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Collected by bigcat

Humiliation (23 stories listed)
Usually NC exposure

  • Tina\'s Contract: by Harold Wellington
    (Synopsis: Learn what this beautiful young housewife is willing to submit to that will ensure her husband\'s climb of the corporate ladder to success)
    Comment: Wife consent to be submissive on call for husband's colleagues at work.
  • A Night Of Games: by Syren
    (Synopsis: Jenny has always got herself off looking at fetish porn, she never expected it to turn into real life when she went to play video games with her friends.)
    Comment: Terrific short tale of consensual submission and debasement.
  • The Six Tasks of My Humiliation: by Alfamann
    (Synopsis: After confessing her fantasies of submission and humiliation, Angela is set six tasks by her husband that are designed to totally degrade her)
    Comment: Very good tale of consensual sumission to humiliation
  • A weekend at Masters: by slave_k
    (Synopsis: Cindy meets her online Master for the first time and gets more than what she bargained for when 3 guests turn up.....)
    Comment: Consensual acceptance of humiliation and debasement. Juts great.
  • A night to remember: by John Betthauser
    (Synopsis: Man gets a night of exciting surprises from his wife)
    Comment: One wild and hot tale; wife leads hubby into bi-adventure
  • My Place in Life: by Millie
    (Synopsis: A submissive male tells his story.)
    Comment: Fervid tale of lad debasing himself first to his sisters
  • A day out: by Lady Kate
    (Synopsis: Sarah meets a woman that she has talked to on the Internet and get more than she bargained for.)
    Comment: Good F/f London tale, introduction of Sarah to D/s
  • My Story: by George Lawrence
    (Synopsis: The story of how I was forced to become a permanent cuckold to my wife and her new lover.)
    Comment: Male sub used and abused by wife and her lover.
  • Dom Sam: by Sammslb
    (Synopsis: The secret sex advanture of the couple was found out. The mistresses decided to take over the task of training the husband. Both of the couple thought this could be a fun experience.)
    Comment: Fem Dom wife leads sub hubby to degradation
  • Debasement of Donna: by Chrissy
    (Synopsis: Donna got a job and worked for a woman, who turned out to be a lesbian and quite dominant.)
    Comment: Good fem dom exhibiting new-to-scene lesbo tale
  • Grace's Hard Lessons II: by Dark Avenger
    (Synopsis: A young female executive finds herself blackmailed into a cycle of submission, humiliation and depravery after being discovered by her colleague that she had embezzled money from the company. A sequel to Grace\'s Hard Lessons.)
    Comment: Different title but continuation of very good humiliation tale.
  • A Dog From Hell: by Dee Driscoll
    (Synopsis: Helen is in love. David likes to play. Helen will humiliate herself for her love. David thinks this is a great idea. )
    Comment: Wonderful piece of writing about the allure of debasement.
  • The Story: by Laleldil
    (Synopsis: Bob\'s long hidden desire to be dominated is fullfilled much further than he had wanted.)
    Comment: Male submits to wife who taks to being dom. Teasing and drawn out, just like subject
  • Fantasia: Collection Of Viddler's Stories: by V.P. Viddler
    (Synopsis: The stories by V.P. Viddler. As a master of the story-by- dialogue, the author presents readers with a series of women who enjoy the terrible pain inflicted by men. Stories are very well written, technically speaking.)
    Comment: Very well written dialogue-based short stories.
  • Observatory Slave: by Sweta M
    (Synopsis: an Indian girl accepts a 24X7 slavery job in a serene observatory in Europe. She relocates to serve 5 men & 3 women staff of the observatory as their domestic slave.)
    Comment: Consensual live-in slavery, accepting humiliation and abuse.
  • The College Wager: by VaVaVoom
    (Synopsis: Two college girls have a winner takes all wager to end their rivalry, with the forfeit for the loser meaning she becomes.)
    Comment: Strong tale of F/f lost wager.
  • Card Sharp: by Some Writer
    (Synopsis: A girl agrees to set up a game of strip cards between her ex-boyfriend and the girl he fancies. But the cards are fixed...)
    Comment: Short and erotic. Terrific tension and humiliation.
  • The story of sissyslave gunnarsub: by gunnarsub
    (Synopsis: I am not gay but a straight male slave who dreams getting forced to do things which I never would be prepared to do under normal circumstances. But what started as on-line training and humiliation as sissy by a professional Mistress turned into real slavery in the beginning by a gay couple, then later on by MISTRESS Natascha, MASTER Michail, and their friends. They all share great pleasure in exposing and compromsing me more and more as slave and slut. Being sadistic by nature they do their utmost to humiliate me not only in privacy but also in front of others, they force me into crossdressing and becoming a slut for males and females, and into much more.)
    Comment: Terrific manic tale of nonstop humiliationand debasement.
  • Life of the Party: by Joe1
    (Synopsis: A guy is blackmailed by a coworker and agrees to do anything she wants and what she wants is more than he bargained for.)
    Comment: Intense humiliation in front of coworkers.
  • Rachel\'s Reform: by A Turtle
    (Synopsis: Grown up daughter Rachel gets too big for her boots and is sent to stay with a very strict Aunt to learn how to behave)
    Comment: Has a lot of promise.
  • Sissy Stepdad: by Rocky
    (Synopsis: The story of a man who becomes a sissified slave to his stepdaughter, and how he got there)
    Comment: Wild teenage submissive history makes this tick.
  • Nikki: by Nicole
    (Synopsis: Nicole, a young college co ed who needs extra cash steals from the bookstore where she works and is caught. She has to do whatever her young teenage supervisor tells her to in order to keep herself out of jail and repay the debt, which gets larger as time goes on.)
    Comment: Cool comeuppance tale of arrogant coed by the younger set.
  • Punished by Parents in Law: by Alfamann
    (Synopsis: Kym submits to humiliation and punishment by her Parents in Law in her desire to overcome her shortcomings, and be the perfect Daughter in Law)
    Comment: Delightful tale of humiliatiomn at hands of in laws

Wild Rides (13 stories listed)
Somewhat over the top, non-stop.Good ride.

Reality-based D/s (4 stories listed)
True to life, not fantasy characters or events.

Wild Rides (1 stories listed)
Somewhat over the top, non-stop.Good ride.


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