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Book Project


Collected by belovedSD

Favourites (6 stories listed)

  • The Chair: by T W Cloth
    (Synopsis: A woman tells her lover to surprise her with something extreme... and he does...)
  • Tamara's Extreme Bondage: by JG Leathers
    (Synopsis: Tamara was restricted in her special rubber suit with extreme agony and pleasure. The ultimate bondage.)
  • What Did I Do Wrong?: by Powerone
    (Synopsis: Meghan's pussy is raped. Her rapist comes back a week later and rapes her mouth. Another week and her ass is raped. Each time she is forced by her rapist to cum. See what happens to her at the end.)
  • On the Table: by Benfan
    (Synopsis: A young woman wakes up in a strange clinic, where she learns she is to be converted into a living sex toy. Inspired by the art of Simon Benson.)
  • Ding Dong: by James Smith
    (Synopsis: An innocent young model becomes trapped in the house of a mysterious client.)
  • Conversion of Jasmine: by James Smith
    (Synopsis: Jasmine, a beautiful young girl who loves sex, is taught to crave for a more sadistic extreme love. Forniphilia.)


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