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Book Project


Collected by Xamine

Me, My Shelf and Eye (14 stories listed)
for me me me me me and maybe you

  • Night Visits: by J.
    (Synopsis: A young girl is intoduced to depravity by her father and others.)
  • Lynsey's Game: by Danielle
    (Synopsis: Lynsey is a sweet girl who has always had things her own way. So the thought of a little danger excites her. On the internet, she begins to play an exciting little game, thinking that she's safe. But she's not...)
  • Slavery for Julie: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: Julie needed more attention from men. She was seeking ways to satisfy her lust. One wrong move altered her whole life and she was forced to be a common whore.)
  • Edna’s Basement: by Missy
    (Synopsis: )
  • Punk\'s First Piercing: by Daemeon
    (Synopsis: A girl is used as a toy for the piercing festishes of some of the rich and famous.)
  • The Plight of Patti: by Trainman
    (Synopsis: 20 year old blonde Patti is kidnapped, stretched and suspended. Then she is humiliated and raped before being sold for auction.)
  • The Plight of Janice: by Trainman
    (Synopsis: Blond, and 19, Janice is kidnapped, spread-eagled, and repeatedly sexually abused. She is then put on display and auctioned off and must submit to electrical torture and more sexual abuse.)
  • Amanda's Big Mistake: by Angelgirl
    (Synopsis: Amanda awakes only to find she is strapped down on a table. As she desperately tries to understand what is happening; her mind begins to play tricks with her. This is a true story.)
  • Joshua and Sandra: by Mike B
    (Synopsis: This is a very long story (or a very short novel). A young black man has an obsession for his white college professor. He rapes her, then proceeds upon a course of bending her to his domination, via gang rapes, sandwiched around an episode of white slavery (literally, as well as figuratively).)
  • Massage From Mother-In-Law: by Tarun Pathare
    (Synopsis: This is a story of how my own mother-in-law seduced me into becoming her lover...... using the tricks her own daughter uses every night to please me.)
  • The Basketball Team: by Paladin
    (Synopsis: An up and coming girls basket ball team from the suburbs falls captive to the inner city rival team and the game comes apart ....)
  • An African Prison: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: A white english woman, ends up in an african prison, where she is raped by all.)
  • Sex Slave Sorority Sisters: by Shvedjerry
    (Synopsis: Innocent girl was brought to join the Sorority Sisters and became everyone's play thing. No hard BDSM scene.)
  • Psych Hospital: Divorce Wars: by Llabmik
    (Synopsis: Lovely Lisa tries to divorce her rich husband and scoop a giant chunk of his fortune. She checks into a psychiatric hospital to hide out while the divorce is served. Hubby is connected and arrangeds for some very special treatment for her. Any female who gets in the way is ruthlessly dealt with in the Psychiatric Hospital where everybody loves to hear a pretty female scream.)


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