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Collected by SirAlexander

To Be Read (112 stories listed)

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  • Cindy and Company: by pamela
    (Synopsis: Cindy is the queen of her high school, but her home life is a different matter. When she turns down a date with a nerdy fellow student, she has no idea what she's starting.)
  • I Beg To Differ: by icechic
    (Synopsis: A little slut-whore learns waht happens when she comes wihtout permission....a stroy of her sweet denial.)
  • A Taste of Honey: by Jeremy Binder
    (Synopsis: Her body is stretched and helpless. His tongue and fingers bring her closer and closer to the edge, driving her to lustful mindlessness. “I will beg him,” she thinks, “as ridiculous as that sounds, I know I will beg him.” The thought unnerves her. All Kate can think about is cumming. Yet, she knows that will not happen. Not now anyway. )
  • Tina Chained: by Excalibur
    (Synopsis: blackmailed into submission, and abused.)
  • Chloe - Dominated and Degraded: by Lex Ludite
    (Synopsis: Domination and degradation in the extreme as Chloe Starkers, a young FBI agent on the fast track, is forced to exchange her freedom and dignity in exchange for her supervisor's silence about certain elements of her personal life. Chloe endures a variety of fiendish torments as well as rape as she is slowly transformed into his mindless slave.)
  • 186 Days: by Jackpot
    (Synopsis: Painful Pleasures always honors its contract. This is a story of a woman's descent into masochism, and how it effects others in her circle.)
  • Susan Gets a Delivery: by JEP
    (Synopsis: Susan was used to treating people with complete disdain and disrepect. The tables were about to be turned on her.)
  • Hypnosis: by Jack Harlequin
    (Synopsis: she needed a cure for her emotional pain- slavery and love became her answer )
  • The Mangini Chronicles Vol I: by arno strine
    (Synopsis: This is the first volume of what I hope to be many about High School Head Master, Eric Mangini. In this volume Eric begins the manifestation of his dark desires by entrapping and blackmailing a student into sexual slavery and humiliation.)
  • Dr. Benson's Office: by redleg112
    (Synopsis: Wife gets revenge on cheating. Husband turns him over to local female Dr for traing at clinic. f/m nc tease denial torture)
  • The Other Woman: by redleg112
    (Synopsis: This is a parallel story to author's another story Dr. Benson's Office - wife's revenge.)


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