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Review This Story || Author: Amanda Johnston

The Lady Next Door

Part 5


                                  Chapter Five: Diane Takes It Up A Notch

                     Sunday arrives, Mother's Day, not a big day for me, being that I have no children. When I was married, my husband and I decided not to have any. We love kids, we just didn't want any of our own, we liked the independence and freedom it allowed, or maybe we were just selfish and self absorbed. We did put a lot of time into our careers, it took a lot of time and work to build up my saloon. I started out doing hair and make up when I was twenty, I worked for someone else for six years before I went out on my own. In the beginning it was just me doing everything, I had a tiny shop with two chairs. It was a slow start, but after two years I hired another stylist, and two more the next year. Now my saloon is one of the largest in the area, with eight stylist, two cosmetologists, a masseuse, two tanning beds, and more. I still do hair, but most of my time is spent running the business.

                 I arrive at my mother's apartment at 11:00am. She's turns seventy this year and is still sharp as a whip. Seventy used to be old, but it just doesn't seem so anymore. It could be relative now that I'm forty four, or that people are just healthier and living longer nowadays. My parents have been divorced for over twenty years, my father remarried and is living out on the west coast, I don't see him much, but I try to call him once a week or so. Today I take my mother out to lunch, and then to see a movie. It's a beautiful spring day, we sit outside talking and killing time in between lunch and the start of the movie. It's a relaxing day, I think to myself that I really should do this more often. The movie ends up being better than expected, we talk about it as I drive my mother home. Driving home after dropping my mother off my mind drifts to Jack, how lucky I am that this has fallen into place so naturally and easily, I couldn't have planned it better. I'm not sure how many forty four year old women are able to hook up with an eighteen year old boy, but I'm sure it's not very common. I admit, that when I was married, I let myself go a little, between the saloon and the lack of sex in the marriage, I didn't have time, nor incentive to stay in shape. The divorce was a new beginning for me, I started exercising and dieting, I lost twenty five pounds and have toned up, I'm 5'4'' and 120lbs., I feel pretty good about myself. Still, Jack is eighteen and in amazing shape, a truly beautiful boy, so I feel I have to work a little harder at this to compensate. I realize I need to keep things fresh, I don't want it to get boring for either of us, I don't want him to loose interest.  

                 When I get home I clean up around the house, do my bills, and then hit the computer to do some research. I need some new ideas for Jack. I have this desire to torture him, but in a way in which the torture slowly grows more intense, but without me actually doing anything. Much like in those old silent movies where the woman is tied to the railroad tracks and is very aware of her fate as she struggles to get free. The old Batman TV show always had Batman and Robin captured by the criminals, they were bound up awaiting their slow, sinister demise before escaping at the last minute. I think Robin was the first boy I had a crush on, I dreamt about tying him up and taking off those little briefs he always wore. Anyhow, I searched for toys and equipment at some online BDSM stores hoping they might give me some ideas. I also searched some femdom websites for ideas as well, nothing jumped out at me or was exactly right, but I did see one piece of equipment that looked interesting. I went back to the online stores to find one, and eventually found what I was looking for, it was called a "Slave Display Mounting Rack." It was a bit pricy, but I added it to my cart along with a bevy of other small items. These small Items are just for Jack, things that  either go in his mouth, up his ass, or around his cock, I don't like the idea of these things being shared with other people, and I'm sure he doesn't either. I continue cruising the femdom sites and I stumble upon another punishment idea. So not bad, two new torture scenarios I can put Jack through that will be more intense than what we did this weekend. I haven't found a way to slow torture him yet, but there will be time for that. Before shutting down the computer I go through the pictures I took of Jack over the weekend and create a folder for them aptly titled "Jack." Looking at the pictures reminds me of what a delicious boy he really is, I could look at some of these photos all day. There's a few shots of his fantastic, shaven ass, the beautiful cheeks spread open in bondage, his tight, virgin anus visible, his testicles roped up into a tight little sphere inside their sack, they look good enough to eat. The full on shots when he was spread eagled in the frame, his cock and balls bound, are super hot, showing off Jack in his entirety, all five foot eight of him. He definitely could be called a pretty boy, with small, delicate features like his mother, and longish blonde hair. He's in great shape from all the biking he does, his body is firm and well toned, not big and muscular like a football player. I'd love to use some of these photos as screen savers, but wisely decide against it. I'd like to post them online, but I did promise Jack I wouldn't. I bet I could create a website just based on Jack's domination, hell, why let a face and body go to waste. I'm pretty turned on, but I call it a day and get ready for bed, I have a feeling my vibrator is going to get a work out.

              Monday at the saloon is usually a little slow, so I can work the reception desk and do paper work at the same time. I receive a call from Jack's mother, I panic for a second when she tells me who she is, then remember that Jack gave her a gift certificate. We chit chat for a few minutes and she sets up a time on Wednesday to get her hair done with me. Jack's mother is a natural beauty with high cheek bones, blue eyes, and blonde hair, it's clear who Jack got his looks from. She's beautiful without make up, which I've never seen her wear, but I imagine she'd be stunning with make up. She's my age, and was a big inspiration for me to get back in shape after my divorce. Later in the day I call Jack, I expect to just leave a message, but he picks up. I tell him that I ordered some things for him, as well as why, and he quickly volunteered to pay for them. I hint that I may have bought some other things, but don't come out and tell him exactly what. I tell him that I have a lot of plans for him this weekend and we decide to meet on Sunday at 1:00pm. Things are going to get a bit more intense, and under no circumstances is he allowed to pleasure himself before we meet. He readily agrees, as I could hear the excitement in his voice. I also let him know I would be doing his mother's hair on Wednesday.

                Just before getting home from work on Tuesday I get an idea that may satisfy this desire I have to slowly torture Jack. I think I had been thinking to far outside the box, maybe just a twist on something that's pretty common will yield an answer. I thought about some typical things like candles and wax, and then it hit me. Wax! I have a great idea with wax, but I think it might be too hot for what I want to do with it. I pull into the driveway and rush into the house and hop online. I google "candle wax melting point" and the answer comes in at around 135 degrees Fahrenheit. Next I google "hot water scalding temperature" and find anything above 125 degrees to be risky. What if I substitute another typical sex item in place of wax? I google "melting point for chocolate" and get between 85 and 90 degrees. It's lower than body temperature, this may be too low for what I want it for, but it still could be fun to use. Then I go to an online BDSM store and search for wax and candles and I find Massage Therapy Oil Candles. I find out that you burn them like regular candles, but you can pour the wax onto the skin and use it as massage oil. It's made with soy wax, it's edible, and melts at around 125 degrees! This is it!! I order two candles and they should be delivered on Friday. 

              Jen arrived at 10:00am sharp for her hair appointment. I was so happy she'd made the trip, I enjoy her company even though we don't spend much time together. When I was going through my divorce I called her a lot, she was very supportive and patient. Thinking about this and what I'm going to do to her son this weekend, I feel a bit of guilt. Anyhow, we have a nice chat, she fills me in on the family. Not to single Jack out and cause suspicion, I ask about all the kids. I don't find out any dirt on Jack which I could use as a reason to punish him, but no problem, I'll just make something up. Jen's gift certificate covers the haircut with enough leftover for another. She says she wants to put the balance towards a massage at another time. The balance is only about half of what a massage costs, but I tell her not to worry about it, I won't charge her the balance. My guilt coming through I guess.

                Later that afternoon a girl comes in for a hair appointment that is new to the saloon. She's pretty, and looks to be about seventeen or eighteen, I ask the usual questions like how she heard of the saloon, where she's from, and what she does. Come to find out she just finished school for massage therapy and is looking for a job. I tell her I may be looking for someone, but it's only one day a week to start, with the potential to grow if she can build a clientele. She's very interested and we do the paperwork after the haircut. I find out we are from the same town, and she graduated high school the year before. I mention that my next door neighbor also graduated last year, and if she new Jack Emerson? She didn't answer immediately, she just stared at me for a few seconds, which gave me enough time to think how stupid it was to mention Jack. It turns out that not only did she know him, she dated him once. Of course I was surprised, a "small world" kind of surprised, but not surprised that she dated him once. I could hear a bit of hurt in her voice, I joked and asked if any girl dated him more than once, hoping it would console her. I don't think it helped. I could tell she wanted to talk about it, but held back figuring this was not the time.

              Arriving home on Thursday I find all the items have come in. The rack is a little bit heavy, but I manage moving it. It looked pretty simple in the pictures so I can't imagine assembly will be too hard. I can handle light assembly, I really want to avoid having to have Jack assemble it, it'll ruin the surprise factor. I eventually get around to unpacking it and the assembly is very simple. It consists of a 4''x 4'' inch beam about 18'' high that bolts onto a base with four screws. This beam has multiple attachment points for ropes and the like. It also supports the Slave Mounting Point, which is basically a bracket that screws to the front of the beam and holds a supplied dildo. What I liked about this item is that it comes with multiple sized dildos, as well as a bracket that can hold two dildos for a woman, as well as a bracket for a single dildo that also accepts a cock restraint. Theres a board about 5''x 3ft. that has a good inch or two of foam padding running along the top surface, it also has straps that can be adjusted along it's length, this is also bolted to the base. This is what Jack will kneel on. I leave it downstairs until I decide where I want to use it. 

            I call Jack later on Thursday evening and tell him the items have arrived in the mail. He asks what he owes and says he'll bring it on Sunday. He's speaking softly, so I know he must be at home in his room.

              "Diane, I'm so horny, I haven't pleasured myself at all, just like you said, and Sunday seems like so far away." He says.

             "I know Jack, I'm so glad you haven't jerked off, I want you to save yourself for me." I respond.

             "Yeah, but is there anything I can do... or you can do?" he begs.

             "What do you want me to do? Walk over to your house, knock on the door and tell your mother I need to give Jack a blow job?" I jest.

              "No, no, of course not." he laughs.

              "I think you need to exercise some self control, stop thinking about sex, think about something else, like… like riding your bike or something." I say.

             "What about phone sex, what if you just talk dirty to me, you know, like you do." he says.

             "Yes Jack, that sounds like fun, but you'll just start jerking off, which is what you're trying to avoid….You'll just end up squirting your sweet, hot, boy cream all over yourself in no time, then I'll have to string you up and punish your naughty, little cock…haha, sorry I couldn't resist." I tease.

            "Yeah, yeah, like that!" he says.

            "No Jack, that's it, I'll see you Sunday at 1:00, be sure to be cleanly shaven."

            "See Diane, even that excites me." he says.

             "OK Jack, I've got to go, it's getting late, goodbye." I say.

              "OK, bye, see you Sunday." he says as I hang up. 

              Driving home on Friday I'm a bit excited to see if the candles have come in, and thankfully they have. The wax feels softer than typical candles, and I'm very curious to see what temperature they melt at. I light one and let it burn, as soon as it begins to melt I tilt the jar to get the wax to run away from the flame, I place a cooking thermometer in the liquid and get a reading of 120 degrees. Keeping the thermometer in the liquid, I blow out the candle. Soon the temperature begins to drop, within a minute it's down to 115 degrees and it's still liquid, perfect!! The only issue is that I'll need more liquid wax than the wick can melt. Microwave it? Maybe? I could put the candle jar in a pot of water and heat it on the stove, like you would do to melt chocolate. I do a quick test on the stove, just long enough to see if it'll work, it does. The only thing I need now is something to hold the wax at just the right height, something adjustable would be perfect. A car jack? I know there's a little one in the garage, it seem like overkill, but let me go out and take a look. It's about six inches fully retracted, it has a knob at the base that you turn to raise it, yes it will work until I find something better. Once I degrease it and clean it up it's not to bad, in fact it looks pretty serious, a good way to scare Jack. So I'm all set for Sunday, and I think I came up with some good ideas.   






Review This Story || Author: Amanda Johnston
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