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Collected by MISTRESS H

FEMALE SELF-BONDAGE & TORTURE (59 stories listed)

CBT STORIES (250 stories listed)

STORIES TO BE READ (71 stories listed)

DOLCETT STORIES (10 stories listed)

INCEST STORIES (72 stories listed)

MOM'S ADVENTURES (23 stories listed)

FEMALE HUMILIATION (66 stories listed)

  • Just one hour -story 2- my wifes best friend: by Finc
    (Synopsis: Stacey is my wife’s achingly fuckable best friend. She always has everything so easy and is one of those girls who just breezes through life. She is sickeningly cute and ever so goody-goody.So cosseted in her own little world she would not be able to imagine the contents of the story below, let alone thinking it could ever happen to her. With her Barbie type frame with ultra slim waist and golden flowing hair she is an ever so a modern day ”Bewitched-Samantha housewife” and would be no match for these two denizens and the games they plan to play with her. Here’s my wedding present to you sweetheart.)
  • Slave Wife: by Rocky
    (Synopsis: A married couple\'s adventures after the husband discovers his wife\'s need to be dominated, degraded and abused. Story codes may change as the plot thickens.)
  • Robyn\'s Predicament: by JK
    (Synopsis: Robyn is a pretty housewife who has been trained to be a sex slave to her husband and his friend. Today, her sexual slavery will take a surprising turn.)
  • The Wimp His Wife and Me: by SAE
    (Synopsis: A man takes revemge on the office wimp and his wife by taking her in front of him )
  • What I did on my Holidays.: by Lisa Jones
    (Synopsis: A young student returns home for the summer vacation and learns some lessons that will change his life.)
  • Housewife Porn Star: by Karen Kay
    (Synopsis: A young white housewife agree\'s to do a porn film for a little extra cash and gets blackmailed into doing more than she bargined for.)
  • Ridden by Bikers: by Maxm
    (Synopsis: Sue is drugged, gangraped then blackmailed and humiliated)
  • Ruth Becomes A Slave: by Brabazon
    (Synopsis: Sexy young lawyer is degraded and humiliated and turned into a sex slave.)
  • Family Drama: by Woolfighter
    (Synopsis: Southampton's problems seem to overtake him when a customer offers him a solution. The solution is perfect but for the female part of the family.)
  • Office Games: by littlebro_969
    (Synopsis: Connie falls under the control of her boss (teresa). Teresa takes her farther and farther into submission.)
  • IRC Slut: by Sherrie W
    (Synopsis: The personal record of a real life interaction between a masochistic slut and hardcore domme via the internet.)
  • Sister Suzanne: by Shabbadew2002
    (Synopsis: A Belgian nun is captured by rebel soldiers in the Congo in the '60s.)
  • An Executive\'s Story: by Cruel Gent
    (Synopsis: The story of the gradual descent of a female executive into the depths of subjugation, torment, use and abuse)
  • A new slut wife: by rebound
    (Synopsis: Jessica gives in to being a fucktoy.)
  • Lynn: by Tim Looper
    (Synopsis: Professional Theripist/Dominatrix takes her own full time slave girl)
  • Bullying Cindy: by Memento
    (Synopsis: Cindy is bullied by mean girls at school...thank god.)
  • Alice's Friend: by Mathew Davis
    (Synopsis: The story is about Alice, who bought a dog after her divorce, who helped her through some rough times. And he becomes much more than just a friend.)
  • Daddy's Darlin': by FuckDoll
    (Synopsis: A young girl turns 18, and her daddy shows her what it means to be a woman on their ranch.)
  • Tick tock goes the : by SG
    (Synopsis: Latex attire, leather restraints and a short walk outside. Our young damsel makes her debut as an exhibitionist in an effort to stop her homemade pornos from reaching the internet.)
  • Sarah's Punishment: by Max Smart
    (Synopsis: Cyrus Marks shares a tale detailing the unfortunate experience of young Sarah McCluskey when she falls into his clutches.)
  • Community Slut: by Cindy Gray
    (Synopsis: Cindy Gray, an attractive, mature wife of a prominent and very rich Doctor, is seduced by her neighbors young beautiful daughter. Caught in the act by the girls irate mother, Cindy suffers a terrible beating and is sexually humiliated in public. Mrs. Gray's descent into debasement is just beginning when it is proclaimed she will be used as "The Community Slut".)
  • Judy: by Dockink
    (Synopsis: A woman fulfills her need for complete dominance at the hands of her doctor.)
  • E and Sir: by Sadistic_Master
    (Synopsis: E is a painslut and slave to a man she's never seen. his friend J watches over her to make sure his demands are carried out this first chapter is just one story in the (hopefully) series.)
  • My story of domination and submission: by Kateland McDonald
    (Synopsis: A young woman\'s first experience into the world domination and dicipline.)
  • Strip Poker: by powerm9210
    (Synopsis: Carol discovered what happens when she loses at strip poker, much to the delight of her husband and the men at the adult book store.)
  • Farm Call: by Jill Bird
    (Synopsis: a young woman enjoys her job as a sales rep for an agricultural company, until she visits a very strange farm.)
  • Humilation: by docsbabykunt
    (Synopsis: How a shy slave is humilate by her Master.)
  • Karen's Milk: by J. Wadd
    (Synopsis: After giving her baby up for adoption, Karen finds herself bound by contract for a bazarre experiment in lactation.)
  • It Comes in Pairs: by Pallidan
    (Synopsis: A daughter tries to get out of blackmail by telling her mother the truth only to be surprised.)
  • Missy's Misbehavior: by Twentythree
    (Synopsis: A harsh spanking and brutal punishment of an early teen girl bring her closer to a schoolmate who had experienced similar punishments. The girls become friends and learn a lot about their own sexuality and each others.)
  • The Group House: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Kim is the secret slave of Alex...but then her group housemates find out...ooh!)
  • sisters: by Memento
    (Synopsis: )
  • Observatory Slave: by Sweta M
    (Synopsis: an Indian girl accepts a 24X7 slavery job in a serene observatory in Europe. She relocates to serve 5 men & 3 women staff of the observatory as their domestic slave.)
  • Julie and the Rack: by Night Owl
    (Synopsis: Julie agrees to help fulfill a fantasy, only to find herself tied to a home-made rack, and at the mercy of her sadistic boyfriend who has a passion for tickle torture.)
  • For Elise: by Night Owl
    (Synopsis: This story surrounds a young woman that I once fantasized about tickle torturing. 'Nough said.)
  • Jack - The Party (illustrated story): by Bo Varg
    (Synopsis: Jack's biggest client, Alf Cleghorn invites the BDSM-society to a garden party where he is going to introduce his new found sex slave and her daughter to the society, but something goes terribly wrong at the party)
  • Stephanie’s Inquisition of Susan: by Dominantmind
    (Synopsis: A younger female takes control of a mother and wife.)
  • My Step Daddy and his Friends: by Wejuns Marshall
    (Synopsis: Young teenage girl becomes the entertainment for a group of 40 somethings at a beer bash)
  • My pig: by Memento
    (Synopsis: Another one from my stables, or in this case, my sty)
  • Elizabeths Night: by Kris_2
    (Synopsis: Elizabeth has recently began submitting to her husband Michaels liking. Now is the time for him to increase her devotion through a surprise piercing and a horny professor.)
  • Short n Sweet: by velvetglove
    (Synopsis: A tale of two couples; one dom, one sub, and their year long spiral into ...)
  • Education of Charlotte Simmons: by Harry Berg
    (Synopsis: Charlotte Simmons has brains, athletic skill, and a libido driven desire to learn about sex. What she can’t learn from her dysfunctional family, she hopes to experience from others. A sex oriented coming of age story.)
  • Auctioned Wives: by Karen Kay
    (Synopsis: Housewives are selected and auctioned off to become participants for a new reality tv show of the future.)
  • Mel and the Sadist: by H. Dean
    (Synopsis: A sadistic man tells his story of how he met, befriended and turned a girl into a sex-slave.)
  • Cindy bite\'s of more than she can chew: by Ab Used666
    (Synopsis: Teenage Cindy overhears some older girls chatting about something and she decides to be curious, she soon finds out that there are some things she shouldn\'t be too nosy about)
  • Jen\'s Story: by Jane Harris
    (Synopsis: Jen\'s husband comes home one night from work with an interesting proposition. Can she follow through with it?)
  • Training of an Indian Finance Analyst.: by Shyama Joshi
    (Synopsis: Trapped in to a contract she found getting out via service end was lot toughe than it appeared. she ended becoming more than an ORDINARY slave and joined the select band of SLUTS an \"Family Asset\".)
  • A New Toy: by Doctor Flotsom
    (Synopsis: A young and kinky goth chick submits to her boyfriend with a new toy, an arm binder. The experience is painful, arousing, and when she is surprised by the arrival of her neighbors, her humiliation is complete. )
  • Cindy's Lessons: by Lockedup57
    (Synopsis: Sarah was Jenny's mother and now her lover.Jenny was angry and hurt. Her friend, Cindy had tricked and influenced her to blackmailing her mother into becoming their slave. They humiliated and tortured her for Cindy and her friend's amusement.After Sarah broke free of her slavery. Jenny and Sarah were determined to teach Cindy a lesson. Jenny wanted more than anything to show Cindy what it felt like for Sarah. Sarah wanted to teach Cindy a lesson but Jenny wanted take her revenge out on Cindy.)
  • Caught in the Office: by Flinkar
    (Synopsis: Caught after hours in her office, where everything is stripped away.)
  • A Wife of No Small Promise: by Ashley Zacharias
    (Synopsis: A wife tries to give her husband a sexual adventure, but, to her peril, fails to obtain his approval. )
  • The Chinese Physician: by janeraped
    (Synopsis: Have you ever wondered if you would be turned on by a totally unappealing character? A dirty old man? Just because you were helpless and he was there? Well, this fantasy story has been inspired by some court cases in Singapore whereby (probably) hysterical and histrionic female patients have claimed that their traditional Chinese medicine physicians have \"molested\" them while administering Chinese massage therapy. Were the women telling the truth? Or did they have this fascination with being touched, tweaked and manipulated by a character whom they normally don\'t find appealing, but the circumstances allowed them to \"give up control\".,,)
  • Camille\'s Captive: by Arika Lee
    (Synopsis: A predatory woman,an innocent girl and a cross country journey by train)
  • Pam gets blackmailed: by The Best
    (Synopsis: Step mother is caught red handed and becomes a sex slave.)
  • The Whipping Post: by Nikita
    (Synopsis: Tanya and Nikki are a couple of soccer moms who met at a book luncheon and find out they have complimentary desires. Tanya, a former domme turned hairdresser, bewitches a BDSM acolyte in a bedroom community of the deep South.)
  • The Humiliating Ordeal of Allene Blake: by ynhumiliator
    (Synopsis: Allene Blake finds herself at the mercy of her husband's business partner. She's humiliated and abused in several very painful ways. After enduring the day's torments she gets home safely but two weeks later there's a nasty surprise in store for her....)
  • The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James: Something for the weekend?: by ynhumiliator
    (Synopsis: Lisa experiences a horribly humiliating weekend when her young niece Holly comes to stay. Mrs Henderson, Lisa’s cruel landlady, shows Holly what a submissive slut her aunt really is by forcing Lisa to endure a series of excruciatingly embarrassing, and painful, situations.)
  • The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James: The Party: by ynhumiliator
    (Synopsis: Lisa James is taken to an unusual party by her landlady. She experiences numerous intimate punishments and more humiliation than ever before.)
  • The Continuing Adventures of Lisa James: A Summer Vacation: by ynhumiliator
    (Synopsis: Mrs Henderson sends her submissive lodger to an old friends very special Summer School. Her classmates, a group of foreign teenage boys, together with the male and female staff at the School subject Lisa to the most humiliating seven days of her life.)
  • Dogwoman Susan Sloan: by Susan Sloan
    (Synopsis: A rich middle-aged businessman's submissive young second wife is methodically transformed into a pet dog by her husband's teenage son, with the full knowledge and consent of the dominant boy's dad. She is trained and permanently dehumanized by the sadistic boy, her stepson, who subsequently takes full and legal ownership of her on her husband's untimely death.)
  • Grace's Hard Lessons II: by Dark Avenger
    (Synopsis: A young female executive finds herself blackmailed into a cycle of submission, humiliation and depravery after being discovered by her colleague that she had embezzled money from the company. A sequel to Grace\'s Hard Lessons.)
  • Grace's Hard Lessons: by Dark Avenger
    (Synopsis: A young office executive steals from her company and is discovered by a male co-worker who uses this to blackmail her. He humiliates and uses her in the office, tricks her into signing up for a compromising photography shoot, and arranges for her to be subjected to more and more humiliating situations and acts of submission.)
  • Amish No More: by beagle9690
    (Synopsis: A young innocent Amish woman is stalked for a year, and then forcibly abducted. Her abductor, a divorced man desiring a women to bend to his will and satisfy his sexual needs and share his intellectual interests. As this will be his first slave, he sought the help of experienced Dominant\'s and by chance met a Mistress at her dance school. They become fast friends,dancing partners/ part time lovers. She assists him in the training of his newslave and as a result brings in her slaves to assist in the grooming and training. The Mistress introduces him to an exclusive secret society of slaveowners. As time goes by the Mistress becomes jealous of his slave and tries to blackmail him, but in the end fails, becoming his property. )
  • Fair Justice: by Dominica Potestas
    (Synopsis: After being unjustly convicted of adultery, Grace is subjected to a number of public punishments.)
  • The humiliating training of Emma: by Emma No knickers
    (Synopsis: A grown woman is humiliated beyond belief by her best friend's teenage boyfriend and finds she craves more.)
  • It Was Meant To Be: by Emma No knickers
    (Synopsis: A fantasy story based on a real event I witnessed. where a girl see's her friend humiliated but ends up getting even more herself.)

NON CONSENTUAL TORTURE (140 stories listed)

TORTURE AND SNUFF (5 stories listed)

CONSENTUAL TORTURE (115 stories listed)

KIDNAPP STORIES (27 stories listed)

HUMAN FURNITURE STORIES (3 stories listed)

BDSM/TORTURE SCI-FI (10 stories listed)

Basil's Torment (8 stories listed)


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