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Collected by rocky876

started tis 2012 (1 stories listed)

aft-nov11 (1 stories listed)

new F/m aft may (6 stories listed)

  • Results of the New Arrangement: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: What happened after "The New Arrangement?" Now Master Tanner and Daphne train Daniel together, the poor thing!)
  • Pleasing Master Hans: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: When Congressman Malvern disobeys his domme, she sends Master Hans to teach him a little male/male S&M punishment!)
  • The Advertisement: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Giles gets more than he bargained for when he hires a dominant couple to see to his masochistic needs!)
  • Mrs. Graves: by counterparts199
    (Synopsis: An unemployed man enjoys cross dressing for his wife. She has other plans, and thus manages to find him a nice new job with the rich old lady next door.)
  • Busting Bobby's Balls: by lws
    (Synopsis: Bobby is an 18 year old boy with enormous genitals. The women in the story, led by Bobby's own step-mother, take it upon themselves to torture and humiliate Bobby, primarily through pummeling his gigantic testicles.)
  • Wage Slave: by DerbyshireDave
    (Synopsis: After being caught looking at porn on his office computer, Dave is offered a simple choice by his beautiful but cruel boss: lose his job or become her slave. He thinks that being her slave is preferable to having no job and no money but he has no idea what she has in mind for himů)

waiting for updates (2 stories listed)

recent f/m or m/m (20 stories listed)

good f/m (6 stories listed)

new1's (24 stories listed)


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