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Collected by joannie2121

keepers (8 stories listed)

  • Lisa at Auction: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: A Sequel to SOLD. After she came back from the auction, she couldn't contain her feeling about it and wanted to share it with others. So when the chance came in, she got her best friend into the same situation.)
  • Sold: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: The husband sold his wife to a SM club/organization and she was supposed to be back after 10 days of slavery. Will he get her back?)
  • Dog Mistress: by RedFalchon
    (Synopsis: A 'Turn of the Century' young woman is raped by her dog and discovers that she likes it. Unfortunately the event is witnessed by an unscrupulous Gentleman.)
  • Parker 20: Keeper: by Parker
    (Synopsis: A female zoo keeper crosses her boss and is assigned a new role in the zoo heirarchy.)
  • Animal Attraction: by Bill Anderson
    (Synopsis: Janet is kidnapped by a cruel and deranged man who lets his animals use her. A drug he gives her soon has her begging for the stimulation.)
  • Deena's Helpful Tail: by Golffdude
    (Synopsis: She just wanted to help her friend to pay off the debt. But she didn't expect to become a plaything of the men and dogs.)
  • Hired Help: by Dark One
    (Synopsis: She was hired as a maid for her master and paid very high salary. Later she found out that her tasks were not just housekeeping.)
  • Leather & Lace, Inc: by White Knight
    (Synopsis: The story of a well bred young lady that slowly begins to learn that her desire is to be a submissive. The story opens as she starts work as a temp at L&L a firm that specializes in bondage accessories and lingerie. From there it is a roller-coaster of events that leds her to her Master and the challenge of a life time!)


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