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Collected by missybeauty1985

my shelf!!! (68 stories listed)
i love any kind of stories that include non-consenual sex w/ a young girl (between 14-19)and a older women or mulitiple women. i would LOVE IT if someone would put me in the young girl's shoes for a few stories. if you want to talk , please e-mail

  • Holly and the Ivy: by Banshee
    (Synopsis: Holly's alcoholic mother can't handle her transgressions and talks her brother in Mississippi into trying to control her. She manages to be blamed for numerous things she's not guilty of, and each comes with painful and sometimes very unusual punishments. Poor Holly!)
  • My Very Own: by Garmonbozia
    (Synopsis: What goes on the web, stays on the web. Katie Thomas learns this the hard way when an afternoon of fun with a webcam turns her young life into something she had never imagined.)
  • Marcy: by Banshee
    (Synopsis: Marcy considers herself untouchable by the male sex, until she finds she has no choice. She makes a huge mistake and her aunt and uncle make her pay for it, in spades!)
  • Stepfather my Rapist: by Shygirl
    (Synopsis: Story of Amy, a 19 year old in the hands of her perverted stepfather who plans to make her his possession in every way...)
  • Missy’s Misfortune: by Missy & Ashtree
    (Synopsis: A very shy, innocent young girl ask for help from her guidence counsellor. Instead, gets led to a unknown world of female slavery)
  • The Seventh Aria: by Brewt
    (Synopsis: An homage to Viddler, a transgressive school fantasy that goes too far, definitely not for the kids; probably not the adults, either.)
  • Sarah Porter's Schooldays: by Garmonbozia
    (Synopsis: )
  • Baby Steps: by torrid girl
    (Synopsis: Daddy's little girl is late and has some serious explaining to do about her wardrobe. Daddy is finally ready to make her into a woman.)
  • Going to party with my mistress - The waiting: by Critical Mass
    (Synopsis: She is waiting for her mistress exactly in the way told to, she has been promissed to be taken to a party. Then ...)
  • Cowgirls: by ditzylilgirl
    (Synopsis: Hard times fall on Margaret's family, so her father is forced to sell her as a maid to a stranger passing through town. Unfortunately, for her, the man who buys her has other plans.)
  • Twisted Teen Tales: by rolf palsy
    (Synopsis: A collection of groin candy featuring mostly female teenagers who are brutalized and humiliated by their perverted parents, sadistic teachers and others in authority who prey on teens in their formative years)
  • Over the Top: by pamela
    (Synopsis: A story in which both the author and her characters go way too far.)
    Comment: Need To Read
  • Saturday Morning Teen Capture: by Bad Dad
    (Synopsis: Circumstances align, allowing me the chance to abduct a sweet middle school girl and abuse her tender young body for hours until I have no more use for her.)
  • Megan's Question: by JK
    (Synopsis: A father, mother and daughter lives the BDSM lifestyle. Training the daughter to be a sex slave like her beautifu; mother.)
  • Pay Any Price: by Ty_M_Goode
    (Synopsis: Stephen Underwood expects foul play in his sixteen year-old stepdaughter's disappearance. He has no idea how "foul", until he watches the ransom video.)
  • Reluctant Rebecca : by Xspy4u
    (Synopsis: Young and innocent Rebecca is manipulated into a series of lesbian experience by groups of women)
  • Cynthia's First Time: by SoftGameHunter
    (Synopsis: Teen Cynthia is working at a fast food place when a police officer phones in instructions on how to strip search her for stolen drugs and money. Things get a trifle out of hand.)
  • Blind Girl's Bluff: by Nic Romanschak
    (Synopsis: Rape fantasy, S/M)
    Comment: Need more stories with young redheads!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hitching a Ride to Slavery: by didmaker
    (Synopsis: Young woman hitches a ride with the wrong truck driver and ends up as a fucktoy on long cross country hauls.)
    Comment: Need more stories with young redheads!!!!!!!!!!
  • Arms: by Nic Romanschak
    (Synopsis: S/M, Torture, Humiliation)
  • Nancy Drew should have stayed out of my town: by violent fantasies
    (Synopsis: a continuation of the series, with the Emma Roberts Nancy Drew movie character thrown in. )
    Comment: Wanna se more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cheryl's Shooting-day: by Michael.
    (Synopsis: a young girl is being sexually tortured in a guy’s private sm-room. It involves bondage, spanking, a lot of needle-play, and electrocuting.)
  • Jill: by M Eros
    (Synopsis: Thinking he is doing the right thing Jill's father tried to bust his boss for laundering money. Unfortunately, his boss has people inside the police department. Now Jill is taken as retribution and forced into a dark terror filled world. This will be an ongoing story.)
    Comment: Great story!!! Can't wait to read more!!!!!
  • First Lessons: by Lady Erotica
    (Synopsis: This is a Story of a youngs teen brutal introduction to sex and submission.)
    Comment: Can't wait to read more of this!!!!!!
  • Danielle\'s Punishment: by Saucie
    (Synopsis: Danielle\'s school has decided to try a new method for keeping the students in line, and Danielle is the first to be punished. Inspired by Writings of Leviticus.)
    Comment: Great story. Can't wait to read more!!!!!
  • The Casebook of the Captive Teen Detective: by Razor7826
    (Synopsis: The world\'s greatest detective goes after the wrong family.)
  • Weekend Capture: by Warren
    (Synopsis: Cheerleader is captured and toyed with)
  • Dr Nooo!: by Finc
    (Synopsis: Character based on the leggy teen movie star of \'heartbreakers\' and ‘I know what you did last summer’. Lost in the storm, drugged, then bound in a second skin of rubber she has to endure a maniacs sexual experiments. But is he Dr Nooo? Or is there someone far worse wanting to get at her fabulous lithe body?)
    Comment: Incredible story!!!!!! Please do some more featuring that "Jennifer" girl!!!
  • Innocent: by easyrider27
    (Synopsis: A young women is raped and accused of being a whore, other medieval torture ensues.)
    Comment: Great start to the story!!! Hope you continue it!!!
  • The Auction Block: by Jlou
    (Synopsis: Two beautiful sisters are kidnapped by a diabolical white slavery ring and forcibly converted into lesbian slaves. They are then trained and prepared for sale for an exclusive auction featuring some of the world\'s wealthiest lesbian slaveholders.)
  • The Poor Cheerleader: by Kate Sander
    (Synopsis: Kate is the popular girl in her high school. It would seem as if she had everything. She was rich, gorgeous, the guys wanted her and the girls wanted to be her. What people didnt know is what happend at home. Except those who also join in on the fun.)
    Comment: Great start!!!! Would love to do something with this writer!!!!!!
  • Jenny\'s Abduction: by ABUSER
    (Synopsis: Young girl abducted and used for perverted film-making)
    Comment: Great story!!! hope you continue it!!!!!!
  • Prom Night Terror: by ynyn
    (Synopsis: Two teen girls are set to have a special night in the house with their boyfriends, but two intruders spoil the fun.)
    Comment: Very nice start can't wait to read the rest!!!!!!
  • Niece\'s Funeral Horror: by Finc
    (Synopsis: sweet teen falls prey to her peverted relations. Kidnapped drugged and fucked in an orgy of revenge)
    Comment: Great idea for a story. can't wait to read more!!!!!! Would love to do a story w/ this person. Whoever you are, please contact me!!!!
  • House Of Horror: by ynyn
    (Synopsis: Three teen girls go trick or treating at the spooky house down the street. The house is inhabited by a deviant madman who has sinister plans for the young girls.)
    Comment: waiting for part 2
  • Juanita\'s Story: by ynyn
    (Synopsis: een takes money from thugs, and they take out vengeance on his girfriend and sister.)
    Comment: Very nice story
  • Dark Day For Two Sisters: by ynyn
    (Synopsis: Two young teens arrive home from school,only to meet up with an intruder who wants more than money.)
    Comment: very nice story!!!!!!
  • After Tennis: by Cordoza
    (Synopsis: A long crafted tale of a family's secret pleasure in lesbian rape, incest and animal lust. )
    Comment: nice story. love the idea of the two girls almost being identical twins sisters. would like to see more stories like this!!! didn't really like the stuff with the horses, but the rest of the story makes up for it. can't wait to r
  • Strip Searching Rebecca: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: Rebecca is caught by the authorities attempting to smuggle drugs. She is forced to strip naked, bound and forced to perform sexual perversions at the hands of her captors.)
    Comment: if i had to come up w/ my top 5 stories on here, this would be #1!!!!! loved every single thing about the story!!!!!! kinda made me jealous that Powerone won't do a story featuring me!!!!!! if you read this Powerone, pm me!!!!!
  • The Mangini Chronicles Vol I: by arno strine
    (Synopsis: This is the first volume of what I hope to be many about High School Head Master, Eric Mangini. In this volume Eric begins the manifestation of his dark desires by entrapping and blackmailing a student into sexual slavery and humiliation.)
    Comment: even though i don't usually like M/f stories, i love the way this story is going. While reading this, I can imagine a female teacher doing this to me. MMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it up!!!!!!
  • Zombie Sex Slave: by Yamesh
    (Synopsis: A doctor and her evil assistant experiment with a deadly neurotoxin on an unwilling woman to create a sex slave.)
    Comment: very nice idea!!! please continue!!!
  • The Crypt: by Jlou
    (Synopsis: A schoolgirl, attempting to hide from an attacker, hides in an ancinct crypt. There she uncovers a female vampire who places her in bondage and proceeds to turn her into a disciple, against the girl's wishes.)
  • Megan's Mistake: by Jlou
    (Synopsis: A high school girl is wrongly convicted of a drug charge. She is sentenced to a violent women's correctional facilty, where she learns many unfortunate lessons at the hands of the corrupt warden and her fellow inmates.)
  • Sister's Keeper: by Jlou
    (Synopsis: A shy college girl decides that she must abduct her sister in order to remain part of a lesbian cult. The abducted girl is tortured until she agrees to join the bizarre group.)
    Comment: Love the idea of the story. also love the fact that the younger sister is a redhead. You hardly see stories w/ a young redhead anymore. Would love to be little Cindy in this story!!!!!
  • The Recreation Society: by T-Luv
    (Synopsis: The Recreation Society is a secret, private club. The club makes sex slaves out of teenaged girls, who are acquired in a variety of ways. The slaves are between the ages of 13-19, and suffer many torments at the hands of the club members. This series provides a fictional universe as a setting for short stories involving different girls.)
    Comment: One of the best stories I have read here in a long time. Just reading this makes me imagaine me being taken to this place as a "unwilling" slave of course.
  • Cowgirl: by Topcat
    (Synopsis: Iowa teen turned into slave to dominant female family.)
  • Crime and Punishment: by Ashtree
    (Synopsis: A young shoplifter is kidnapped, raped and sold into lesbian sex-slavery)
    Comment: extremley sexy story from start to finish!!! would love to be the victim in this saucy story!!!!!
  • Strong Arm Of The Law: by Ashtree
    (Synopsis: A shoplifter falls into the hands of a kinky Policewoman)
    Comment: without a doubt, one of the best F/f stories i have read on here. would do anything to be the victim in this story!!!
  • Trucker's Break: by sodepraved
    (Synopsis: A weary trucker hundreds of miles away from home gets the chance of a lifetime with a 15 year old runaway.)
    Comment: great story idea!!! i love young teen redheads in stories like these!!!
  • Molly: by Semiater
    (Synopsis: The tale of an unfortunate girl who picks the wrong time to hitch a ride.)
    Comment: love this one. not enough young redhead girls in stories these days. but this is one of the best ones.
  • Sneaking Out: by Semiater
    (Synopsis: When two young girls sneak out to go to the bar one night, they happen to call the wrong Taxi service.)
    Comment: one of my all time fav's. wish it could have been longer
  • Adventures of Brooke: by Semiater
    (Synopsis: In difficult economic times various employment opportunties arrise...)
    Comment: Great story ideas!!!! love this guy's work
  • Joy Ride: by Semiater
    (Synopsis: A young girl takes her parent's car out for a Joy Ride when they're out of town and regrets every minute of it...)
    Comment: Every young girls worst nightmare coming true. love it!!!
  • Cheerleaders' Rape and Torture: by Semiater
    (Synopsis: This is the story of 5 high school Cheerleaders' who get lost and have their car breakdown, only to have a friendly garage owner "help" them out and turn them into slaves.)
    Comment: great story. can't wait to read more.
  • A Pirate's Life for Me: by Domination King
    (Synopsis: A sixteen year old girl discovers to her desire just how ruthless pirates can be.)
    Comment: very nice story!!! hope the author continues it!!!
  • Strict Social Services: The Lesbian Rape of Missy: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: A fifteen year old girl is taken from her home to be used sexually by female Social Service workers.)
    Comment: this story involves me as the main character Missy!!! hope you like!!!
  • My First Sauna: by pippa
    (Synopsis: This is not really a fictional story - nor properly a BDSM theme but it describes a young girl's experience of non vanilla sex.)
    Comment: great stuff!!!!!
  • Tracy in Trouble: by Charles Frank
    (Synopsis: A young 16 year old highschool teenager finds herself betrayed by her best friend and ends up being a submissive slave to them.)
    Comment: one of my all-time favourites on this site!!!!!
  • Test Subjects: by Xodus
    (Synopsis: Four teenagers are abducted by aliens, two boys and two girls. The boys are forced to watch as the girls are humiliated and tortured. The girls end up having to help each other in order to survive the ordeal and fall in love with one another.)
    Comment: great story!!!!! would love to see more bdsm stories involving young redheads like the one in this story.
  • The Academy: by warren_Z
    (Synopsis: Amber and April Smith have had some hard luck in their young lives. The Academy follows the two teen sisters through their years kept in captivity, forced to be sex servants to a group of powerful men.)
    Comment: Very well done!!!!! Can't wait to read the rest of it!!!! Please continue this story!!!!!
  • The Enemy's Daughter: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: This is a story of the punishment of a female by the authorities to get back at what her Father had done to the people in power. The Enemy's Daughter is a collaboration of Katie Lynch and myself, Powerone. We hope that by partnering a male and female writer, a better story will appear. If you liked this story, please e-mail either one of us.)
    Comment: again, this is one of my top 5 stories on here!!!!! would love to see more from this couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lash of the Desperados: by Big Jake
    (Synopsis: Teresa Martinez is a ravishing young girl who pours drinks in a backwater cantina in Sonora Mexico. She dreams of having enough money to take the long stagecoach ride to San Francisco where, she is sure, her sparkling eyes, her luscious body, and her sensuous dancing will win her a rich banker or railroader or the like. Then one night an American cowpoke stops by the cantina and has a good run of luck in a poker game. Teresa, mesmerized by the pile of money in front of the gringo, decides to dance for him. And more. But greed is a sin. And some sins are punished here on earth.)
    Comment: just like The Outlaw's Revenge. hope Big Jake keeps on writing more great stories like these!!!!!!!!!
  • The Outlaw's Revenge: by Big Jake
    (Synopsis: A teenage girl's testimony sends a gunslinger to prison. After four years without a woman in that West Texas hell-hole, he breaks out with one thought on his mind -- to even the score with the girl who sent him up. And that girl is now nineteen, beautiful, blonde and tan, and she's got more curves than the Rio Grande. And she's alone on her daddy's ranch.)
    Comment: great stuff!!!!!!!!!!! very nice ideas of bdsm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A New Punishment for Susan: by Mr. Mumei
    (Synopsis: 14 year old Susan was used to her step father's evil shenanigans. She knew what torment he was capable of. But she never expected *this*...)
    Comment: i absoulty love stories involving a young redhead girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A Dark Night: by Dark Rider Angmar
    (Synopsis: A mother and daughter break down on a lonely road during a rainstorm. They go to a nearby house for help and are then used by a group of men.)
    Comment: i alwayes love a story involving a mother/daughter!!! kinda makes me jealous that it hasn't happened to me, but you never know???
  • Police Rape of Sally and Rebecca: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: "Police Rape of Sally and Rebecca" is a story about a mother and daughter stopped by the police in a small town far away from home. They are sexually humiliated, anally rape, whipped, assaulted and forced to perform various sexual acts with and in front of many people. They submit to these acts to prevent the other from going through the same thing.. This story is for entertainment only. Copyrighted by Powerone. See my other stories of Rebecca.)
    Comment: very good story. love the different devices that are used in different ways in this story!!!!!
  • The Priest Teaches His Flock: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: Father John is transferred to his third parish. Each time he was caught molesting his parishioners. This time we find him in a small parish in the Bible Belt in the 1950's.)
    Comment: i love this guy's stories!!!!! another great story, please continue it. PRAISE THE POWERONE!!!!!
  • Sara's South American Adventure: by Thor
    (Synopsis: A high school girl on a trip with her mother and her recently deceased father's business partner. She is caught smuggling drugs into a foreign country which has severe punishment for such actions.)
    Comment: i sure hope he continues the story. and i like the simple process from one chapter to another w/o skipping a beat!!!!!

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