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Collected by jakattack

Stories (89 stories listed)

  • Suzanne\'s Return: by R.J. Silverwood
    (Synopsis: While her husband is out of town, Suzanne finds herself experiencing life as she never had before, and under the control of her ex-husband form her prior marriage.)
  • Susan's Christmas: by Quin
    (Synopsis: Susan was expection a dull Christmas but when a dark intruder breaks into her appartment she soon gets a present she wasn't expecting.)
    Comment: Amazingly well written. Gentle and terrorfing kidnapping and training
  • An Unwilling Bride: by ditzylilgirl
    (Synopsis: Margaret is a young girl from a repressive community. She dreams of running away to study at university, but her parents have other plans for her.)
  • Asians For Auction: by J. Kim
    (Synopsis: Two college coeds volunteer for a charity auction. They are in for a suprise!)
    Comment: Chapter 7, first BJ is very good
  • Slave Girls in Bondage: by kilogram
    (Synopsis: Civilization has collapsed and slavery became the basis of the society. Women were forced to obey any order they got. Nobody care about their needs. After all, they existed only to please.)
    Comment: Highlights: Chapter 20 using a reluctant slave, Chapter 70 slaves at a wedding
  • Slacker's Revenge: by Kallie Thomas
    (Synopsis: A sullen stoner's attitude takes a sudden turn when he's left alone for a week with his hated sister.)
    Comment: Mean revenge on hated sister
  • Grace's Hard Lessons II: by Dark Avenger
    (Synopsis: A young female executive finds herself blackmailed into a cycle of submission, humiliation and depravery after being discovered by her colleague that she had embezzled money from the company. A sequel to Grace\'s Hard Lessons.)
    Comment: Chapter 21 is my Favorite, lots of humilation and control. Chapter 23 where she fucks her friend is ripe with humilation
  • The Price of Innocence: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: Innocence was recently graduated from college and newly married as she started to work on her PhD. But her doctoral studies and her marriage were turning out to be surprisingly different from what she expected. Her slow slide into slavery caught her by surprise and the number of people who claimed her as their slave was shocking to her. Everything seemed surreal as she became more and more submissive to the wills of the dominant people who filled her life.)
    Comment: Middle of Chapter 1 and beginning of Chapter two are solid. Great author, his style is unwilling slave gently forced into slavery. Firmly dominated and used.
  • Surprise! Surprise!: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: Jane's friend invited her to meet at a coffee shop to celebrate Jane's graduation. The friend had a very unique way of celebrating, however. And later, even the friend became surprised.)
    Comment: Great Author! A gentle story of forced slavery. Loving, caring, unapolegetic and yet reluctant and nc
  • Taming a Tempest: by Captv8td
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: Kidnapped and sold as slave. Not vicious but very controlling and humiliating
  • So Easy: by Topcat
    (Synopsis: Be careful of the foreign exchange student you bring into your home. Dominate lesbian takes small town girl and makes her a pet.)
    Comment: Chapter 7 is good, Roommate is forced to become a slave pet
  • A Dilema for Donna: by Petricia
    (Synopsis: A new divorcee attends a cocktail party and gets placed into an increasing difficult situation. )
    Comment: Woman gently takes control of nc female
  • Such a Good Girl: by Ms. Which
    (Synopsis: This is a violently sadistic story about a man who holds a girl in thrall to him. It is not for the faint of heart.)
    Comment: A teacher enslaves and trains a student until she graduates high school
  • Denise's Summer of Slavery: by Avery Childs
    (Synopsis: The first in what I hope to be a series of Summer of Slavery stories. Denise spends an entire summer at the mercy of her two brothers.)
    Comment: Enslaved by her two brothers, chapter one is good. Seems to get much darker later on
  • The Sweet Enslavement of Samantha: by DarkShadow Eternal
    (Synopsis: She had been a slut and teaser for too long, finally someone decided to get revenge on her. She was abducted and turned into a sex slave.)
    Comment: Enslaving a former girlfriend
  • Two Japanese Sisters: by sarijak
    (Synopsis: Kitty and her Mistress decide to take a break in the sun, and they run into Hanako and Ayako, in a meeting that will change the lives of the two Japanese sisters.)
    Comment: Unwilling slave, the part where they first break the sister is fantastic
  • Obnoxious Housemate: by Clever Nick
    (Synopsis: I get my revenge one day on an obnoxious, bible-thumping housemate.)
    Comment: Bitchy Roomate is taught to behave, she's defiant all the way
  • Birthday Surprise: by Nic Romanschak
    (Synopsis: B/D, D/s, Lesbian sex)
    Comment: ex-girlfriend suduces guy, while his current girlfriend is forced to listen
  • The Evil Bet: by Joachim
    (Synopsis: A young wife agrees to a bizarre bet with her husband: If she stays absolutely chaste f? six weeks, she will receive a nice new car.)
    Comment: Wife is teased and denided over a period of weeks
  • My King And Me: by ella
    (Synopsis: A young woman agrees to become her lover's slave. As she is subjected to humiliation and punishment, she feels that her love for her king gets deeper and deeper...)
    Comment: Chapter 1 is very good. A Female shows her love by letting her master use her
  • My Berlin Summer: by Dana Williams
    (Synopsis: The American college girl finally had a chance to live out her own fantasy and got to know what it would be like to be a real slavegirl.)
    Comment: Chapter 2 is very good
  • Under My Thumb: by beagle9690
    (Synopsis: An honorable man, deeply in love with his wife, returns from work to find his wife in bed with her college professor. By nature a calm and reasonable man, his wife’s infidelity enrages him to pummel and humiliate the pretty boy professor. A few years after his divorce, his ex-wife returns; penniless begging for forgiveness and reconciliation. He takes her back, but on his terms and his terms alone.)
    Comment: Bitchy wife comes back and submits to husband
  • Jennifer's New Family: by crystelia
    (Synopsis: Jennifer's new step father and step brothers take a very active and brutal interest in her, then turn their attentions to her mother as well!)
  • Mei Ling and Me: by Anne Gray
    (Synopsis: A gentle story where a Leather Domme meets her match in an unexpected way)
    Comment: Very gentle story
  • Emily's Party: by Paul Phillips
    (Synopsis: Emily wakes up from a night out to find herself locked in a stock and a special guest at a special party)
  • Meddling with Mandy: by Anne Gray
    (Synopsis: Meddling with Mandy)
  • My Roomate: by Ninja Turtle
    (Synopsis: Two female freshmen roomates at college. One comes from a very conservative background and feels guilty when she masturbates. The other turns her into her toy using the guilt of her masturbating.)
    Comment: Soft Domination Story, f/f
  • Shotgun Wedding: by Dom Neely
    (Synopsis: Lovely college student Lydia is kidnapped by her sister, and forced to submit to the perverse and polygamous desires of her sister's Dominant master.)
  • Enslaving Abbey: by JK
    (Synopsis: )
  • Trainer\'s Guide to Women: by W. Hunter
    (Synopsis: Follows a trainer as he turns his freshly captured slave into a cumslut)
  • The Barbarian Queen: by John Aroster
    (Synopsis: A Germanic queen is taken captive by a Roman general and is taught how to become the perfect slave.)
  • A Cheerleader Summer: by Unknown
    (Synopsis: This mean and cruel cheerleader is finally under these two guys' control. Cheerleading will never be the same again u have been warned!)
  • The First Day: by Dana Williams
    (Synopsis: This story describes a girl's first day as a sex slave, in which she is auctioned off and then used by her new masters.)
  • A Lady's Maid In Montana: by Shackleford Bond
    (Synopsis: A proper English Servant accompanies her mistress to the wilds of America and is kidnapped by savage Indians, every day. )
  • Homecoming: by aussiesubgirl
    (Synopsis: A woman finally learns to submit fully to her beautiful Master on his return home. This is a true account of my own experience. My Master is away for long periods of time, but when he returns the homecoming is always spectacular and tender.)
  • Our Fifth Day Together: by Kristina
    (Synopsis: DO NOT LET THE GRAMMER ERRORS GET IN YOUR WAY. I write how i fantasize and who fantasizes gramatically correct. One night for a new sub and her new Master. He has been working very hard to \"break\" her in. (my first shot at documenting the things i touch myself to)This story includes anal, hard oral, toys, bondage, etc.)
  • The Missionary: by DungeonMaster
    (Synopsis: A CIA agent is sent to an African nation posing as a missionary. However, she is found out and arrested, imprisoned, and tortured when she refuses to divulge her code name. She is then sent to a camp where she is trained to be a sex-slave.)
  • A Slave's Story: by H. Dean
    (Synopsis: A girl willingly becomes the slave to a sadist only to find that it is not without consequence. Soon she is entrapped in a world of pain from which she cannot escape.)
  • The Man Next Door: by Lancer
    (Synopsis: Teenage sub sold to neightbor as sex slave.)
  • The Atonement: by Racecar
    (Synopsis: She killed a man in a car accident and ran away. The only witness, her best friend, seduced her hunsband and together made her their little slave.)
  • The Leather Twins: by Anne Gray
    (Synopsis: Identical twin sisters "aquire" and train two bondage playmates.)
  • The Watcher: by Kallie Thomas
    (Synopsis: Story of the abduction, rape, and torture of a young woman whose daily jog has brought her to the attention of a predator. Told in first person.)
  • Mine: by Kray
    (Synopsis: A beautiful girl is abducted and brought in a far castle, where she's enslaved by a sadistic Master, that enjoys tying, torturing, raping and deeply controlling her, in a good variety of ways. Although, sometimes, he likes allowing his slave some indulgences, so that he soon succeeds in completely bent the girl to his control. Many chapters are planned.)
  • All About Eve: by JK
    (Synopsis: Eve is a pretty house wife, who is a sex slave to her husband. He turns her over to her teen age sons, and is now a sex slave to all three men in her family.)
  • The Wedding: by Michael Alexander
    (Synopsis: Bethany Steinman and her three friends, all deeply in the lifestyle, celebrate Bethany's wedding to her master Alan.)
  • The Museum of Inquisition: by Michael Alexander
    (Synopsis: An American professor of history takes his students to a Museum of Medieval Torture. One young lady decides to sit out the tour, but does she?)
    Comment: Very well written, a unique idea as well
  • Sister Sue: by Ed
    (Synopsis: Story about a young boy who peeps in on his sister and husband "playing" and the torments that follow.)
  • 'Frisco: by J.
    (Synopsis: He kidnaps her, rapes her and torments her. But when it's time to let her go.....)
  • Au Pair Girl: by Satan_Klaus
    (Synopsis: A man reflects on his enslaved Au Pair girl in a unique writing style.)
    Comment: A very gentle story of domination. The dom is not vicious physically but is clearly in control of NC Female.
  • Second Marriage: by Softleather
    (Synopsis: Sharon Edison, a successful businesswoman, gets behind on her payroll taxes. The IRS threatens to ruin her unless she can come up with $550,000. Her fiancé, Tom Burns, comes to the rescue, but the pre-nuptial agreement has hidden conditions that will force Sharon to be Tom’s exhibition-slave for the next 5 years.)
  • Human Mattress: by Hungry Guy
    (Synopsis: A sexist remark whilst chatting among friends in the dorms after class gets Doug in big trouble with the girls. But wait... )
  • My Own Private Cheerleader: by dr_mabeuse
    (Synopsis: Cheerleader bondage--Rah! Rah! Mmmmph!!!)
  • A Birthday Present: by Grey Eyed Athena
    (Synopsis: A limo ride to country and a little sweet revenge)
  • Cindy's World: by Tallus
    (Synopsis: Teen's father know what women are for. And he's got the temper and the buddies to show them. )
  • Kelly's Slave: by Ashley
    (Synopsis: Kelly and her roommate begin as friends and quickly change into Mistress and slave. Over time, the slavery grows more intense.)
  • Jake & Mari: by JK
    (Synopsis: A pretty young wife finally submits to her husbands desire to make her a sex slave, to himself and others)
  • Bondage Begins at Home: by Jim Bosetti
    (Synopsis: This is a story written by myself with the help of my wife. It is a story with some truths and some fiction. The names used are purely fictional. It is a story I have wanted to do through the feelings of a woman as I might think. It is a story for the pleasure of adults to enjoy. I hope to be writing others and would like to hear any feedback from you the reader. my e-mail address is I hope you enjoy it. )
  • Entertainment Center: by Alexis
    (Synopsis: Stern measures are required to get peace and quiet to watch NFL football. A bribe...and then a revelation.)
  • Learning: by Thndrshark
    (Synopsis: A young girl, eager to experience true submission, signs on for more than even she can imagine when her boyfriend tests her limits and beyond.)
  • Casino: by Thndrshark
    (Synopsis: Three close girlfriends are eager to experience new adventures. Now they are in a fetish and bondage casino, where people play for some more interesting things than money.)
  • Violet: by Thndrshark
    (Synopsis: A Girl enslaved by her best friend put through many tortures and pains.)
  • Geek's Toy: by Asha
    (Synopsis: A geek releases his stress on his toy. )
  • Family Drama: by Woolfighter
    (Synopsis: Southampton's problems seem to overtake him when a customer offers him a solution. The solution is perfect but for the female part of the family.)
  • You Bet Your Wife: by Quale
    (Synopsis: The pilot episode of the game show, "You Bet Your Wife." Much like Millionaire but every wrong answer is paid for sexually by the contestant's wife on TV.)
  • Y.B.Y.W - Episode 13: by VaVaVoom
    (Synopsis: Episode 13 of the game show, "You Bet Your Wife." The Original pilot show was written by Quale. A game show where every wrong answer is paid for sexually by the contestant's wife on TV.)
  • The Perils of Patricia: by Petricia
    (Synopsis: A submissive housewife submits to her young Mistress for the first time.)
  • Stephanie\'s New Year: by Sam Blythe
    (Synopsis: Sequel to “Conversations with Anna” by Katie Dale. The original story can be found on asstr. A 14-year-old girl is gradually introduced into a submissive lifestyle by older brother. Story is multi-part and rather long. It is not a “slam, bam, thank you ma’am” approach.)
  • Conversion of Jasmine: by James Smith
    (Synopsis: Jasmine, a beautiful young girl who loves sex, is taught to crave for a more sadistic extreme love. Forniphilia.)
  • Anthropology: by Freddie Clegg
    (Synopsis: Dr. Karen Armstrong is studying a culture where women are treated as slaves and then finds she becomes a part of it.)
  • The Big Tease: by Tarrachus
    (Synopsis: A slave is tortured and is cruely teased and denied orgasm.)
  • An Inquisitive Federal Agent: by Desert Dog
    (Synopsis: In 'ECSO 12 - An Inquisitive Federal Agent' Aaron Clarke chances upon a Miami-based FBI agent obsessively trying to solve a series of drug-related murders featuring the disappearance of a number of women. Graphic and horrific pictures of two law enforcement agents that supposedly escaped from vicious drug dealers pique the FBI agent's curiosity. ECSO 12 is the story of how this agent't life gets turned upside down after she is tricked into accepting a slaver's help in determining whether the forensic evidence of the case indicated bondage and rape and if it could be used to trace the murderers.)
  • Sex Slave Sisters: by taskmaster11
    (Synopsis: Three not so ugly but bullying sisters are finally brought to book by a vengeful relative and trained to lead a life of submission and slavery)
  • Rape at Sea: by Frank Haegele
    (Synopsis: An "old school" military man changes his mind as to whether females should be allowed on war ships once he experiences the sexual benefits of having women on his ship. He and three other senior enlisted men devise a plan that allows them to humiliate, abuse and rape junior enlisted female sailors on the ship without the fear of having the assaults reported. Their last victim is a sexy officer who is abducted, tortured and degraded as punishment for her bitchy attitude.)
  • Mariko Raped & Trained In front of Husband: by Darknightwood
    (Synopsis: This story was inspired by a beautiful Japanese lady called Mariko, whose story and photos are in the \'Members\' Photos\' section of the BDSM Library Forum - \'Mariko\'s Training & Development\'. In this story she and her husband are kidnapped by a gang who seek to rape her into obedience and who force him to endure watching her drawn-out treatment.)
  • S.S.M.A.R.T. P.I.C.: by Frank Haegele
    (Synopsis: S.S.M.A.R.T. P.I.C. is an underground organization that specializes in abusing and raping young women. It holds an annual meeting/performance that costs $5K to attend. In this episode, two sexy college coeds are abducted and taken to a vacant warehouse where they are used as the entertainment for the high priced meeting.)
  • Passenger Train: by crimson
    (Synopsis: Passenger Train)
  • Rosa's choice: by Orpheus
    (Synopsis: A maid tries to steal some money and is made to pay as a sex slave for a night.)
  • Crown of Torments: by Synon55
    (Synopsis: The Necromancer returns from the grave to take his harrowing revenge against the Warrior Queen and her supporters.)
  • Wedding Night: by Zebulon
    (Synopsis: A young woman meets and marries the man of her dreams. But he\'s got a big surprise for her on their wedding night.)
  • Anna's Date: by fellatrix
    (Synopsis: In a future where women are required to be subservient and wear chastity belts, Anna is sent out on a date with a friend of her father's.)
  • A Weekend With Natasha and Rachel: by fireball
    (Synopsis: Humiliation, degradation, sexual abuse and slavery are the only things some women understand. So when two sluts are in need of some "behavior modification", a husband calls in the experts to teach them a lesson they'll never forget.)
  • Dungeon Of Denial: by Dangermouse
    (Synopsis: A woman is taken prisoner by lesbians to be used in the manufacture of a new aphrodisiac.)
  • The Summer Project: by T.S.Fesseln
    (Synopsis: A brother-in-law gets the chance of his dreams when his father and stepmother go on vacation and he gets to turn his stepsister into a slave. A work in progress.)
  • How I Became A Bondage Wife: by Master2124
    (Synopsis: This story is written in the first person and is the story of a woman who is remembering how she ended up as a happy wife heavily into bondage sex. The story commences with a description of the start of a weekend of sexual bondage, then reverts back to the wife's early sexual experiences.)
  • Discovering Bondage: by Master2124
    (Synopsis: Tells how a recently married wife discovers that her husband and best friend have been into bondage for some time and how they introduce her to this.)
  • Behind Closed Doors: by Anne Gray
    (Synopsis: Two friends help out the mother of an out of control teen!)
  • The Present: by Master Rhetoric
    (Synopsis: A Husband gives his little wifey a girl to play with for their anniversary. Thing is the girl plays rough.)
  • A Gift for a Friend: by Quale
    (Synopsis: This story is told from the boyfriends perspective while he tricks his girlfriend into letting him tie her up in his roomates bedroom. Not until she is restrained does he reveal what gift he is giving his roomate for his birthday.)
  • The Law of private ground: by Woolfighter
    (Synopsis: A law comes into force approving any measure a (male) groundowner would take. Bad news for the female population.)
    Comment: Very creative universe


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