg and the other to the left leg. Not finished, she takes a similar rope, but ties it around my cock just below the head. One end is tied straight below, and the other directly in front, rendering my cock motionless, it can't swing left, right, up, or down. Now my wax encased balls are exposed from a new angle, along with my unplugged asshole, this doesn't go unnoticed by Diane as she snaps a few pics. I here her rummaging in her cabinets behind me, and after a few minutes approaches me from behind.

         "Just to be clear, I want you to know what you're being punished for. Under no circumstance do I want to hear you talk back to me, disobey me, or give me trouble in any way. Is That Clear?"

           "Yes Mistress Diane."

             "Good, so now you know. I'm sure you've figured out your fate, this will be a significant step for you. Taking you anally symbolizes my dominance and control over you. From here on in, for the rest of your life, you'll be a boy who has been fucked…penetrated by a women. This will make you different from most boys and men, boys that have been taken anally by a woman are truly submissive, and from what I've seen from you today, you'll be the perfect little submissive slave, this just makes it official. The more I dominated you the harder you became. I thought your cute little cock was going to explode when I told you I was going to permanently encase your balls in wax. So now that I have you well bound and positioned, and knowing your ass is well stretched, I'm going fuck you. You may like this more than you think, you might even cum on the floor, but if you do you'll be licking it up."

           Oh God, she's right. This completely emasculates me. How did I get into this so far, so fast? I can feel her work her strap-on into me, slowly pushing in. It doesn't feel so big as to be painful, and she eventually pushes it all the way in. I can feel a slight vibration as her harness contacts my ass cheeks, she must have a vibrator in her side. My balls are hurting as the wax pulls them down and forward. I do feel a tingle in my cock, oh no, do I like this? I probably am a submissive, I did get extremely excited at Mistress's wax story. I thought only gay men enjoyed this, I'm not gay, and yet I find it erotic. Do men actually cum from this? Will I cum? Anyhow, I can hear myself breathing deeply, and feel an embarrassing pleasure in my penis. Mistress is lightly moaning, the vibrating dildo that's buried in her is doing it's job. Since I just had an orgasm I'd be surprised if I'd cum again this soon. I seem to remember something about men having prostrate glands, and if these are massaged it can trigger an orgasm. Just as I remember this I get a surge of pleasure in my cock, oh God did she hit my prostrate? I do know that Mistress is getting excited as she taunts me into an orgasm, her moaning intensifying as she does so.

          "You have such a sweet…tight…ass…slave boy……I always knew you'd be a great little fuck….mmmm….I just want to lick your whole body…..mmm….mmmm….stick my tongue in your sweet ass….yeah…..mmmmm… do you like your first ass fuck…..can you feel it in your little cock……your little cock that I control……mmm….ahhh…all harnessed and tied up…..mmmm…..ahhhh….ahhhh…..I can't wait to cum as I fuck you….how do your plums feel….heavy…..ahhh….Ahhh… I wish I could see you squirt your sweet cum…. all over the… floor…AHHHH……AHHHHH…..AHHHHH……

        And with that last comment we both orgasm, screaming, I squirt all over the floor. We both slow and rest for a minute or two before she pulls herself out of me. If I was silent she may have never new I came, but I cum very loudly. She gives me a few smacks on the ass.

          "Well now your an official slave boy, how did you like your first fuck?"

           "I liked it Mistress, thank you."

            'Yes, I heard you did, you made a little, sticky boy mess on my floor, once I untie you you can clean it up, this should be entertaining to watch."

           She releases me and orders me on the floor to clean my little accident.

           "Now crawl under there, do you see your cum bad boy, don't crawl on it, I want to see you lick it up…good... swallow it. Good boy, it won't go to waste, you can just recycle it and shoot it out again…. There's a few drops over there……and there….."

            This is very difficult, eating my own cum, crawling around on all fours with my waxed balls swinging, completely degrading, which is of course what Mistress wants.

           "Now are you ready for me to release you nuts…my way….no argument….now that you had a little treat?"

            "Yes Mistress Diane."

            "Good, that's always a good response. Now stand over there, inside the frame, I want you in one of my favorite positions. Yes, arms up………………OK legs apart………………..Nice…a simple spread eagle. You may have noticed that I left you with a good deal of mobility, you'll need it. You'll also need to get your naughty cock up out of the way, let's see, this should work….I'll lace this rope under the strap in your harness like this… we can lift your cock, you'll want it pointing straight up, like this…  and the other end of the rope….well, just hold the other end in your mouth…don't let go or you little cock will get barbecued….So here's the plan, it's pretty simple really, we're going to melt the wax off……I'm going to put these two candles on the newspaper under your sex like this…..there's what, about eight inches between the wick and you balls……yes, the flames are hot, so you can't just stand over it, you'll have to move over it, back and forth, side to side, whatever keeps you from getting burned. Pretend you're roasting marshmallows, think of your balls as the marshmallows, just keep moving. Got It. Here we go…. one candle lit….two candles lit….let's see how well you can dance."

          Oh God, this is scary and humiliating. Those candles are super hot if I stay directly above them, but I soon discover swinging forward and backward works well. This melts the center of the wax, but to get to the sides I need to work in an oval motion, but if I over do it my thighs take the heat. All the while I'm trying not to let the rope slip out of mouth or my penis will drop dangerously close the candle flames. Of course my balls are swinging frantically as well, all to mistress's delight.

         "Wow, what a show, I should rent you out for bachelorette parties. Look at those balls swing…nice…..the wax is beginning to melt, try to stay over the newspaper….keep moving or this will turn into a slave boy barbecue….you don't want that do you?….we'll I might  haha…good thing your shaven or we'd be smelling burning hair….your getting there….that wax melts quickly….it looks like the rest will fall off at this point….OK….that's it, let me blow these out….this is really just massage oil, so let me massage your poor little plums….mmmm….does that feel better…to be free...good. One last thing… to get your harness off, you really need to be limp, which you seem to have a problem with when I'm around, or your tied up. So I'll untie you and go downstairs, when your limp you can take it off yourself, if I do it you may get hard again. Remember, these four rings first, then slide your penis out, your plums come out one at a time. Here's the wrench for the ball stretcher, actually you can take that off now. Come downstairs when your done."

          I get through the ordeal better than I thought. I find a seat and try to let my mind drift to non sexual things. I start thinking about my finals that are coming up next week, and my summer vacation. It doesn't take long to go limp and I remove the rings around my cock, the big ring looks a little more challenging. I am able to squeeze my cock out, when soft it's very pliable. The balls are a lot more delicate, but I slowly work them out. Free again, it seems like my sex has been bound up for very long time. I walk down stairs and Diane has changed out of her dominatrix suit, I immediately put my pants on.

            "What time is it?" I ask

            "Almost five, do you want to stay for dinner?"

            "Mmmm, I don't know, I don't think so." I say glumly

             "Jack, how are you feeling, was this a little to much?" she asked with a concerned, motherly tone.

              "I'm OK."

                "OK?…that's what a car accident victim says that doesn't need to go to the hospital. Baby, sit here on the coach with me….. I think I went to far, to quick…. Remember, this is all roll playing, very little of it is true. You probably think I'm a sadist, don't you? Well I am, or I can be. I do stop short of hurting you physically, I would never do that….I'd never want to do that……I get off on the fantasy of it, and I know you do too"

               "I know, I really loved everything, the wax, the cock harness, but the anal sex thing was tough for me. I associate being fucked in the ass with homosexuality."

                "Oh baby I'm sorry. The little speech in the beginning was just used for drama, you know how I use speech to excite you, I didn't mean to degrade you in any way. There's a reason I don't call you Jack and you don't call me Diane when we're playing, it's fictional, we assume fictional roles. And no, anal penetration doesn't define you as gay. Your a man, I'm a woman, there's nothing homosexual in the equation."

                 "Yeah, I guess you're right, I didn't think of it that way, it does make me feel better. This didn't bother me at all, just an observation, but it seemed like you were going in and out of role today."

                 "I know, I did feel a little out of control today, my excitement was getting the better of me. The newness is a huge turn on, so between you, the new rack, and the wax, which I've never used before, my heart was racing to the point that I was shaking. Even right now, my heart begins to race when I picture you mounted on the rack, or visualize your balls encased in wax. Lately things have become a bit routine sexually, I've done a lot of these things, many times, so the thrill factor is not as high as it once was. However, today I tapped into some of the original things that excited me when I was young, things I'd never done before, and my excitement, well, it went through the roof."

                  "You mean the wax?"

                  "Right, remember last week you asked me when I first had these thoughts, thoughts of bondage and all. I mentioned the boys in school back when I was ten, and the Batman show, remember?


                 "That's where the wax idea came from, or was inspired from, encasing you in wax, you were my little Boy Wonder….Robin was my original fantasy boy from when I was in grade school. Not to embarrass you or inflate your ego, but you're a very good looking kid…. I feel pretty lucky to be able to have this relationship with you because of the age difference. I have a lot of sexual attraction to you, more than anyone else I've been with, and it's an attraction that's been building for a long time. The more attraction, the more I want to torture you, it sounds strange, I really don't understand it or can explain it more than that. I may have more feelings for you and found myself slipping between dominatrix and nurturer, maybe it's the age difference. The anal scenario was me trying to compensate for the nurturer, I guess I maybe over compensated."         

                  ''Interesting….  but what are you doing with all the pictures?"

                   "They're just for myself, I promise you. I know the dangers of the internet, I'd never post anything without your consent. Trust me."

                 " Well OK, I do feel better, I started to wonder if I was gay….so….is the dinner offer still open?"

                  "It sure is."











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