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  • Six Little Words: by J Nelson
    (Synopsis: A Bondage Love story.)
    Comment: M/f M/f+ F/f f-self MF/f enema spanking toys D/s B/D S/M BDSM latex bondage chastity belt real romantic consensual Heavy Serious
  • FFF: by J Nelson
    (Synopsis: Two young women go to work for a kinky escort service called Fetish Fantasy Fulfillment, or FFF.)
    Comment: M/f M/f+ F/f F/f+ enema spanking toys D/s B/D S/M latex bondage chastity belt job real romantic consensual reluctant Heavy Serious
  • The Revenant Of Hargreaves Manor: by Bill "Gomez" Lemieux
    (Synopsis: Victorian-era feminist libertine hears rumors of a haunted mansion full of perverted ghosts and decides to seek it out.)
    Comment: f-self toys BDSM latex bondage gothic historical consensual Light
  • Vanishing Act: by Richard Alexander
    (Synopsis: First there were the emails, then there was the package left in the park where Jan Sherwood did her early morning exercises - the package with Jan's name on it, with the handcuffs inside. That was when Jan reached the certain conclusion that she was being watched. When it came, the abduction was brutal and clinical in its efficiency. But what was the most scary feature was the timing and the lengths Jan's captor had gone to account for her disappearance. Subjected to torture while kept bound in the man's basement, Jan gave in to his demands for access to bank accounts, and saw her entire life destroyed in front of her eyes. Only her desire for revenge kept her focussed as she slowly grew to realise what the man had in store for her for the rest of her life - or until he grew tired of her...)
    Comment: M/f spanking toys BDSM bondage real torture nc Serious violent


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