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Collected by JayPea

JayPea (29 stories listed)

  • Belle and Troop A: by Sam Darquesied
    (Synopsis: Belle\'s plans for her solo deep woods hike changed dramtically when she met Phillip and the boys of Troop A.)
  • The Key is in the Cum: by Tweak
    (Synopsis: John is enjoying his most elaborate self-bondage ever when Michelle, his girlfriend,unexpectdly drops by and turns his fantasy into reality.)
  • Fun With An 18: by Christine
    (Synopsis: Christine hosts a small all day business conference at a downtown hotel. She also reserves a suite in the hotel for that night. Christine invites 2 cute guys from the conference, plus her friend Lisa, to spend the night playing bondage sex games. First, the girls tie up the guys and play with them, but when itís the guys turn to tie up the 2 girls; they have some surprises and new toys to test out on Christine and Lisa. Explicit Descriptions of Sex!)
  • The Holiday Gift: by Onewhoadores
    (Synopsis: A young woman and her 'man' spend their first Christmas Eve together)
  • Pink Ladies: by bound_bob
    (Synopsis: Two women and an average joe find pleasure in the femdom world.)
  • The Governess: by Jane Marwood
    (Synopsis: Richard from the orphanage was caught playing in a private pool by these two rich girls. He was made to choose between punishment by the orphanage or by them. The choice was obvious. And Richard's new adventure in the old fashion discipline just began.)
  • A Week Away: by carnaj
    (Synopsis: A game gone wrong! Billy loved to be tied up, and his sister Christy soon learned that she loved to do the tying. When their mother goes away for a week however things get out of hand as Christy kicks up the game to new levels. Bondage and Foot Fetish run rampant as Billy is held captive by his sister, friends and neighbors for a week of torture that will not end.)
  • An adult son: by cornerboi
    (Synopsis: An adult son stays at his mothers house and one of his darkest fantasies is realized.)
  • Against the Post: by Night Owl
    (Synopsis: Brenda's patience and endurance are put to the test after her husband leaves her chained in the woods alone.)
  • discovering domination: by chatbug
    (Synopsis: Learning to dom men!)
  • The Five Amigos: by Sam Darquesied
    (Synopsis: I had thought about these boys quite a bit over the past semester, wondering how they would like to spend the summer playing with a bound, naked college girl.)
  • Paula and her Mother-in-Law: by Ross Martin
    (Synopsis: Paula meets her mother-in-law and other female relatives and is tortured most harshly over a period of one night.)
  • Paint Ball Wars: by BDSM Bill
    (Synopsis: A man takes the vacation of a lifetime and gets some souvenirs he hadn't counted on.)
  • The Spanking Couples: by Reddbunnz
    (Synopsis: A middle-aged couples explore the world of erotic spanking at a party, and meet another couple who take it to new levels.)
  • All About Eve: by JK
    (Synopsis: Eve is a pretty house wife, who is a sex slave to her husband. He turns her over to her teen age sons, and is now a sex slave to all three men in her family.)
  • Pillow Talk: by Some Writer
    (Synopsis: The realistic story of a couple in love who enjoy tying each other up.)
  • A Colorado Country Girl\'s Self Bondage: by Shackleford Bond
    (Synopsis: True memoirs of a middle aged woman\'s life of bondage)
  • Capture the Flag: by Iphigenia-at-Aulis
    (Synopsis: Out in the woods, an innocent game turns mischievous. One thing leads to another, and Jenny ends up stripped, humiliated, tied-up, switched, and ravished. (Illustrated pdf))
  • Jesse's Birthday: by Captured
    (Synopsis: He made himself bound and gagged and be a birthday gift for his girlfriend. But someone changed the rules and made him a total submissive.)
  • Bondage on the Cards: by Desmios
    (Synopsis: The sequel to "Domestic Slavery", with the same main characters and some new ones as well, but more fanciful because it goes beyond PRIVATE B&D games between two consenting adults. Still fairly light- hearted, though, and a pretty good reflection of the kind of activities I'd like to enjoy.)
  • Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club: by CyberSleuth
    (Synopsis: Watching these girls get the pain and the pleasure at the same time. They enjoy it, and so will you.)
  • The Sibling Bond: by pamela
    (Synopsis: Submissive teen-ager and her dominant brother find others with similar tastes. Complications ensue.)
  • The Neighborhood Girls: by chuck
    (Synopsis: With what starts as a kids' basketball game, neighborhood friends find the joys of femdom BDSM.)
  • Baby: by Allene Blake
    (Synopsis: after breakup mom remarries. stepdad introduces both to spanking and other things, then step-sons return to take baby on to further adventures.)
  • Jill: by Allene Blake
    (Synopsis: Young girl spanked by neighbor then finds she loves torture games with boys.)
  • Adirondack Hard: by tough93013
    (Synopsis: Four friends (2 guys, 2 girls) go on a camping trip. Around the fire one reveals his secret, extreme bondage fantasies. The others decide to help him live them out.)
  • Sunday Bound: by Ten to win
    (Synopsis: The two girlfriends decided to enter phase two of their weekend outing. This time there were two more girls joined in.)
  • The Weekend: by Sardonicus
    (Synopsis: A young attorney stumbles across his boss' daughter and some friends playing S&M games in the woods. He is caught watching them and blackmailed into submitting to thier torments. He soon finds he can't resist the games played by the lovely Maggie Whistler.)
  • Karen and the Torture Club: by Richard
    (Synopsis: Karen and her husband find that they enjoy S&M and that it has rejuvinated their relationship. They reply to an advertisement for couples to join a club in which one of the ladies is randomly slected at each meeting to "put on a show" meaning that she will be the one to be tortured that night. Karen's experiences in the club and other events outside the club give her all the experiences that she and her husband desire.)

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