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Collected by gateway691

Quality (69 stories listed)
Real stories. No so called stories that are simply excuses to string one torture scene after another together. Authors who take the time to describe their characters and the worlds in which they live. Plus some abandoned stories that had real potential

  • The Making of a Super Bowl Champion: by Tara Casalino
    (Synopsis: The story of a male sub's journey from college student to the quarterback of a team in the Super Bowl. The story is told from the Domme's perspective.)
  • The Lawyer: by Lady C
    (Synopsis: When an unsuspecting lawyer is arrested by a policewoman, he gets more than he bargained for.)
  • Kurt & Kat: by Jonathan
    (Synopsis: )
  • Taming a Tempest: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: )
  • The Newest Slave: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: Angela Dawson was interested in buying a second slavegirl for her family and went back to the market where she bought her first girl. Then, a series of events resulted in her discovering that she had a submissive side. But the more that she explored that side of her, the darker things seemed to get for her and she experienced a never-ending stream of surprises.)
  • Destiny Weekend: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: Destiny Collins is a freshman at Wardham College. This weekend, she participates in her first inter-sorority games and she has been viewing them with a combination of trepidation and excitement. The games prove to be one of her most educational experiences yet.)
  • Lynne: by Just Another Bloke
    (Synopsis: A very long slave training story, but it is also one of the best. After reading all 36 chapters, I still hope there are more :-D)
    Comment: Another story from the early days of the 'library. Long and you just want more at the end.
  • B.B.O: by Flost48
    (Synopsis: A member of a world wide Domination club acquires and trains a new slave.)
  • Slaver's Empire: by Will
    (Synopsis: "She said, he said" episodes in the life of slaves, trainers, owners, dealers, etc. A blend of some SF elements with "real" world considerations. More to come as I find the time.)
  • Conflict Resolution: by Joe K
    (Synopsis: A determined female lawyer comes up against an unscrupulous businessman. After his first attempt to win her over fails, he resorts to more subtle tactics with greater success.)
  • Private Investigations: by Gina Hoisington
    (Synopsis: This story is about a tough female private eye that is kidnapped by a slaver organization. After a tough start, she kicks ass.)
  • Learning the Dance: by Archetype
    (Synopsis: A young man is chosen to take over his father\'s business. The deal includes some interesting property)
  • When Predator Becomes Prey: by Deklan
    (Synopsis: A chauvanistic slaver discovers what he believes to be the catch of his life, but instead turns out to be its downfall.)
  • My Berlin Summer: by Dana Williams
    (Synopsis: The American college girl finally had a chance to live out her own fantasy and got to know what it would be like to be a real slavegirl.)
    Comment: This one, is one of the all time classics although all of her stories are quality works and well worth reading
  • The Briars Club: by J D McMasters
    (Synopsis: The adventures of several slaves and masters in a organization that enslaves women and men for the entertainment of the members of the club. This will be a very long story that will take months to finish.)
    Comment: Early days but its hold great promise. Has the right balance between character, plot and fantasy. Part 1 is better than part 2, which slips into the usual link-torture-scene mistake
  • The unlucky American: by Marshall Wade
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: let down the the library's formatting, it is made harder to read than it should be but still an excellent story.
  • Your Master Requires Your Presence: by Jack Peacock
    (Synopsis: An impulsive act following a temper tantrum earns a woman a trip to a unique educational facility, where she is given the opportunity to learn what is truly important.)
    Comment: Presence, Attendance and Allegiance. A well planned and well written trilogy.
  • Your Master Requires Your Attendance: by Jack Peacock
    (Synopsis: The obvious can be used to hide true intentions. A woman discovers that sacrifices made in helping someone else might also help herself. [Sequel to: Your Master Requires Your Presence])
    Comment: Presence, Attendance and Allegiance. A well planned and well written trilogy.
  • Your Master Requires Your Allegiance: by Jack Peacock
    (Synopsis: The tendency to judge oneself by comparison to others can lead to impulsive choices, but in one case it was the cost of admission to an exclusive group. [Sequel to: Your Master Requires Your Attendance])
    Comment: Presence, Attendance and Allegiance. A well planned and well written trilogy.
  • Adventures of Brooke: by Semiater
    (Synopsis: In difficult economic times various employment opportunties arrise...)
    Comment: Sadly incomplete. In the same vein as Society of Rome and Briars Club, but better written.
  • How I became a servant of Ay'esha: by Dr Charles Forbin
    (Synopsis: The first segment in a continuing series about a man brought by force into the service of a beautiful woman and how his love grew for her and her sisters in Dominance, the Daughters of Ay'esha.)
  • Tigers and Bears, Oh My!: by Euryleia Rider
    (Synopsis: A Domme loses a bet and her status.)
  • The Trap: by Bad Bob
    (Synopsis: When the sexual advances of a young female university lecturer are turned down by one of her male students, she decides to lay a trap and imprison him. Once she has him, she emasculates and humiliates him before reducing him to being her mere sexual play thing.)
  • Family Business: Fading Suns: by Lord Of Storms
    (Synopsis: This is a first in a series of related, yet independent stories in the Empire Universe. Each story will involve various themes and ideas, and each will in some way lay further groundwork for more in depth and detailed stories in the future... The first tale takes the reader to see how the other half lives, how a female survives in the male dominated kingdom of Gilead...)
  • What Are Friends For: by Blueknight
    (Synopsis: Scott, part of a group of 20 something friends, is roped into being the slave for 3 females of the group, and their trip to the cities BDSM nightclub.)
  • The Weekend: by Sardonicus
    (Synopsis: A young attorney stumbles across his boss' daughter and some friends playing S&M games in the woods. He is caught watching them and blackmailed into submitting to thier torments. He soon finds he can't resist the games played by the lovely Maggie Whistler.)
  • The Club: by subrob
    (Synopsis: This story is dedicated to Mistress Affina Joseph Entrapped by a neighbor. Robert is required by his wife Robin to visit a disciplinarian for punishment. Later he is introduced to The Club in which all the wives spank all the husbands for their misdeeds at a once-a-month meeting.)
  • Holiday Highlights: by Desmios
    (Synopsis: A sequel to 'Holiday Slavery'. Mistress Tina takes her slave Peter on the cruise ship again... with some new 'recruits'! Rather than recounting every day of the vacation, Peter concentrates on a number of highlights.)
  • My story of domination and submission: by Kateland McDonald
    (Synopsis: A young woman\'s first experience into the world domination and dicipline.)
  • The Stuff of Dreams: by Dana Williams
    (Synopsis: A young art gallery director becomes fascinated by a historical painting depicting a slave girl serving her master. The painting finds its way into her dreams, which become increasingly lifelike.)
  • The Dom and the Researcher: by Master S
    (Synopsis: )
  • Service to Namor: by VonStephen
    (Synopsis: The first American civil war brought an end to slavery.--During the aftermath of the second, it would be reborn.--Namor, an empire carved out by force in what was once the United States. Solving social problems one at a time the founder managed to destroy the fiat money system, return his nation to a democratic republic, reestablish the rights of property owners, bring on a new age of feudalism, and make it legal to purchase slaves from the block.--Confused?-----Then read on.)
    Comment: unfinished
  • Memoirs of a Slave Girl: by Rocky
    (Synopsis: A woman reflects back on her 70+ years as a slave. This story will probably include a little bit of everything, so don't limit your interest if your favorite codes aren't listed.)
  • Recruiting Victoria: by Gina Hoisington
    (Synopsis: A young woman is kidnapped in the Caribbean by a team recruiting slaves for wealthy man. She is roughly treated in preparation for her impending slavehood.)
  • Penny on the Block - A Doc's Orders Story: by Quin
    (Synopsis: Simon Wise is a slave trainer with a secret New York slave auction house. When the mysterious Doc asks for a favor Simon can hardly refuse even though it proves to be more trouble than he thought.)
  • A Favour for a Friend: by Marshall Wade
    (Synopsis: Do a friend a favour and you may end up with unexpected results.)
    Comment: Mr Wade can really tell a story of his stories posted here this a imho the best, one of the few authors I constantly hope is still writing.
  • Society Of Rome: by Master Ken
    (Synopsis: The story of how a young girl and how and why she matures into a young women that turns towards the life of slavery. It follows her life as she finds herself joining an exclusive private organization dedicated to S&M and sexual servitude.)
    Comment: Really comes into its own from chapter 14 onwards, one of the first stories I read on this site and still a favorite.
  • Anne and Alicia: by scifitales
    (Synopsis: Mother and daughter join a female dominated corporation as willing slaves.)
    Comment: Another good concept doomed never to be finished
  • Death by Chess: by C. A. Smith
    (Synopsis: This is the final installment of a "Sextet" of stories that explore the potential of man's inhumanity toward women; tales of cruelty, brutality and depravity in the pursuit of lust, power and greed, with a soupcon of love amidst the pain as a ray of hope in the darkness.)
    Comment: this is a LOT darker than my normal taste but its such a good story
  • FREEDOM: Class Warfare: by Razor7826
    (Synopsis: A truly free society grants people full control over their own lives, no matter how horrible their decisions may seem. In a world of contractual slavery, what deals would people make, what sadistic games would they play?)
    Comment: "most na´ve, had never even considered the consequences of failure, believing that her life would be spent as a peaceful house slave like on her favorite TV show now she was learning the harsh realities of life her overprotective parents had hid"
  • Las Hembras: by DrDan
    (Synopsis: A young parole officer is captured and enslaved by an all-female street gang.)
  • First Night: by Michelle Byssom
    (Synopsis: Sally, a woman in her mid 30s has been kidnapped and sold as a slave. This is the account of her first night as she tries to come to terms with her new life.)
  • Surprise! Surprise!: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: Jane's friend invited her to meet at a coffee shop to celebrate Jane's graduation. The friend had a very unique way of celebrating, however. And later, even the friend became surprised.)
  • Change of Fortune: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: Laura had a happy and comfortable life until her husband's business started to fail. She agreed to be sold as a part-time slave to some friends in exchange for help in the business. But soon she found herself in a whole new world of confusing emotions and experiences.)
  • The Subjugation of Scully: by Harold Sheep
    (Synopsis: FBI Special Agent Dana Scully is captured and trained as a sex slave)
  • Princess Alana: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: Alana Montcliff is a successful young architect who has just bought a home that she plans to remodel. Little does she know that, while she is making plans for the house, neighbors are making plans for her.)
  • The Gamblers: by Diana Philbrick
    (Synopsis: A story of contract-bondage, pain, and love.)
  • The First Day: by Dana Williams
    (Synopsis: This story describes a girl's first day as a sex slave, in which she is auctioned off and then used by her new masters.)
  • Songs of the Dance: by Archetype
    (Synopsis: A young girl with large breasts is kidnapped and trained to be a slave by a wealthy older man. Slow buildup to some intense scenes, and even a bit of romance.)
  • Naked at Work: by obohobo
    (Synopsis: A story inspired by various Naked in School series originated, I believe, by Karen Wagner. The year is 2015. The government is in a monetary crisis. Pensions, unemployment benefits and welfare payments were bankrupting them. The pensions were kept but all other payments were summarily stopped. People who were on these benefits could volunteer to become slaves and be kept and fed by individuals or as part of a firm's labour force. In order to eat this was usually their only option. Minor criminals too were often sentenced to periods of slavery rather than being incarcerated in expensive to run prisons.)
    Comment: 1st half
  • Glimpses of the Island: by Jack Peacock
    (Synopsis: What if there were a place, just like the town over the next hill, but just a little bit different from everywhere else? What if the residents lived by their own rules, without outside interference? Three newcomers learn about the Island as they look for a new start in life.)
  • The Auction Block: by Jlou
    (Synopsis: Two beautiful sisters are kidnapped by a diabolical white slavery ring and forcibly converted into lesbian slaves. They are then trained and prepared for sale for an exclusive auction featuring some of the world\'s wealthiest lesbian slaveholders.)
  • 28 Day Trial Period: by sarijak
    (Synopsis: The last thing Mika expected to see when she came home from work was a nearly naked redhead lying bound to her bed. Eve is a special introductory offer for joining a slave club and Mika has her for 28 days before deciding whether to buy her or not. The trouble is Mika's not sure what to do. After all, what possible use can she have for a gorgeous, 22-year old American redhead who can't cook, can't clean and keeps losing the post?)
  • The College Wager: by VaVaVoom
    (Synopsis: Two college girls have a winner takes all wager to end their rivalry, with the forfeit for the loser meaning she becomes.)
  • A Reluctant Master: by Master13
    (Synopsis: In the island kingdom of Cerna, nearly half of the female population are slaves. Some were born into slavery, others were enslaved for crimes, while still others were taken from foreign lands in slave raids. There are even some who chose the collar. Regardless of how they reached their status, these women must serve the whims of their masters and mistresses. For in the eyes of their society, they are merely valuable pieces of property.)
  • The Steel Collar: by Steele
    (Synopsis: A successful accountant falls victim to a slaver's unusual recruitment policy.)
  • Pleasure Incorparated: by MysticPetite
    (Synopsis: Allison and her husband go on a vaction to a resort. Just not any resort but one dealing in sex.)
  • The Mansion: by Lady Blade
    (Synopsis: A Slave Training Center where family traditions don't come without a price.)
  • A Perfect Match: by Onewhoadores
    (Synopsis: A young woman, unlucky in love, becomes a reluctant domme, with surprising results.)
  • Holiday Slavery: by Desmios
    (Synopsis: A completely fanciful story about a tropical island resort where "my kind" of slavery is an accepted part of life. Male AND female slaves, open-air public nakedness and B&D. Maybe a few little surprises for the reader who follows the story through!)
  • Slave to the Empire: by Lord Of Storms
    (Synopsis: Kieron was a rogue, and about to get caught up in adventure of his life when he accepts a commission from an unscrupulous Noble.)
  • The Goon Show: by Freddie Clegg
    (Synopsis: One of the heavies in a kidnap and slaving gang give his perspective on life as one of the goons.)
  • Market Forces: by Freddie Clegg
    (Synopsis: An international organisation specialising in slavery recruits a marketing manager to help them with their business.)
  • Staying Out Of The Papers: by Freddie Clegg
    (Synopsis: A nosy journalist and a group of white slavers; whatever will happen? This is a short, one part, story.)
  • The Bridge Club: by Arika Lee
    (Synopsis: An ambitious lawyer has decided that a wealthy socialite holds the key to her future...and she is right.)
    Comment: can be found in a more complete form elsewhere on the net but its the largest free sample of a 'published' work I have ever seen
  • The Reluctant Pony: by Rilawild.
    (Synopsis: Isabelle\'s boss and mentor is invited to a meeting of the Wallinghurst Pony Club to sign an important contract. Neither he nor she realises quite what the club is all about and Isabelle connives to be invited with him to make sure that his isn\'t conned. Unfortunately to get the invitation she has to pretend to be interested in joining the club as a member. We follow her as she finds the shocking truth of what a ponygirl really is and discovers what it means to be member. What will she put up with to keep her secret intact and will she know to stop before it is too late?)
  • The Femina Empire: by Pluto
    (Synopsis: Planet Earth is force to join the Femina Empire. A Federation of many planets. In this Empire, humans right are not distributed evenly, that is women have them all and the males have none, they are slaves. They are chattels, pieces of property, own by women. Humans from earth learn to adjust to this new reality.)
    Comment: have some scifi
  • Novice Slaveowner: by Marshall Wade
    (Synopsis: You move abroad, suddenly become the owner of three fellow human beings - and then what?)
  • Slavery Conscription Story: by Phemral
    (Synopsis: In a not too distant future in England. Fed up with the attitudes of young men. The English government forms a mandatory conscription service for all young men for a period of two years. After a period of training the young men are sent off to various duty's. The time can be very harsh or just hard, never easy though. Will this catch on?)
    Comment: Went off the rails after the first 5 chapters or so, but until that point it's a classic

2nds - almost but quite, for one reason or another (30 stories listed)
Usually works that are abandoned.


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