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Book Project


Collected by 1badmonkey

to reads and favorites (10 stories listed)

  • Amber\'s Email Troubles: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: Amber\'s husband finds her emails to a budding romantic affair and consignes her to TRAINING at a bdsm facility he finds on line. She is pierced, branded, and trained... and becomes sexually aware, active and eager... she deeds herself in part to her new Master while returning to her stunned husband )
  • Diana\'s Puppy Love: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: Lost Virginity and the family pet)
  • Christmas Party: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: Wife is crated and shipped to a Christmas sex party she is hostessing and starring in...)
  • Lisa at Auction: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: A Sequel to SOLD. After she came back from the auction, she couldn't contain her feeling about it and wanted to share it with others. So when the chance came in, she got her best friend into the same situation.)
  • Crating Vicki: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: Vicki is sold to a woman, who crates her and ships her locally for her bondage training.)
  • Part Time Job: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: Cuckold husband wanted that his wife could make his fantasy came true. His wife did more than he asked for.)
  • Sold: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: The husband sold his wife to a SM club/organization and she was supposed to be back after 10 days of slavery. Will he get her back?)
  • Deena's Helpful Tail: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: She just wanted to help her friend to pay off the debt. But she didn't expect to become a plaything of the men and dogs.)
  • Renee's Loan: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: A female student runs out of money and takes a loan to cover her tuition fees. Unfortunately, she forgets to repay, so the contractual collateral is called in: her own body!)
  • The Closet: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: A young woman becomes involved in a releationship with an older man. Her curiosity into his secrets locked in his closet gets the better of her.)


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