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Collected by wazzup2

fd (27 stories listed)

  • Heaven and Hell: by Jeremy Binder
    (Synopsis: She teased me with her delicate and talented fingers, stroking my cock, bringing me closer and closer to the edge of climax. My body arched and strained in my bonds. My cock head felt so taut that I wondered if the purplish skin might tear. Again and again, she wrapped her oil-slick fingers around my head and twisted. She was going to make me cum. I had little doubt that anything could prevent that as this point. Then, she stopped. She put a warm finger to my lips and whispered, “Shhh, I know this is difficult for you. It’s supposed to be...\")
  • The Governess: by Jane Marwood
    (Synopsis: Richard from the orphanage was caught playing in a private pool by these two rich girls. He was made to choose between punishment by the orphanage or by them. The choice was obvious. And Richard's new adventure in the old fashion discipline just began.)
  • The Line Between: by Jeremy Binder
    (Synopsis: Jeremy finds that nothing is more excruciatingly erotic and exciting that to find oneself naked and bound in the hands of a lover who patiently, devilishly and repeatedly takes him to the edge of blissful denial.)
  • The Neighborhood Girls: by chuck
    (Synopsis: With what starts as a kids' basketball game, neighborhood friends find the joys of femdom BDSM.)
  • Holiday Slavery: by Desmios
    (Synopsis: A completely fanciful story about a tropical island resort where "my kind" of slavery is an accepted part of life. Male AND female slaves, open-air public nakedness and B&D. Maybe a few little surprises for the reader who follows the story through!)
  • Shame On You, Mr. Hyde: by Dr. Phil
    (Synopsis: It'a amazing how easy it is to enslave a young man, once you understand how all the parts work! Girls, don't try this at home. A tale of humiliation in 14 parts.)
  • Timothy: by Jane Marwood
    (Synopsis: Timothy's mother is ill and nineteen year old Hazel is sent to look after him. After a humiliating school medical Hazel is in charge of supervising the boy to his total chagrin.)
  • JanTakes Charge: by Masterinc
    (Synopsis: This is the story of a young dominatrix who learns her influencial parents are both submissives who like to play bdsm games behind closed doors. It contains a form of incest but there is no direct genital intercourse between the daughter and her parents. It is all oral.)
  • Bunny Rabbit: by DJD
    (Synopsis: The story has a lot of humiliation, heavy bondage, kidnapping undertones. It\'s about a young man coming out of his shell and getting more than he thought he bargined for.)
  • Sisters' Wimp: by rolf palsy
    (Synopsis: Too much of a good thing sends a newly wed husband down the slippery slope leading to his transmission into part pussy slave and all wimp)
  • Slave to the office hottie: by misterjim
    (Synopsis: she was the sexiest girl in the office. On our out of town trip I learnt she liked to play games of chance. Sometimes I would win and she would be my slave; other times I lost and the I was hers. Then her friends got involved and I was in trouble!)
  • The Trap: by Cambridge
    (Synopsis: William receives obedience lessons from Ms. Caroline Tanaka, a gorgeous Asian woman hired to entrap him. He soon winds up on the business end of her strap-on.)
  • The French Kiss: by beck_and_call
    (Synopsis: Two French vixen sisters seduced him and kept him as their little pet. Short story.)
  • Mall Princess Moves In: by Underdog
    (Synopsis: An average-looking but well-off submissive masochist is enslaved by two young women who move into his home and take over his life. One is coming to own him forever, and one comes for a little fun. One is sexually dominant, and the other is a budding female sadist, but both crave and demand total control. This is how it begins.)
  • The Unauthorized Orgasm: by slave barry
    (Synopsis: Male live in slave is busted jerking off and pays the dear consequences for it. Paddling, caning, long term bondage, chastity.)
  • Cherry Pop: by Zoe
    (Synopsis: A desperate man finds what he doesn't even know he needs: a Mistress to guide his initial sissification and anal training.)
  • Freshman Year Girlfriend: by Underdog
    (Synopsis: I\'d always had strong submissive fantasies, but had never had a chance to act them out until I met my freshman year girlfriend. She seemed shy and a bit strange when we met, but turned out to be wildly inventive and creative as her femdom over me got more intense and extreme. This first part has little sex, but future installments will have much.)
  • Naturally Demanding: by Jim Hale
    (Synopsis: Naturally Demanding is a story about a male high school senior who has fantasized for many years about being a slave for some girl. He meets a high school girl who specializes in making his fantasy come true. Her whole family, dad, mom and twin daughters live the very real life style which John believes he seeks. In a very short time this, "Goddess", and her family take John, from being a, "normal" young man to a very used slave. But is their use torture to him, or does he revile in it?)
  • Natalie: by Koppite727
    (Synopsis: a girl i knew in college, or wish i had known...)
  • French Lessons: by lipsticked
    (Synopsis: Michael answers an ad for a slave/servant and his life is no longer is own.)
  • You Never Know: by lipsticked
    (Synopsis: Steven becomes the property of his dominant neighbor and her mother. He discovers the reality of his situation only after it is too late.)
  • Adirondack Hard: by tough93013
    (Synopsis: Four friends (2 guys, 2 girls) go on a camping trip. Around the fire one reveals his secret, extreme bondage fantasies. The others decide to help him live them out.)
  • Becky's Slave: by Doug Young
    (Synopsis: A man's wife turns him into a submissive sex slave and uses him for her pleasure. She also loans him out to friends. He is punished, denied, and forced to perform all kinds of disgusting acts.)
  • Cruel Hands: by Mr. Stefens
    (Synopsis: A man's love of handjobs leads him to a long weekend at the mercy of his girlfriend.)
  • The Longest Night: by Chris
    (Synopsis: An arrogant male finds himself in the dungeon of three extremely creative dommes.)
  • The Trap: by Bad Bob
    (Synopsis: When the sexual advances of a young female university lecturer are turned down by one of her male students, she decides to lay a trap and imprison him. Once she has him, she emasculates and humiliates him before reducing him to being her mere sexual play thing.)
  • Mistress of the Game: by Alex Bragi
    (Synopsis: To others he may have been a very influential man to be shown respect at all times, but to her he was nothing more than a whimpering little whore she controlled - a toy for her pleasure and amusement. The story of Wendell, his sex life, and the women who control it.)

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