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Book Project


Collected by jfinley69

Want to read (27 stories listed)

  • Jenna: by Bugs
    (Synopsis: Jenna is a teasedenial queen!)
  • Adventures in Medical: by Quicksilver-Iota
    (Synopsis: Story about female medical practitioners taking advantage of male. He was humilated and used by nurses and female doctors during various medical examination.)
  • Cousin's Weekend Slave: by Max
    (Synopsis: This is a story about what happened to me when I lost a bet to my cousin and she turned me into her slave.)
  • Lori's Brother: by Bugs
    (Synopsis: Ashley and Lori tease Lori's horny brother Jim! )
  • Cum Filled Panties: by submlmaid
    (Synopsis: A young man gets caught in his sisters room.)
  • Sorority Flag Pole Night: by neverman
    (Synopsis: A young student is left tied to a sorority flag pole.)
  • Christopher's Predicament: by Tyjord
    (Synopsis: Young man suffers as the subject of his sister's nursing school project. Not for the Squeamish!)
  • Danny and the Dildo: by dale10
    (Synopsis: My fourteen year old guardian gets a valentine\'s gift from me. A thirteen inch dildo. )
  • Friends: by FantasyMan
    (Synopsis: Mother's colleague performs a humiliating procedure on a young man with large balls.)
  • Step Sister's Plaything: by dark horse
    (Synopsis: A man who always dreamed about being controller by an unknown becomes his step sister's slave by accident.)
  • Initiation to Slavery: by slaveofaffina
    (Synopsis: Slave Training of a virgin male slave by his Cousin sister and arch lady rival in college to slavery)
  • Jake by Me: by Enos Quill
    (Synopsis: Jake is upended by two brats.)
  • Las Hembras: by DrDan
    (Synopsis: A young parole officer is captured and enslaved by an all-female street gang.)
  • A Working Day: by Abe Froman
    (Synopsis: A day at the office for a power broker with a unique relationship with his secretary.)
  • Military Misses Victory: by neverman
    (Synopsis: A man loses a bet to a female platoon.)
  • Sex Ed 101: by Lizard King
    (Synopsis: A captured downed pilot fears his luck has run out as he faces an upcoming interrogation.)
  • Eudora\'s Awakening: by The Siren
    (Synopsis: Marjorie teaches Eudora the best way to tease and control a man!)
  • A Week Away: by carnaj
    (Synopsis: A game gone wrong! Billy loved to be tied up, and his sister Christy soon learned that she loved to do the tying. When their mother goes away for a week however things get out of hand as Christy kicks up the game to new levels. Bondage and Foot Fetish run rampant as Billy is held captive by his sister, friends and neighbors for a week of torture that will not end.)
  • Two Girls Team Up: by Mind Prison
    (Synopsis: Eric finds himself in a tight situation when two of his friends, Jane and Lauren, discover that he has some dirty little secrets.)
  • Eustace: by The Siren
    (Synopsis: College president and submissive slaveboy, he and five generations of his family have submitted to the dominant sorority of Kappa Gamma Sade!)
  • Mary Allen: Femdom Household Horror: by TheSharpie
    (Synopsis: The Mary Allen talk show recounts a story that shocks America: a seemingly normal family is practicing female superiority as a religion.)
  • Naturally Demanding: by Jim Hale
    (Synopsis: Naturally Demanding is a story about a male high school senior who has fantasized for many years about being a slave for some girl. He meets a high school girl who specializes in making his fantasy come true. Her whole family, dad, mom and twin daughters live the very real life style which John believes he seeks. In a very short time this, "Goddess", and her family take John, from being a, "normal" young man to a very used slave. But is their use torture to him, or does he revile in it?)
  • Domestic Discipline in the Burbs: by RJ Mclink
    (Synopsis: Stately custom homes surrounded by well manicured lawns depict an image of normalcy and respectability in a contemporary suburbia. But inside some of these homes dwell individuals, who practice ritualized domestic discipline and sadomasochism, where the wife of the household, maintains complete control over her subservient husband. It is the role of the wife/mistress to rule supreme and to train her husband to become a humble servant obeying her every command and focusing exclusively on her needs.)
  • A University Education: by Some Writer
    (Synopsis: When a university student gets tied up by a girl he has a crush on, things don't quite go the way he wanted.)
  • He Soon To Thee Shall Sacrafice: by Michael Alexander
    (Synopsis: A college professor finds himself face to face with three students who want perfect grades. When he refuses they bring him to his knees, tormenting him for their own pleasure, before creating the blackmail they need.)
  • Life of the Party: by Joe1
    (Synopsis: A guy is blackmailed by a coworker and agrees to do anything she wants and what she wants is more than he bargained for.)
  • Humiliation Angels: by fireball
    (Synopsis: A male executive is introduced into a new world of domination and humiliation by his sexy secretary and her three friends.)

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