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Collected by humaleiated

Femdom favorites (23 stories listed)
Date night

  • Date Night: by mwmsissy
    (Synopsis: A mostly true story of how my wife took charge of our life.)
  • New Job: by Dcent213
    (Synopsis: An ordinaryish office worker unwillingly begins to discover and explore his submissive side as his gives him a new position in the company.)
  • Carrie\'s Birthday: by Underdog
    (Synopsis: Upon her birthday, Carrie is initiated into her newfound dominance over the males of her life. Her mother opens the door to dominating her father and older brother, and tells her of the special school she will be attending to teach her the way of Female Dominance as her brother accompanies her as slave. This is the night of her initiation, and it is her birthday, where she receives some special gifts from her brother and father.)
  • Goddess Worship: by plugged_tv
    (Synopsis: His Mistress requires a special form of worship ...)
  • Caroline\'s Awakening: by thako
    (Synopsis: Girlfriend comes home to find Boyfriend has a submissive side, and she exploits it to her advantage.)
  • The Blushing Sissy: by StateRowdy
    (Synopsis: A domesticated sissy is informed that he will be entertaining his best friends who have not seen him since his wife feminized him.)
  • Trusting Stephanie: by Willie
    (Synopsis: Stephanie asks Willie if he trust her. Which is a more loaded question then he was expecting. This is my first attempt at a story. Please feel free to comment and give suggestions)
  • Step Sister's Plaything: by dark horse
    (Synopsis: A man who always dreamed about being controller by an unknown becomes his step sister's slave by accident.)
  • My Submissive Life: by Doug Young
    (Synopsis: About a submissive who finds a dominant woman with other dominant friends who agree to use him and abuse him for their pleasure. He is used by each dominant individually and trained to feel their needs. As time goes on he is increasingly exposed to things that he had not wanted or intended, but continues to submit for fear of losing it all. He becomes totally submissive and dependent upon these women and even their spouses.)
  • Monique: by Private
    (Synopsis: A true story of a Goddess using her slave for her pleasure. Consenting lovers "play" over the course of a short weekend.)
  • Cum Filled Panties: by submlmaid
    (Synopsis: A young man gets caught in his sisters room.)
  • Lunch: by chuck
    (Synopsis: Mistress invites a couple of her girl friends over for lunch to show off her new pet.)
  • Humiliation Angels: by fireball
    (Synopsis: A male executive is introduced into a new world of domination and humiliation by his sexy secretary and her three friends.)
  • Sisters' Wimp: by rolf palsy
    (Synopsis: Too much of a good thing sends a newly wed husband down the slippery slope leading to his transmission into part pussy slave and all wimp)
  • Shopping Trip: by Reverie
    (Synopsis: A chance meeting between two people results in a night of fun and a relationship.)
  • Serving Lady Vulbia: by Joseph Paul Corbin
    (Synopsis: A sub is required to entertain his Mistress' guests)
  • Pussy licking cuckold: by John the wimp
    (Synopsis: poorly endowed man id dominated and sissifed by his wife, his wife\'s sister and her well endowed husband)
  • The Intern: by James P
    (Synopsis: A guy in his 30's stuck in a dead-end job is thrilled when a hot 24 year old female intern joins the company and sits across from him. He soon discovers through interactions with her that she's a gifted bitchy femdom who loves to humilitate men. Scared at first, he ultimately submits to his fantasies.)
  • Training Larry: by Mistress Domme
    (Synopsis: With the help of her gorgeous next door neighbor, a budding Domme trains her husband for a lifetime of servitude.)
  • A Slave's Road: by Neil
    (Synopsis: This story is about a man coming to terms with his submissive fantasies versus the reality of being enslaved. The story contains FMm, foot fetish, humiliation and most other acts and desires in a D/s relationship.)
  • Suberic Submits To His Girlfriend And Her Friends: by slave eric
    (Synopsis: suberic is forced to submit to his girlfriend and two of her bisexual friends. They embarrass and humiliate him, much to his surprise!)
  • Stocking Tops: by Nessus
    (Synopsis: His love affair was found out by his wife. He promised to do anything to save their marriage. The wife had a bright idea to control her husband.)
  • Lessons At The Edge: by William Gaius
    (Synopsis: An undergrad goes to live with his mother's best friend and she soon discovers the servant and sex slave she has been looking for.)


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