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Collected by Clepsidra

Humiliation (10 stories listed)

To Read (18 stories listed)

f/m (1 stories listed)

m/m (2 stories listed)
m/m domination

M/f (1 stories listed)

f/m infantilization (3 stories listed)

  • Mummie\'s Chauffer: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: In this sequel to MUMMIE\'S HAIR, Bobbie learns that he cannot be rude to Mummie\'s guests--even if one of them is his own chauffer!)
  • SissyTec: by Missy Crystal
    (Synopsis: The whole problem of turning a useless man or nasty little boy into a simpering sissy was how much time the mommy had to spend on training and management. SissyTec makes it easy for her. All she has to do is use one of our automated products and go about her business. With the aid of SissyTec conditioning, macho Steve is reduced to helpless baby Stephie and a cheating husband is humiliated as he is transformed into Pansy, the submissive maid.)
  • Mummie's Hair: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Bobbie can comb his Mummie's Hair, for a price!)


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