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Collected by smguld2003

New stories to read (6 stories listed)

Stories to read (28 stories listed)

  • Sara: by Charles E. Campbell
    (Synopsis: The story of a young slave's quest to be completely and totally enslaved in steel.)
    Comment: MF/f exhibition modification D/s S/M slavery bondage real consensual Extreme
  • The Pain and Pleasure Journals: by Estaban Bacca
    (Synopsis: The training journals kept by a young woman in search of total submission.)
    Comment: MF/f enema spanking WaterSport D/s BDSM consensual Serious
  • Brookdale: by Drayman
    (Synopsis: The community of Brookdale is unique in so far as the normal accepted patterns of behaviour do not apply. The town has been built up on the basis similar to that of Stepford (The Stepford Wives novel) but, whereas Stepford was very much an idea that was concealed from the outside world, Brookdale has evolved so that outsiders are also aware of the premise that applies to the community.)
    Comment: M+/f+ S/M BDSM real reluctant humiliation Serious
  • Cheerleader Picture: by Ninja Turtle
    (Synopsis: This has everything. The story of a High School cheerleader slowly turned into a bimbo sex slave slut.)
    Comment: MF/f exhibition incest teen voyeurism WaterSport BDSM slavery bondage HighSchool humiliation blackmail nc Serious
  • My Roomate: by Ninja Turtle
    (Synopsis: Two female freshmen roomates at college. One comes from a very conservative background and feels guilty when she masturbates. The other turns her into her toy using the guilt of her masturbating.)
    Comment: F/f exhibition modification spanking D/s slavery bondage college reluctant humiliation
  • Sonya - a slave: by bisarah
    (Synopsis: Sonya is slave who had been purchased from The Company by Mistress Martine who is later forced to return her for resale.)
    Comment: MF/f fisting spanking WaterSport BDSM hair slavery consensual humiliation Heavy
  • Allie and Nicole: by Annie the Slick
    (Synopsis: Allie is a 15 year old girl that loses both her parents in an auto accident. She is taken in by her one time babysitter, Nicole, who has always lusted after her. Poor Allie is humiliated and forced to satisfy her new Mistress in many inventive ways.)
    Comment: F/f F+/f F+/f+ exhibition teen WaterSport BDSM slavery bondage HighSchool humiliation nc Serious
  • Gaining Mary: by Hector
    (Synopsis: A highschool girl is caught watching one of her teacher being abused by a rough Master.)
    Comment: M/f M/f+ F/f spanking teen BDSM slavery bondage HighSchool humiliation blackmail torture nc
  • Tara's Adventures: by Taraghost
    (Synopsis: A story based on a woman's real life experiences. Throughout her life she had been in control and strived to excel. She thought she had achieved what she wanted until an extended vacation with her best friend brought out her true sexually submissive self. She is quickly drawn into a world, she had only fantasized about, by her friend. Her training soon brings out her true desires and nature.)
    Comment: M/f M+/f F/f F+/f exhibition spanking BDSM slavery bondage job reluctant humiliation Heavy
  • Change of Fortune: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: Laura had a happy and comfortable life until her husband's business started to fail. She agreed to be sold as a part-time slave to some friends in exchange for help in the business. But soon she found herself in a whole new world of confusing emotions and experiences.)
    Comment: M/f M+/f+ F/f F/f+ MF/f D/s slavery reluctant humiliation Serious
  • Jennifer: by Jennifer Nylon
    (Synopsis: Jennifer's submissive nature is aroused by her cruel boyfriend. This story will have many parts.)
    Comment: MF/f spanking BDSM slavery bondage humiliation torture nc Serious
  • A Friend in Need: by Pete Greenman
    (Synopsis: A lonely young wife and mother falls into debt and into the clutches of cruel money lenders who use and degrade her.She is introduced into a ring of wealthy sadists with whom each experience is more gross and humiliating than the one before.)
    Comment: M/f M+/f F/f F+/f bestiality exhibition fisting spanking S/M reluctant humiliation blackmail torture Heavy
  • Sex Slave Mother and Daughter: by katie lynch
    (Synopsis: A woman and her daughter live a very different life from the rest of us.)
    Comment: M+/f+ incest spanking voyeurism BDSM slavery HighSchool consensual humiliation torture Serious
  • Shirley's Secret: by littlebro_969
    (Synopsis: A 42 year old woman police woman married with one daughter gets used and abused by black woman and friends.)
    Comment: F/f F/f+ interracial spanking S/M BDSM job humiliation blackmail torture Heavy
  • Family Christmas Party: by katie lynch
    (Synopsis: Katie's family Christmas party takes her back 10 years to a time when her cousin was her Master. Now, a wife and a mom turns back into the teen sex slave she was.)
    Comment: M/f incest teen BDSM slavery humiliation nc
  • Tara's Nude Offer: by katie lynch
    (Synopsis: A shy girl gets an offer that she can't refuse...but can she complete the tasks required and survive the humiliation of it all?)
    Comment: M+/f exhibition voyeurism B/D college job reluctant humiliation
  • Surprise Assembly: by katie lynch
    (Synopsis: A good girl breaks a school rule and ends up with a humiliating punishment...six weeks of total nudity. Can she survivie? Could anyone?)
    Comment: M+/f+ exhibition teen voyeurism BDSM HighSchool humiliation blackmail nc Serious
  • Innocence Betrayed - A Thanatos Society Tale: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: Being a description of the defilement and humiliation of an innocent fourteen year-old virgin by her parents. This story is intended as an example of the workings of an aberrant mind. If you cannot tell the difference between fantasy and reality, read no further.)
    Comment: MF/f incest teen toys WaterSport BDSM torture nc Heavy
  • High School To Hell - A Thanatos Tale: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: Beautiful young Jenny Quarry's parents want to join the sadistic Thanatos Society and she is the membership fee.)
    Comment: M+/f+ interracial scatology teen S/M slavery HighSchool reluctant humiliation Heavy
  • Brother's Teenage Sex-Slave: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: When fourteen year-old Molly¡¯s millionaire parents die in a plane crash she is left in the care of her sadistic older brother who turns her into a sex-slave.)
    Comment: MF/f incest teen S/M slavery humiliation torture nc Heavy
  • Celeste - A Thanatos Tale: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: News anchorwoman Celeste is one of the few victims to survive the ordeal of the Thanatos Society.)
    Comment: MF/f exhibition incest teen S/M bondage real humiliation nc Heavy
  • Mary the Teenaged Slut: by Cerberus
    (Synopsis: Young Mary is forced by her parents to be the biggest slut in her high school.)
    Comment: M+/f incest teen WaterSport S/M BDSM slavery HighSchool humiliation torture nc Heavy
  • Slave Teacher: by Road Runner
    (Synopsis: A young teacher discovers a sinister secret of her two colleagues and is forced into becoming their sex slave. Things soon turn from bad to worse and she is enslaved by yet more of her colleagues and even some of her students.)
    Comment: MF/f S/M humiliation nc Serious
  • Jim: The Story of a Boy's Coming of Age: by Road Runner
    (Synopsis: Under the guidance of his uncle, a young boy goes through a very special rite of passage, that is, by acquiring two sex slaves.)
    Comment: MF/mf bondage nc Serious
  • Callie: by Road Runner
    (Synopsis: Another teen blackmail story. More pain and humiliation as the heroine falls deeper and deeper into the grips of her blackmailers.)
    Comment: M/f teen bondage blackmail nc Serious
  • Wet Weekend: by Humil Slut
    (Synopsis: Weekend exploration of slut's limits.)
    Comment: M+/f exhibition spanking WaterSport BDSM consensual humiliation Heavy
  • Wetcunt's Training: by Humil Slut
    (Synopsis: The step by step account of the degradation and humiliation as wetcunt is molded into a total fuckpig. (somewhat autobiographical))
    Comment: M/f exhibition spanking voyeurism BDSM consensual humiliation
  • Toying With Tiffany: by Dr. Wu
    (Synopsis: Tiffany Daniels is the prettiest, most popular girl in high school, but suffers a series of humiliations and abuse by her teachers.)
    Comment: M+/f exhibition HighSchool reluctant humiliation blackmail nc

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