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Collected by bullfinch

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F/m fav. tort. (35 stories listed)

  • Busting Bobby's Balls: by lws
    (Synopsis: Bobby is an 18 year old boy with enormous genitals. The women in the story, led by Bobby's own step-mother, take it upon themselves to torture and humiliate Bobby, primarily through pummeling his gigantic testicles.)
  • Angels Play Rough: by nahanom
    (Synopsis: Kim and Lauren are no angels of mercy. These nurses don't believe in mercy. They believe in making men suffer, in making men beg for and end that comes too slow. They don't hate men. They just love to torture them. Unmercifully. The born sadists have the knowledge to save a man's life but the desire to ed it in the most vicious and agonizing way possible.)
  • Amanda Plays for Keeps: by nahanom
    (Synopsis: Amanda Ryan is a vibrant young woman who likes to play rough, likes to play by her own cruel rules and just loves to play for keeps when she can get away with it. And the sadistic and sexy seductress has a real knack for getting away with it once she has a boy in her embrace. She’s looking forward to using her husband and two teenage sons to experience the ultimate sadistic thrill. In the meantime she satisfies her wicked needs by torturing and snuffing young men who fall under her irresistible spell.)
  • My Torture: by Nikunj
    (Synopsis: A very hard torture of a male slave by his Mistress.)
    Comment: 14kb. 8pts. F is The Lady, m is narrator.
  • Postrevolutionary Taxidermy: by XNtrc
    (Synopsis: In a female dominated future, a grim new art celebrates the fate of disobedient males.)
    Comment: 21kb. 9pts. UF. F is Jessica.
  • Bootsy: by RubberH
    (Synopsis: The tale of how a slave is transformed over a long period of time.)
    Comment: 38kb. 8pts. F is Darla, m is bootsy. Also some M.
  • Toilet Training John: by paltego
    (Synopsis: John's wife Sarah is fed up with his inability to be both a good husband and good toilet for her. So together with her friend Jane, she comes up with an extreme training regime for him.)
    Comment: 30kb. 10pts. F is Sarah, wife of john. Also Jane,toilet inventor!
  • Starting life on his own: by Karel
    (Synopsis: A young man leaves home in search of an exciting new life in full bdsm style. Of course he gets more then he expected, all along the lines of ‘be careful what you wish for’. )
    Comment: 170kb. 8pts. F is Mrs De Witt, m is karel. Also F/f and F is Miss Angela.
  • The Good Hubby: by Kimmie Holland
    (Synopsis: A wife uses her submissive husband's death fetish against him to cash in and start a new life.)
    Comment: 26kb. (8pts). F is Wendy, m is michael. Snuff tale.
  • Daughters of the Yakuza: by Spicegrinder
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: 53kb. 9pts. pure torture.
  • David Vanishes: by JP
    (Synopsis: David travels to Paris and meets a beautiful young woman. As he falls under her spell he has no idea of the life of agony ahead.)
    Comment: 68kb. 8.5pts. F is Sophie, m is david. 1/2
  • Punished for Passivity: by Lord Steven
    (Synopsis: Mistress Maria sends her sex slave to the dungeon for an evening of bondage, whipping, and electrotorture.)
    Comment: 14kb. 8pts. F is Mistress Maria, m is a slave.
  • Overcuming Obsticles: by Hellbentforleatherr
    (Synopsis: Crime leads to more crime. And a young female attorney is faced with blackmail.)
    Comment: 21kb. 8.5pts. Snuff by car.
  • The End of Him: by meeah soo
    (Synopsis: A sissy obliges his vindictive ex-wife and her new lover by hanging himself.)
    Comment: 12kb. 9pts. snuff.
  • Taboo: by Chris Hack
    (Synopsis: Femdom malesub. Ranges from light play to heavy bdsm. The more heavy occurances include cutting and burning with hot metal.)
    Comment: 43kb. 9pts. F is Mistress Taryn, m is he/slut/pet.
  • A Proper Bulbing: by James P
    (Synopsis: Miss Alana describes in great detail how she gained complete revenge over her lousy ex boss, Keith.)
    Comment: 50kb. 10pts. F is Mistress Alana, m is keith. Extreme ball kicking.
  • Diana the Huntress: The Collosseum: by meat_slave_boy
    (Synopsis: In a modern society where slavery is legal, a young man is tortured and killed in an arena setting.)
    Comment: 24kb. 6.5pts.
  • An Aquisition: by Charles E. Campbell
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: 55kb. 8pts. F is Narrator, m is kevin, who is snuffed.Slow start.
  • Improving Our Marriage: by Dan Butler
    (Synopsis: The main character falls in love with, marries, and becomes the slave to a beautiful woman. She and her friends abuse him and deprive him of sexual stimulation by using a chastity belt. Ultimately, he is locked in it for life.)
    Comment: 48kb. 7.5pts. F is Jessica (wife), m is narrator. total slavery. body mod. blinded.
  • The Sacrifice: by Marion
    (Synopsis: Male submissive finds himself the sacrifical victim to an organization of women who are avowed men haters and who take pleasure in torturing and ultimately putting men to death.)
    Comment: 29kb. 8.5pts. Disappointing ending. 1/5
  • Herrin: by M.M.
    (Synopsis: Long term enslavement...real hardcore femdom.)
    Comment: 54kb. 10pts. F is Herrin, m is husband incarcerated for 15 years.
  • Why Not: by M.M.
    (Synopsis: A nice wife goes bad! She gets sadistic, he has no balls to leave...)
    Comment: 58kb. 7(9)pts. F is Fiona, m is denis, husband.
  • The Hitchhiker: by Joseph Paul Corbin
    (Synopsis: Male motorist picks up a female hitchhiker.)
    Comment: 39kb. 8pts. F is hitch-hiker - she takes paul to cabin for torture.
  • Cassie's Secret: by Jim Hale
    (Synopsis: Cassie is a beautiful young lady who has been used by men. Now she is the user.)
    Comment: 310kb. 9.5pts. F is Cassie, a Goddess to Edward,decesased, and Charlie
  • Who, Why, What: by ducttape
    (Synopsis: Dee has turned a willing victim into a tormented creature.)
    Comment: 10kb. 8.5pts. (10 pts). Extrme body modification.
  • Joel E - Knows: by Mistress Daphne
    (Synopsis: Slave finally learns his lesson and begs for his Mistress to take him back and to suffer the wrath of her punishment for being allowed to return.)
    Comment: 17kb. 9.5pts. 1/2
  • The Ultimate Bondage Session: by pcmman
    (Synopsis: A story about incredibly intense bondage all in one session. Includes severe CBT and mummification with head bondage given by an experienced domme.)
    Comment: 17kb. 8.5pts. Heavy CBT. 1/2
  • Amanda, the pig catcher: by The Duchess of Hell
    (Synopsis: Amanda and her friend Christina catch Justin and turn him into a pig in the most brutal manner imaginable. And that\'s just the beginning...)
    Comment: 10pts. 153kb. 1/1 stories.
  • Hanging for Jenny: by Casanova X
    (Synopsis: )
    Comment: 6.5pts.(VG) 29kb. 1/2 stories
  • Tales of Ancient Rome: by TG
    (Synopsis: In ancient Rome, a noble woman develops a taste for torture. There’s a wee bit of “tongue in cheek” humor toward the end of the story. Oh, Hell…..Just know a lot of bad stuff happens to some guys, and they\'re very unhappy about it......But they\'re the only ones who feel that way.)
    Comment: Slave torture.1/2
  • The Interrogation: by Wistan
    (Synopsis: A female Israeli interrogates a Lebanese boy. She's a professional torturer who uses a mix of sex and violence to get results. This story is based on current events in the middle east; I've tried to make it as authentic as I can, basing it in up to the minute events. More parts may follow depending on feedback, and how the current conflict pans out.)
    Comment: VG.F/m torture in prison.
  • The Mistress: by The Domina of Paradise
    (Synopsis: An African mistress enjoys pleasant times with her white slaves at her vast private island estate. ***This is a work of violent fantasy. This story is to be enjoyed privately, not acted upon publicly.*** )
    Comment: good. modern setting in Africa. some F/f. short. 1/2
  • The Ebony Princess: by Jorgan
    (Synopsis: A Princess and her friend find a new way to have fun with their pet lioness.)
    Comment: short.snuff.1/1
  • High Tech Slavery: by Slave M.
    (Synopsis: He designed some computerized torture devices and thought they were just his fantasies. Then he got a chance to build them and he became the first victim of his own design.)
  • The Prisoner: by Lady Blade
    (Synopsis: A Man is sentenced to death for a crime he's not even sure he committed. On Death's Door he's given an offer he just can not refuse. Can a Woman he meets on his execution day really save his life? Read on and find out...)
    Comment: VG.medium.

My favs F/f (69 stories listed)
F/f read and enjoyed


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