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Book Project


Collected by dragonheart

To Read (8 stories listed)

  • Female Domination Games: by Pallidan
    (Synopsis: A mother and daughter are transformed into slavery by her daughter friend and mother.)
  • Katrina's Taming: by Eve Adorer
    (Synopsis: Katrina will lose all she owns unless she can get a massive loan. A long time girlfriend comes to the rescue at a price. The price for Katrina is heavy. A highly intelligent super fit strong-willed outdoor free spirit and sportsgirl, Katrina must submit to being tamed.)
  • The Game: by Nadia
    (Synopsis: It's a mostly true story of love and very hot s/m experience. A young woman missed her previous lover because her husband couldn't satisfy her need for dominant sex. So she called her ex and he agreed to come and see her one last time. *Not for people who like extreme stories.)
  • Vicki's Request: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: Vicki's Request)
  • Tara's Adventures: by Taraghost
    (Synopsis: A story based on a woman's real life experiences. Throughout her life she had been in control and strived to excel. She thought she had achieved what she wanted until an extended vacation with her best friend brought out her true sexually submissive self. She is quickly drawn into a world, she had only fantasized about, by her friend. Her training soon brings out her true desires and nature.)
  • Under The Bridge: by Sir_Nathan
    (Synopsis: A shop attendant gets more than she bargained for.)
  • The Conversion of Jessica: by Rich Humus
    (Synopsis: A young housewife is taken against her will and delivered to a maniacle mansion, where she will be programmed to perform...)
  • Hotel: by Flost48
    (Synopsis: Woman meets her on line lover at a hotel and her life as a slave begins.)

My Favorites (29 stories listed)


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