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Collected by johnlw77

slow enslavement (22 stories listed)

  • Kidnapped into Sexual Slavery : by oliverc
    (Synopsis: Brian thought he was just getting a ride to college from Ellen, his distant relative, who happened to be taller, and far stronger than he. Instead, she kidnaps him to a life of permanent and complete slavery. )
  • Slaves Of The Copper Coast 2: by Morris Kenyon
    (Synopsis: On her eighteenth birthday, Rebecca daCastro's father buys her a very special present – a slave-girl. Her very own slave-girl who will attend to her every need. Even better, it is one of her ex-school friends who has fallen on hard times. But will the two girls get on?)
  • Slaves Of The Copper Coast: by Morris Kenyon
    (Synopsis: When wealthy young broker James Baxter is sent to the tropical country of Kupro Marbordo, the Copper Coast, he is amazed to find that slavery is a well established custom there. Initially shocked, he soon finds himself owning a beautiful slave-girl – with all that implies regarding her discipline and training.)
  • A Shocking Development from The slavegirl Chronicles: by slavegirl1
    (Synopsis: A weekend trip by the bride to be with her fiancee)
  • Submission: by J Lewis
    (Synopsis: A tale of bondage, submission, voyerism, bdsm, etc,etc,etc.)
  • Creeping Contract: by John Adams
    (Synopsis: Lauren starts out looking for someone who will introduce a little discipline and corporal punishment into her life. As time goes on, she cedes increasing levels of control over her life through a succession of contracts.)
  • Indoctrination: by Night Owl
    (Synopsis: A sordid tale about a woman's descension into the world of BDSM slavery, where she is subsequently tortured, humiliated and forced to perform sexual acts for high society clientle. This story may be slow at first for some readers, but the content becomes more provocative and intense as it progresses.)
  • Enforced Discipline: by Drayman
    (Synopsis: A young woman is subjected to severe discipline in order to ensure that she realises her position in life - as a sexual slave)
  • Sarah Gets Sorted: by baza
    (Synopsis: Sarah passes from good girl to bad girl and learns how twisted and wicked men can be)
  • Exotic Tours: by Pigdog
    (Synopsis: A man hires an exotic tours company to explore the citys exotic sights and sounds but finds himself forced to endure humiliation, teasing and denial.)
  • The Beginning: by Piacere
    (Synopsis: Piacere is a masochist. She did not just wake up one morning and decide to brand an M on her forehead, but she questions why she is the way she is? Part One of her true story, "The Beginning" looks at her early teen experiences that became the catalyst for her cravings, needs, and urges today.)
  • Blonde Prisoner's Torture: by the babe
    (Synopsis: Patricia is framed for prostitution and drug possession in a foreign country. She gets the harshest sentence, and must unfairly suffer at the hands of the prison guards.)
  • A 'Routine' Enslavement: by Falcon
    (Synopsis: This is a fantasy of a future society featuring indentured servitude and legalized slavery. It is a story of two individuals a man who has devoted his life to the business of enslaving insolvent female debtors, and a young professional woman who struggles to avoid becoming his next victim. )
  • Life of the Party: by Joe1
    (Synopsis: A guy is blackmailed by a coworker and agrees to do anything she wants and what she wants is more than he bargained for.)
  • Company Rules: by Joy Peters
    (Synopsis: )
  • They Came for Me in Math Class: by Prataaraka
    (Synopsis: A schoolgirl in 2013 takes her first steps into a world that's re-discovered corporal punishment and indentured servitude.)
  • Poor John has his genitals abused: by J33p
    (Synopsis: A 21 yrs old man has is genitals reluctantly abused ...)
  • Slavery 2020: by Factory boy
    (Synopsis: 2020: Slavery Conscription, young men serving two years as work slaves, has been operating successfuly in Great Britain since 1997. It's made that country an economic superpower, but at what price? In 21st Century Britain, we hear the story from both sides: the slaves and the women exempted from this horrific experience yet affected all the same.)
  • kissed and sucked into slavery: by misterjim
    (Synopsis: I was kissed, sucked and seduced by a beautiful teenager and then slowly trained to be a sex slave for her and all her teenage girl friends.)
  • Cynthia's First Time: by SoftGameHunter
    (Synopsis: Teen Cynthia is working at a fast food place when a police officer phones in instructions on how to strip search her for stolen drugs and money. Things get a trifle out of hand.)
  • Lost in a Strange Land: by Karen1982
    (Synopsis: Claire's family is lost in the tsunami that devestates Thailand. She returns to Bangkok, but adventure follows her along the way.)
  • Modern Slavery: by Karen1982
    (Synopsis: What will happen in a world where slavery is legal and the accepted norm. April is about to find out.)

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