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The Lady Next Door

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Synopsis: An 18 year old boy develops an attraction to much older neighbor who is everything he\'s ever dreamed about.

                                           Chapter One:  The Back Story

(Chapter one covers the events that led up to the story of young Jack being dominated by his much older neighbor, Diane. )

                   I don't really recall when the Marshall's moved in next door, but I was either 13 or 14 years old. The details are foggy in my memory, since I was a kid and   they being were a couple in their forties, they were not really on my radar. However, my parents would talk with them if they happened to meet outside in the driveway or yard, but they didn't really socialize much more than that. They always said "Hi" to me if they saw me outside, and I would return the gesture. I'm not sure what Mr Marshall, Jim, did for work, an engineer or accountant or something, but he wore a jacket and tie to work. I did hear my mother mention that Mrs. Marshall, Diane, owned a beauty saloon in a neighboring town. Within less than two years the Marshall's separated, with Jim moving out. Diane started slowly becoming more friendly with my mother, they talked on the phone fairly regularly. Mrs. Marshall started dating, I would notice men at her place on the weekends, no one regular. At the time I thought she was good looking for being so old, she was around my mothers age. I guess being that she was in the beauty business she knew how to make herself look her best . She also had really nice blonde hair, it reached almost all the way down her back. Body wise she could be described as curvy, but I thought she could loose a few pounds. All of this is inconsequential, nothing more than observations of the next door neighbor who chit chats with my mother. However, soon my opinion of Diane Marshall would change dramatically in a short period of time. 

               I remember exactly when I noticed Mrs. Marshall as a woman, it happened instantaneously, it was like a revelation. I was seventeen and a senior in high school, I was cleaning out the garage on an early spring day when she pulled into her driveway, which runs directly next to mine. Stopping her car at the bottom of the driveway, she got out to get her mail. However, she didn't jump right back in the car, but instead stood next to the car door for a minute and shuffled though a large stack of mail. For some reason she looked really good, dare I say sexy, as she flipped her long blonde hair out of her eyes. She was wearing black leather boots that came up to just below the knee and pair of fairly tight black jeans that were tucked into the boots. Her red leather jacket fit well and seemed to accentuate her ass by the way it flipped up on the bottom of the back edge. I'm not sure I ever noticed her ass until now, nor do I ever remember her looking this good. Maybe being seventeen now and more mature, I see her in a different light, I also think she lost a few pounds over the winter, I'm not really sure, but she sure looked hot. From this point on she wasn't the neighbor lady next door, she was the single, hottie that lived next door.

                I found myself talking to her more often, initiating conversations that were usually pretty awkward. I think she was amused with my awkward attempts, but soon began to initiate conversation herself. These conversations started as small talk, but gradually got a little more personal. She would ask about my latest date, how it went, or why I don't have a steady girlfriend. Being that she's an adult, I didn't feel right asking her the very same questions. She was surprised that I never seemed to date a girl more than s few times before I moved on. My secret attraction to her grew, there was something incredibly sexual about her, the way she dressed and carried herself, she seemed to ooze sex appeal. At least to me she did. The girls I dated were very pretty, some prettier than Diane, but they didn't seem to have the same sexual energy.

            I turned eighteen over the summer and began college in the fall. It was a local school, so I was able to live at home. I was pretty busy between school and a part time job I had working at a bicycle store, a great job for me since I'm an avid bicyclist. I didn't run into Diane much, until she asked my mother if she could hire me to help her rake up the leaves in her yard. I agreed and cleared the first weekend in November to do it. I only did it because it was Diane and she said she would be working with me. Anyhow, I did enjoy working with Diane, we talked a lot while working. As usual, she asked about dates I'd had, but due to my work load I told her I've slowed down, only one date since school started. She in general seemed a lot more open with me, almost flirtatious, she even referred to me as ''cute'' more than once. It could be my teenage brain reading to much into it, but I get the feeling she might be attracted to me. However, there where two comments she made that I didn't know how to take.


"Jack, I'm sure you'll do a good job, if not, well, I'll just have to punish you." She said in a matter of fact tone.

My heart raced for a few seconds and I was taken off guard. I just responded, "you won't have to worry about me, I can handle a little raking." I made no comment about being punished, she was probably just joking, I should have joked back. It had to be a joke, what was she going to do, put me over her knee and spank me. Come to think of it, that does sound exciting, being spanked by a sexy, older woman, I couldn't get the idea out of my head for the rest of the day.

Later she made another comment  in regards to my dating habits.

     "Jack, you know girls talk, I'm sure they all know your reputation as a player. You are a really good looking kid and probably have no trouble dating anyone you want, but if I was your age I'd go out with you, except I'd put a collar and leash on you, and that collar would be around your balls."

    Wow, I didn't know how to respond to this either, I was a little shocked, but then I was kind of turned on. Yes, I've fantasized about having sex with Diane, but I just wasn't ready for this. She probably just meant it as figure of speech, but the idea of being Diane's sex slave is a huge turn on. I have thought about tying up and dominating girls before, but have never done it. However, I've never thought about being dominated by a girl, or in Diane's case, an older women before, and am surprised by how excited it has gotten me. I think that's what I find so sexual about Diane, she exudes that dominance that girls I've dated don't. Being dominated by a girl my age doesn't get me too excited, but by an older woman it's a huge turn on. God my head was spinning and I think I remained  semi erect for the rest of the day. I jerked off that night fantasizing that Diane was straddling me, I was tied to her bedposts, she was fucking me, slowly sliding up and down the full length of my cock, and I had no way to stop her!

          A few months passed with little contact with Diane due to my schedule, but my mother spoke with here once or twice a week. Then one day my father made a strange comment to my mother.


           "The dominatrix next door called, she wants you to call her back."

           "Bill, sshhhhh, not in front of Jack, and besides you don't know that for sure." She whispered.

          Hmmm, dominatrix, isn't that one of those ladies with the whip and leather outfit, I thought. Diane?? No way. Then I remembered the comments she made when were raking leaves. No. It can't be. So I did a little research online about dominatrix, which led to female domination, which led to BDSM, CBT, and a whole bunch of other things I wasn't aware of. I didn't really like seeing pictures and videos of men being dominated, but the idea of Diane dominating me was very exciting. Is this true? Is Diane into dominating men? I had to find out. 

         The next evening I did a little surveillance work, after dark I checked to see if Diane Marshall had any company. I checked for any unfamiliar cars parked in her driveway or in front of her house. I also checked to see if excessive lights were on in the house. I checked about every hour until midnight, but I turned up nothing. I kept this up for a few nights with no results, but figured the weekend might be a different story. Finally on Friday night I noticed a car parked in front of Diane's house just after 10pm, there were also a few more lights on than normal, particularly a light in the attic window. I wanted to see when the person left, I kept an eye on the car checking every 15 minutes or so, but the car disappeared by 11:30pm without me catching a glimpse of the owner. The attic light was out. Saturday night was much the same, a different car appeared around 10pm, the attic light was on, but this time I saw a man get into the car around 11:30pm. Monday and Tuesday were quiet, but on Wednesday I was in my driveway when Diane arrived home around 6:00pm, we waved and I noticed a woman was with her in the car. I was still standing looking at them when they got out of the car. Diane said "Hi" and introduced the other woman as Christine, she was a pretty brunette, probably about 30 years old.

        "Hi Jack, this is Christine, she, she….um... works for me, she's a hair stylist. Christine, this is Jack my neighbor."


        After the quick introduction they quickly went inside, I did noticed Diane seemed a little uncomfortable or nervous. About 30 minutes later I got an odd thought, and ran out to check the attic light, it wasn't completely dark outside yet, but dark enough to see the light in the attic window. OK, so something is definitely going in the attic. She may have finished it off and turned it into a home theatre or recreation room, or something. The weekend came and a new car appeared on Saturday night only, this time around 11pm, attic light on, it was still there at 2am, but gone by daybreak. I did start to notice it was the same four or five cars that kept stopping by. It seems like Diane's dating style is much like my own, that is, if these are really dates.

       At this point I still have no solid proof Diane is engaging in anything kinky. She may be, or she just may like dating a variety of guys and has a home theatre in her attic. I can certainly relate to dating a variety of people and the freedom it brings. I needed a little more information and knew where I could get it.

      The next morning I bring my laptop into the kitchen while my mother is fixing lunches for my younger brother and sister. I place it on the table and click onto Yahoo and pretend to read this:

           ''Hey Mom, it says here 50% of marriages end in divorce, hmmm that seems high, don't you think?"

           "Well Jack, not really, that sounds about right."

            "That would mean half the people I know are divorced, I can think of only two of my friends that have divorced parents. And who else? Oh yeah, the Marshalls, how long have Mrs. Marshall been divorced?"

          "Oh, three or four years I believe."

           " Does Mrs. Marshall have a boyfriend? Does she want to remarry?"

           "Last thing I heard is that she doesn't have a boyfriend, but she just likes to date a variety of men, no commitments, it doesn't seem like she's looking for a husband. Jack, why all the questions?"

          "Oh, I don't know, no reason really, anyhow I've got to go, see you tonight."

          So that didn't yield any new information beyond what I already knew. If Diane was doing the BDSM thing she wouldn't tell my mother, and if she did, my mother certainly wouldn't tell me. So I'm just back where I started, but what about the attic? My house and Diane's house are both old Victorians which are almost identical. My house has a large walk up attic, a window on each end, and is close to 10 feet high in the center, with the ceiling tapering down to 3 feet high on the two sides. Like most people, we just keep junk up there, but it's certainly large enough to finish off and make into another room. I imagine Diane's attic is the same. So at dinner that night I did a little more investigative work.

         "So mom, I'm thinking of finishing the attic and making a bedroom out of it, what do you think?"

         "Jack, why do you want to do that? What's wrong with your room now? It'll be hot up there in the summer."

        "I just thought it would be cool to create my own room, I didn't think about the heat, but that's what air conditions are for."

         "You can do it if you want to pay for it. Do you really think you have the time between work and school? Where did this idea come from?"

          "I've been thinking about it for a while, I've noticed Mrs. Marshall's attic light on, I think she may have finished off her attic. Mom, do you know if she made her attic into another room?"

         "No…I don't would I know?" She said nervously, darting her eyes quickly towards my father and then back to her dinner.  "Don't be nosey and start asking Mrs. Marshall about her attic" she said.

       "Oh no, I wouldn't do that."  I said and dropped the subject.

        Hmmm, Diane's attic definitely hit upon something, I'm just not sure exactly what it is, but I was soon to find out.

        About a week later I arrived home to find a package on my doorstep. I picked it up wondering what it was, something my mother ordered most likely. I then noticed it was addressed to Diane Marshall and left at my house by mistake. I noticed it came from D&B Enterprise, which of course meant nothing to me. I did a search online but it didn't turn up anything that made sense with the package in question. I then got an idea, it was a long shot, but I went to a site that sold bondage gear and did a search for B&D Enterprise. Wow, success! There were quite a few item listed, such as dildos and nipple clips, but most were more intricate items and equipment designed for CBT! They had ball stretchers, cock cages, ball crushers, things to put in a cock, even a device to immobilize someone by their testicles! Oh my God, the idea of Diane using this stuff is making me hot, the idea of her using it on me is making me shake to the point I can barely type on the keyboard! OK, so now I feel there's a pretty good chance she really is into this stuff, I now just have to figure out how to get in on it.   




                                              Chapter Two - The Plan

             So I needed a way to confront Diane about about this BDSM stuff, but I just don't have the courage to just ask her. I'm fairly sure, but not 100% sure she's even into it, I may have figured wrong, and would be really embarrassed if I was. I did have a plan however, which won't be too embarrassing if I'm wrong, or she rejects my offer to be her sex slave.

           Spring is here, it's finally getting really nice out and I'm able to ride my bike a lot. Just a couple of weeks of school left, this is really my favorite time of year. Mother's Day is coming up and I've decided to get a gift certificate from Diane's Saloon for my mother, I also mentioned this idea to my friend Billy and he wants to do the same thing. He'll just give me the money and I'll get certificates for both of us. I go to the website for Diane's Saloon and Spa. They provide a lot of services besides hair. They have massages, tanning, nails, even a yoga class. I'm thinking a massage, which is $75 for an hour, but the certificate can be used for anything. The site has a contact page and a link to Diane's email, great. I send Diane an email telling here who I am and the story, and that I need two $75 gift certificates for myself and my friend. She responds:

     "Hi Jack, that's so sweet of you to get your mother a nice gift for mothers day, you're so cute. The gift certificates are like credit cards, I'll need the money before I can activate the cards. You don't have to drive over here, just come over to my house, when can you have the money?

     Diane xo" 

     Wow, she signed it with an "x" and an "o", a hug and a kiss, it makes my heart race. Maybe she does this with everybody, it probably means nothing, but she did call me sweet AND cute in the same sentence! I think I'm picking up some signals here, or maybe teenage brain is imagining it.

I respond

        "I can bring the cash over tomorrow night."

She responds

          "Great, I get home around 8:00, so come over anytime between 8 and 10."

          The next night I go over to Diane's and I give her the cash. She tells me she'll activate the cards tomorrow and I can pick them up tomorrow night around the same time.


          This is where my real plan starts. The next day I email Billy to let him know I'm picking the cards up tonight and I'll give him his gift card on Thursday. However, I send a second email which appears to look like I've mistakenly sent Billy's email to Diane, it reads:.

    " Hi Billy, I 'm picking up the gift card tonight, I'll give it to you on Thursday at school.

      BTW-  not sure who told you Mrs Marshall is dominatrix, but that's how rumors get started, I've never heard that and I live next door. But if she is I certainly wouldn't  mind having her tie me up, she's pretty hot! LOL


    With my hands shaking I hit the send button. God, what have I done? This could really backfire on me. Does the email go to the saloon or directly to Diane? Is there a chance someone else will read it first? Why the hell didn't I think of this? OK, OK calm down, I highly doubt someone else will read Diane's email, she's the owner of the saloon. There's only three things that can happen, she'll ignore it, she'll be pissed off, or she'll act upon it. That's it. I can't see her telling my mother, and she's not even anywhere near my circle of friends where she could tell them " Hey, I heard Jack Emerson likes to be tied up and whipped by women." I'll just wait it out, see if she responds to the email or says anything about it tonight when I go over to pick up the gift cards. 

    I get through the day, I must have checked my email every five minutes, but no response from Diane. I can't believe how anxious I am, my nerves are shot. Wednesday night 8:00 arrives, I keep an eye out for Diane's car, but she doesn't arrive home until almost 9:00. I give her 20 minutes before I head over, my mouth is dry, I'm sweating and my nerves are on edge. I knock on the door, I try to stay cool, it might be best to talk as little as possible, I here her footsteps approach the door, my heart races and she opens the door.

       "Hi Jack, come on in….yeah shut the door it's kind of cool out." She seems pretty normal, maybe she never saw the email.

       "I didn't forget the cards, I have them here in my purse, just let me find it." 

       "No rush" I say

       "OK, here they are, so they can be used for anything, we offer a lot, hair, nails, facials, massages, I'm sure your mother will find something that interests her. Everything is listed on the website, do you know the website address? Oh, of course you do, that's how you contacted me."

      "OK, thanks Mrs. Marshall, I really appreciate it, I'll give the other card to my buddy tomorrow."

     All of a sudden her voice and demeanor changed.

    "Oh…right…is his name Billy?" 

     "Yeah, why"

      I have to remember to play dumb, I'm not supposed to know about the email mix up.

      "Well Jack, I think you mistakenly sent me an email that was supposed to have gone to him, yeah, it's right here, I printed it out."

       Oh God I could actually hear my heart beating as she pulled the paper out of her purse.

      "Really, are you sure?" I said

     "Does this look familiar?" she said as she handed it to me.

     I silently read it.

     "I noticed the last line" she said "I find it very amusing."

      "Oh, I'm sorry Mrs. Marshall, you know I was only kidding, me and Billy, we kid around a lot, you know." I pleaded, trying my best to pass it off lightheartedly.

      "Yes Jack, I believe you were kidding….on the surface, but underneath I don't believe you were. I believe you really would like be bound up, it's OK, you can admit it."

     My mouth is now so dry I can barely speak, I'm wondering if she can hear my heart pounding. I felt my cock twinge when she said "bound up."

    "Um, well you know" I didn't know what to say " I do, I do think you're good looking, very good looking I mean, I did mean that."

     "Yeah right, I think you described me as hot." she said sounding irritated.

      I need to get myself out of this, I don't want to piss her off, maybe I should just come clean.

       "Alright, Yes….umm… I admit it, I... I wouldn't mind having you tie me up….but what guy wouldn't?"  I said. It felt like a weight had been lifted once I finally admitted this to her. Everything was out in the open, no more scheming.

     "See that wasn't so hard. And yes, you're right, many men enjoy being sexually dominated by a woman, it's nothing to be ashamed of."  Her voice now much calmer.

      She slowly walked toward me and came up around behind me speaking in a playful voice. "My question is what do you want me to do to you once I have you stripped naked and tied up?"

Oh God, I can't believe how turned on I get when she even talks about it. Stripped naked and tied up just sounds so incredibly sexy.

"Um, well I…"  I say as she cuts me off.

"Do you want me to spank your little bum bum, you've certainly been a naughty boy."

"Do you want me to pinch and clamp your sensitive nipples?"

"How about I tie up your delicate little cock and balls nice and tight?"

God, this is the biggest turn on I've ever experienced, I have a full hard on. Her voice is getting quieter, slower, and sexier, just a breathy whisper really, she's speaking closer and closer to my ear, and now has put her hand on the small of my back.

"I bet you'd like me to slip my finger in your ass while I make you squirt your sweet cum."

"Or I can take your delicious cock into my mouth and slowly suck you dry."

"OK, OK, Yes, Yes all of that sounds amazing!!!!" I say. I can't take much more of it, it's all so intense.

  "Oh Sorry Jack, was I exciting you to much?" she said. "Maybe you might not be able handle what I'd do to you?"

   "I can handle it" I said "or are you all talk?"

    "Haha,'' she laughed, "No, I'm all talk AND all action! Do you want to proceed to the next level?" 

    "As in getting physical?" I asked.

     "Well, yes" she said.

      "OK I'm in, I'm so in!!" I responded.

     " How about Friday night, here, 10:00?" 

      "Sounds great!" trying not to sound too excited.

       "OK, but a few things. I need this to be JUST between you and me. No friends are to know, definitely don't tell your family. You'll need to have an alibi when you come over, park your car on Densmore St. and walk over, come in the back door, your folks won't notice your car over there. Don't just walk over from your house."

     "OK, I can do that. No one will know." I reply.

      "Another thing, I want you hairless from the chin down. That means you'll have to trim your armpits and pubic hair with electric sheers or scissors. Then go to the drug store and get some hair remover like Nair, and do your whole body,  and don't forget between your ass cheeks. I'm sure I don't have to tell you to be clean, shower and brush your teeth before you come over."

    "OK, no problem."

    "Why don't you think about all of this and if you want to back out let me know via email by tomorrow night, if I don't hear from you I'll see you Friday. Truthfully I've never done this with someone so young. Also, do not email me for any other reason other than what I just mentioned, this has to stay under the radar. In fact no phone calls either."

      I leave Diane's and am so revved up, on cloud nine, over the moon, and any other cliche you can think of. I watch a little TV to try to calm down before going to bed. Sleep is the furthest thing from my mind. Lying in bed I can't get Diane's sexy voice out of my mind, telling me all the things she could or would do to me. What's so amazing about it, is not just what she said, but how she said it, she has some experience in this game. 




                                     Chapter Three - The Fantasy Realized

         Thursday morning arrives quickly, I only manage about two hours sleep, but it really doesn't matter because I'm running on so much adrenaline. In between school and work I have some time to stop at the drug store to get some hair remover, but of course, they're out. I find some at another drug store down the street. I can't believe how excited I still am, my heart is constantly racing and my cock has been semi rigid since I got home from Diane's. Friday morning comes but only I got three hours sleep. It's a short day, I get out of school at noon, I get a short nap in before I have to be at work at 3pm. I get home from work at 7:30 and eat dinner. I tell my mother I'm going to a party, and am not sure what time I'll be home, but no later than 2am. I go upstairs to prepare for Diane. I rummage around the bathroom closet and eventually find the electric sheers. I place a plastic grocery bag in the small bathroom trash basket and place it in the sink. I raise my arm and position my armpit directly over it to catch the hair when I quickly buzz it off with the sheers, then I do the other. I now proceed to my pubic hair, I set the basket on the floor and I get on my knees, spread my legs and am able to get the basket under my genitals. I take my time trimming this, it's more intricate, and I don't want to cut myself. I also do my best to trim any hair between my ass cheeks, I'm not sure how much hair is there, but Diane stressed it be hairless. The rest of my body hair is light, the hair remover should take care of it. I grab the bottle, I've already read the directions, and begin to spread it on my entire body and I let it sit for ten minutes while I shave my face and brush my teeth. I get in the shower rinse the hair off, the drain clogs a few times, I constantly have to clean it, but the lotion works well, thank God. I wash thoroughly, I spend extra time on my genitals and ass, I've know got to be clean. I get out of the shower and see my hairless body for the first time. The main difference is the lack of pubic hair, I feel so naked, and it makes me look so, so… young, it's a bit strange. I get dressed and kill some time before going downstairs, my heart is pounding and my mouth is dry. My mother asks what was going on in the bathroom, was I using the sheers? Luckily bicyclists will shave body hair to increase lap times, hair causes wind drag. I told her this, I just didn't tell her how much hair I removed. I grabbed my keys and headed out.

            I can't believe this is actually happening, it had been just over a year since I first noticed Diane getting her mail that spring day. One year of fantasizing about having sex with her, and more recently, fantasizing about being tied up by her. I drive the car around the block and park at the end of Densmore, it's a dead end. It's still only 9:45 and I can walk to Diane's in less than 5 minutes. I turn the radio on, I keep looking at the clock but it never changes. One thing I learned about woman is that a little late is OK, but a little early is a bad thing. I walk over to Diane's at 10:00.

          I walk to the back door from the side that doesn't border my house. The light over the door isn't on, did she forget? I knock, I hear nothing, but lights are on, I know she's home. I knock again, this time I hear footsteps approach the door and it opens.

         "Hi Jack, good to see you, come in." she says calmly. ''I'm so glad you didn't cancel out." 

           ''That's funny, I thought the same thing about you." I say awkwardly, as I'm pretty of nervous.

         "Jack, let's skip the small talk, I can tell you're nervous, and that just makes me nervous. There's a few ways that this can go, but I find role playing seems to makes it go smoother."

           ''What do you mean by role playing, exactly?" I ask.

           "It's simple. I assume you've masturbated, right?"

            "Well yes" I admit.

              "So when you masturbate you have to think about something or someone     that turns you on. You envision a scene in your head, it may have a little dialogue, or you may be doing something to a girl that really turns you on."

             "Right" I respond.

              "You liked the way I talked to you the other night didn't you?" 

                "Yeah that was amazing"

                "I was playing a role. The role I was playing was the older lady who is going to discipline the hot, young boy. Doesn't sound to far from reality does it? So I'm no longer Mrs. Marshall the next door neighbor, I'm Mistress Diane who's going to have her way with her cute little slave boy."  

                 "Right, I think I can do this!" I say.

                  "OK then, let's try it" She says.

                "But first I think this naughty boy has to change his clothes, Mistress Diane has a special outfit picked out just for him."  she says in that voice that drives me wild. She pulls out a pair of briefs and hands them to me.

                "This is just a thong, what else am I going to wear Mistress Diane?" I do know the rule about always addressing her as Mistress.

                  ''That's all you get, and you're lucky you get that. What I like about this thong is that it has two velcro tabs for when I want you naked, it makes it so much easier when you're all bound up for discipline.  Now, change in this bathroom and when you're done stand here and wait for me."

                  ''Yes Mistress Diane."

        This is incredible, how did I get this lucky. I go into the bathroom and take my close off, which was a bit harder than usual since I was shaking with excitement, so balancing on one foot was a challenge. Getting dressed was easy, I've never worn a thong before, I always thought they'd be uncomfortable with the thing riding up your butt crack, but they were surprisingly comfortable. The front didn't offer much coverage and I needed to position my penis downward because an erection would pop out the top. Having my penis pointing down is going to get uncomfortable if I get hard, but maybe that's what Mistress had in mind.

         I wait for Mistress for about ten minutes before she comes down the stairs, I'm amazed when I see her! She's wearing black, thy high leather boots over tight, black, yoga pants. The pants are very form fitting and show off her ass, which now with the help of the pants, are defined as two separate globes. She's wearing a very sexy black corset looking garment which shows off her curves, over a simple black tank top under a red leather jacket. I quickly realize this is the same jacket she wore the day I saw here get her mail, the beginning of everything. Her whole outfit is beyond sexy to me, as much as I love it, it teases me to the point that I just want to rip it off her to expose that sweet, delicious body that lies underneath.

        "So how did my little slave boy do, oh very nice, I like what I see." I also see you need some training, when you are waiting for your Mistress you need to stand correctly. That means your hands together, fingers between fingers like this, and hands behind your head. Yes, good, like that. Keep your eyes towards the floor unless I say otherwise. You also have to keep your feet apart, legs spread, good, a little more, oh maybe just a little more, good. Well, my new little slave is certainly a pleasure to look at." She says as she smiles and looks me up and down, before her eyes come to rest on my encased cock. I get the feeling she isn't lying about this, her eyes are devouring me. I sense her excitement, which in turn gets me excited.

         ''What's going on here? It looks like my slave is already excited and is trying to burst out of his brand new outfit. Remember sweetie, it's only velcro, if it comes apart I'm going to have to punish your little cock, is that clear, and I have many delicious ways to do it." she said as she ran her index finger over the thong and my trapped penis.

         ''OK, let's go up to the play room, Mistress has a lot of things that you may really like, now follow me up the stairs."

        Following her up the stairs was fantastic, her ass is just in front of my face, it's incredibly sexy, I never realized she had such a nice ass, she must be working out. She definitely has this role playing thing down, she's a master at saying just the right thing to excite me, or humiliate me, which excites me. Her tone is playful and feminine, not like a drill sergeant. Very Hot!

         We enter her play room in the attic, it's filled with a small assortment of bondage equipment, most of it I don't know much about. There are a few whips on the walls, and chains hanging from the ceiling. She leads me to a frame made of 3 inch piping, it's about 8 feet high and 8 feet across. It has eye hooks running along the inside portion of the frame every foot or so.

       "There's a good amount of toys in here that I'll slowly introduce you to, but I think this bondage frame is a good place to start. You're not afraid are you sweetie?"

        "No Mistress Diane, I'm not afraid." I say as I see her produce a set of leather cuffs.

         "Good, now I want you to attach these restraints to your wrists and ankles."

   I take them and put them on, I can't believe this is happening.

     " OK good, now why don't you just step back inside the frame and Mistress will string you up. OK good. Now raise your right arm, good, now your left, OK."

        Mistress has a small stool that she stands on to clip the cuffs to the top of the frame, my arms are bound up over my head, wrists three or four feet apart, but I'm not stretched excessively. She now gets off the stool, goes to a cabinet and returns with black rope.

      "Let's take care of those legs." she says.

   She runs the folded rope through the ring in the left ankle cuff and feeds the two ends in between the rope just before the fold, securing it simply, then does the same on the other ankle.

      "OK, be a good boy and stand straight up, right in the middle, right….here. Good boy. now don't move or you know what will happen…. or maybe you don't." She laughs as she moves me into the center of the frame.

   She grabs the rope on my right ankle and pulls it around the bottom of the right frame rail.

      "Now I want you to bring your right foot over this way, good boy, but I think you can go a little farther."

    " Yes Mistress Diane." My right leg is spread pretty far, maybe more than 2 feet, and now she is working on the left, uh oh.

      ''I think you can spread a little wider so your left matches your right, you don't want to be lop sided do you?" she says as she yanks the rope splaying me apart, making sure the distance from the frame pole to ankle is equal on both sides. Now that my legs are bound far apart, my body lowers which fully stretches my arms. At this point I'm stretched into an X, Mistress has me so tightly bound I can't move a muscle, I feel extremely vulnerable, especially my sex parts. 

      "Oh sweetie, don't you look all yummy strung up like that, with your legs spread so far apart. You're perfectly stretched in the center of the frame, a perfect X, so symmetrical, so pretty. You really do have a great body, nice and firm."  

      Oh God this is incredible, the feeling of finally being under her complete control, it's better than I ever imagined. The thong actually makes me more aware of my sex, the feeling of my trapped penis fighting the thong to straighten up, the way it rides over my now exposed asshole and between my hard cheeks. She is again eyeing me up and down, front side, back side. I have so many emotions running through me at once. The one I have never experienced before is this feeling of being so DESIRED, she looks at me as if I'm a piece of candy, or some delicious treat on a dessert tray. I'm the prey and she's the predator who has finally caught her quarry, and is getting ready to devour it. Her eyes keep darting to my sex package and I start to wonder what she has in store for it. I feel humiliated, which for some strange reason is hugely exciting. Here I am, tightly bound in a very exposing position, with nothing more on than this embarrassing little thong that barely covers my sex, and my body shaven clean.This is not the way I'd want anyone to see me, but here I am in front of my neighbor, who I'd had a crush on for the last year, a sexy older woman in this amazingly sexy outfit  complete with leather boots. The fact that she's fully dressed and I'm almost, and I'm sure soon to be naked, also adds to my humiliation and dominance.    

        She runs a finger down my chest all the way to the thong. She slides her finger inside the top of the thong, pulls it out, quickly peeks inside, before letting it snap back. Unfortunately I'm really hard, and the thong offers no way of hiding it, in fact I hope it doesn't pop open,….or maybe I do.

       "My My, what's this, you really can't keep your little cock under control, you just get excited so easily, remember what I said about the velcro…..and  what an incredible bum my little slave has, it must be from all that bike riding, hopefully I won't  have to spank it." She laughs.

        "I really like you in this position, I think this how I'll tie from now on, with your legs well spread, I like easy access to your delicate balls and asshole, I'm sure that won't be a problem for you will it sweetie?" she teases.

      She walks over to a cart and rolls it over in front of me. It's like a mechanics rolling tool box, but made of wood. It has drawers, about 3 feet high, and the top is covered with a small sheet. 

       "So my little slave, being that you're so new to all of this, I thought I'd start by showing you some of the toys in my toy box, then I'll decide which ones I want to use on you."

       With this she removes the little sheet covering the top of the toy box revealing at least a dozen toys, some were unfamiliar, some not.

    "Some of these you may have seen before and some you haven't, but I'll go through each one with you. First up is my collection of nipple clamps, I think the name says it all. I have a few varieties, some are connected with a small chain to add weights should I want to stretch your nipples, which of course I will. These clothespins are versatile, also effective clipped to your ball sack."

    "Next up are the butt plugs, I think you know where I'll be putting these, right sweetie. They come in different sizes, we'll start small and work our way up as I slowly stretch you out. Which then leads to these, my strap ons, here's my favorite, this dildo goes into me and this one, this one goes into you, right into that amazing ass of yours, I'm really looking forward to using this. Oh sweetie, you look a little concerned about this, don't worry I'll have you securely bound and gagged when I fuck you with it." she laughs.

     "Speaking of gags, I've got a few different types, here's the standard red ball gag in different sizes, I think you'll look great in this one. You know, no time like the present, let's try it on.''

     She comes up behind me, gag in hand, and proceeds to strap me in.

     "Yes, that does look good. OK where was I….oh yes gags. Here's a bit gag, kind of like what you use on a horse. This is a ring gag, it's good for keeping you quiet, but it still allows me to use your tongue for my pleasure. Speaking of pleasure, this one is all about pleasure, unfortunately mine, not yours. Yes I know it looks like one of those strap ons, but it's different. This part is the gag part, it goes in your mouth and is strapped in place. This part is why it's called a dildo gag, once it's strapped on you I can mount this portion and ride it, and you'll get a close up view."

    "OK last but not least, these are my favorite toys, my cock and ball torture toys. Here's a simple cock ring, it fits around your cock and balls, it looks very sexy, it may become your regular outfit when you're here. Here's what's called the Gates of Hell, this large ring goes on like the cock ring but then your soft penis goes in these small rings, and they are small. I think you can figure out the predicament you'll be in when you get excited, and judging by the lump in your thong, this toy has you written all over it."

     At this point I'm amazed I haven't popped out of this thong, I'm beyond excited, not sure how much I can take, I really need to cum, it'll only take a few seconds.

    ''Here's another favorite, it's very innocent looking, it's my ball stretcher. Just a round piece of metal that I can open and close. See I just screw it around your ball sack, below your cock and above your balls. The weight of it pulls your balls down, plus I can add additional weights here and here. Or instead of the weights I can attach this mechanism to it. This bar sits below your balls and by turning these two screws the bar raises and slowly squeezes your sweet little dumplings. This you should be afraid of, but don't worry sweetie, I'll only put you in it if your very, very bad."

            I start to whimper and protest into my gag, I even tug at the restraints holding me in this bondage frame, but Mistress just laughs.

         "Hahaha, so cute, hearing you whimper and try to escape is my biggest turn on, it just confirms the total control I have over you."

      "Well, there's more toys here, but let's move on, I think my slave needs to experience some of these things first hand. I think we should take it slow though, maybe start with a nice set of nipple clamps."

      Mistress approaches me with the clamps, they look kind of like tweezers or cotter pins, with a ring around the base that can be slide up to adjust the pressure, and they're connected with a thin chain. She doesn't immediately attach them, first she runs her finger tips lightly up and down my chest and back, occasionally using her tongue as well, commenting on how good I taste. She cups my package in her hand and laughs. Finally she attaches the clamps, she adjusts them so they aren't very painful.

     ''OK, yes. very nice. You are one hot little boy with that blonde hair and those big, blue eyes, I can see why the girls go for you. Imagine if all those girls in school could see you now, hmmm. I know, I said we have to be very discrete, but I just need to take a few photos for my own collection, I hope you don't mind…. What's that your trying to say through the gag, I can't understand you, haha."   

     OH GOD! My protests are muffled under the gag. PHOTOS!?! I think, NO!! Who's going to see them. She mentioned girls from school, she WOULDN'T?!? The INTERNET??!!

    ''OK let's see, your gagged and your nipples are clipped, what's next? Ah Yes…of course. Well… you may not want to hear what I'm about to say….but it's finally time to take your cute little outfit off, I hope you don't mind." she says with a menacing grin.

    She walks up to me, lightly putting her hands on my hips and whispers in my ear, "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this." 

   She slowly squats down in front of me so her face is directly in front of my crotch, she then hooks her index fingers under the sides of the thong and slowly slides them down towards the bottom of the V. The feeling of her fingers grazing my smooth sack feels exquisite, I release a moan of pleasure hoping she will continue with this caressing. Unfortunately she does not, and with one finger lightly pressing on my asshole, she looks up at me and laughs. Pulling her fingers out, she then gently peels the 2 pieces of velcro apart, the pressure of my erection quickly pulls the back of the thong around and out from between my ass cheeks, she is still holding the front up in front of my crotch but quickly tosses it aside, all without taking her eyes off my crotch, finally revealing my fully erect, and cleanly shaven cock and balls.

       "Oh my, what a beautiful cock you have….and these two little jewels…beautiful…and so well shaven, you're such a good slave boy. And look at this, …see how your cock is throbbing and lightly bouncing up and down, it's even starting to ooze your boy juice. It's as hard as it can get….. poor baby needs to cum."

       She lightly stokes my cock with her finger, before lightly caressing my balls between her thumb and fingers, her tongue running across the tip of my cock to clean away my pre cum.

      "Oh you taste so good" she says as she rises to her feet, then steps back to take in the whole view of her prize.

      She grabs her camera and takes a few more full shots of me, along with a few close ups of my rigid cock, balls, and ass. The pictures of my sex really add to my humiliation. She backs up to take in my entire form, I'm now completely naked, which really makes me feel like a piece of sex meat. I feel like a fly caught in a spider's web, I know I can't escape, no matter how I struggle. I'll be kept here until the spider decides that I need to be consumed, and like the fly, I'll be eaten in the same way, my essence will be sucked out of me. 

       "Sweetie, I know you're cute little boy cock just wants to explode, and you've waited so long for this. So I'm going to take care of you before I take you downstairs…….where I plan to tie you to my bed and fuck the shit out of you, do you think you can handle that?" She whispers.

      I nod and grunt through the gag. She walks away, picks something up off the cart, and walks up behind me cupping my ass cheek in her hand.

      "What a nice…slap…tight …slap….little…slap….ass….slap… you have…slap my little sex slave."

     I squeal into the gag with each slap, my erect cock bobbing up and down, the tip glistening with pre cum.

     "Do you remember the other night when I told you all the things I wanted to do to you?" She whispers in my ear from behind, as I nod yes.

     "Good, I remember one sounded very appealing, it was the one where I slide my finger into your bum bum and make your sweet little cock squirt out all it's cream, do you remember that one?" she whispers, as I nod and give a long moan of approval. 

      "Oh it sounds like you might like that huh? Well I'm going to change it up just a bit, instead of my finger I'll be using this little butt plug." She says as she lubes it up in front of my eyes.

     " Now just relax, this is pretty small so it should slide right in, yes, there it goes, just a little extra push and it's locked in place. It's even red so it matches your ball gag, I want you to look nice,"

         Oh my God it feels sexy, I can feel it stimulate in my asshole before the sensation travels up my cock, if she starts to fuck my ass with it I'll probably cum.

        "So I bet that's the first time your bum bum has been penetrated?" she asks as I nod and give another long moan of approval. She is now kneeling in front of me and is holding my cock up and beginning to run her tongue along the shaft, followed by some licks to my sack.

    "Mmmmm" she says looking up at me, "you're such a tasty boy, did you know that?"


       "This is the part when I make your sweet little cock squirt it's cum, it's going to squirt right it in my mouth, I'm going to let your cum sit on my tongue, I'll roll it around so I can fully taste you, then I'll swallow you, you'll be completely….eaten, none of you will be wasted." she says as I whimper, almost ejaculating there and then. 

         I see my entire cock disappear into her mouth, all 7 inches are gone. She reaches from below, between my legs and grabs the butt plug with her right hand and slowly begins to fuck me with it. She pulls it all the way out and slowly pushes it all the way in, over and over.The feeling of it entering and exiting is amazing. She has her left hand  wrapped around my cock and is stoking it, being sure that when

my cock pops out of her hand it goes directly into her mouth. This feels completely amazing, I can feel an orgasm building, God, I can't last much longer, Oh God. Oh God, Oh Ohh… Here It Comes….


       I feel the most incredible sensation surge through my cock and balls as I erupt. I'm screaming uncontrollably into the gag, and in rhythm to my cock's ejaculations. My whole body is thrashing in my metal framed bondage as I try to escape Mistresses unrelenting tongue on my extremely sensitive cock head. She's holding my cock with one hand and her mouth is glued to the end of my cock as she sucks out every drop of me. She's dropped the butt plug and using the free hand to brace herself from my frantic thrashing. It passes and I am completely spent, I'm hanging exhausted in the frame, but Mistress is still sucking the last of me out of my slowly fading cock.

     "Wow baby, that was the most powerful orgasm I think I've ever seen, you're quite a little screamer, which is very hot, I'll have to be sure you're always gagged when I make you cum….and I loved your attempts of escaping, also very hot!

      "My little slave served up quite a big serving for her Mistress, I thought you'd never stop shooting your sauce….but I'll let you rest a while before I fuck you."

    At this point I can see that my penis is very much deflated, probably less than half the size of it's erect self. My balls have relaxed as well, now hanging lazily in their sack. It's going to take me a little while to be able to fuck my Mistress, and I hope I don't disappoint her. She comes over and takes off my nipple clips, I'm surprised how much they when she takes them off as I squeal into my gag.

       "Yes I know they hurt a lot more coming off than going on sweetie."

         "Oh No….. I think someones been a bad slave and let their cock drip all over the floor!! I just cleaned this floor too! It looks like my slave boy needs to be punished!!" she says, her voice becoming much more stern.

          "Normally I make a slave boy lick up his cum, but since you're still bound and gagged, I'll have to clean it myself!''

          She wipes up the drops of cum with her finger, and to my surprise she wipes the cum off her finger onto a butt plug. This plug looks a little bigger than the first one she used. I whimper and tug at my restraints.

        ''Don't worry bad boy, you're not going anywhere. I told you your cum wouldn't go to waste, I'm using it to lube up your butt plug."

        This plug doesn't slide in as effortlessly as the first, the tip is fine but the last inch takes a little bit of time before my ass relaxes to accepted it. I'm a little worried about my punishment, considering Mistress's change of mood and her collection of toys. Once the plug is in place Mistress quickly pulls a long, course, thin rope from a drawer in the cart. She quickly approaches me, and without saying a word, squats down in front of me and quickly cinches the rope around my ball sack, just below my limp cock, so both balls are trapped. Then she braids the two free ends around the length of my cock, tying it off just under the head. She then wraps the rope around my waist tying it off, this holds my cock against my body. The remaining rope is laced down the crack of my ass, over the base of the butt plug securing it in, and finally tied where it all began, around my ball sack. Upon finishing this she retrieves a full length mirror from the other side of the room and leans it against the cart in front of me. Just as quickly she retrieves a black, leather covered paddle from the wall, about the size of a ping pong paddle, and approaches me.

        "As you can see you'll be getting a paddling, but let me explain the rest. I've set up the mirror so you can see yourself being punished, I think you'll learn much better this way. I didn't only bind your cock and balls to keep them from swinging around when I paddle you, but your sexy boy parts are in a bit of a predicament. If you stay flaccid everything will be OK, but if you start to get hard all the ropes start to tighten, both your cock and balls will be squeezed more and more the harder and more excited you become. So your pleasure will be your pain, and I know you don't have a lot of self control so this should be very amusing." she laughs.

      Seeing myself in the mirror bound up is a bit of a shock, I can't believe how exposed I am, Diane has seen everything I've got in detail. My balls are bound up into a little sphere and just completely exposed. My limp cock is constricted within Mistress's rope work, and I now understand how bad it will be for me if I can't control myself. I know Mistress can get me hard with speech alone, and I'm hoping she doesn't know this. Mistress is now behind me, paddle in hand.

     "Let's get started, I think 15 paddles is about right for a bad boy like you, but wait I think some pictures are in order first." she says playfully.

      Oh no, I feel a twinge of excitement, her mood and tone are changing. I think Mistress knows exactly how to get me excited. She takes a few close up shots of my bound cock and balls, so she can compare before and after pictures, as well as the butt plug. She knows the humiliation is a turn on for me.

      '' Sweetie I noticed the rope is already getting snug and I haven't begun your paddling. Now I want you to count for me, do your best" She says right before the paddle slaps my ass.


     "God boy, you're taking this so well, you're barely whimpering, maybe you need it a little harder on your bum bum."


    ''Now your sweet buns are getting red, lets take a look how you're sweet little cock is doing, ooooh it looks like it's trying break out, how about your delicate plums, oh my, they are really tight, they can barely move.

     Between Mistress's comments, the butt plug, and the paddling I'm definitely getting turned on. I can feel my cock being squeezed, but worse is the burn caused by the corse rope. My sack is so tight that when Mistress tries to wiggle it it barely moves.   

     "You didn't loose count did you? We'd have to start aaaalllll over if you did."


   I'm squealing into the gag after each hit now, it's starting to hurt, but Mistress stops to rub, and even kiss it which helps some.

      "What a nice smooth bum bum my bad boy has, and it's getting so red, it will probably match the red plug he has buried inside him." she laughs

     I'm glad this is almost over because everything is starting to hurt, I hope she doesn't drag this out to much longer.

      "Just five more, how about fast and hard?"


       "Good boy, you got through you're first punishment with no tears. Your rear is nice and warm, and red, how about your front, Uh Oh, I guess that spanking got you really excited, you're cock looks truly tortured, the rope is really squeezing you. I think you're already to fuck, but first you don't mind if I play with you for another minute or two?

     My ass and my cock are burning. Mistress walks back to the wall and hangs up the paddle only to return with a riding crop! I protest in my gag and again try in vain to break free, but I know this just further excites her.

     ''Don't be afraid baby, I'm not going to hurt you. It's just that the site of your tight little nuts makes me want to play."

      She places the crop just below my balls and rubs, then taps them, she continues this on each side, as well as the back, rubbing and tapping. Each tap gets a little harder as she searches for my limit based on my groans. She finishes up this little session by snapping a couple pics of my tortured cock and balls.

    ''Your balls are so smooth when I have them bound up like this, it's one of my favorite things to do! You look so delicious strung up as you are. So naked, so stretched, so squeezed. You realize how vulnerable you are right now, don't you? The dominance I have over you at this moment is a huge turn on for me, I could really hurt you, but you have to trust your Mistress. It's all about trust. Right baby….trust."

     Finally she begins to release me.

     "OK my little slave I think you're ready to be released, your boy parts are starting to turn purple."

      She unties my cock and it springs up and out, next my balls are released and the color starts to come back. The butt plug is slid out, but for fun Mistress begins to fuck my ass with the tip to watch my cock reach it's full size. The ball gag is pulled out of my mouth, but Mistress wants me to keep it hanging around my neck for later. Finally I'm released from the metal frame and can move my arms and legs again, but the cuffs are left on my wrists and ankles. Mistress leads me downstairs to a bedroom, not hers, just a room with a huge four poster bed.

     "So sweetie I know your sore, so I'm going to be very gentle with OK? Now hop up on the bed and lay down on your back, mistress will get you all nice and secured."

     Once I lie down on the bed, which was very comfortable, she very quickly has my wrists and ankle secured to the bedposts, I'm tightly spread-eagled once again, I can't move a muscle. She dims the lights and lights some candles and then leaves the room for a few minutes. When she returns I'm amazed at her combined beauty and sexiness. She's removed everything except for those extremely hot, thigh high boots, and a black G string that just barely hides the object of my desire. Her long blonde hair is hanging over her breasts, but I can still see the delicate pink nipples.  She teases me by slightly pulling her G string down and letting it spring back up, and it's working because if I wasn't tied down I'd rip those little panties off with my teeth to get to the treat underneath. Finally she slips out of the panties and I see here sweet, cleanly shaven snatch for the first time. I just want to taste her, to run my tongue over her entire body, to inhale her. This little strip tease is all the foreplay I need. To my surprise she rolls her G string into a ball and pushes it into my mouth, it's very wet, I can finally taste my Mistress, I suck her tangy juices out, slowly savoring every drop.

         ''I've been wet all night," she says. "After all of this I'm so hot, remember I haven't cum, you have. Having you strapped to the bed like this just makes me hotter, you just look so good. I know your cock is sore from the rope baby, so I'm going to rub some lubricant on it."

       She squeezes some lubricant into her hand and lightly begins to stroke my cock with it. She wipes the excess lubricant on my leg before positioning herself over me, her hands on the sides of my waist, knees between my legs. She lowers her head and softly licks and kisses my stomach before slowly working her way up my chest and stopping on my nipples. Her long blonde hair caressing my body the whole time. She leaves my nipple and gives me a kiss on the forehead and pulls out my panty gag, before kissing my mouth. Slowly at first, just tongues darting back and forth, lightly making contact. Gradually it become more passionate, deeper, until we are trying to devour each other. Abruptly she stops and crawls up towards the headboard and hovers one of her nipples over my mouth before lowering it in. I lightly caress it with my tongue before securing the nipple between my teeth, I alternate between sucking  and flicking it with my tongue. She releases a moan of pleasure before removing it and replacing it with her other breast. Crawling still higher towards the headboard, she now has her delicious pussy over my mouth, her knees on either side of my head. It's the moment I'd been dreaming about, and even though I want to suck her inside out, I follow her commands.

       "OK sweetie your going to use your pretty mouth and that tongue of yours to eat my pussy, I'm going to tell you exactly what to do and what I like. First I want you to lightly lick on each side right here."

      "OK" I say as she points to her outer labia.

      "Ummm yeah ooh ummm, Now slowly work your way inward….good ummmm….yes…ummmm…now the full length of my slit….oh God yes…just….like….that…ummmm…ooh…now fuck me… with your tongue…aaaah….uummmmm….oh yes yes..keep…going…..ummmmm….I need you to suck my lit…..ummmmmm……right…. here…..OH GOD…YES….UMMM….IT FEELS….SO….GOOOOD…OOHHHH……..SUCK IT….UM…UM..UMM…I'M GOING TO…CUM…..IM GOING TO CUM …ALL OVER YOUR PRETTY…FACE…UMMMM…UMMMMMM…UMMMMM…UUUMMMMMMMM " She screams as she orgasms, quickly pulling her clit away from my mouth and the unrelenting stimulation.

      This is something I'd been fantasizing about, to eat her tasty little snatch. Her woman scent is intoxicating, she tastes both sweet and tangy on my tongue. The folds of her sensitive pussy feel so soft and delicate, I gently trap her swollen clit between my teeth as I lash it with my tongue before I suck it into an explosive orgasm. I wasn't expecting the huge release of juice that came with her orgasm, I would have liked to have drank her in, but as it was, much of her juice ended up on my chin and neck. I did however feel relieved to have her guide me through it, I have to admit, I have only done this once, and am not sure what a woman really likes, and I certainly don't want to disappoint her here. After she came she leaned forward and gave me a long deep kiss, still straddling me, she slid down my body, reaches between her legs and grabs my rigid cock and begins to slide the head along her well lubed slit. Oh God, I knew where this was going, I'm finally going to feel myself inside her, at which time she positions my cock at her opening and slides back on to it. The feeling that ran through my sex was incredible, my cock now deliciously  encased inside her.

         "Now I don't want my sexy little fuck toy to cum too soon……I don't want to have to string you up again and punish you.''

        Oh God, she feels so good that I don't think I can last long, and the fact that she's teasing me with her threats isn't helping. I really need to control myself, but I'm not sure how, I really don't want to blow my load too early. Then to my surprise and relief, the immense pleasure in my sex starts to fade, I don't feel the imminent orgasm that I did when I first slid into her, it's like the feeling has stabilized, maybe due to the fact that I came less than an hour ago. I feel a wave of relief and confidence, I realize I'll be able to last with her. She's now riding me up and down as best she can considering that her boots seem to be a hindrance. Even though she has me secured very tightly to the bed, I try to undulate my hips. She reaches around behind me and and plays with my balls which are held close in their sack. Her finger then makes it's way down to my recently lubed anus, where she briefly slips it in. Now with her hands above my shoulders she begins to slowly moan, she's looking into my eyes, but I can tell she's somewhere else as her moans slowly begin to rise in intensity.

        "I want you to make me come….can you…do that?….ummm…that's it…..ummmm….so good….I never knew you had such…a….mum….talented….tongue…um….and….sweet cock….umm..ahhh…ahhh…Oh God… I'm…cuming….ahhh…Ahhh…. .AHHHHH….AHHHH…..AHHHHH…UMMMMM…YES…FUCK ME….YES YESSS….AHHHHHHHHHH…UMMMMMMMM….UMMMMMMMM…..UUMMMMMMMM" she screamed before collapsing on my chest.

     Seeing her cum is pretty damn hot, I feel her love juice drench my balls with it's warmth. I love feeling the weight of her feminine body laying on top of me. She rests for a minute to catch her breath before she sits up and begins to ride me again!

        "That was amazing, who new you were such a good little fuck. I want you to cum with me this time, do you think you can do that?" she asked.

      I nodded yes as she pulled the ball gag over my chin to silence my mouth. It had a familiar taste, as I realized that it had been coated with her juices on her first orgasm.

       "Have to keep you quiet, don't want to wake the neighbors."  she laughs.

     She slowly starts to ride me again while her tits lightly bounce up and down. She soon begins kneading and pinching her nipples which I find to be very hot, and immediately start to feel the beginning of an orgasm developing in my groin. She then reaches down and begins to pinch my nipples, which puts me another step closer. From here she moves a hand to her crotch and starts to rub her clit, soon  she begins to softly moan in pleasure, this went on for a bit, all the while her moaning slowly intensifying.

       "How's my slave doing, are you getting close?" she asks.

        Not being able to speak, I try to tell her I'm not ready.

        ''Remember slave, I want you to cum with me, I want you to cum on my command."

       This could be tough I thought, I'm not sure I can do it, and I can tell Mistress is not be far from cumming. Luckily she already knows how I react to the power of suggestion and it doesn't take long before she has coaxed an orgasm out of me.

       "If you don't cum on command I may have to flip you over my knee and spank your sweet ass, you wouldn't want that would you?" she asked as I pleaded "No" through my gag.

       "Or maybe I'll just flip you over and reattach you to the bedposts, so you'll be ass up, cheeks spread. I'll clip some clothes pins to your sensitive ball sack, and slip an enema nozzle into your tight little hole and fill you up, your cock would get nice and hard when you feel the water flowing into you, ummmm yes! Maybe I'll do it regardless….visualizing your tight body bound spread eagled with an enema hose running into your sweet ass is really starting to turn me on."

        I continue to protest, but in actuality, her threats of what she'd do to me are so erotic, that they really turn me on, and I immediately start moaning in pleasure as I feel an orgasm approaching. Mistress seems to have turned herself on as well, and I can tell her orgasm is not far away.

      "Good boy, I can tell you're  getting close….and I want…I want you to cum….ummmm….I want you to shoot……your boy cream into me ummmmm…..I want to feel…….your hot squirts….ummmmm…..oh God….ummmm….oh fuck yeah…..I'm going to CUM…CUM  NOW SLAVE, CUM….UMMMMMM…..AAHHHHH…..AHHHHH….UMMMMM. 

       We're both moaning together, as I feel an incredible sensation which begins in my balls and quickly makes it's way to my cock. Soon I can feel my jism traveling up my cock erupting into the most magnificent orgasm I've ever had, the feel of my cum squirting into my Mistress is incredible. I cum just seconds after her, screaming into my gag, and bucking violently up and down in my restraints as I instinctively try to fuck my Mistress and shoot my load. Mistress continues fucking me after I finish which is torturous on my now, extremely sensitive cock, as I desperately try to escape the overly intense feeling. As the sensitivity passes and I calm down, she removes my gag and gives me a long, deep kiss. Finally getting up, she removes my restraints and curls up with me on the bed, resting her head on my shoulder. I lay completely exhausted and almost dose off, before Mistress's voice brings me back.   

            "So Jack, how did you like it, was it as good as you'd imagined?" she quietly asks.

            ''My God, it was incredible, even better than I'd imagined." I reply.

            "Good, It was better than I imagined too. You were great, I wasn't sure how this would all go, you could have freaked out and wanted to stop, or we may not have had any sexual chemistry, but everything went great, you were awesome." She calmly states.

             "I'm glad I pleased my Mistress, of course you were phenomenal, the best sex I've ever had, by far." I awkwardly say.

              "You can call me Diane now, you don't have to call me Mistress if we aren't playing" she laughs.

              "OK sure. You said it was better than you'd imagined, I thought this was my fantasy alone, were you fantasizing about doing this too?" I ask.

              "Well, I don't know…maybe….yeah I guess. I may have pictured you naked….tied up…..cumming in my mouth. Not to inflate your ego, but you're a very good looking kid, I'm sure I'm not the only woman who has fantasized about you."

             "Wow, I'm surprised, I just never would have thought. One thing I really love is how well you describe sex, you use just the right words to get me excited. I think it was your enema description that enabled me to cum with you." I tell her.

              "Yeah, I discovered that about you quickly, you respond to verbal imagery and humiliation, so I try to use it to control you. Some people don't respond to it, some people like to be degraded and yelled at, everyone's different."  she explains.

              "When did you first have these thoughts, you know, dominating men, bondage, and stuff." I ask.

               "Hmmm, let's see. I think I was about 10 years old, me and my friend were talking about boys from school, you know, like who was the cutest. We narrowed it down to three and had a lot of fun debating the order of them. We talked about who we would like to date, who we would like to kiss, and even what it would be like see them naked. It was the first time I really felt sexually excited. I didn't tell my friend this, but as we were discussing them I kept visualizing the three boys naked, that I had somehow caught each one and had them suspended in these nets. There was a button that I could push to  raise and lower them, and I had them suspended over these caldrons of water and was planning to slowly lower them in. I'm not sure why, it all sounds very strange, very weird now, probably something I saw on a cartoon or on Batman. I used to love to watch Batman on TV, I loved it when Batman and Robin would get tied up by the criminals, seeing Robin tied up was really exciting. I liked the creative ways the criminals would plan to slowly torture them. A few years later my friend had a brother who was a year older than me, I imagined tying him to a tree in the woods and pulling his pants down, silly I know." she laughs. 

          "So it sounds like you had these feelings right from the beginning. I've occasionally thought about tying a girl down to a bed, it's kind of a turn, but I've just recently thought about being tied and dominated myself. You actually put the idea in my head last year when we were raking leaves, do you remember, you said 'you'd put a collar around my balls' - that's what triggered it. I researched femdom online to find out more about it, then I started imagining you one day dominating me, very much like you did tonight." I say.

           "Interesting, I remember making the comment about putting a collar around your balls, I just wanted to see how you'd react. It's also interesting that you desire to dominate women, it sounds like you may be a 'switch', did you ever fantasize about dominating me?" she asks.

          "Umm, well ah… yes…I guess I have. I've envisioned you naked and tied to the bed while I ate you and made love to you. I know I'd love to see you bound to the frame upstairs, wearing only those boots you have on now, I think that would be super hot!" I told her.

          "Ah, 'made love to me', how sweet. Well someday maybe you'll get your wish. So are you up to for this again?" she asks.

          "I'm surprised you asked, of course, just tell me when." I answer.

           "OK, I'll let you know. Remember, no one can find out about this, especially not your parents. Is your cell phone in your name or your parents?" she asks.

           "Mine" I reply.

            "Good, let's exchange numbers and I'll call you. Don't call me unless it's very important, don't walk over to my house, definitely don't email or mention me for any reason to your parents, understood?" she asks.

           "Yes, understood, I'll wait to hear from you." I answer.

            Noticing the time I realized I have to leave, Diane gives me one more long kiss, walks downstairs with me, I get dressed and head home.

























                                        Chapter Four   Caught Off Guard

             I awake feeling great, I had lost a lot of sleep over the last few days, and I finally feel caught up. The fact that Diane had completely exhausted and drained me last night made it easy to sleep so deeply. As I lay in bed I replay the whole evening in my mind, it really was fantastic, better than I could have ever imagined, I can't wait to do it again. I can't stop thinking about Diane, I would have loved to have spent the night with her, I have this incredible urge to see her, to be with her. I'm surprised I have these feelings, this infatuation with a 44 year old woman. Not that she's some old hag, she's very attractive, she's in great shape, and looks fantastic for her age, but I've gone out with some hot 18 year old girls that I haven't felt much of anything for. I know Diane said not to call her, but I don't know if I can resist contacting her. Do I really have to wait for her to contact me? That seems so crazy. When will she contact me? Next week? Next month? This is the kind of lack of control I don't like. Maybe last night was the first and last time. No, I doubt it, I could feel that she enjoyed it as much as I did. Maybe she's lying in bed right now having these same feelings about me….or maybe not. I know she has a few partners, and I'm just a kid from next door. This didn't bother me before, but now the idea of her being with someone else, another guy, is not sitting well with me. It's uncomfortable to think about, so I don't. I roll out of bed, I need to be at the bike shop for noon. As I walk out of my house I look over at Diane's, it seems to be dark, her car is gone, she's most likely at work. Luckily the shop was busy which made the time fly, but more importantly it kept my mind off Diane. As I'm leaving work I check my messages and notice a voice mail from Diane, my heart races with excitement. Her voice was very calm and emotionless.

               "Hi Jack, it's Diane. Listen, I want you to be over at my place at 9:00 tonight.  Be sure to use the back door, see you then."  

         Her tone is odd… cold….. I don't hear any excitement in her voice, maybe she wants to pull the plug on this thing that we just started. She'll probably tell me that it was a mistake to get involved with me, I'm too young, I'm a neighbor, and this all just wrong. OK, no problem, I can handle it, there's plenty of other woman, no big deal.

          It's almost 9:00, I tell my mother I'm going out for a bit, I drive around to Densmore St and park before walking over to Diane's. I knock on the back door and this time she almost immediately opens the door. She invites me in, she appears to have just gotten home from the salon.

         "Come in Jack….. how was your day? How was work?" She asks.

          "It was OK" I reply, hoping she doesn't start off with small talk before she gets to her ''Dear John'' speech.

            "That's good, because your night is going to be a whole lot better, now strip." she demands.

             "What?" I reply. I'm completely taken off guard, I didn't see this coming at all.

              "You heard me, Strip, I want you naked." she barks.

               I quickly start to disrobe, and within a minute I'm standing naked in front of her, my hands behind my head and legs apart. She looks me up and down, her eyes seem to come to rest on my dangling cock and balls.

               "Good boy, you even remembered the correct stance, now follow me." she says.

               I follow her into the bedroom we were in last night, the room with the big, wrought iron, four poster bed.

              "On the bed, lie face down." she orders. Her voice is less playful than last night, more curt and to the point, slightly angry, is she going to punish me? What for? I haven't done anything to deserve it.

              I lay on the bed and she attaches the leather cuffs to my wrists and ankles. The cuffs are then attached to the bed posts, and she manages to pull the ropes even tighter than last night rendering me completely motionless. I don't believe my legs can be spread any further than they are now, I feel very exposed and vulnerable.

              "I almost forgot what a great body my slave has, not an once of fat, so toned, and this position really shows off your tight ass." she says.

                "Thank you Mistress." I reply.

                "Don't thank me quite yet." she says.

                 "Why Mistress? What are you going to do to me?" I ask.

                 "Don't you worry my little slave, I have some delicious plans for you." she replies as she lightly caresses my back with her fingertips. She finishes by running her finger down my spine and through my separated ass cheeks and over my anus. It feels very erotic, as it reminds me how exposed I am, I feel my cock surge. I can now feel her hands on my balls, I quickly realize that she is binding them with rope, they're quickly secured using what feels like a slip knot.  Moving to the front she begins to fit me with a ball gag, but this one fits over my whole head like a harness. To my horror, she then takes the long rope that is tied around my ball sack and attaches it to the back of the ball gag harness.

                "Now lift your head up off the bed as far as you can, while I tie this little rope to your harness. Good…very nice…..well, it looks like you've gotten yourself into quite a predicament. Just keep you head up." she laughs.

                 Oh God, my head is tied to my balls! If I relax my neck at all, the weight of my head will stretch my balls, I'm not sure how long I can hold my head up, or when my neck muscles will give out. How long is she going to keep me like this????

                 "I'm going to get out of my work clothes and get into my 'work you over' clothes, I should be back in 10 or 15 minutes. Now you just keep your head up." She teases.

                  15 minutes? Oh God I hope I can last. I think back over the last half hour and the turn of events that have taken place. I came over expecting Diane to tell me she wanted to end this relationship, and 20 minutes later I'm naked, gagged, tied spread eagled to her bed, and my balls are on the verge of being stretched by my own doing. I'm starting to feel the fatigue in my neck, even if I relax my neck a little I can feel discomfort in my balls, luckily within a few minutes Diane returns.

                    "It looks like my slave boy has done well, your head is still up and you haven't tortured your pretty little balls to much." she says.

                     I can hear her taking pictures behind me, my eyes are closed as I try to deal with the fatigue in my neck. She begins to lightly stroke my tortured sack.

                      "Very nice….there's nothing I like better than seeing your sweet plums bound up like this….nice…and….tight…. You know, for the last year or two I've fantasized about you… having complete control of you….but imagining gets old…you've been tantalizing and teasing me without knowing it….. it's been frustrating having you so close, yet so out of reach….so I seem to get some sort of revenge by torturing the essence of your sex." she states.  

                     "I think you've earned a little freedom." she says as she unties my balls.

                     She reties the rope to the footboard, keeping my head elevated from the bed, but at least my balls aren't taking the pressure.

                     "You know I keep coming up with good ideas, and last night I came up with one, do you remember?" she asks.  

                       Hmmm, I think back, trying to remember what she may have mentioned.

                      "Do you remember I mentioned this?"

                      Oh God, it's an enema bag, that's right, now I remember. She threatened to tie me face down on the bed and give me an enema……and she already has me bound face down. Oh God No….I try to protest through the gag, I try to struggle to free myself, but she has me well secured, and I know this only excites her anyway.

                    "Don't be a bad boy, I know you want to be all clean for your Mistress, inside and out."

                      This is going to be so humiliating. I can't believe it. Diane is going to fill my ass, and I can't do anything about it!?! What makes it worse is the more humiliated I become the more excited she becomes.

                       "Let's see, I have a few different nozzles that will fit nicely into your bum bum, which one do you think I should use?" she asks.

                        She shows me an assortment of nozzles, some are pear shaped like small butt plugs.

                         "This one? This one? This little one?" she asks, knowing I can't answer.

                         Thankfully she chooses a thin, straight one and begins to lube the nozzle as I watch, contemplating where she'll soon be putting it. I try to beg for her to reconsider, but the gag prevents my words from reaching her.

                        "You really have the sexiest little ass, so hard and lean. And look at this little asshole, still so tight." She says as she gently runs her finger up and down the crack of my well spread ass cheeks, before she lightly probes my anus.

                        "I think it's time we get you cleaned out, don't you Sweetie?" she laughs.

                       I attempt to plead as I feel her slowly start to push the nozzle in until it fully enters me. I can then feel her attach the hose to the nozzle and the bag. Then again, more pictures, I'm really starting to wonder why so many.

                     "Now aren't you just a sight, all bound up for punishment. That hose running into your ass looks absolutely delicious." she purrs.

                      "There's a little valve on the hose that will allow me to fill you up, but before I do I'll give you a chance to get out of this predicament. Lying face down I can't see your cock, so the deal is this: if you've been able to control yourself and do not have an erection I'll remove the enema, but if you haven't been able to control yourself and your cock is hard I'll fill you up." she says.

                      Oh no, I've already lost this deal, I can feel my hard cock squeezed between my stomach and the mattress.

                      "Now I just need to check your penis." she teases as she slides her hand up from below my testicles and grabs onto my cock.

                      "Uh Oh, I have a bad slave boy with a very hard penis, that means he wants his punishment." she laughs.

                       ''A deal's a deal, so sorry sweetie." she laughs as she opens the valve and I feel water flow into my ass for the first time. Initially it doesn't feel too bad, and I can tell Mistress  is thoroughly enjoying my humiliation, which in turn gets me excited. She begins to untie the rope that's holding my head up, and then removes the harness gag which is a relief. It's short lived because now my bowels are starting to cramp.  

                        "Almost done Sweetie…..there, that's it….do you feel full?"

                        "Yes Mistress, I'm full. It hurts." I say

                         ''I'm going to untie you then you can use the bathroom. After you empty yourself I want you to quickly shower off, I want you clean inside and out." she instructs.

                           It seems like it takes forever before she releases the cuffs and pulls the tube out of my ass. Trying to keep some dignity I calmly walk to the bathroom, even though I want to run. It's a huge relief emptying my bowels, the best part of the enema, for me anyhow. I quickly shower before returning to the room, wondering what Mistress has in store.

                            "Good boy, nice and clean. I'm not done with you yet, not going to let your hard-on go to waste, now get back on the bed." she orders.

                             She has me kneel at the bottom of the bed with my ass against the rails that make up the footboard. She cuffs my wrists and ties each one to the top of the posts over my head. She then runs rope around my knees and ties them to the posts spreading my thighs apart. Not stopping here she ties my thighs and waist to the rails in the footboard, rendering me immobile from my waist to my knees. She then attaches a set of nipple clamps, which to my surprise are fitted with bells.

                            "Now don't you just look precious." she laughs

                            I certainly feel embarrassed in this position. I look down at the clamps and bells, which jingle at the smallest movement, and my fully erect cock sticking straight out, which gives away my excitement.

                            ''Since your ass is nice and clean I might as well take advantage of it. I have a fun toy that I think you'll like, do you know what these are?" she asks.

                          "No Mistress." I answer as she holds the toy up.

                           "They're anal beads. I'm going to slip them in your bum bum, they feel good going in, and even better coming out, especially if I pull them out while your cumming." she says.

                            I moan in pleasure as she tells me this. The toy consists of five balls connected with a string which runs through the center of each ball. The balls are spaced about three inches apart with a ring at the end which Mistress is holding the toy by as she is lubes each individual ball. She then walks behind me.

                           "I think you're going to like this, here comes the first one….oh it slipped right in, nice….here's the second." she says.

                            Thankfully the balls aren't too big, they go in easily and they do feel good, my cock is throbbing at this point, the tip wet with precum. She finishes inserting all the balls and then ties a long, thin rope to the ring at the end. This rope is run under the cross rail just above the mattress, Mistress leaves the rope on the mattress in front of me. 

                           "Very nice, you're naked, bound, and ready to fuck. You look so natural like this, I wish I could just keep you here as my sex toy, you wouldn't mind that…would you?" she asks as she slowly starts to undress, teasing and taunting me as she goes.

                           "You wouldn't mind sucking these tits…licking them….fucking them…hmmm? And what about what's in here… wouldn't mind keeping my pussy clean….you've got a talented tongue…good for licking…making me cum…you wouldn't mind that….cumming inside me….I can train you to cum on my command….hmmm." she slowly taunts.

                          She now stands naked before me, her body perfectly proportioned, medium sized breasts with only a hint of sag, thin waist and nicely toned legs. Her blonde hair framing her beautiful face. She slowly makes her way onto the bed, and onto her hands and knees. She positions her ass right in front of me, reaches under and grabs my cock and begins to slide the head along her wet slit. I immediately start moaning and she slides me completely inside her. The feeling of  finally being inside her is tremendous, I hear myself quietly moaning in pleasure as she slowly begins to slide herself on my rigid cock. I can see that she has the rope that's connected to the anal beads laced through her fingers. Soon she also begins to moan softly, but manages to converse with me.

                       "Slave, you feel so good!….. and remember, you have to ask permission to cum, I want you to try to last as long as you can." she says

                        "Yes, Mistress." I answer, but I don't think I can last too long, especially if she starts talking erotically.

                        "I'm going to pull out the beads at the same time, you're going to cum so hard, it'll be very intense…..mmmm….I know how sensitive the head of your cock gets…mmmm…when you cum, but I have you bound up so well….mmm….you won't be able to stop me from fucking your overly sensitive cock…mmmmm….it'll be torture for you." she says.

                         True, I won't be able to stop her, I can't move my lower body at all. I can hear Mistress moaning, along with bells that are biting into my nipples, but I don't think she's close, even though I am.

                        "Mistress, I'm getting close, I don't think I can last much longer." I tell her.

                         "Then you have to ask your Mistress if you can squirt your boy cream out of your cock" she instructs me.

                          "PLEASE MISTRESS, CAN I SQUIRT MY BOY CREAM OUT OF MY COCK?!?!!" I scream!!!

                           "Yes, slave boy squirt for me, squirt!" she says as she pulls the beads out of my ass and my cock explodes into the most intense orgasm I've ever experienced. The beads and the orgasm blending into one huge wave of pleasure. I can hear myself grunt and scream wildly as the bells ring uncontrollably with my upper body contortions. Mistress continues to fuck me as I try to escape her pussy, the head of my cock so sensitive it's turning pleasure into pain. Oh God, I can't take it.

                          "Stop, Mistress, please stop, please, please, oh God, please" I beg as she just laughs.

                          "Haha, no baby, I love to see you tortured, it's so hot! ...Mmmm."

                            Finally the sensitivity passes, but Mistress continues to slowly fuck me, and to my surprise I still seem to be hard. Mistress begins to taunt me to ensure I don't get soft.

                          "You may cum quickly, but you're still hard….which is good, because if you go limp I'll definitely have to punish you for cumming so quickly."

                          She now begins to rub her clit as she pumps her pussy on my cock.

                          "Mmmm I love your hard, young cock inside of me…mmm…soon I'll be able to slide my strap on inside off you…. once I loosen up your sweet ass a little more….mmmm…..I love hearing you scream when you cum….mmmm….sweet screams….yeah…mmmm….don't you dare cum slave…..or I'll put your little plums in my ball crusher….mmmm….then you'll scream….oh it feels so good when you fuck me….ohhh..mmmm….I think…I think I need…to cum…mmmmmm….MMMM….OHHHHH GODDD….OHHH…GOOOOOODDDD…I'M CUMMING…. FUUUCK…AHHH….AAHHHH…..AAAHHHH…AHHH…MMMMM…..MMMMM….mmmm……mmmm…..ahhhh….."

                           Mistress has an intense orgasm, my balls are dripping with her juice. To my surprise, almost as soon as the orgasm has passed she's on her way to another one. I've heard woman can do this, but don't know much about it. After her second orgasm she rests her head on the bed, quietly moaning, her ass in the air with my cock still inside her. After a few minutes she rises to her feet and begins to untie me.

                        "What a great little fuck you are, I wonder why I'm untying you, I should just leave you here for later, your cock still looks like it's ready to go." she whispers in my ear. 

                       "Thank you Mistress, I'm glad I've pleased you." I reply back.

                       "I'll admit, I was a little concerned when you came so quickly, but luckily you maintained your erection.'' she replies.

                      "Yes Mistress, I was too." I said.

                       "Lie down with me on the bed." she instructs.

                       "Did you like the beads? Did thy intensify your orgasm?" she asks.

                        "Yes Mistress, very much." I answer.

                        "I like ass play and CBT, but you've probably figured that out by now. What are you into? Is this what you imagined? Are there other things you want to do?" she asks.

                        ''Yes, so far I've loved everything. I love the way you speak to me, the way you threaten to punish and humiliate me, it makes my heart race. I like being tied and unable to move, to give up all control to you. When you tied up my cock and balls last night, that was very erotic. I sense you get off on it too, and the more it excites you the more it excites me." I respond.

                       "OK… good…. I want to push you a little further, a little more pain, a little more torture. Some people really get off on pain, are you like this?" she asks.

                       "I don't think I get off on pain really. I can take some, especially if it excites you, then it will excite me, as I just said." I reply.

                        "So your not a pain slut, which is fine, we'll go slow. Last night I mentioned when I was a little girl and the first thoughts of this stuff, how I fantasized about the boys in school, and Batman and Robin. I haven't thought about those things in decades, but it got me thinking, Jack, I'd love to do something like that to you, to slowly torture you. I don't have any solid ideas, but I think it would be so hot to hear you whimper as you try to escape your impending fate." she tells me.

                         "I'm willing to do anything, it sounds exciting. Let me ask you something, and you don't have to answer it. When did you get into this, and who else do you do this with, I know I'm not the only one." I ask

                         "Ahh, I figured this would come up. Well I haven't been doing it very long, just a few years. My husband wasn't into it, so I guess I repressed it for about twenty years. The internet ignited these feelings since so much information became available. I got divorced for many reasons, sexual satisfaction may have been one. Once divorced I was free to embark into this lifestyle. I do meet with a few men on a semi regular basis, they're all married, their wives let them do this with me, or so they say. I'm very selective, I don't charge money, I'm not a pro, it's mutual satisfaction. I'd really just like to have one partner though." she says.

                          "Interesting, you've certainly learned a lot in a short time." I say.

                           "Maybe, natural desire goes a long way. So you mentioned you wanted to tie me up, are these thoughts you've had for a while, being dominant I mean?" she asks.

                           "I few years I guess, I never thought of being dominated, didn't even know female domination even existed until not long ago. I first thought it was strange, but the more I thought about it the more exciting it seemed. Have you ever been with a woman?" I ask. 

                           "Ha, I bet you just love the idea of two women together don' t you, you boys are all the same. To answer your question, yes I have. Only super hot women though….I tie them up tight with their legs spread, suspend them from the rafters, put clothes pins on their nipples and pussy lips, fuck their tight asses, and eat them until they cum all over my face!  Is hat what you wanted to hear??!" she laughs. 

                           "Mmmm, Wow!! Sounds great to me! Really?" I say.

                            "No,I was kidding, well some of it anyhow, but I have been with women." she replies.

                             "It's getting late, tomorrow is Mother's Day, you should get going, maybe I'll call you during the week."

                              "Fair enough, yes call me."

                              I get dressed, she gives me a deep kiss before I head out the door.












                                  Chapter Five: Diane Takes It Up A Notch

                     Sunday arrives, Mother's Day, not a big day for me, being that I have no children. When I was married, my husband and I decided not to have any. We love kids, we just didn't want any of our own, we liked the independence and freedom it allowed, or maybe we were just selfish and self absorbed. We did put a lot of time into our careers, it took a lot of time and work to build up my saloon. I started out doing hair and make up when I was twenty, I worked for someone else for six years before I went out on my own. In the beginning it was just me doing everything, I had a tiny shop with two chairs. It was a slow start, but after two years I hired another stylist, and two more the next year. Now my saloon is one of the largest in the area, with eight stylist, two cosmetologists, a masseuse, two tanning beds, and more. I still do hair, but most of my time is spent running the business.

                 I arrive at my mother's apartment at 11:00am. She's turns seventy this year and is still sharp as a whip. Seventy used to be old, but it just doesn't seem so anymore. It could be relative now that I'm forty four, or that people are just healthier and living longer nowadays. My parents have been divorced for over twenty years, my father remarried and is living out on the west coast, I don't see him much, but I try to call him once a week or so. Today I take my mother out to lunch, and then to see a movie. It's a beautiful spring day, we sit outside talking and killing time in between lunch and the start of the movie. It's a relaxing day, I think to myself that I really should do this more often. The movie ends up being better than expected, we talk about it as I drive my mother home. Driving home after dropping my mother off my mind drifts to Jack, how lucky I am that this has fallen into place so naturally and easily, I couldn't have planned it better. I'm not sure how many forty four year old women are able to hook up with an eighteen year old boy, but I'm sure it's not very common. I admit, that when I was married, I let myself go a little, between the saloon and the lack of sex in the marriage, I didn't have time, nor incentive to stay in shape. The divorce was a new beginning for me, I started exercising and dieting, I lost twenty five pounds and have toned up, I'm 5'4'' and 120lbs., I feel pretty good about myself. Still, Jack is eighteen and in amazing shape, a truly beautiful boy, so I feel I have to work a little harder at this to compensate. I realize I need to keep things fresh, I don't want it to get boring for either of us, I don't want him to loose interest.  

                 When I get home I clean up around the house, do my bills, and then hit the computer to do some research. I need some new ideas for Jack. I have this desire to torture him, but in a way in which the torture slowly grows more intense, but without me actually doing anything. Much like in those old silent movies where the woman is tied to the railroad tracks and is very aware of her fate as she struggles to get free. The old Batman TV show always had Batman and Robin captured by the criminals, they were bound up awaiting their slow, sinister demise before escaping at the last minute. I think Robin was the first boy I had a crush on, I dreamt about tying him up and taking off those little briefs he always wore. Anyhow, I searched for toys and equipment at some online BDSM stores hoping they might give me some ideas. I also searched some femdom websites for ideas as well, nothing jumped out at me or was exactly right, but I did see one piece of equipment that looked interesting. I went back to the online stores to find one, and eventually found what I was looking for, it was called a "Slave Display Mounting Rack." It was a bit pricy, but I added it to my cart along with a bevy of other small items. These small Items are just for Jack, things that  either go in his mouth, up his ass, or around his cock, I don't like the idea of these things being shared with other people, and I'm sure he doesn't either. I continue cruising the femdom sites and I stumble upon another punishment idea. So not bad, two new torture scenarios I can put Jack through that will be more intense than what we did this weekend. I haven't found a way to slow torture him yet, but there will be time for that. Before shutting down the computer I go through the pictures I took of Jack over the weekend and create a folder for them aptly titled "Jack." Looking at the pictures reminds me of what a delicious boy he really is, I could look at some of these photos all day. There's a few shots of his fantastic, shaven ass, the beautiful cheeks spread open in bondage, his tight, virgin anus visible, his testicles roped up into a tight little sphere inside their sack, they look good enough to eat. The full on shots when he was spread eagled in the frame, his cock and balls bound, are super hot, showing off Jack in his entirety, all five foot eight of him. He definitely could be called a pretty boy, with small, delicate features like his mother, and longish blonde hair. He's in great shape from all the biking he does, his body is firm and well toned, not big and muscular like a football player. I'd love to use some of these photos as screen savers, but wisely decide against it. I'd like to post them online, but I did promise Jack I wouldn't. I bet I could create a website just based on Jack's domination, hell, why let a face and body go to waste. I'm pretty turned on, but I call it a day and get ready for bed, I have a feeling my vibrator is going to get a work out.

              Monday at the saloon is usually a little slow, so I can work the reception desk and do paper work at the same time. I receive a call from Jack's mother, I panic for a second when she tells me who she is, then remember that Jack gave her a gift certificate. We chit chat for a few minutes and she sets up a time on Wednesday to get her hair done with me. Jack's mother is a natural beauty with high cheek bones, blue eyes, and blonde hair, it's clear who Jack got his looks from. She's beautiful without make up, which I've never seen her wear, but I imagine she'd be stunning with make up. She's my age, and was a big inspiration for me to get back in shape after my divorce. Later in the day I call Jack, I expect to just leave a message, but he picks up. I tell him that I ordered some things for him, as well as why, and he quickly volunteered to pay for them. I hint that I may have bought some other things, but don't come out and tell him exactly what. I tell him that I have a lot of plans for him this weekend and we decide to meet on Sunday at 1:00pm. Things are going to get a bit more intense, and under no circumstances is he allowed to pleasure himself before we meet. He readily agrees, as I could hear the excitement in his voice. I also let him know I would be doing his mother's hair on Wednesday.

                Just before getting home from work on Tuesday I get an idea that may satisfy this desire I have to slowly torture Jack. I think I had been thinking to far outside the box, maybe just a twist on something that's pretty common will yield an answer. I thought about some typical things like candles and wax, and then it hit me. Wax! I have a great idea with wax, but I think it might be too hot for what I want to do with it. I pull into the driveway and rush into the house and hop online. I google "candle wax melting point" and the answer comes in at around 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Next I google "hot water scalding temperature" and find anything above 125 degrees to be risky. What if I substitute another typical sex item in place of wax? I google "melting point for chocolate" and get between 85 and 90 degrees. It's lower than body temperature, this may be too low for what I want it for, but it still could be fun to use. Then I go to an online BDSM store and search for wax and candles and I find Massage Therapy Oil Candles. I find out that you burn them like regular candles, but you can pour the wax onto the skin and use it as massage oil. It's made with soy wax, it's edible, and melts at around 125 degrees! This is it!! I order two candles and they should be delivered on Friday. 

              Jen arrived at 10:00am sharp for her hair appointment. I was so happy she'd made the trip, I enjoy her company even though we don't spend much time together. When I was going through my divorce I called her a lot, she was very supportive and patient. Thinking about this and what I'm going to do to her son this weekend, I feel a bit of guilt. Anyhow, we have a nice chat, she fills me in on the family. Not to single Jack out and cause suspicion, I ask about all the kids. I don't find out any dirt on Jack which I could use as a reason to punish him, but no problem, I'll just make something up. Jen's gift certificate covers the haircut with enough leftover for another. She says she wants to put the balance towards a massage at another time. The balance is only about half of what a massage costs, but I tell her not to worry about it, I won't charge her the balance. My guilt coming through I guess.

                Later that afternoon a girl comes in for a hair appointment that is new to the saloon. She's pretty, and looks to be about seventeen or eighteen, I ask the usual questions like how she heard of the saloon, where she's from, and what she does. Come to find out she just finished school for massage therapy and is looking for a job. I tell her I may be looking for someone, but it's only one day a week to start, with the potential to grow if she can build a clientele. She's very interested and we do the paperwork after the haircut. I find out we are from the same town, and she graduated high school the year before. I mention that my next door neighbor also graduated last year, and if she new Jack Emerson? She didn't answer immediately, she just stared at me for a few seconds, which gave me enough time to think how stupid it was to mention Jack. It turns out that not only did she know him, she dated him once. Of course I was surprised, a "small world" kind of surprised, but not surprised that she dated him once. I could hear a bit of hurt in her voice, I joked and asked if any girl dated him more than once, hoping it would console her. I don't think it helped. I could tell she wanted to talk about it, but held back figuring this was not the time.

              Arriving home on Thursday I find all the items have come in. The rack is a little bit heavy, but I manage moving it. It looked pretty simple in the pictures so I can't imagine assembly will be too hard. I can handle light assembly, I really want to avoid having to have Jack assemble it, it'll ruin the surprise factor. I eventually get around to unpacking it and the assembly is very simple. It consists of a 4''x 4'' inch beam about 18'' high that bolts onto a base with four screws. This beam has multiple attachment points for ropes and the like. It also supports the Slave Mounting Point, which is basically a bracket that screws to the front of the beam and holds a supplied dildo. What I liked about this item is that it comes with multiple sized dildos, as well as a bracket that can hold two dildos for a woman, as well as a bracket for a single dildo that also accepts a cock restraint. Theres a board about 5''x 3ft. that has a good inch or two of foam padding running along the top surface, it also has straps that can be adjusted along it's length, this is also bolted to the base. This is what Jack will kneel on. I leave it downstairs until I decide where I want to use it. 

            I call Jack later on Thursday evening and tell him the items have arrived in the mail. He asks what he owes and says he'll bring it on Sunday. He's speaking softly, so I know he must be at home in his room.

              "Diane, I'm so horny, I haven't pleasured myself at all, just like you said, and Sunday seems like so far away." He says.

             "I know Jack, I'm so glad you haven't jerked off, I want you to save yourself for me." I respond.

             "Yeah, but is there anything I can do... or you can do?" he begs.

             "What do you want me to do? Walk over to your house, knock on the door and tell your mother I need to give Jack a blow job?" I jest.

              "No, no, of course not." he laughs.

              "I think you need to exercise some self control, stop thinking about sex, think about something else, like… like riding your bike or something." I say.

             "What about phone sex, what if you just talk dirty to me, you know, like you do." he says.

             "Yes Jack, that sounds like fun, but you'll just start jerking off, which is what you're trying to avoid….You'll just end up squirting your sweet, hot, boy cream all over yourself in no time, then I'll have to string you up and punish your naughty, little cock…haha, sorry I couldn't resist." I tease.

            "Yeah, yeah, like that!" he says.

            "No Jack, that's it, I'll see you Sunday at 1:00, be sure to be cleanly shaven."

            "See Diane, even that excites me." he says.

             "OK Jack, I've got to go, it's getting late, goodbye." I say.

              "OK, bye, see you Sunday." he says as I hang up. 

              Driving home on Friday I'm a bit excited to see if the candles have come in, and thankfully they have. The wax feels softer than typical candles, and I'm very curious to see what temperature they melt at. I light one and let it burn, as soon as it begins to melt I tilt the jar to get the wax to run away from the flame, I place a cooking thermometer in the liquid and get a reading of 120 degrees. Keeping the thermometer in the liquid, I blow out the candle. Soon the temperature begins to drop, within a minute it's down to 115 degrees and it's still liquid, perfect!! The only issue is that I'll need more liquid wax than the wick can melt. Microwave it? Maybe? I could put the candle jar in a pot of water and heat it on the stove, like you would do to melt chocolate. I do a quick test on the stove, just long enough to see if it'll work, it does. The only thing I need now is something to hold the wax at just the right height, something adjustable would be perfect. A car jack? I know there's a little one in the garage, it seem like overkill, but let me go out and take a look. It's about six inches fully retracted, it has a knob at the base that you turn to raise it, yes it will work until I find something better. Once I degrease it and clean it up it's not to bad, in fact it looks pretty serious, a good way to scare Jack. So I'm all set for Sunday, and I think I came up with some good ideas.   






                                                                                         Chapter Six: Things Heat Up

                Sunday doesn't arrive fast enough. I didn't sleep well, I'd wake up during the night and my thoughts would immediately turn to Diane, about what she had planned for me, what she means by "things are going to get a little more intense." I tried to clear my mind to get back to sleep, only to reawaken once again, only to go through the routine all over again. I eventually got a few good hours of sleep before getting up around 8:00. I had planned on doing a bike ride from 9:00 to noon, I was looking forward to it. I knew it would be very difficult to hang around the house waiting until 1:00, just to much anticipation. It turns out to be quite a scorcher, one of the few times it gets up to 90 degrees in May. I'm not used to the heat this early in the year and cut my ride a bit short, returning home at 11:00. I avoid even looking at Diane's house as I pedal up the driveway, I just want to play it cool, not get overly excited. I go into the shower, but before, I apply the hair remover, it's much easier this time since I'm just removing stubble. After the shower I kill the remainder of the time trying to watch baseball with my father, but the anticipation is painful. As I leave I realize that I've never gone to Diane's in the daylight, it may be hard to be discreet. After I park my car I remember there's a path through the woods that runs behind our houses which I can take. I do have to work my way from the path and through the woods to Diane's house, this worked well because the heavy brush made me hard to see. Soon enough I'm knocking on Diane's back door. 

          She let's me in, she's drinking a glass of white wine, and seems to be in a good mood.

         "I'd offer you a glass but I don't want to be arrested for encouraging underage drinking." she jokes.

         "That's OK, but can I get a glass of water? I think I got a little dehydrated last weekend."

         "I'm sure you did, a lot of fluid came out of you, I'll try to keep you more hydrated today."

         "Yeah, that would be good."

          "So, are you ready to take it up a notch?"

          "I am, yes…um, I'm looking forward to it."

          "Great, I think you need a safe word just in case. Do you know what that is?"

           "No, what is it?"

           "I don't think you'll need it, but if at any time you're in excessive pain, or don't want to continue you need to tell me with a special word that we'll come up with."

          "OK, I think."

           "How about "Bike" that should be easy for you to remember."

           "That sounds good."

           "And if you're gagged, the back up will be to nod your head up and down continuously, as if your nodding Yes."

           "OK, why don't I just nod my head No, it seems more logical?"

           "Well you may be nodding your head No a lot today, or at least I hope so. Now that we have that out of the way why don't you undress for me….I want to inspect you."

           My heart races as she tells me to strip, but I take my time to make it more erotic for her and me, it'll probably be the only time I'll be in control of anything all day. I eventually finish up and assume the position as Mistress gives me a quick once over by gliding her hands over my body checking for hair. She lowers herself in front of me so she's eye level with my sex, she gives me a visual inspection, lifting my cock up to check my testicles for hair. and running fingers over everything checking for stubble. She turns me around, runs her hands over both ass cheeks before splitting them apart. To my shock I feel her tongue glide through my crack, bottom to top, before her tongue returns to my asshole for a few more strokes.


          "Very nice my little slave, very smooth and very clean. However, I want you clean inside as well, so I think a quick enema  is in order for you. Let's go in the bathroom over here."

         Oh God, not again. Mistress already has the enema bag, hose, and nozzle lying in the sink.

        "Now hold onto the shower curtain rod, reach all the way to the ends, good. Now spread your legs all the way to the front and rear of the tub, good. OK, we're going to be quick about this."

         She lubes up the nozzle, hangs the full bag on the curtain rod, then slips the nozzle into my ass. I immediately feel the water rush in and watch the bag as it empties, she pulls out the nozzle, and soon the pain sets in.

         "OK, so just hold that for a minute or two and then you can use the toilet. I want you to shower off after, then wait for me in the hall, in position."

         Mistress leaves the bathroom, I hold in the water for what seems to be a minute but I'm sure is less, before releasing the enema. After quickly showering I wait in the hall, in position.

         "Good, I'm sure that feels better, and good to see you don't have a hard on."

         Mistress quickly kneels down in front of me and lubes my testicles.

         "Here's one of your new toys, and it will only go on if you aren't hard, so don't ruin it, I just need to lube you up."

         After quickly lubricating my cock and balls she easily slips one of my testicles through a large chrome metal ring, the second takes a little prodding, she pulls on my scrotum and eventually works my second ball through the ring. 

         "That's the hard part, your soft cock will slip right through the ring, see like that, it's your basic cock ring, but with a little more."

          She slips a leather strap, which is lined with snaps, under the ring. She then places four more rings on my cock and over this strap which runs along the top of my penis. My cock is only beginning to harden, but the rings are a little more than a snug fit. One ring is placed between each snap to hold them in place, she folds the other half of the strap over the rings and clips the snaps,  my cock is now harnessed. 

         "Comfy isn't it? I'm sure you have figured out your predicament, These rings are just a little smaller then your erect penis, your cock will torture itself if you become excited, and getting out of it is impossible, you'll be trapped in it until your cock goes limp, but unfortunately it's very hard to cum with it on. I was worried that you'd have your ever present hard on and I wouldn't be able to put you in this, so glad it worked out for the best, don't you?"

         "Yes Mistress Diane."

         "Did I tell you I saw your mother this week? We had a great chat, but she told me you've been naughty, you've been doing some bad things that boys get punished for. She told me that  when she does the laundry she finds sticky, gooey boy cream in your boy panties , and also on your bed sheets. It sounds like someone has been having wet dreams, someone can't control his penis. Well it's under control now isn't my little toy."

          "Yes Mistress, my cock is under your control now."

          "It is, but I think a spanking is in order. Why don't we go into the living room and I'll put you over my knee, but first let's get this pretty pink gag in your mouth, I don't want your screams to bother the neighbors."

            Mistress sits down on a wooden chair and has me lie across her lap, it feels very odd.

            "Yes, that's good right there, with your cock between my legs, this way I can hold you in position. Now where did I put that paddle…ah, here it is. Let's start out with ten spankings, and I want you to count."


              WHACK…..Ahhh…. ewh




             The spankings are a lot harder than last week and seem to be getting harder, they really hurt.

             "Good boy, your bum is getting all red and warm."







            God that hurt, I guess she wasn't kidding about raising the intensity.

            "Good boy, you took it all, now you can get up off my lap….ohhh it looks like someone is getting excited, I guess my little slave likes to be punished. That's good because he has a lot more punishment to go through today. Let's go upstairs and see what else we can find to play with."

             "Yes, Mistress."


              I follow her up the stairs, the attic is warm, the windows are shut, and she has yet to install her air conditioner. She leads me to this strange looking device which she has placed under the metal frame we used last week. She has me kneel down on a padded strip…..I don't really know where this is going.

              "This is a new toy I just got, as soon as I saw it I knew you would look so good strapped to it. To get started I want you to kneel here, good, spread your knees apart to the straps. Good, nice and wide, just let me strap you in, OK…good. Now your wrists….let's get the cuffs on…….and now I can attach the ropes…..and tie the ropes to the metal frame above your head….good…..nice….and……tight….yes….like that. OK, let's take a look, mmmm…very sexy, slave boy, you look like the Eiffel Tower with your thighs spread and your arms stretched straight up. But we're not done, no no, not even close. Here's the feature that I really like about this toy. There's a few things that attach to the post your leaning on, they attach below. It has this special dildo that securely connects to the post, and the dildo, well the dildo goes into your sweet little bum bum to hold you in place."

              Oh God, she plans to put me on this dildo!! It's not huge in width or length, but unlike most butt plugs it's widest at the base which could be a problem. Mistress finishes lubing it up and begins to slide it up inside of me. Yes, this is a bit bigger than others she's used, and it seems the further in she pushes it the harder my cock gets. She finally gets it in far enough to attach it to the beam, but if it went any further up my ass or I sink onto it, it would be painful. OK, this is getting intense.

             "You're looking good. How does that feel in your bum? Hmmm, by the looks of your hard, little cock I think you really like it, don't get too excited sweetie. I have a few more evil things for you….. here's one of my favorites, another big chrome ring."

              She holds up this thick ring and uses a little wrench to remove two screws that allow it to come apart.

              "Now this can be a bit hard to get on, especially since you're already in that harness. First thing is to get it placed correctly, under your cock….over your balls….and your sack in the center hole. Good, that wasn't hard, now just reinstall the screws……oh yessss….very hot….. you're balls are so tight, I just love the site of your plums packaged this way."

              My God, she's bolted the thing around my sack, I can tell she is now really getting off on what she's doing to me, as she caresses my tightly cinched nuts. It feels incredible, but she stops way to soon. I start wondering what I've gotten myself into.

            This has a little attachment too, but I don't think your going to like it. It screws onto each side of the ring like this………….with this little bar positioned under your delicate little balls…….and when I turn these two thumb screws the bar rises, but of course your sweet plums have no where to go….….there's two options… if I spin the ring like this so the bar is below both balls, they'll be crushed…haha….mmmm…but if I spin the ring like this, with the bar between your balls,  they'll be split when I raise the bar….I'm going to give you the choice on how I'm going to torture your plums….crushed?….no? OK……split?…..OK, split it is."

               I can't believe this, she's squeezing the life out of my testicles, and seems to be in this state of euphoria as she does so. I can see her hands trembling a little bit, most likely from excitement. She really is getting off on seeing me tortured. I can hear my own breathing deepen as I try to endure my situation. 

               "I love slowly turning the screws and seeing your nuts gradually getting squeezed and separated…..there, I think that's enough for now, is it a little uncomfortable?… Yeah, it is…. Do you need to use your safe word?….No? good boy. Just a few more things so you don't try to get away.  This little rope will finish off your sex parts, I'm just going to tie your ball stretcher to the beam below you, I like you immobile you know. There….oh my, your sexy parts are really getting some attention, I certainly have your balls under control, and your sexy cock is so hard that it's being strangled in the harness, poor baby, just a world of hurt…..and to finish you off how about a nice set of clothes pins on your nipples?….mmm yes….let me taste them first….yummy…OK these are not very strong…..there we go…how does that feel."

              The plastic clothes pins are not very painful, but I'm sure they'll get worse over time. She gently pulls at the pins, which stretch my nipples out, as she speaks to me, and I can hear myself moan and whimper with every breath, all to Mistress's delight.

               "Just so you can see how delicious your sex looks I'm going to place this mirror on the floor in front of you….is that good…can you see what I've done to your balls? Good, I'm going to go downstairs to change my clothes, I'll give you some time alone to enjoy your little predicament hahahaha."

               As I walk down the stairs I'm trembling with excitement, the sight of Jack's firm, young body tied and stretched so taught as he's mounted on the rack is really a fantasy come true. Looking at his  harnessed, rigid cock and tortured balls has made my mouth dry with anticipation. It seems it was just yesterday that he was the unobtainable boy next door that taunted my imagination and created so much sexual frustration, and now he is a little sex toy that I have naked and bound in my attic. I get to the kitchen and start heating the water for the wax. As the water heats up I decide to change into my new outfit. I've been looking for this for a while and when I finally stumbled upon it online I quickly bought it. Once dressed I return to the kitchen to find the water  boiling, and I place the container of hard wax into it and turn the heat down. Within minutes the wax is liquid and I take everything upstairs. I'm trembling again as reality sets in, the reality that I'm really going to do this, the idea that I'm going to wax Jack's balls has me hugely excited as well a little nervous.     

              OK, this is intense, I'm bound almost motionless, I can only move my head, arms and upper body a little, but I'll feel pain somewhere else if I do. My thighs are spread wide apart, clips on my nipples which have begun to hurt, my cock is harnessed and constricted in these maniacal rings, my balls are being stretch, split, and squeezed. Not to mention I've been mounted on this dildo. Move? What was she thinking? If I try to lift myself away from the large base of the dildo to give relief to my asshole, my balls are stretched by those ropes, and if I try to lower myself to take the strain off my testicles my anus is stretched open. Now I know the true meaning of "sex toy," and Diane has turned me into hers. I can see my tortured sex from the top and bottom, and I have to say I'm hugely aroused, my cock is hard and sticking straight out. It's all super erotic, and at the same time humiliating to be Diane's little sex toy. Maybe this will be a way of life for me? Regular sex seems so boring now. What's really strange to think about is all the normal, everyday activities that are going on just next door in my house. Oh God, imagine if my mother or friends saw me like this! I know I should really hate this, but I don't, I love being completely controlled by Diane, turned into a piece of sex meat for her pleasure. I could tell how turned on Diane was, it's like she's gone to another level of pleasure. Since Diane has been gone my erection has relaxed a bit and some of the discomfort has lightened as well. I soon hear her make her way up the stairs, I feel nervously excited.

            "Glad to see you didn't leave on me, our fun is just beginning."

             Mistress has changed into the most amazing outfit, she's wearing a harness made of leather straps which criss cross their way around her body. Her tits are exposed, two leather straps run between her legs on each side of her crotch, leaving her delicious pussy exposed. She's also wearing my favorite thigh high leather boots. She looks incredibly HOT, this is by far the sexiest outfit she's worn, unfortunately my erection has returned and my cock is bobbing up and down with excitement. She's also carrying a pot for some reason, which she puts down before approaching me.

             "So do you like this new toy? It's called a 'Slave Display Mounting Rack'… pretty accurate, I think you're displayed quite well. I really like how you're mounted in position by your asshole. I'm thinking of having you displayed like this at my next party, how would you like that?"

           "MMMM, MMMMM, MMMMM,"

            "What was that, I can't understand you, I'll take it as a yes, hahaha. I feel guilty keeping you all to myself, I'm sure many of my friends would very much appreciate your young, firm body…. the women...and the men. If I was able to have you 24/7 this is how I'd keep you, you're just so scrumptious when your naked and bound. I  think I really need to get some pictures."

           Display me?!? I thought this was to be discrete, I'm sure she's just trying to scare me. She takes a few pics of my sex parts and dildo for obvious reasons, as well as a full frontal shot.

           "Something's not quite right, you're pretty well immobilized except for your head, we need a little change…… we go, that gag is wrong, let's replace it with this harness gag."

          She puts me in the harness gag from last weekend, then proceeds to tie a rope from the top of the gag to the bar above me preventing me from looking down.

          "Yes, that's much better, now look right at the camera, good boy, a couple more, nice….very hot. We could maybe start a website dedicated to your domination, hmmm? No sense letting your good looks go to waste. OK, I want to take that gag off, I just wanted it for the pictures, I want you to be able to look down so you can see what I'm going to do to you next."

           She takes the harness gag off, but thankfully doesn't replace it with the old one, well not right away. She gives me a drink of water. She unties the rope that's pulling the ball stretcher down, and removes the bar that has been spreading my balls apart, which gives me some relief. However, she doesn't remove the ring that's around my sack, but screws two eyehooks into it, the holes that were left empty when she removed the bar. A thin ropes is attached to each eye hook, these ropes are tied to the post behind me to immobilize my testicles and preventing me from moving my hips forward. She then secures me to the post with a strap a few inches below my naval, and does the same to each thigh just below my crotch. Everything between the three straps is completely, and utterly immobile, this would be my ass, my cock, and my balls. I notice the whole time that Mistress's pussy is glistening with her excitement. She gags me once again, and finally places what appears to be a small, hydraulic car jack under my bound testicles. Is she going to crush them with the jack?!? Now I'm getting scared and protest through the gag to no avail.

                     "Did the jack frighten you sweetie? Don't worry, if I wanted to crush your tender balls I would have done so already."

                     She produces a paper cup, like you would get a serving of ice cream in, and tapes it to the top of the jack, my balls are now just above the cup. I really have no idea what she's up to. She then duct tapes all four sides of the jack's base to the floor. She walks over to the pot and pulls a jar from inside it, and places what looks like a thermometer into the jar and walks back to me.

                     "So my little sex toy…I'm sure you're wondering what this is all about. You've heard about playing with candles, you know, dripping wax, many people do it. Well I have a different way to have fun with wax. See, I'm not going to pour the wax on you…I'm going to put you in the wax!…. I'm going to pour the wax into this paper cup…….this….. Oh baby, you figured it out…'re so cute when you whimper and squeal…..yes, I'm going to cook your sweet little balls in wax….. let's test the wax…that looks like the perfect temperature….I don't want to over cook you….. now when I turn this knob the jack will slowly rise until your balls are completely submerged…oh, are you really trying to wiggle free?…you can't escape….I can make the wax much hotter which will really hurt, do you want me to heat the wax up more?.…OK then, behave….. I want you to watch as I raise the jack… see the wax rising?…. the wax is now just about a millimeter below your little bound sack, so I'll stop here.…let you contemplate what's going to happen to you…. oh baby, your eyes are tearing up, you can whimper all you want, it won't change what's about to happen to you…….so are you ready to have your delicate little balls cooked?…..No? ….how unfortunate, because I'm more than ready, so into the wax you go!!…..mmm nice….good…let's keep going until you're all the way in…yeah…waxed balls.. sounds scrumptious doesn't it? …that's about it…. your all the way in… your fully submerged, the wax is up to the bottom of your ring…..this is sooo hot, let's get a picture….or two…nice….now you see why I had to bind you so strictly...OK my succulent little sex slave, I'm going downstairs while your plums stew, when I get back the wax will have hardened, and your balls will be completely encased…….see you soon, sweetie."  Just before I go downstairs I look back at Jack, I seem him thrashing his upper body around trying to work his wrists free, all the while his crotch remains motionless as he dangles in the slowly hardening wax, my heart races.      

                 Oh my God!!! This can't be true!!! As soon as I realize her plans for me with the wax I plead through the gag!! I try to wiggle free, but I'm truly trapped!! I watch in terror as she pours the wax into the cup!!! She stops before the wax reaches my balls. My heart races as I watch her slowly raise the jack, wax getting closer and closer to me!!! Oh God, I brace myself as it first makes contact with my sack and I hear myself squeal!! God it's Hot! She really is planning on cooking me! However, the pain soon begins to pass, the heat seems to feel tolerable, even good. Soon the warmth feels pleasurable, similar to the feeling I get just before I cum. However, I soon remember that I'll soon be trapped, I can't even attempt to wiggle myself out of the cup to prevent my balls from becoming entombed in the wax. I also realize the wax will keep me locked in this cock harness. How am I going to free my balls once the wax hardens? I soon start thinking about all these pictures she keeps taking, I hope they're for her own, private use. I do trust her, but she mentioned the idea of publishing them on a website, it makes me wonder. Maybe she's sharing them with friends, or coworkers. No, she has more sense than to show these at work. So maybe her BDSM friends? The idea of women masturbating to pictures of me bound and tortured is kind of erotic. Looking down and seeing my hard cock being tortured, my balls slowly being encased in wax, and my ass impaled on a dildo is pretty damn erotic! I'm extremely excited as well as scared, I really need to cum, but it doesn't seem like Mistress is in any rush to let me. I fantasize about cumming in her mouth, or tying her to the bed downstairs in that leather outfit, and fucking the shit out of her. As I think about these scenarios I feel the rings bite into my cock as my hard on grows. I really need to try to get rid of my erection since it just aggravates my predicament. I try to get my mind off the situation I'm in and think of non sexual things, like my job, my boss, biking, and my family. I'm amazed at how easily and quickly my cock softens, reducing the pressure on my sex. I hear mistress coming up the stairs, it's hasn't been more than ten minutes, and I don't believe the wax has hardened, maybe she has decided not to go through with this punishment, she's going to release my balls before they're encased. She enters carrying yet another container.

             "Well sweetie, I see you've developed some control, you're penis is all droopy, feels better huh? Let's check out your little situation, how's the wax coming along, hmmm still soft I see. To speed the process along I brought up some ice water, I'll just put you, and the cup in it, you'll be encased in no time."

             So much for her setting my balls free, she gives the cup a squeeze to check if I'm done. Holding the cup steady, she begins to lower the jack enough to slip the small pot of ice water between the jack and the cup. She balance the pot on the jack and begins to raise the jack until the cup is sitting in the water.

           ''There, shouldn't be long now. I know you've had a tough time baby, it's hot up here and your sweating, and I know you're scared. You know Mistress loves you and wouldn't let anything bad happen to you, and you know that this is just the beginning, right baby? Once that wax hardens and I separate it from the cup, I'm going to bring you down into my bedroom, someplace I don't bring just anybody.  See, I have this big wedge of wax in there, it's shaped like a giant wedge of cheese, it must be two or three hundred pounds, three feet high with a sharp edge running along the top. And on the top there's a hole drilled out that's just a little bigger than the wax encasing your nuts. I'm going to have you straddle the wedge and you'll be able to drop your waxed nut sack right in the hole. Then I'll top off the hole with fresh, hot wax, all the way past ring on your scrotum. When it hardens you'll be my permanent little prisoner…..oh you're whimpering again….I think you want to be mistress's full time sex toy , don't you? Of course you'd always be naked, you'd look so delicious with your wrists bound to the ceiling hook above, with only your hard little penis sticking up. I'd make you cum every morning, you know I love hearing and seeing you squirt your delicious sauce. But if you give me any trouble I'll just drill another hole into the wedge for your cock and encase that too, you'll be tethered by your boy parts with no way of escaping, hahaha…..Oh, it looks like you really liked that story, your cock is throbbing, and even leaking precum, you must be really excited, but don't get your hopes up, it was just that, a story to get you hard. Anyhow, I think you should be done by now, let me give the cup a squeeze….oh yes your done."

           Strangely, I did find her story hugely exciting, she is a master at control, mentally and physically. Now Mistress begins to lower the jack, steadying the pot as she does so, the cup now suspended from my balls, the site of this in the mirror is terrifying yet exciting. However, Diane is completely enthralled, her hands shake with excitement as she peels the paper cup to separate it from the now harden wax. She immediately snaps a bevy of pictures.

            "Oh God, this is so amazing!!!… your balls are completely encased!!!…locked in!….my two little captives!….. you look so delicious I could eat you...look how they swing when I push them…oh God this is so hot…. and I can just barely see them inside the wax, all pink….. God, I'm so turned on by this I'm shaking…I really….I really, really need to cum!"  

             She quickly stands up and pulls  the gag out of my mouth. She pulls two small step stools in front of me and stands on them, which positions her dripping pussy to the level of my mouth.

             "I want you to suck my clit as hard as you can……yes, harder….and flick your tongue across it…..faster….oh God….keep sucking….mmmm…….mmmmm…..OK….when I tell you…..I want you to….mmm….put your mouth on my pussyhole….and fuck me with your tongue…..and be ready…mmmm….mmmm…..drink all my juice……just keep suck…ing….mmmm…..Mmmmm….Yeah…..Oh Fuck….Fuck…..OK now….move….Ahhh…..AHhhh….AHHH….AHHHHH…..AHHHHH…AHHHHH….AHHHhhh….Ahhhh….ahhhh……ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

             I've never seen anyone go into such a sexual frenzy as this, she became an animal! She had an amazingly hard and fast orgasm, she released a torrid of sweet juice, so much that I couldn't take it all in, but I tasted and swallowed most of her nectar. After she came she went to retrieve a dildo gag which she strapped into my mouth, and proceeded to mount the eight inch phallus. She held onto the rope that my arms were tied to, pulling her self up and down with it. Soon she began to rub her clit with one hand and another powerful orgasm soon followed. Mistress rested for a few minutes before dismounting my face. She seemed more calm now, more sane, like she switched from one personality to another.

             "I….I really needed that…that was great…..Oh baby look at you…I know you need to cum badly too….you were good all week…..and look what I've done to you. Maybe I can make you cum, you'd REALLY like that wouldn't you? Let's see, you're certainly immobilized which is good, easier to control your orgasm that way. The rings will be hard to work around, but the head of your cock is exposed. It might be tough, but I think I can get you into my mouth…Be prepared that after you squirt I'm going to continue to stimulate the head of your cock, I want to take advantage of your tight bondage, and torture you. Also, you know your cock swells just before you shoot, so it may hurt with the rings. Mmmm….I haven't tasted you in a week." 

           Wow, she's switched from evil mistress to compassionate lover. Maybe the evil sadist is due to sexual frustration, and when she releases, it mellows her out. Anyhow, I've never been so horny and in need of release more in my life than right now. Diane get's herself into what appears to be an uncomfortable position, so as to get my cock in her mouth. I don't care because I'll be surprised if I last more than two minutes, I may cum as soon as my cock touches her mouth. She finally finds a workable position and takes me into her mouth, ahhhh the feeling is unbelievable..what I've been dreaming about, finally. Unlike the high school girls I've been with, Diane knows how to give a blow job. She's limited by the rings, but focuses on the sensitive head. Oh My God, I can already feel it building, I feel it initially in my balls, my balls which are encased in wax, which Diane is lightly pulling and twisting.


         I quickly squirt my load into Diane's hungry mouth, I scream violently into the gag, instinctively trying to thrust my hips forward, but held in place by multiple restraints. The rings burning into my cock for what feels like a never ending orgasm. Diane continues torturing my head past my climax which drives me crazy, if there's a place where immense pleasure is bordering on pain, this is it. It felt like I shot a huge amount of cream into Diane's mouth, probably because I haven't cum in a week, but mistress never let me escape her mouth, and was able to swallow every bit of me. Diane was right, waiting really intensifies the eventual orgasm. I hang exhausted by the overhead rope.            

               ''That was a sweet orgasm baby, I know you really needed that. Let me get that gag out of your mouth and get you some water……there you go."

              "Thank you Mistress Diane, thank you!!!"

              "You know….I didn't plan that….I planned that we would cum another way, but it was still great."

              "Yes mistress, that had been building for a long time. Now what about the wax?"

             "Well I really like it, I'd love to keep you like that all the time, the cock harness and all, but I know I can't."

              "Mistress, how did you plan getting me out of the wax?" 

               "Well with heat, either hot water or a flame. That's special wax which melts at a lower temperature, if I used regular wax your plums actually would have been cooked. So, we can dip your nuts in a pot of boiling water, or I can run a candle underneath and melt it off that way….or…maybe I could suspend you in a position where your waxed balls are hanging below you, I'd lower you into a caldron of boiling water, dipping your nuts in and out until the wax is melted off…..Yeah, I guess that's a little over the top, so maybe not,….  OK, here's what we'll do, I'm going to make you work for it, or maybe dance for it is more accurate. To start with I'm going to release you, even though I hate to, you look like a work of art."

              I'm not liking my options, sometimes Diane scares me. If she was just some woman I picked up at a bar and we went back to her place and engaged in what we've done today, I'd wonder if I'd ever walk out alive. A few times today, I had visions of her butchering me, cutting me into pieces, storing me in her freezer, and eating me. Anyhow, she's going to release me which will feel good, I've been bound for what seems like about two hours. She starts with the fiendish little ropes that are holding my balls in place. After warning me of impending pain, she takes off the pins that are clipped to my nipples, I squeal in pain. She releases my wrists and knees, as well as the three straps on my waist and thighs. Finally, I slowly lift myself off the dildo that has been imbedded in my ass, I feel a tingle in my cock as it slides out. The harness is still locked around my cock, it won't be going any where until my balls are free. She could unscrew the ring around my sack, but decides not to. My sex feels heavy, and weighted down, it's hard to walk due to my balls imprisonment. Mistress goes down stairs to retrieve some things as I stretch out. She returns carrying two short candles with short candleholders, and newspaper.

          "So the first thing is to get you strung up."

          "Again Mistress? I've been bound all day."

           "OH, now your going to get mouthy? You know, there's many other things I could do with you besides free your precious little balls. You know what? Plan change. Get over here….here, stand here. I tried to help you out and you get bitchy? OK, I can play that game too."

          "I'm sorry Mistress, I didn't…"

           "It's to late for sorry."

           Again Mistress's mood changes, I'm not sure if she's really mad or doing more role playing. She leads me over to her long bondage table and has me face the long side of the table. She binds my ankles to the legs, spreading them about four feet. She leans me over the table and binds my wrists to the top of the legs on the other side. Oh no, I think I know where she's going with this, but I'm afraid to say anything. Finally she kneels down and runs a long, thin rope under the strap in my cock harness, almost giving me rope burn in the process. One end is tied to the bottom right leg and the other to the left leg. Not finished, she takes a similar rope, but ties it around my cock just below the head. One end is tied straight below, and the other directly in front, rendering my cock motionless, it can't swing left, right, up, or down. Now my wax encased balls are exposed from a new angle, along with my unplugged asshole, this doesn't go unnoticed by Diane as she snaps a few pics. I here her rummaging in her cabinets behind me, and after a few minutes approaches me from behind.

         "Just to be clear, I want you to know what you're being punished for. Under no circumstance do I want to hear you talk back to me, disobey me, or give me trouble in any way. Is That Clear?"

           "Yes Mistress Diane."

             "Good, so now you know. I'm sure you've figured out your fate, this will be a significant step for you. Taking you anally symbolizes my dominance and control over you. From here on in, for the rest of your life, you'll be a boy who has been fucked…penetrated by a women. This will make you different from most boys and men, boys that have been taken anally by a woman are truly submissive, and from what I've seen from you today, you'll be the perfect little submissive slave, this just makes it official. The more I dominated you the harder you became. I thought your cute little cock was going to explode when I told you I was going to permanently encase your balls in wax. So now that I have you well bound and positioned, and knowing your ass is well stretched, I'm going fuck you. You may like this more than you think, you might even cum on the floor, but if you do you'll be licking it up."

           Oh God, she's right. This completely emasculates me. How did I get into this so far, so fast? I can feel her work her strap-on into me, slowly pushing in. It doesn't feel so big as to be painful, and she eventually pushes it all the way in. I can feel a slight vibration as her harness contacts my ass cheeks, she must have a vibrator in her side. My balls are hurting as the wax pulls them down and forward. I do feel a tingle in my cock, oh no, do I like this? I probably am a submissive, I did get extremely excited at Mistress's wax story. I thought only gay men enjoyed this, I'm not gay, and yet I find it erotic. Do men actually cum from this? Will I cum? Anyhow, I can hear myself breathing deeply, and feel an embarrassing pleasure in my penis. Mistress is lightly moaning, the vibrating dildo that's buried in her is doing it's job. Since I just had an orgasm I'd be surprised if I'd cum again this soon. I seem to remember something about men having prostrate glands, and if these are massaged it can trigger an orgasm. Just as I remember this I get a surge of pleasure in my cock, oh God did she hit my prostrate? I do know that Mistress is getting excited as she taunts me into an orgasm, her moaning intensifying as she does so.

          "You have such a sweet…tight…ass…slave boy……I always knew you'd be a great little fuck….mmmm….I just want to lick your whole body…..mmm….mmmm….stick my tongue in your sweet ass….yeah…..mmmmm… do you like your first ass fuck…..can you feel it in your little cock……your little cock that I control……mmm….ahhh…all harnessed and tied up…..mmmm…..ahhhh….ahhhh…..I can't wait to cum as I fuck you….how do your plums feel….heavy…..ahhh….Ahhh… I wish I could see you squirt your sweet cum…. all over the… floor…AHHHH……AHHHHH…..AHHHHH……

        And with that last comment we both orgasm, screaming, I squirt all over the floor. We both slow and rest for a minute or two before she pulls herself out of me. If I was silent she may have never new I came, but I cum very loudly. She gives me a few smacks on the ass.

          "Well now your an official slave boy, how did you like your first fuck?"

           "I liked it Mistress, thank you."

            'Yes, I heard you did, you made a little, sticky boy mess on my floor, once I untie you you can clean it up, this should be entertaining to watch."

           She releases me and orders me on the floor to clean my little accident.

           "Now crawl under there, do you see your cum bad boy, don't crawl on it, I want to see you lick it up…good... swallow it. Good boy, it won't go to waste, you can just recycle it and shoot it out again…. There's a few drops over there……and there….."

            This is very difficult, eating my own cum, crawling around on all fours with my waxed balls swinging, completely degrading, which is of course what Mistress wants.

           "Now are you ready for me to release you nuts…my way….no argument….now that you had a little treat?"

            "Yes Mistress Diane."

            "Good, that's always a good response. Now stand over there, inside the frame, I want you in one of my favorite positions. Yes, arms up………………OK legs apart………………..Nice…a simple spread eagle. You may have noticed that I left you with a good deal of mobility, you'll need it. You'll also need to get your naughty cock up out of the way, let's see, this should work….I'll lace this rope under the strap in your harness like this… we can lift your cock, you'll want it pointing straight up, like this…  and the other end of the rope….well, just hold the other end in your mouth…don't let go or you little cock will get barbecued….So here's the plan, it's pretty simple really, we're going to melt the wax off……I'm going to put these two candles on the newspaper under your sex like this…..there's what, about eight inches between the wick and you balls……yes, the flames are hot, so you can't just stand over it, you'll have to move over it, back and forth, side to side, whatever keeps you from getting burned. Pretend you're roasting marshmallows, think of your balls as the marshmallows, just keep moving. Got It. Here we go…. one candle lit….two candles lit….let's see how well you can dance."

          Oh God, this is scary and humiliating. Those candles are super hot if I stay directly above them, but I soon discover swinging forward and backward works well. This melts the center of the wax, but to get to the sides I need to work in an oval motion, but if I over do it my thighs take the heat. All the while I'm trying not to let the rope slip out of mouth or my penis will drop dangerously close the candle flames. Of course my balls are swinging frantically as well, all to mistress's delight.

         "Wow, what a show, I should rent you out for bachelorette parties. Look at those balls swing…nice…..the wax is beginning to melt, try to stay over the newspaper….keep moving or this will turn into a slave boy barbecue….you don't want that do you?….we'll I might  haha…good thing your shaven or we'd be smelling burning hair….your getting there….that wax melts quickly….it looks like the rest will fall off at this point….OK….that's it, let me blow these out….this is really just massage oil, so let me massage your poor little plums….mmmm….does that feel better…to be free...good. One last thing… to get your harness off, you really need to be limp, which you seem to have a problem with when I'm around, or your tied up. So I'll untie you and go downstairs, when your limp you can take it off yourself, if I do it you may get hard again. Remember, these four rings first, then slide your penis out, your plums come out one at a time. Here's the wrench for the ball stretcher, actually you can take that off now. Come downstairs when your done."

          I get through the ordeal better than I thought. I find a seat and try to let my mind drift to non sexual things. I start thinking about my finals that are coming up next week, and my summer vacation. It doesn't take long to go limp and I remove the rings around my cock, the big ring looks a little more challenging. I am able to squeeze my cock out, when soft it's very pliable. The balls are a lot more delicate, but I slowly work them out. Free again, it seems like my sex has been bound up for very long time. I walk down stairs and Diane has changed out of her dominatrix suit, I immediately put my pants on.

            "What time is it?" I ask

            "Almost five, do you want to stay for dinner?"

            "Mmmm, I don't know, I don't think so." I say glumly

             "Jack, how are you feeling, was this a little to much?" she asked with a concerned, motherly tone.

              "I'm OK."

                "OK?…that's what a car accident victim says that doesn't need to go to the hospital. Baby, sit here on the coach with me….. I think I went to far, to quick…. Remember, this is all roll playing, very little of it is true. You probably think I'm a sadist, don't you? Well I am, or I can be. I do stop short of hurting you physically, I would never do that….I'd never want to do that……I get off on the fantasy of it, and I know you do too"

               "I know, I really loved everything, the wax, the cock harness, but the anal sex thing was tough for me. I associate being fucked in the ass with homosexuality."

                "Oh baby I'm sorry. The little speech in the beginning was just used for drama, you know how I use speech to excite you, I didn't mean to degrade you in any way. There's a reason I don't call you Jack and you don't call me Diane when we're playing, it's fictional, we assume fictional roles. And no, anal penetration doesn't define you as gay. Your a man, I'm a woman, there's nothing homosexual in the equation."

                 "Yeah, I guess you're right, I didn't think of it that way, it does make me feel better. This didn't bother me at all, just an observation, but it seemed like you were going in and out of role today."

                 "I know, I did feel a little out of control today, my excitement was getting the better of me. The newness is a huge turn on, so between you, the new rack, and the wax, which I've never used before, my heart was racing to the point that I was shaking. Even right now, my heart begins to race when I picture you mounted on the rack, or visualize your balls encased in wax. Lately things have become a bit routine sexually, I've done a lot of these things, many times, so the thrill factor is not as high as it once was. However, today I tapped into some of the original things that excited me when I was young, things I'd never done before, and my excitement, well, it went through the roof."

                  "You mean the wax?"

                  "Right, remember last week you asked me when I first had these thoughts, thoughts of bondage and all. I mentioned the boys in school back when I was ten, and the Batman show, remember?


                 "That's where the wax idea came from, or was inspired from, encasing you in wax, you were my little Boy Wonder….Robin was my original fantasy boy from when I was in grade school. Not to embarrass you or inflate your ego, but you're a very good looking kid…. I feel pretty lucky to be able to have this relationship with you because of the age difference. I have a lot of sexual attraction to you, more than anyone else I've been with, and it's an attraction that's been building for a long time. The more attraction, the more I want to torture you, it sounds strange, I really don't understand it or can explain it more than that. I may have more feelings for you and found myself slipping between dominatrix and nurturer, maybe it's the age difference. The anal scenario was me trying to compensate for the nurturer, I guess I maybe over compensated."         

                  ''Interesting….  but what are you doing with all the pictures?"

                   "They're just for myself, I promise you. I know the dangers of the internet, I'd never post anything without your consent. Trust me."

                 " Well OK, I do feel better, I started to wonder if I was gay….so….is the dinner offer still open?"

                  "It sure is."












                                        Chapter 7 Changing It Up

                  So Sunday turned out to be a success, other than Jack getting a little freaked out by the anal sex, we both enjoyed it thoroughly!  I can't believe how turned on I was with the wax, and how well it went, even though I didn't have a solid plan on how to remove it. Jack really loved everything as well, he loved the whole predicament theme, and my excitement just increased his. I was a little unsure if I would end up burning Jack with the wax, but I guess I got the temperature right, Jack said that wax, once it cooled a few degrees, felt fantastic on his balls. It also relieved some of the pressure he felt from the ring around his sack, the warmth allows the scrotum to relax and the balls to hang a little lower. This is why he didn't complain about the heat in the attic, he new if it was cold that the ring would be much more torturous. This is something I didn't really know about male sex parts, I learned something new. This makes me think that it may have been more painful if I had used ice water instead of wax, something to keep in mind for a later date. Anyhow, we had a nice dinner, I got to actually talk with Jack and got to know him a little better. I learned his nineteenth birthday coming up in a few weeks, which of course means candles, spankings, and birthday suits. He finishes his finals on Friday and I told him I'll do something special for him on Friday night, not sure what, but I'll give it some thought. By Monday night I've decided what I think I'll do, it might make up for the abuse he suffered at the end of my strap-on. I give him a call and run it by him.

               "Hi Jack, It's Diane, can you talk? Good, so I've got an idea for Friday that I want to run by you, it's a little different from what we've been doing. I remember you mentioned you wanted to tie me up, to dominate me, do you remember that?"

                "Yes, absolutely, I remember, I still do."

                "Well what if we do a little switch on Friday? I'll let you do anything you want, you'll be in control."

                "Wow, well um, yes, of course yes, I'm into that."

                 "Good, and don't feel pressured that you have to do all this wild stuff in the attic, it could be very simple stuff downstairs on the bed, basic bondage, or something more sensual and passionate, whatever you feel comfortable with.

                "Yeah, that sounds great!"

                "Good, and remember you're in control, it's you're night."

                 "Right, I know."

                 "So how about being here at 8:00?" 

                 "Sounds good. but I just want to mention I got a lot of questions from my mother when I got home last night."

                 "Oh? what kind of questions?"

                 ''Well, my little brother saw my car parked on Densmore."

                  "Ohhh, and what did you say?"

                  "I had an alibi ready just in case, I said I went to the beach with John Cosgrove, my parents don't like me hanging with him, he got into a lot of trouble with police during hog school. He drove and I didn't want him pulling up at the house, so I told them that I met him on Densmore and left my car there. They kind of bought it, and at this point aren't concerned with me hanging with him so I didn't get any flack for that." 

                   "OK, I guess you need a more discreet way to get over here, no more parking on Densmore. It's so ironic because our front doors are only fifty feet apart. I've thought about your mothers reaction if she ever found out, I have hinted a little bit about the BDSM thing once, but never come out and told her."

                  "Yeah, I think she knows, and or my father knows, it was mentioned once in passing, it's what tipped me off initially."

                 "Well, if your fathers like most, he probably won't care, he'll probably be proud, so long as he doesn't know the details. Your mother may be another story, she'll brand me a cradle robber, a Mrs. Robinson."


                "It's from a movie, Dustin Hoffman, it's before your time. Anyhow, you figure out how to get over here without your folks knowing." 

               "I'll figure something out."

               "Good, I'll see you Friday at 8:00, good luck with finals this week, goodbye."

               "Thanks, bye."

              On Tuesday I got an interesting email from a woman who is curious about BDSM, and domming in particular. She's in her mid thirties, been divorced for about five years, has always had desires to dominate men, but whenever she worked up the courage to attempt it with her partners, they were unreceptive to put it mildly. She's seen a few BDSM websites that allow you to connect with others, but she has no experience, so she's not getting much interest. The old catch 22, it's hard to gain experience unless you have experience. So she's interested in having me show her a few things, and maybe participate if that's an option. First I asked how she got my name, it turned out to be from someone I didn't know, which concerned me, I don't want my personal info floating around. I did eventually trace it back to a man I was with when I first started this, and I still keep in contact with. Anyhow, I tell her I learned a lot of things online, almost everything really. You just need to be creative and follow your inner desires. I also told her I wasn't a professional, I don't charge money, I'm  not a 24/7 lifestyler, I just do it for fun when I have free time. She's OK with that, she's just curious on learning a few basics and seeing my playroom. I reluctantly agree to get together with her, and we plan to meet Thursday night.  

            The doorbell rings and I introduce myself, she introduces herself as Sue. She's an average looking woman, nice figure, trim, with brown hair that hangs to her shoulder blades.

A little make over would do wonders for her. We sit in the living room, we start with small talk which eases into her telling me how she's had these desires for as long as she can remember, but has never acted on them. She's single and is tired of repressing her feelings, and is ready for something new. I restate the things I said in the email, there's a lot of info online, but decide to ease into the basics. I initially didn't know how to tie a knot, so I start there by showing her a few. We discuss other basics, safewords, knowing limits, monitoring your partner, role playing, and different fetishes. I tell her for instance, that I'm not into foot worship, and I don't do a lot of corporal punishment. I like humiliation, role playing, B&D, and my favorite CBT. I give her a quick tour of the attic playroom, show her some of my toys and tools of the trade. She also seems to be intrigued with some of my interests, and fantasizes of having a full time young, male slave. I'm surprised by this, being that Jack has just become my number one slave boy. I tell her about Jack and she's impressed that I've roped such a young one, it makes her realize it's possible. I'd love to show her some pictures, she's not very local, so the chances of her knowing him are close to none. If I do show her the pictures I feel like I'll be betraying Jack…unless I have Sue at our next session, which would make seeing the pictures a non issue.

             "Sue, I do have a few pictures of my boy, but I want to warn you these are XXX rated. I assume you've seen male bondage photos online, right?

             "Yes, yes, don't worry, I won't be offended or shocked, if that's what you mean."

             I nervously open my laptop and click on my "Jack" folder, I start wondering if this is a good idea, who is this woman really? a cop? I'm not doing anything illegal, Jack's not a minor.   

            "I've had this boy for less than two weeks, he'll be nineteen next month"

             I start out with the most conservative photo first, here Jack is spread eagled in the frame, gagged, nipple clips, and still in the black thong, the photo fills the screen.

            "Oh..Wow…Well, you weren't lying, he really is a good looking boy, very good looking in fact….and the picture is very erotic too….very kinky…I like how you have him tied!"

            "Thanks, I can enlarge the photo, here's a close up of his face…."

            "Nice, he could be a model! How did you find him?"

             "I was lucky I guess, he really is a good looking kid, and I don't think he even realizes it. Here"s another, but I've plugged his ass and bound his cock and balls."

             'Wow, very nice, does he like this? It's pretty intense."

             "He loves it, he's hard almost all the time. Here's close ups of his cock, balls, and ass. It's a small butt plug, it was his first time, our first session actually, I keep his whole body hairless, he's completely shaven."

             "My God, that is so hot, that's some amazing rope work on his genitals…yeah these are the kinds of things I've dreamt about."

             "Oh that's just the beginning, here's some newer ones, I just bought the rack he's mounted to. Here, I've put him in a cock harness, it's called the Gates of Hell, it's a cock constrictor, I showed it to you upstairs. I have a ball stretcher clamped around his scrotum, and if I enlarge the photo, you'll see that his testicles are being pulled down by these ropes. You can also see he's mounted in place by his ass, it's my favorite new toy. I love him in this…. Is this too much for you, too over the top?"

             "No No, I love it. I love what you do with him, it's amazing, I have to admit, I'm turned on by your work, and your slave is quite a catch, literally."

            "Thanks, here's a few more, I hope you aren't shocked with these next photos, this is the first time I've done this, just an idea I got in my head and figured out how to make it happen."

             "OK, what is that exactly?"

              "Let me enlarge it. You can't see his balls, they're submerged in hot wax, I left him in it until the wax hardened, I encased his testicles."

              "Oh..My…that is just so kinky… didn't it burn? did you get his balls out."

               "It's massage oil wax, it has a lower melting point than regular wax. I just researched on the internet. I little imagination goes a long way."

                "Here's a picture of his balls encased, this was a huge turn on for me, getting to this point. He loved it too, he said the warm wax felt great."

                "Well I'm certainly impressed….and turned on."

                "Well we might get together on Sunday, do you want to observe, or participate?"

                "Oh…wow…umm…yes, absolutely….with this boy right?"


                 "What should I wear? I don't have any fetish clothes."  

                 "That's fine, as long as it's black you're OK. Black jeans, black top, and black boots and your good to go, it doesn't have to be revealing, whatever you're comfortable with. I'll email you the details when I know them."

                  "Diane, thanks so much, you've been so helpful, this is the push I need."


                 OK, Diane wants to switch roles, I can do this. I want to go in with a plan, a few ideas. I'm thinking we might use the bedroom, I don't feel I know my way around the equipment in the attic playroom, and there's too many options, which means more decisions. Diane's right, I'll keep it simple, maybe some bondage and spanking, but it will all lead to her being fucked. I can see it being more sensual, more, dare I say, like love making. You can count the number of times we've kissed on one hand. We've been doing rough sex entirely, I think we should change it up. I think I'm going with the "sensual bondage" theme.

                 My big problem is how to get to Diane's without my parents knowing. I can't take my bike after dark, my folks know I don't ride in the dark, so that would raise a lot of suspicion. I could take the bike during the day though, I'd take my mountain bike, ride down the trail behind Diane's house like I did on Sunday. I could walk it through the woods to her house, no one in my family would see it parked in her backyard, it would be easy to hide. Still, what about after dark? Damn, this is difficult only because she lives next door, if she lived across town I'd just drive, no problem. I almost want to just tell my mother about Diane, that we're having an affair. Of course I wouldn't tell her the nature of it, but she would probably know the nature of it. Maybe I could say Diane hired me to do some work on her house, finish the basement or something. That could backfire, I could just see my mother coming over with refreshments, or to check on how the job's coming at the most inopportune moment. Well, if I don't have a plan before Friday I can have my friend Bill pick me up and drop me off on Densmore St. Of course, I'd have to tell him what's going on, why he's dropping me off a quarter mile from my house. I'd tell him the truth, that I'm having an affair with Diane. He'd most likely be impressed, and as long as he keeps his mouth shut about it I'll be OK. However, I can only ask him to do this occasionally, so the problem isn't completely solved.  



          "Hi Jack it's Diane. are you all set as far as getting over here tonight?"

           "Yes, I'm good for tonight, 8:00 right?"

           "Yes 8:00. Listen, I met a woman who is interested in a little BDSM play, she's never done anything, she's a novice. She's interested in domming, I've been giving her some tips and was wondering if you'd be OK with her observing one of our sessions?"

           "Hmmm, well who is she? Where did you meet her?"

            "She's a friend of a friend, I met her once, she seems nice. She's in her mid thirties, I think you may really enjoy it, you know, two women, isn't that every guys fantasy?"

            "OK I guess, yeah let's do it."

             "Great, how about Sunday at 1:00 again?"

              "That will work, I'll see you tonight my little slave girl!"

               "Oh, I like the way that sounds, see you tonight Jack." 


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