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Collected by cbcurious

cbcurious (14 stories listed)

  • The Old College Try: by Alias
    (Synopsis: Tristan gets more than he bargained for trying to make up for a bungled date...)
  • Service With a Smile: by Ladyvet
    (Synopsis: A submissive husband discovers that providing stud service to an assortment of women as his Mistress requires him to do it is not nearly as pleasurable as it could be.)
  • Satisfying Stephanie: by Wistan
    (Synopsis: The story of Jason and Stephanie, a mismatched husband and wife trying to find a way to live together. Although not their intention, they find themselves gradually sliding into the role of mistress and servant as Mark is gradually cowed, beaten and cuckolded into submission by his wife and her lover.)
  • Marissa: by curiouscat
    (Synopsis: A teen naively clears his dominant ex-girlfriends financial debt to him in exchange for two days of servitude.)
  • Sweet Honeymoon: by Gracko
    (Synopsis: Guy gets married to a beatuiflu wife. Little did he know she had a secret lover and he had been set up for a life of torment for their pleasure.)
  • Him: by Tara
    (Synopsis: He tought he could get away with it but boy he got it wrong.)
  • You Asked For It: by vampiro72
    (Synopsis: Husband gets it from his wife.)
  • The Chastity Belt: by whipmaster
    (Synopsis: My wife learns the benefits of my orgasm deprivation.)
  • Shouldn't I Get to Cum?: by justin benedict
    (Synopsis: Poor slave-boy can't cum no matter what!)
  • Domestic Discipline in the Burbs: by RJ Mclink
    (Synopsis: Stately custom homes surrounded by well manicured lawns depict an image of normalcy and respectability in a contemporary suburbia. But inside some of these homes dwell individuals, who practice ritualized domestic discipline and sadomasochism, where the wife of the household, maintains complete control over her subservient husband. It is the role of the wife/mistress to rule supreme and to train her husband to become a humble servant obeying her every command and focusing exclusively on her needs.)
  • The Perishable Heart: by damselsthrall
    (Synopsis: Who was this young dominant beauty who stole my heart in aisle nine? My heart pines for her. My cock throbs for her. Does either organ stand a chance?)
  • Joe's Date: by DungeonMaster
    (Synopsis: An attorney is so enamored by a voluptuous vixen and is lured by her into a date, which results in him being turned into a sex-slave by her and her two friends.)
  • Clinical Teasing: by Eric
    (Synopsis: A businessman checks into a sperm bank for a private donation. He is injected with a powerful aphrodisiac subjected to a prolonged series of series of excruciating teases from the doctor and a pair of young oriental nurses.)
  • Becky's Slave: by Doug Young
    (Synopsis: A man's wife turns him into a submissive sex slave and uses him for her pleasure. She also loans him out to friends. He is punished, denied, and forced to perform all kinds of disgusting acts.)


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