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Book Project


Collected by JohnT

Stories with potential (30 stories listed)

Love stories (1 stories listed)

Clinical teasing and other pleasures (2 stories listed)

  • Clinical Teasing: by Eric
    (Synopsis: A businessman checks into a sperm bank for a private donation. He is injected with a powerful aphrodisiac subjected to a prolonged series of series of excruciating teases from the doctor and a pair of young oriental nurses.)
  • The Thralldom Sperm Donation Center: by Aceith
    (Synopsis: A single male who visits a semen donation facility finds himself bound into mindless slavery after one visit. He discovers a hazy world of agonizing pleasure....from which there is no escape. )

Inescapable pleasures and other dangerous situations (10 stories listed)

Trick and or Torment (3 stories listed)


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