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Love,Honor, Obey

Part 1

Love Honor and Obey - REVISED

Note: This story was told to me by a couple I know after the wife sucked me off. They swear its true. Enjoy.

The day I met this perfect beauty I had to have her. Tinya and I dated for several weeks before I even tried to have sex with her. I did not want to take a chance at making her mad. I had the night I decided to make my move all planned out. The restaurant was very expensive. Great food and wine. Wonderful atmosphere. She was late in meeting me but when she arrived I forgot all about her tardiness. Her long dancers legs were highlighted by 5 inch heels. This made her almost as tall as me. Her pleated skirt was nearly eight inches above her knees. Her satin blouse hugged her beautiful breasts. The nipples could clearly be seen. Her sheer bra exposed everything to the observant eye. She must have been size thirty eight C or maybe D. No doubt she had looked that way since high school. She was only just twenty now. Her hair was up this evening but would cascade to the middle of her back with golden highlights that made it shine even in evening light. I could see her ruby red lips blowing me a kiss as she came across the room to greet me.  “ Im sorry Im late. A friend called and kept me too long. I hope I look OK.” What an understatement! I think I made up my mind to marry her right then and there.

Dinner was fine. We finished the bottle of wine and had another. She was laughing, friendly and inviting. I made a point to touch her when ever possible. Always nervous that she might object to my aggressive moves. I had no reason to worry. Most guys moved too soon with a gem like this and blew their chance to become close to her. Not me. I planned every move. The moment came and I took my chance. “ Would you like to come back home with me and have a night cap?” What a corny line! “ Sure” she replied. What luck! Back at my place, she seemed very eager to please. I moved over to her on the couch and gave her a “friendly” kiss. I knew I could retreat quickly if necessary. She opened her mouth and took my tongue half way down her throat. I slipped my hand over her covered breast. She seemed not to even notice. As I squeezed harder, she arched her back as if to give me greater access. I felt bold. Just when all seemed right she stopped me with “ Could I use your bathroom?” “Sure, its in the bedroom to the right.” Damn! Why did this have to happen now? I calmed down. She was gone quite a while. Was she sick? Did she think I was a pervert? Why would she think that? I hadnt done anything really. Then when all seemed lost. My dreams came true. She came out of the bathroom with her hair let down. She was totally naked. What a vision. “ You have been taking me out for weeks, Baby. I think you like me. I know I like you. I hope you want me.” she whispered. I nearly fell over. Nearly. Keeping my cool as best I could, I moved to the bedroom and taking her by the hand I led her to my bed. The rest of the night is locked in my memory until death. I kissed her. I started to work my way down to her nipples. Just as I lightly bit them she rolled me over onto my back and moved quickly to my cock. Without hesitation she went down on me. Long, deep, powerful strokes with her mouth. Low moans and heavy breathing came from her as she worked on my dick. She almost seem to pay no attention to me as a man. As her lover. She was determined to please my manhood. “ Youll make me cum to quick!” I uttered in panic. She slowed for a second “ We can rest after you cum and start again. We have all night.” she said with my cock still half way in her mouth. This nearly six foot, powerful beauty went back to work with even more force. What the hell. A few minutes later I came so hard that it almost hurt. I couldnt stop a loud cry as the largest load of cum I had ever shot filled her mouth and cascaded down her throat. Still she sucked. Cleaning me off completely. She rolled over on her back as I saw glistening beads of sweat trickle down the underside of her large breasts. They must be size D, I guessed. Her breathing became more regular. “ Do you like the way I suck cock?’’ she asked. I thought that came out a bit crude but I was so in awe of her I paid little more attention to the way she asked. “ I like everything about you” I replied. “ You can fuck me up the ass later if you want to. You dont have to ask. You can just do it if the mood hits you.” she said almost matter of fact. I was beginning to get the idea that this girl had been around more that I had first suspected. Of course guys had probably been after her since the hit her teens. This talk and her body got me hot as hell and I was between her legs in no time. I was not near as gentle as I had planned to be. My angle seemed to have a little devil in her. My rock hard cock found her wet pussy and drove into her as hard as it could. She moaned a little and started to thrust back into me as hard as I was pounding her. “Fuck me Baby! Hurt me! Fuck my hot cunt!” she screamed. “Please fuck me! Oh Baby! Fuck this bitch! Make my pussy raw! Ill do anything. Just fuck me!” she cried. This went on for two hours. Her nasty language and hot body drove me on. I was a mad man. I rolled her over and fucked her doggie style. There was her tight little asshole. I pulled out of her wet pussy and pushed my whole shaft into her hot ass. “ Oh yes Baby! Pound that ass! Make me your slut! Fuck my ass. Fuck me harder. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me! Cum in that tight ass Baby and make me suck you clean!”  My ears could not believe what they were hearing. I was an animal. The wine, her words and my lust drove me to use her like any common street whore.

Some time during the night or early morning, we both dropped off to sleep. I felt her mouth on my cock as the sun was coming up. She could deep throat as well as any slut off the street. She seemed to like it. No, she seemed to love it. My third load of the night went into her belly. She smiled and curled up beside me. “ Do you have plans today?” she asked. “ Nothing special” I answered. That was the truth. I had not thought past making love to her last night. “Good. We can spend all day fucking!” she laughed. We got up and took a shower together. Just like in the movies. She seemed to have her hands on my crotch all the time. After some coffee and toast, it was back to bed. “Slap my ass Baby! Turn my ass red! Im your bitch, your slut, your whore! Fuck my hot cunt!” she went on and on. I soon figured out that she was getting off on this kind of talk. “Fuck me you dirty whore! Im going to fuck you til you cant move! Fuck me bitch!” I yelled. “ Ill do anything! Just fuck me harder! Fuck me like a cheap whore!” she screamed. This went on all morning. I finally came for the forth time and had to take a break. Just after a quick lunch, she gave me a sexy look. I could not get hard even with her talented mouth doing its best. “ Do you mind if I help myself?” she whispered. Before I could give an answer, she reach into her purse and came out with a tiny vibrator. Soon she was working on her clit with a roughness that surprised me. “ You can slap my ass if you like.” she begged. I pinched her nipples, slapped her ass and called her every nasty name I could think of. She came. She came again. She finally fell to sleep until late afternoon. 

I fucked her up the ass that night. I pulled out of her ass and rammed my ass covered cock down her throat. She took it all. We fucked all night. We fucked all week after work. We fucked all month. She moved in with me. She never once refused to give me a blowjob before work. We met for lunch some days. I finger fucked her under the table at the restaurant. She stopped wearing panties so I could get to her pussy with ease. Three months later, I was ready to ask her to marry me. I made reservations at the same restaurant where we began our torrid affair. Like the first night, she was late! I let it go once she arrived. She looked perfect. “ I love you Tinya. I think I have loved you since we met. I want you to spend the rest of your life as my wife.” At that moment I showed the ring that was costing me three months pay. I reached for her hand. Tears came to her eyes. Tears came to my eyes. “Yes, I will marry you Baby. I love you. I love you. I love you!” she sobbed. All was right with the world. We barely touch our food. We drank wine. We laughed. We started to make plans for a wedding. For the wedding of all time.

Then her cell phone rang. Not a call. A text message. She picked it up without thinking. She glanced at the message. I glanced over at the message that was interrupting our perfect moment. I saw one word. BLOWJOB!! I grabbed her phone before she could hide it. “Thanks for the blowjob Tinya. See you next time. Bob.” What the fuck was this?! Why in the world would my bride to be get a message like that? I went numb. I just sat there staring at the message. Life sucked. “ I thought you loved me.” I finally uttered. “I know I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you,” I added. “I do love you Baby. I swear it. I want to marry you. I love you!” she was truly crying now. “ Then what the fuck is this message about?” I asked. “ Lets go somewhere else and Ill confess everything,” she cried. As we drove, her story began.         “ Every since I was a teenager, I have liked boys. As my body got curves the boys starting liking me. When they would tell me to do something, I just couldnt say no. I felt excited. Like the time that three of the boys on the football team offered to give me a ride home. I was flattered. They pulled down an alley before we got half way home and stopped. We want to see your tits Tinya. It never even occurred to me to resist them. I just pulled off my top and unhooked my bra. I soon learned that once you give in to boys they always want more. Now we want to see your pussy Tinya one of the boys stammered. He probably never thought I would show them but I did. I unzipped my shirt and pulled down my panties. They studied me for a long time. We want you to make out with us in the back seat for fifteen minutes each. I climbed into the back seat and laid on my back. The first one felt me up and reach down and fingered my virgin pussy. It hurt a little but I got excited. The next one did about the same but the third one kissed me all over and then told me to get on my knees. Open your mouth Tinya. He put his cock down my throat so fast that I choked. Suck me Tanya he ordered. I sucked. I did not know what I was doing but he came in my mouth in about three minutes. His cum was in my mouth so I swallowed it. Now suck my friends Tinya he commanded. They rushed me with total lust in their eyes. I sucked them both. I swallowed them both. They gave me rides home for the rest of the year. I knew that there would be a stop in the alley each time. One day the star of the team showed up in the car with the other three players. He was tall and black as night. When we got to the alley, I had my top off and was removing my panties when the black player said Tinya, the other guys want me to show them how to fuck a bitch like you. I was scared but getting hot. I liked making out with these guys. All the girls wanted to be with a football team member. I asked him what he wanted me to do. First I want you to say that you are a horny bitch Im a horny bitch I repeated. A horny bitchs job is to suck her mans cock until it gets hard. Then you lay on your back and he will put his hard cock in your wet pussy. Do understand? Yes I told him. You ask him if you can suck his cock and then you go to work he ordered. I looked at him. Can I suck your cock? Then I sucked him til he got hard. He was big. He choked me a couple of times but I got him good and hard. He wasted no time in sliding into my virgin pussy as I laid back and spread my legs. I felt pain. Other girls at school had told me it would hurt. I felt wet. I liked the pain. I like the attention. His tongue was all over my tits, in my mouth, on my face and back to my tits. He clawed my back. He held my ass and pulled me into him as he pumped my cunt. He slapped my face and told me to fuck him. I did not know what to do. I just started thrusting back at him just like he was doing to me. Then he came. Now thats how you fuck a bitch, he bragged. Have a turn guys, he added. They took me one after the other. I asked them all if I could suck their cocks. I laid on my back and let them fuck me. They fucked me almost everyday until school was out for the summer. I dont know how I kept from getting pregnant. 

During the summer, I went to the public pool like all the other kids. I wore the same string bikini that I had from the year before. I had filled out a lot. The swim suit barely covered my nipples and some of the hair between my legs now showed. I had to use a razor to shave myself. I just shaved it all off and have ever since. Some of the guys from school came to the pool just like me. They must have heard rumors about me and the football players. They said some nasty things around me. Stuff that they would never say around other girls at school. I heard you are good with your mouth Tinya. I heard your tits are a real handful Tinya. Need any rides home Tinya? Are you really a horny bitch Tinya? Shit like that came from all of them. I didnt care. I was starting to miss my rides home with my ball players. At night I would play with myself until I fell asleep. Finally a boy one year older than me, David, felt me up under water while the life guard wasnt looking. I let him do what he wanted. He followed me to the snack bar and asked me if he could walk me home. I know a place we can stop on the way Tinya he smirked. As we got to a park with some trees and creek, he took my arm and led me to a secluded spot. Your supposed to  say something now Tinya. Im a horny bitch. Can I suck your cock? Without an answer, I let my towel fall from my body and tugged the bikini strings to strip for my newest fuck. I dropped to my knees and sucked his virgin cock. Then I guided him into my pussy. He quickly caught on to what he was supposed to do. Plus, I later found out that he had seen some of his fathers porno tapes. Get on your hands and knees Tinya. I want to fuck you like a dog. Doggie style became one of my favorite positions as time went on. I told him how the others had slapped my ass and called me names. He liked all of that. There are two things that I want this summer Tinya. To fuck you everyday and my first car. I need money for the car. I didnt think any more about his comments. One day he told me that some others would meet us in the park woods. I guessed that he had been bragging and he wanted to show me off. I didnt care. He had treated me pretty good all summer. I was surprised when so many guys showed up. And they were a lot older than high school. They could have been parents. They had me take off my bikini and put on some music from a boom box. Dance for us they chanted. I liked to dance. I just listened to the heavy beat and started to move to the sounds. I touched myself as I got hotter. First one and then another guy felt me up and probed my love hole. I noticed that most of the guys were lining up in front of David. I could see them handing him tens and twenties. Before long he had a pile of cash. After saying something to David, the first guy in line came and took me by the arm to the creek. Ok bitch, youve been paid for now what have you been taught to say? Paid for?! What the fuck is going on? That bastard David! Ive been pimped out! I had just learned that expression from a movie I went to see. David was going to let all those men fuck me for money. They will all be mad as hell if I try to run. They would catch me anyway and maybe hurt me. The most I had ever been with was four in one day. And they were just boys. There must have been fifteen or more back there and more arriving all the time. Im waiting slut! cursed my first customer. Im a horny bitch. Can I suck your cock?  That was the beginning of my first real gang bang. I was now a real whore. David had sold my body. I seemed to have no more say in the matter.

As I sucked the first mans cock, I could smell liquor. He drank and smoked. He must not have bathed lately either. I was getting really good at sucking cock. I learned that long, deep and powerful strokes while working my tongue back and forth combined with constant hard suction with my cheeks made the dick happy and hard. I could now do this for hours without getting tired. A good thing. I would be tested today. I sucked him. I played with his balls. I moaned and slurped. His prick was wet with my spit. My throat relaxed and took his cock head down. He reached down and squeezed my tit. His breath got short as his dick got longer. His cum filled my suck hole without much warning.   Son of a bitch! You made me cum too quick you whore! Ill be back for the rest of my moneys worth you slut! he was pissed. I had little time to worry about that. My next fuck came down the path to the creek in moments. A man in his early fifties. At least I think so. Never mind about the blowjob little girl. Bend over my knee. he said as he caught his breath from the short hike from his car. I went over his knee. He spanked me until my ass was blood red. I had a bruise on my right ass cheek for a couple of days. Tell Daddy your sorry for being a bad little girl! he demanded. Im sorry Daddy? I mean Im sorry Daddy. I need a spanking! Harder Daddy. Please spank me harder Daddy! I fell off of his lap as he jumped up and unzipped his pants. He reached down and picked me up from behind and stuck his cock up my virgin ass. I was dry back there except for some pussy juice that had started to flow from the spanking. This was a new kind of pain. I now love pain. I must have loved pain even then. I thought he had made a mistake and just missed my cunt. He made no such mistake. He wanted to fuck a little girl in her butt. He fucked me good. He pumped my ass while I screamed. He pumped my ass as my screams turned to moans. He pumped my ass full of hot gooey spunk. Now clean Daddys thing off with your sweat tongue. he said with a new sweetness in his voice. I licked him clean. I didnt even think about it. My ass was on fire. I was glad it was over. Sort of glad. I really cant remember.

As I lay on the ground with man after man on top of me, I saw the sun start to set. I was thirsty and hot. I was covered with cum. One man wiped his own cock off with his hand and wiped it in my hair. Another was so excited that he pulled out of my mouth and shot his seed on my neck and tits. I was fucked doggie style by some who did not want to see how much man juice was covering my face, neck, tits and belly. My back and ass soon looked the same. David came down with a bottle of soda and a wet towel. One guy said you were a mess. I brought these to help clean you up and I know you must be thirsty. he added. How could you do this to me David!? I was your friend. Now Im your whore! I was loud. Shut the fuck up Tinya ! I need the money. And dont tell me that you are hating this. You have fucked half the football team every day after school! he fought back. Not half the team! Just four! I started to yell. He started to laugh. I realized how it sounded and started to laugh. My pussy and ass were sore and my mouth was getting tired. How many have I done? Fourteen so far. How many more have paid you? Seven? he looked sheepish. OK but no more! Look at me David. No more! I dont know what Im going to tell my folks. David smiled and went back up the path. It was getting really late as I finished the last guy. The ninth guy by the way. David was a greedy bastard.

The next day my poor body hurt everywhere. I was afraid for my mom to see me. My knees were bruised as were my ass and elbows. I gently spread my pussy lips apart in front of the mirror. I was red and raw. I would lie and say I fell off a friends bike if she caught me. David called me and asked if I was going to the pool today. Hell no! was my answer. Call me in a couple of days, I said as I hung up. He called me up the next day and begged to see me. No David, I dont trust you anymore. Listen Tinya, I want a car. It costs twenty three hundred dollars. My dad says to get the money on my own. He wont help. The day before yesterday I made four hundred and sixty bucks. If I can get another eighteen hundred, I know I can get the car. You gotta help me! he begged. Your dad said to get the money on YOUR own. So get a job. And why should I help you anyway, I got louder as I spoke. Its too late in the summer to get a job and the pay for high school guys is shit! Then his voice got very calm. You are going to help me because you dont want me to show certain pictures of you to your parents he threatened. What pictures!? I shrieked. Oh maybe some shot from behind a tree by a certain creek taken a couple of days ago. They might even end up on the internet. He had me. I couldnt take a chance that he might be bluffing. He could spread rumors anyway and I would be grounded for life. I could get thrown out of school.

What are you going to make me do? I asked knowing the answer. Now he got real friendly again. The way I figure it is only four more times like the last one and Ill have the money, he cooed.

David, I cant do that many again. You should see my body. I was a pretty girl. Now Im beat to shit! Please think of something else. Let me do twelve instead of twenty three like last time. Ill do it eight more times and youll have your money. Please David. Ill suck you off anytime you say. You know you like my mouth. You know that one guy fucked me in the ass last time. Would you like to fuck me in the ass? I bargained. Tell you what, Ill sneak out and meet you in the park and suck you off right now. Do we have a deal? I begged. Deal . But you better be ready in two days to do your first twelve. and he hung up. I was now a gang bang whore. And I was sneaking out to suck off my pimp. Still, I couldnt help feeling a tingle in my sore pussy. David was rough with me in the park. He fucked my mouth. His hot cum shot down my throat. He slapped my face and told me to be at this park on time the day after tomorrow. If I was five minutes late, he could not promise that number of paying customers would be limited to twelve. I knew how greedy he was, I would be on time.

I found myself on my back taking cock up my cunt or my ass every few days. I began to see some of the same men over and over. Spank me Daddy. Then fuck my tight ass! I said as the same fifty something guy slapped my ass red. I learned something quickly. The faster I could make these guys cum, the faster I could get finished and go home. I really liked all the attention. My pussy and ass were getting used to being used. My mouth was getting well trained. I began to crave the taste of cum. But any girl gets raw after six or seven hours of fucking two or three times a week. So every guy got a hot look and dirty talk from me. I begged them to fuck me hard. I begged to suck cock and eat cum. I told them all how much I loved the way they fucked me. David was no exception. He took advantage of me any time he liked. He made me set my alarm for two AM and sneak out to service him. I got him off and got to go back to bed. I finally finished my last gang bang and David had his money. He came by to show off the car he bought. Look what I bought with whore money, he bragged. Thats great David, now we are done, I replied. Not so fast bitch. I may want some new wheels and tires for my new ride. Bullshit David! I fucked over a hundred dirty old men for you. I am done! I screamed. Fine, I hope your parents like the pictures. he laughed as he sped off in his new ride. I was sick. I had another year in high school. He would pimp me out to the whole town. I would never be free of him. I went to the mall to hang out and take my mind off my troubles. Then it happened. I saw one of my customers coming out of a store and he saw me. As first I thought he might turn and head the other way to avoid me. I was dead wrong. He waved me over to him right away. Do  you remember me Tinya? Yes I remember you sir. You like to fuck me doggie style and make me clean your cock off with my tongue when your done, I whispered. No need to talk about that now Tinya and no need to call me sir. Im Bob. Are you here by yourself? Yes Bob. Do you want to earn some extra money? No Bob. I only do what I do in the park to help David pay for his car. He will tell everyone Im a whore if I dont do as he tells me. I  confessed everything. Thats blackmail Tinya. I want to help you. Right now I want to do something to help cheer you up. he said in an upbeat voice. Let me take you shopping. Come along now, I wont take no for an answer. So off we went. Right to a famous lingerie shop.

For the next hour, I tried on the most wonderful collection of sexy underwear I had ever seen outside of magazines. Bob said something to the sales girl as we came in and she was there the rest of the time to wait on me alone. She was quite beautiful. Let me help you with everything young lady, she said softly. Bob followed us to the dressing area. She unbuttoned my blouse and put it on a hanger. She unhooked my bra and hung it up. Next she kneeled down in front of me and took off my skirt and panties. Her hands were gentle as she used a tape to measure me. You have a body to die for Sweetheart. Whats your name? she asked in that velvet voice. I told her as she looked me over. You shave I see. Me too. You need to in order to wear the things sold here. Then she helped me dress in my first outfit. A sheer black bra and panty set with matching stockings and garter. She held open the dressing room door and motioned for Bob to peek in and have a look. He nodded his approval. Next she stripped me completely again and I tried on a red set similar to the one before except this one had openings for my nipples and the panties were crotchless. Again Bob saw and liked. Each time she stripped me, she seemed to have her hands all over me. I did not mind. She seemed nice. As I finished dressing in a purple satin set, she reached down and outlined my pussy lips with her fingers. Your lips will show well through these panties. Bob will like them. she smiled. He did. When she had me naked once more, she told me that I had the most beautiful body that she had seen come in the store. With that, she kissed me lightly on the lips. She stepped back and began to unbutton her blouse. She said that she wanted me to see what she was wearing underneath as she stepped out of her skirt. The smallest g-string and pushup bra I had ever seen showed off her olive skin and long jet black hair. Feel this she said as she moved within an inch of me. She held my wrist and guided my hands to both her  breasts. I felt the smooth material. She guided my fingers to her pussy. You can feel me right through the material cant you? she asked. See how easy it is to move the panties aside? she asked before I had a chance to answer her first question. She moved my fingers to her now wet pussy and spread her legs to allow me to get two fingers into her slit. She humped my fingers. She French kissed me. She squeezed my tit. She knew how to make me horny as hell. She pushed my head down. I went to my knees like I did for any man. I replaced my fingers with my tongue in her cunt. She held the back of my head to her body and came in seconds. Is Bob fucking you? she whispered. Yes, hes been fucking me this summer. I said. For some reason I trusted this woman. Lucky man. She dressed me in an outfit like hers and opened the door for Bob. There we both stood like a matched set. He loved it. For outfit after outfit, I was not allowed to touch myself. She did all the dressing and undressing. She kissed me goodbye and slipped me her phone number as I left with  more bags and boxes than I could carry.  

Come to my car and Ill drive you home, Bob coaxed. That sounded good. I could get home before Mom  and Dad and hide my new undies. As we drove home, Bob asked if we could stop some place. I directed him to the alley that I had been fucked in so many times. I really will help you Tinya. You see, Im a lawyer and blackmail is illegal. Just leave everything to me. Of course, I would love to have you all to myself. Would you agree to that? he asked. I stripped and climbed into the back seat. I got on my hands and knees and took his cock up my wet pussy until he shot his load and got his dick cleaned by my eager tongue. If you get rid of David for me, Ill be your slave. Ill do anything you say, I promised. I found out later that Bob had kept a couple of thugs from going to jail and they owed him big time. He sent them over to catch David as he left the public pool. They took him to the same park where he made me a gang bang whore. After a couple of punches to the gut, they explained that if David ever even told anyone that he knew me, he was dead meat. Just to drive the point home, one of the bad men took out a hunting knife and cut the seats in Davids new car to pieces. They told him that his face would look worse than the car seats if they had to come see him again. I never saw David again. I think he went to college in another town that next year and never came back.

Bob became my lover for the next three years. I also found out that he was involved with Eva, the sales girl who had helped me with the lingerie. I never saw the inside of Bobs house. His wife would not understand. However, I did see the inside of Evas apartment. One day Bob called and said to meet him a couple of blocks from my house. He had a new cell phone for me. When I call you on this phone, you will be ready to do whatever I tell you. Understand? he asked. Yes Bob, I responded. Also, Eva wants you to call her. Do it,” he demanded. Eva was delighted to see me. She wasted no time in stripping us naked. Over the next few hours she fucked me like no man ever had. She smelled nice. She was soft. She ate my pussy and made me cum all over her tongue. She had me moaning so loud the neighbors must have heard me. I thought she was finished with me as she reached for my bra and panties. Instead of dressing me, she used the bra to tie my hands together and to the headboard above my head. She used the panties to gag me. She rolled me over on my belly. I felt the lash of a small designer belt go across my back. Next I felt her tongue go up my asshole. Then another lash. More tongue. She worked her tongue over the red marks that rose on my back. Now she whipped my ass. She rolled me back over and whipped my tits, belly and pussy. Always using her tongue to sooth the sting. I was going wild. When she stopped, I said NO! I begged her for more. Bob will like what he sees when he gets here, she mentioned. Then she reached into the night stand and pulled out a dildo. It had a strange belt attached. She adjusted the strap-on to fit tight and used some scented oil to coat it. As her tongue entered my open mouth, her new cock entered my dripping pussy. She pumped me slowly at first. The dildo was very big. It must have been three inches in diameter and over twelve inches long. Her pace quickened. Her strokes lengthened. I never had a cock this big! I grunted. She said nothing as she grinded into me. Harder and faster and deeper and even harder and faster and deeper she went. She was very strong. She was in her own world. The other end of the dildo must have pounding back into her clit as she fucked me. For a full thirty minutes she fucked me. I could feel myself cumming. Her breath grew labored. I came with another person for the first time ever. I held her close. I smelled her hot flesh and tasted her sweat as it dripped from her beautiful body onto my lips. She left the dildo inside me. It did not get soft and fall out like other dicks. I felt her grab a handful of hair on the back of my head and pull me back so as to cause my chin to rise up and expose my neck. She sucked my neck. She bit my ear. Bob will be here soon, she breathed into my ear.

We would put on quite a show for Bob. We danced together rubbing our naked bodies together. She licked my hot cunt with that wonderful tongue of hers. I looked at Bob with my lips parted and eyes halfway closed as she sent me into orgasm. I dropped to my knees and turned her around and ran my tongue up her luscious asshole. I probed and sucked her hole while my fingers played with her sweet pussy. She forced her ass into my face. My nose inhaled her musky scent. Her cunt quivered at my touch and her moans got louder as she started to cum. I never took my tongue out of her ass as she shook and swayed with wave after wave of orgasm. Some of the cum juice dripped down her pussy and into my waiting mouth. She was delicious. I drank all she would give me. She laid with her back on the bed. I went down on her again. I wanted more of her wonderful juice. I was bent over her with my knees tucked under and spread wide apart. My ass was high in the air. I felt Bobs cock slid into my cunnie and start to pump me hard and fast. All of this action had made him harder than ever before. At least with me. As he shoved his dick into me, my mouth licked and sucked Ava. She clamped her well toned legs around my head and screamed my name. She came again. Bob could not hold out any longer and filled me with hot seed. We rested and cooled off. My reward for making them both cum was a long hard whipping. I begged Ava to beat me. I get hot just thinking about being whipped now. The sharp pain followed by the warm glow left by the whip makes my pussy juice run wild.

I laid across the bed on my belly and waited for Ava to wrap the belt once around her wrist and take a firm grip. She came down hard across my ass. Harder Ava! I begged. She teased me with her tongue. Then a hard lash across my back. Another and another and another. I lost count of the strokes. Bob was loving this scene. The dark haired beauty dominating her blonde submissive young girl. The blonde begging for the whip. A total sex slave. Before it was over, my tits, belly, pussy and upper thighs looked like my back. Covered with the red tell tale signs of a vicious beating. I was in heaven. I was whipped, fucked and used in everyway possible way for years. I loved it. I lived for it. Some times I was called on the cell phone to go to a judges home or a clients apartment. I serviced them in any way they chose. This made Bob happy. Many men then owed him favors. He did well as a lawyer. He was in turn very generous with both me and Ava. When I graduated from high school, I went to work in the same lingerie store as Ava. Bob now owned it. He often stopped by as we were closing for a blowjob or quick fuck. I moved in with Ava. We slept together, we fucked, she whipped me, I fell in love with her. My first true love. I would do anything for her. I did everything she told me to do. Now when Bob calls, I just do what he says. Tonight he wanted a blowjob. I just went and did it.”

With that, my bride to be ended her explanation. “ I dont know quite what to say,” was all I could utter. “ I love you Baby, I want to marry you! You are truly the only man that I have EVER loved! I will do anything to prove myself. Just tell me how to please you and I will do it. ANYTHING!” she begged. I loved her too. She was perfect to look at and perfect to be with. I pondered what to do. Leave the girl that I was crazy about or stay and wonder if she would make a fool of me. What to do. “ Please say something,” she said with a quiver in her voice. I had to think. THINK!

A test! If she was full of shit, I would find out. I would test her. If she passed the test, I would marry her. If she failed, I would save myself the grief of a nasty divorce. A test is the answer. “Will you be my total sex slave for one month? You will have to do everything I say. You will not do anything with anybody unless I say so.” I demanded. “ Oh yes Baby! I will obey you and only you.” she cheered up. “ One slip up and your gone! Do you swear to me?!” I asked. “ I swear! I swear!” she was almost giddy. “ If you pass this test, I will marry you in one month,” I said. “ Now what to you say?” I asked. “ Im a horny bitch. Can I suck your cock Master?” she replied. And so the month began. How to begin was the real question. I told her to go home and get a nap. I wanted her up by midnight. She left me to have one more drink at the restaurant and ponder the upcoming month.

At midnight the alarm went off and she was up. I had dozed off in our living room. She woke me with her tongue in my ear. She stood totally naked with her hands on her hips and her long legs apart. “What may I do for my Master?” she asked in her sexiest voice. I had her dress in the shortest leather mini skirt that she owned. It barely covered her pussy. No underwear. The tiny red top of one of her bikinis. Five inch black heels. “You are my whore. Do you understand?” I asked. “ What may your whore do for you Master?” she quickly replied. We got in the car and headed down town. The sign above the business read Peep Show. “You will get out and go in. You will go to a booth and leave the door open. The place closes about two AM. Until then, you will pick the ugliest, fattest, old men that you can find. You will beg them to let you suck them off for ten dollars. No, make that five dollars. You will bring me at least fifty bucks. You said that you have been a gang bang whore. Go in there and prove it. And by the way, I might come in later. If you try to charge more or fool me in any way you fail the test. Got it?” I had a stern tone to my voice. “ Your whore would never try to fool her Master.” After she made that statement, she went right into the adult store without looking back. I could not wait more than ten minutes before following her into the store. There seemed to be a group of men crowded toward the back. I wondered their direction without being obvious. There was my future bride on her knees in a booth sucking off a bald guy with a gut so big that I doubt he could see her as she worked. “I cant believe that good looking whore is giving suck jobs for a five spot,” said one of the other patrons in a low voice. “ Im damn sure goin to get one,” he quickly added. I watched her for more than a hour. She sucked them as fast as they handed her a five dollar bill. I heard her comments to them. “ I love you cock Baby. Your cum is sweat. What a man, I bet you could fuck the shit out of any girl.” The compliments went on and on. None of them could last more than ten minutes. Most of them had her swallowing their load in three minutes. I left just before the joint closed. She returned to the car with fifty five bucks in wrinkled bills. “ I would have been out sooner but as I was leaving the manager came over and took me by the hand to his office. He made me suck him off and told me that he wanted a cut next time.” she explained. The first night ended well. The next morning I told her to call Bob and tell him all about us. He knew she was not living with Ava anymore. She was to tell him that he could have her for the weekend and then she would be mine. I told her that if we ever needed a good lawyer that we might work something out. Then I had her call Ava and tell her that I wanted to have a three way as soon as possible. Ava said she would come over that night. We fucked til dawn. Ava agreed to do this anytime we wanted her to. They still worked together and would continue to do so. I told Ava that Bob was out. She said that he had already found another young girl. He liked them young. She told me that she loved Tinya and that she would come to love me to in time. Tinya was thrilled. I told Ava what I was making Tinya do for the next month. Ava offered to whip her each night before they left work. I told her to use the strap-on dildo up Tinyas ass as well. Tinya looked a little scared but said nothing. She knew better than to complain. After her weekend with Bob, she seemed tired but said that he took it well. She said he worked her over pretty good. She also had to fuck his new girlfriend. The young girl had gotten into trouble with the law and Bob defended her. She was now in his charge. She fucked Tinya and did anything else Bob told her to do.

One night the next week, I called Ava and got her to take out Tinya for the evening. They went to lesbian bar. They had fun dancing. I ordered Tinya to fuck anyone who came on to her. She said that a really big girl asked her to dance and took her to the restroom and fucked her in a stall. The big girl did not want to let Tinya go but Ava told her they were a couple and in love. They spent the rest of the night dancing and making out on the dance floor. I would like to have seen that. Another night, Tinya had to go into a biker bar and say that her boyfriend had thrown her out when she accused him of cheating on her. The bikers all offered her a ride. She said that they were really nicer than she thought they might be. She had no intention of just getting a ride home. She knew what I had in mind. She told them that she lived with her boy friend and did not want to face him that night. Did they have a club house or something she could stay in for the night? She said she put her finger up to her mouth like a dumb little girl. When they got to the club house, she had drinks and acted drunk. She fucked the first guy that made a play for her. She asked if it were true that girls who wanted to join the club had to fuck the whole gang? Yes was the answer and suck off the guys as well. The leader of the gang asked if she would like to be an honorary member. Sure she would. The next morning about dawn came the sound of a chopper dropping her off. “ Your gang bang whore needs a bath before she serves her Master.” she informed me. She said that all sixteen of them fucked her and got blowjobs. At the end, she knelt out in the yard in front of the club and held her mouth open as they pissed down her throat and everywhere else on her body. She left her clothes at the club house and was taken home naked. She told me that getting pissed on was warm and did not taste as bad as she thought it might. She would be happy to get a golden shower from me anytime. That gave me something to think about.

For the rest of the month, I ordered her to do the most disgusting things that came to my now twisted mind. She suffered every degrading act that I could think of short of permanent damage. She passed the test. We would be married. I called her into the living room and told her to sit down. The month was over. She look apprehensive. “Do you want to continue to be my sex slave you whore?!” I said without smiling. “Yes Master, I love you. I am your whore. You own me.” she lowered her head. “ There is something else I want you to do, whore.” I sounded serious. “ This whore is ready to do anything” she replied. “ Marry me Tinya. Be my wife forever. Love honor and obey me. Will you be my wife?” I begged in a shaky voice. “ Oh YES!!” she cried. And cried and cried. We have been man and wife ever since. ( By the way, Ava was Tinyas maid of honor. Even Bob sent us a very expensive wedding gift. Go figure.)

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