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Collected by hotdickbeater

Good Heavy Stuff (26 stories listed)

  • How i became Head of the family at 16: by rep.
    (Synopsis: Young girl gets full revenge on her elders for years of family problems)
  • The Revenge Squad: by James P
    (Synopsis: Three women take femdom to a whole new level. After traumatic early life events, they begin to kidnap male sexual predators and imprison them in the basement of their mansion. Meanwhile, they also enslave "good" males who help them in their quest.)
  • Sisterhhood of Female Supremacy: by Chris1
    (Synopsis: This powerful story is about Female Domination. Slave steve enslaved jorney continues into this bizarre world of female Supremacy.)
  • The Delta Phi Sorority House: by Chris1
    (Synopsis: The most powerful sorority house on campus, head by the Supreme Goddess Samantha. These young co-eds rule and own this university’s male faculty and students in a bizarre world of Female Supremacy.)
  • Sorority Party: by Chris1
    (Synopsis: Female Supremacist Sorority Party)
  • Dog slave Show: by Chris1
    (Synopsis: Forcing male slaves to compete in a slave Pet Show at a Female Supremacist event. This is a party where slaves are considered lower than actual doggies. They are forced to transform into animals, and then must do all sorts of humiliating and disgusting things to themselves and one another to prove they are a champion. These ladies will not show any mercy)
  • Diary of slave steve: by Chris1
    (Synopsis: )
  • Letter from Coldstream Canyon: by shoeblossom
    (Synopsis: This unfortunate submissive wants Shoeblossom, advice columnist to the BDSM pervs, to find him a Domme!)
  • Letter From Eisengrim Township: by shoeblossom
    (Synopsis: Fremont is cruelly chastized and enslaved by his cruel wife and her three nasty daughters!)
  • 18/male/slave seeks mature mistress in New York: by RopesTom
    (Synopsis: College student posts an add at at slave/master site.. His life is changed when Mistress Samantha answers the add.)
  • A Slave To 50 Teenage Girls: by misterjim
    (Synopsis: Little did I know when I went to a party that I would be blackmailed into being a boy toy for 50 teenage girl sluts who would humiliate me and use me for their own pleasures as a slave in dozens of different ways. there is no escape and I am now slave who will never brak free.)
  • kissed and sucked into slavery: by misterjim
    (Synopsis: I was kissed, sucked and seduced by a beautiful teenager and then slowly trained to be a sex slave for her and all her teenage girl friends.)
  • The Video Hood: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: What's better than making your slave hubby suck his friend's dicks at your orgy? Putting a hood over his head with a little screen showing your various infidelities over the past months!)
  • Sissies, Dominant Wives and Chastity-Belted Cuckolds: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: The story of the happy people of Buttermilk Falls! I have published portions of this story here, but here's the complete novel!)
  • Punished Peepers : by tjr
    (Synopsis: Teen boys try to spy on the girls' locker room, get caught and sent to the notorious Disciplinarian's Office!)
  • Dominatrix Next Door: by tjr
    (Synopsis: Teenager Billy comes home from school to find a note on the refrigerator saying his mom had to go away on business; but she has asked a beautiful neighbor to take over his usual Friday Night Discipline.who along with her teen daughter are part time registered doominatrices if she would take over his usual Friday Night Punishment. While Billy is clever at thinking up reasons to avoid this, this lovely neighbor is a registered, part-time dominatrix who along with her teenage daughter are experienced at finding new male meat to play with in their basement dungeon)
  • A Piece Of Shit: by HeyDoYaThang
    (Synopsis: Sharon, Cindy, Kathy and Angel put their new slave and toilet through a night of depravity. Angel islater rewarded with some depravity of her own that she has learned to crave.)
  • What He'll Do For Love: by Femdom slave
    (Synopsis: A teenager is about to lose the girl of his dreams...what will he do in order to be with her?)
  • Sister's Hoe: by Femdom slave
    (Synopsis: A sister (with her mom's help) turns her brother into the true slave that he is. Read as this adventure begins and ends.)
  • Toilet Training John: by paltego
    (Synopsis: John's wife Sarah is fed up with his inability to be both a good husband and good toilet for her. So together with her friend Jane, she comes up with an extreme training regime for him.)
  • The Letter: by Dr. Phil
    (Synopsis: A young professional man writes a letter to a powerful older woman and makes the mistake of his life. Humiliation. Four Parts.)
  • The Revenge of Magda: by Dr. Phil
    (Synopsis: A young man plays a dangerous game with a female vampire and loses.)
  • The Terrible Fate of the English Nobleman: by Dr. Phil
    (Synopsis: An 18th Century English nobleman living in the Caribbean runs afoul of a vengeful pirate governor and suffers a terrible fate.)
  • Shame On You, Mr. Hyde: by Dr. Phil
    (Synopsis: It'a amazing how easy it is to enslave a young man, once you understand how all the parts work! Girls, don't try this at home. A tale of humiliation in 14 parts.)
  • The Famous Four and the Pigs: by jan311648
    (Synopsis: In the present story, the Four entertain, for ten days and nights, a group of would-be \'pigs\' demanding treatment authentically fitting their simulation of these useful animals, something which involves a good deal of work for Ivor and Robbie, not to mention their young friends, Justin and Jason, who\'ve volunteered to help.)
  • We Know What you Want: by Raymondhadlexx
    (Synopsis: Two college girls enslave and slowly dehumanize an older male student, using torture humiliation and hypnosis in order to create the perfect femdom slave)


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