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Collected by mainhoona

Their slave (28 stories listed)

  • kissed and sucked into slavery: by misterjim
    (Synopsis: I was kissed, sucked and seduced by a beautiful teenager and then slowly trained to be a sex slave for her and all her teenage girl friends.)
  • Step Sister's Plaything: by dark horse
    (Synopsis: A man who always dreamed about being controller by an unknown becomes his step sister's slave by accident.)
  • Strictly Evil: by beck_and_call
    (Synopsis: He was attracted to this beautiful vixen and turned to be her play thing.)
  • Mistress Nandi's return: by kgotso
    (Synopsis: This is an actual email letter i wrote to my girlfriend and Mistress while she was traveling. She orders me to write erotica to entertain Her while she is away, and to give her ideas with which to train me when She returns.)
  • Jason's Devotion: by beck_and_call
    (Synopsis: Jason wanted to give his girlfriend an impressive anniversary gift. All she wanted was his total submission to her.)
  • The Third Way: by Akasha
    (Synopsis: A man is abducted and violated nastily, violently in three ways by his insatiable girlfriend.)
  • The Threesome: by Abe Froman
    (Synopsis: After sharing his fantasy for a threesome with his girlfriend, the result is a bit of a surprise.)
  • Dana's Revenge: by Tweak
    (Synopsis: Dana is a jilted girlfriend who teaches her ex-boyfriend that it doesn't pay to make her mad by letting him see what life as a girl in a chastity belt is like.)
  • Serving A Woman In Power: by Peter Allow
    (Synopsis: Stevie always thought that a female boss would be soft when she left the office. When his family moved to a new town and Linda became his boss, he learned that it was not true. As a new employee she takes him with her on training where he finds out that he not only has to keep up with his professional duties but also has to fulfil her sexual preferences and over a week he becomes her submissive slave.)
  • A worm's story: by Chastized
    (Synopsis: A young man is dumped by his girl freind,only to be drawn into a life of slavery and suffering.)
  • Lovely Weekend of Hell: by James Michael
    (Synopsis: My girlfriend/Mistress has decided my wish to be dominated shal come true, and all my fantasies I've shared will become reality. Great news you say, well they will come true all in one weekend.)
  • He Let Her Know Too Much: by Mind Prison
    (Synopsis: Eric's obsession with female domination and bondage has been growing inside since he was a kid. However, he could never quite convince the girls he was dating to play along......... Until now.. His new girlfried has a plan to use his obsession to gain control.)
  • How My Life Changed: by mwmsissy
    (Synopsis: The Story of how my life was drastically changed when my wife took a lover wh became my master.)
  • Help (Help For The Ex - Help! For Me): by Carl Lindant
    (Synopsis: When Carl\'s ex-wife Tania discovers he is being blackmailed over the internet by a sadistic American woman who keeps him in chastity, it\'s not long before she herself sees the advantages to be had in having control over the former husband she hates so much.)
  • Friday Night Fun: by girlpup.5
    (Synopsis: Feminized husband continues to serve unfaithful wife and her black lover. This is a first person account, told in retrospect, of how a sissy husband is tormented and gratified by his wife and her lover.)
  • Is My Name Tammy ?: by girlpup.5
    (Synopsis: Rich is down on his luck. He is out of work and needs a place to live. He calls on one of his old girlfriends for a room. Her and her roommates accept his plea. Rich is so excited, but he has no clue what he is in for.)
  • Pussy licking cuckold: by John the wimp
    (Synopsis: poorly endowed man id dominated and sissifed by his wife, his wife\'s sister and her well endowed husband)
  • Alyssa's Needs: by Olivia M. Ravensworth
    (Synopsis: Married and devoted to the gorgeous Alyssa, Brad is about to be told he is not enough for her and must always put his wife's needs first.)
  • Unrestrained Desires: by M.M.
    (Synopsis: One man dreams come true...or not?)
  • That's all you get !: by Harvey
    (Synopsis: Man falls for attractive woman, becomes increasingly dominated and cuckolded by her and her lover.)
  • Yes Ma’am, whatever you say: by Mr Access
    (Synopsis: The story of an office worker becoming his work colleague’s slave and how they both explore the world of slavery and discover the sexual side of pain, control and humiliation.)
  • From a Husband to a Housekeeper: by FourPlay
    (Synopsis: A wife takes a lover who turns her husband into a submissive maid)
  • My Girlfriend And Her Guests: by Peter Allow
    (Synopsis: Mia is a girlfriend that starts to bring male guests home by the end of a night on the town. His boyfriend is then made to watch and sometimes help her out.)
  • Weekend Servitude: by Festen
    (Synopsis: A man is "kidnapped" by a dominant couple he knows and serves as their sex slave for a weekend.)
  • Supporting My Girlfriend: by Peter Allow
    (Synopsis: Marvin lives a submissiv life together with his Girlfriend Georgia, were he has his own cage. One day he looses his job and has no other way to support his girlfriend except providing sexual services for appointments Georgia finds for him. This leads him into a path of sexual activities he never even could imagine.)
  • Dog Tags: by carnaj
    (Synopsis: A young man receives a very special gift from his girlfriend on his 21st Birthday. That gift starts his life in a downward spiral leading him into a world of humiliation and degradation at the hands of strangers, co-workers and friends! What can poor Jim do as he is used and abused, all to the delight of his girlfriend Beth. What can he do to regain control of his life before he falls too far- or can he?)
  • Melissa: by Wistan
    (Synopsis: The tale of Gary, a man who lands a beautiful wife. Unfortunately for him she enjoys a little humiliation and cuckolding. Well... actually she enjoys a lot of it! This is a kinder, gentler kind of story in which the wife does honestly love and care for her husband and makes this clear to him throughout.)
  • Marissa: by curiouscat
    (Synopsis: A teen naively clears his dominant ex-girlfriends financial debt to him in exchange for two days of servitude.)


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