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Collected by Millie

Stories I like (22 stories listed)

  • The Present: by obohobo
    (Synopsis: A Ph.D. student is kidnapped and tied spread-eagled to the bed of a college professor with instructions that he was to rape her. He did and one thing led to another.)
  • The Beautiful Twins: by Some Writer
    (Synopsis: A young man gets drawn into the strange world of a mysterious beautiful pair of twins)
  • Night Prowler: by Paddymellon
    (Synopsis: Having inherited money, he enjoyed his early retirement and planned and executed a perfect abduction.)
  • The Way of Pryx: by Victor Mann
    (Synopsis: The story of a young woman's desire for the galaxy's most patriarchal planet.)
  • Indoctrination: by Night Owl
    (Synopsis: A sordid tale about a woman's descension into the world of BDSM slavery, where she is subsequently tortured, humiliated and forced to perform sexual acts for high society clientèle. This story may be slow at first for some readers, but the content becomes more provocative and intense as it progresses.)
  • The Prisoner: by Will Cane
    (Synopsis: A businessman is found guilty under a new law of harassing his female emplyees. As an experiment he is sentenced to a period in a Female Correctional facility. The staff are uniformed females of various ranks. The aim is to teach the inmates total obedience to females in authority. The methods by the staff include parades, rigorous inspections, corporal punishment and humiliating training.)
  • The Art of Adoration: by Dianna Vesta
    (Synopsis: An article about the art of adoring a woman femdom style.)
  • Teaching Sissy Emily: by Dianna Vesta
    (Synopsis: Goddess Dianna Vesta teaches her sissy slave a lesson.)
  • The Seduction of Bill: by Dianna Vesta
    (Synopsis: A shy young man is seduced by an older dominant woman who lures him into foot worship and to service her strap-on dildo.)
  • Punishment 2015: by Jane Marwood
    (Synopsis: Punishment for a crime is different in 2015. Punishment of a young man at the hands of beautiful female correction officers.)
  • Teenage Sex Slave: by Jethro Jodhpur
    (Synopsis: The trials and tribulations of a less than bright teen stud who has the uncanny knack of getting into trouble with any female who crosses his path, from his mom and sister to the entire female faculty of his high school. Close your mind, forget about such distractions as character development, background, plot and all those other things that get in the way of a gigantic dose of down and dirty sex, bondage, discipline, domination, water sports and anything else that crosses the author's depraved imagination.)
  • First Time for Everything: by Lady`Sapphire
    (Synopsis: tim\'s first \"real life\" experience with submission, alone in a cabin in the woods with lovely and enigmatic Ellen.. All the usual disclaimers about adult content and don\'t read if you\'re underage where you live apply)
  • Danny\'s a Naughty Boy: by Lady`Sapphire
    (Synopsis: Obnoxious 18 year old Danny learns not to cross his step-mother. Particularly in public. Danny\'s father also answers to Debra for Danny\'s misbehavior. If readers like it, there may be more chapters in the future.)
  • Love in Cathedral Heights: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: unique love story involving chastity, teasing and denial between a young man and an older woman.)
  • Stuart, Celibate: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Was Stu stupid when he let the paperboy get the keys to his chastity belt!)
  • Wayward Wife's Punishment: by Lex Ludite
    (Synopsis: The country in-laws offer to rehabilitate his cheating wife. It turns out they have their own reasons and agenda. It works out well for almost all concerned as he enjoys the sexual favors of a wide spectrum of kinky bed partners and is kept abreast of his cheating wife's travails. She is used and abused, big time, by an army of off the wall swingers, outraged wives, sadistic lawmen, religious fanatics and downright strange folk that people this lengthy tale. This is not for the faint hearted.)
  • At The Bottom Of The Bag: by Lisa Jones
    (Synopsis: A wife finds a BDSM magazine at the bottom of her husbands overnight bag after a business trip. What should she do about it?)
  • Lisa Learns to Love: by Lisa Jones
    (Synopsis: Lisa, a young woman setting out in life, is taken in by an older woman who teaches her pain and pleasure)
  • Sissyslave gunnarsub Turned Into A Slut: by gunnarsub
    (Synopsis: I always wanted to become a slave forced to do things which I never would be prepared to do under normal circumstances. But what started as on-line training and humiliation as sissy by a professional Mistress turned into real slavery by a gay couple with no more way out.)
  • Debasement of Donna: by Chrissy
    (Synopsis: Donna got a job and worked for a woman, who turned out to be a lesbian and quite dominant.)
  • English Wife: by Citizen X
    (Synopsis: Newly-blossomed sadist Marisa deals her philandering husband a long overdue lesson in obedience.)
  • The story of sissyslave gunnarsub: by gunnarsub
    (Synopsis: I am not gay but a straight male slave who dreams getting forced to do things which I never would be prepared to do under normal circumstances. But what started as on-line training and humiliation as sissy by a professional Mistress turned into real slavery in the beginning by a gay couple, then later on by MISTRESS Natascha, MASTER Michail, and their friends. They all share great pleasure in exposing and compromsing me more and more as slave and slut. Being sadistic by nature they do their utmost to humiliate me not only in privacy but also in front of others, they force me into crossdressing and becoming a slut for males and females, and into much more.)


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