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The Group House

Part 2

October 8, 2003, 3:21 pm

WHACK! THWACK! “Oh, Alex please” SLAP! WHACK! Kim gritted her teeth against the brutal slams of Alex's Ping Pong paddle. She shifted on Alex's lap as her soaking pubes were about to stain his nice Oxford-woven cotton madras. When she'd once cum while being whipped over his lap, ruining Alex's pleated linen Twill shorts, Alex had shaved her pubes, pouring sawdust and honey in Kim's vagina, and tied her out in the backyard with the ants.

THWACK! WHACK! Despite the intense stinging pain of the paddle, Kim stared nervously down at her Casio watch, where her arm was dangling down. She looked up nervously at the door. WHACK! WHACK! “Ooh!” Alex grinned. “Was that a sob, my little puke-bucket?” Kim swallowed. “No, Master.” Kim bit her lip, wondering when her housemates would be home from the hiking. Why couldn't they have had this session at Alex's place? But then of course, the dork, Paul was there…and they couldn't go to Alex's fiancee's place, because then Sondra would want to be in on the action…but Sondra, according to Alex had been locked in a cage in the basement early that morning…why were they here?

WHACK! SLAP SMACK! Kim couldn't afford to rent motel rooms for them any more, and once she'd asked Alex why he didn't get a job to get his own place, and he'd said, laughing “You are my job…it's work being around you, babe.” This had just reduced Kim to helpless tears. She almost wished he'd just caned her for impertinence instead of saying something like that.

As the paddle rained down mercilessly on Kim's defensive cheeks, Kim shifted and the hem of her tennis dress moved around her back. What was Alex's deal? Was he mad because she'd beaten him in one of the sets? They'd gotten in an argument when they'd left the tennis court, and he'd called her a crybaby…and that's when the trouble had started. Kim was now really worried that Arnie and Tacy and whoever they might have been hiking with might just all walk in.

Tacy had been very nice and understanding about Kim's weird kinky private life, from what she'd learned a few weeks ago, when Kim had been tied up in the garage, but Kim had no idea what Tacy might have told the others…and Kim was really hoping that Tacy thought it was just an occasional weirdness of Kim's…but if she walked in today…it might go rather badly for Kim's reputation. Tacy had also seemed kind of irritable of late, perhaps because she didn't have a boyfriend, and Arnie was not recognizing, or was avoiding Tacy's come-ons. Maybe, Kim hoped, Tacy and Arnie had hooked up on the trip, and were a couple now. That would take care of Arnie's crush on Kim, quite uncomfortable, and Tacy's irritability.

Kim kept trying not to cry as the paddle whacked and thwacked, again and again. Alex didn't hit quite as hard as North or Fenton ever had, but he had a disturbing consistency. It was astonishing how someone so lazy could have such energy! Kim had begged Alex to use the bedroom for her discipline, but he'd insisted on the living room…and of course they'd made that stupid bet. She couldn't cry. She'd been a sub for fifteen years, on and off, and she could take this whipping without crying, Kim could. WHACK! Kim bit her lip, worrying it might bleed.

Alex was thoroughly enjoying smacking the full cheeks, making Kim's delectable butt jump like jiggled Jell-O. Rapidly he alternated between cheeks, giving the Ping-Pong paddle harsher and harsher strokes on her sensitive thighs as she moaned, and Alex could enjoy the way her panties stretched at mid-thigh.

Alex noted an old blister from a former caning on the left cheek and hit it hard SLAM! It began to bleed, the pustules opening up, and Kim began weeping softly. Bingo. Alex's paddle stopped. “Oh” Alex's casual laugh came. Here my crybaby is…I told you. You shouldn't make bets with me, honey. I always win.” Kim shivered. Now he'd won the bet. And she was fucked! Oh God, was she fucked!

October 8, 2003 4:14 pm

Climbing out of Tacy's battered Nissan, Arnie was sick of the discussion. “Tace, I like being good friends with you. We've been friends since grad school. I wouldn't want to ruin that. Look how much fun we have hiking and stuff.” Tacy locked the other side and leaned against it as Arnie came around. “I just thought you'd like to get laid a little bit, that's all.” Tacy twitched her considerable big bottom in the unfortunate hiking shorts. “Besides, I know there's another friend you've known just as long who you'd jump in an instant.”

Oh Jesus. Arnie had a problem here. If there was anything he didn't want to do, it was offend Tacy. He knew that first, she didn't just want to screw, that was what girls did to rope you in. She saw Arnie as boyfriend material, if not husband, and secondly, he knew he didn't want to screw Tacy at all, though it had been some time, a lot of time since the breakup with Beth. Horny or not, Tacy was not what he wanted.

Chubby, loud and insecure, Tacy was not Arnie's idea of passion, and of course they lived together. But Kim, who also lived with them…the other friend, demure, educated, and incredibly sexy…Arnie loved her, and had in a quiet way for ten years. But she didn't like Arnie that way, so it was an irrelevant argument. And it was so sad. He really felt like he had a lot to offer Kim, and yet, she hung out with that preppie LOSER, No-Job Alex.

As Tacy ambled up to the door with her backpack, she shook her bottom a few times. She'd learned this was hot stuff from her ex-beau, Javier, who had been a mail clerk at the firm. What she didn't understand was, upper-middle class white boys didn't like seeing a butt that resembled the planet Jupiter. Arnie was thinking this disconsolately as he followed Tacy, hoping he could escape upstairs to his books, and there would be no more sexual innuendo.

God, Kim's butt was wonderful! It stuck out and sloped down in a playful way and once or twice Kim had brushed by Arnie in the kitchen when they'd been making dinner, and after her cheeks had scraped his crotch he'd been hard for hours, till he'd released in the bathroom sink later on.

And Arnie never missed an opportunity to go to the beach or the pool to see Kim's peaches in string bikinis, her buttocks or her incredible boobs. Arnie sighed. He hated being a non-threatening male friend. Suddenly, Arnie heard Tacy's scream when she got inside the living room and ran in after her.

Arnie was taken aback, and blinked behind his wire framed glasses. There was the dickwad, Alex, lounging as usual on the couch, grinning languidly and gazing up at Arnie through his Ray-Bans. Tacy was screaming at Alex (Arnie couldn't help thinking how damn MACHO Tacy was.) Then Tacy rabbit punched Alex's shoulder, he laughed , and Tacy pointed at the corner, Arnie looked and gasped.

There, standing with her face in the corner was his beautiful Kim, her auburn curls shaking with her sobs, bouncing on her bare shoulders. What was even more amazing was, Kim was naked, except for a pair of panties around her knees.

Naked except for a pair of panties that were bunched up around her ankles…Arnie automatically gazed at her beautiful ass, though he thought this might be non-consensual visual rape…Arnie had organized the Take Back The Night rally at Haverford—and he gasped.

Oh, the sight of his beloved's bare buttocks! And upper thighs, too. What the hell had happened to her? Kim's butt looked as if it had been attacked by a rabid dog. That beautiful bum that Arnie had watched dance and twitch in miniskirts and cut-off denims now looked ravaged. Kim's full cheeks were covered in scars, weals, welts and bruises, some new, some old…just above her thigh there was a small tattoo PROPERTY OF FENTON THE FELON, and from her cheeks to mid thigh there were all sorts of red welts and cuts as well.

“Something else, eh, Arnold?” Alex turned to look down at Alex, who was gazing up at him with an impudent grin, tapping the Ping-Pong paddle that belonged to the table that Arnie had gotten for his ninth birthday…it was in the basement rec room. Arnie could see little specks of blood on the Ping-Pong paddle, and felt queasy.

“What are you doing to her, you vicious asshole! Kim,honey come out of the corner.” Tacy kept pulling Kim's arm, but the lovely Kim wouldn't remove her nose from the corner. Arnie could hear her sobbing. “Let it go, Tacy…”Alex smiled languidly, looking casually at himself in a pocket mirror he kept. What kind of a guy keeps a pocket mirror? Arnie thought dazedly. Tacy kept pulling Kim's arm, and it would not budge. Alex chuckled.

“Kim and I made a bet…I told her she was a crybaby, she said she wasn't…I bet her that if I couldn't make her cry with this pitiful Ping-Pong paddle within an hour, that she and I would get a place together…how repulsive.” Alex looked truly revolted, and Arnie wanted to hit him. He would die, Arnie would, to live boyfriend-girlfriend with precious Kimmie. “And if I could make her cry…she'd stand in any corner that I prescribed…and she lost the bet, and is in the corner of the living room here…and you get to look at her, buddy.”

Alex whacked Arnie on the arm, and smiled confidentially. “I know what it's like being a nice guy…we need guys like you, though I don't know why…but I was there once.” Alex shook his head ruefully.

October 8, 2003 6:00 pm

Alex was now at his home, relaxing as his toes bounced off Paul's stiff glans. Sitting on the back porch of Paul's house, watching MTV, sipping a Long Island Iced Tea while casually stroking his toes across Paul's sweltering cock, as the poor man knelt, bound on the floor, grimacing through his gag. This was the life…but suddenly Alex was somewhat dissatisfied. Alex had certainly had a productive afternoon, he'd humiliated poor Kim in front of all her housemates, and then Sondra had come and taken Alex out for a nice dinner…she had been probing him about the wedding in June, but Alex wasn't sure about all that, as she had some idea that he was going to work in her father's firm.

“C'mon in here, babe…” He'd pulled Sondra into the men's john and gotten her into a stall, on her knees, facing the toilet. Alex had then stood on her hands (on the closed toilet lid) and peed into her open mouth…quite a bit of it had gotten all over Sondra's little black cocktail dress. Other men had come in, and Sondra had been absolutely miserable as Alex had pushed her up against the side of the stall, slammed her head on the stall wall… “I thought we were going to live on your mother's trust fund or something…You may be as smart as Becky Sharp,but I'm a helluva lot smarter than Rawdon Crawley, you bitch!”

He'd slapped Sondra and left her on her knees in the men's restroom, as he'd stalked out of the restaurant. Imaginative soul that Alex was, he'd cuffed her to one of the sinks…a blonde heiress in a black cocktail dress, kneeling in a puddle of urine…goodness me! He knew she'd never tell who did it, even if it took hours to get a locksmith in there…and sure enough, within half an hour, Alex's cell phone was ringing with Sondra's apologies.

He'd driven home, and told Paul about what a demanding bitch Sondra was, and the older man had gone to immense lengths to make his Master happy…God knew Paul didn't want Alex moving out and getting married! So now Alex was quite comfortable sitting back and teasing Paul's cock, which was frustrated now 121 days.

Alex drained his Long Island Iced Tea, and whistled to Leah, who came out of her corner. Leah, a tall, slender honey blonde approached Alex hesitatingly. Nude except for an Iron Maiden chastity belt, she was quite easy on the eyes. "Get me another--nah, just put it in the sink. I've had enough." She does make a mean Long Island Iced Tea though, Alex thought.

Leah curtsied (difficult to do stark naked) and took the glass. "Thank you Master I'll do as you wish." Alex whistled to her as she was walking off. "Get back here. You little moron. You were supposed to ask me if I wanted my cigarettes. No wonder Hal sends you so often for training!" Alex hopped out of the chair and backhanded Leah, who dropped the glass on the floor, where it shattered.

Alex ground his teeth. "You are pathetic...worthless!" He grabbed Leah by her long thick blonde hair and pulled her down on her hands and knees. "I want you to pick up each of these pieces of at a time, yes, it'll take all night, and put them in the wastebasket. Understood?" Leah, her face covered with tears, nodded and bent down to pick up a piece. Alex slapped her again. "No, I want you to pick up each piece with your MOUTH and go on your hands and knees to drop the pieces in the garbage can, understood?" Leah looked up at Alex desperately. "Master Alex...I can't! I'm a'll split my lip, sir...please don't make me.."

Alex backhanded her twice heartily. "That's twenty negative points, honey...and you were doing so well!" Leah shook her head.."Please, not points, Sir!" Alex shook his head. "No, if you want those twenty back, no, fifteen's what I'll give you--" Leah began sobbing. "Please,'ve done so much, sir...I scrubbed the house, I let you brand me with your car cigarette lighter four or five times--" Alex nodded approvingly. Leah's beautiful left thigh was covered with ugly little circular welts. "I've serviced your little brother and all his friends...oh please, Master...don't take away my points." Alex smiled. "Aubrey's a little asshole, isn't he?" Alex's 18 year old brother and his friends had taken turns with Leah.

 Leah dropped her eyes. Employed as a New York model, she was unaccustomed to being referred to as "Piggie" except when she was at home with her husband, or visiting Master Alex at his place in Bethesda, Maryland.

 Most of the time, when Leah wasn't modeling, or acting in commercials, she was at home serving her husband and his twin sons, nineteen. Leah spent a good deal of time being whipped by Hal and the boys, being burned with lit cigarettes, locked in closets, and servicing all three men with her mouth and her rectum, as well as providing entertainment for a variety of male visitors.

Leah supported all three with her modeling career, and all she'd like it would seem, would be the occasional orgasm, as her slave life kept her in a constant state of horniness. But unfortunately, after Hal married and enslaved Leah (which hadn't been hard) he'd learned how easily and passionately his wife orgasmed, during little masturbation sessions after heavy, brutal punishment scenes. So he'd purchased the strictest Iron Maiden chastity belt for her, and her only chance for orgasm was when she came to visit Master Alex, one weekend every three months.

 She'd bring the report card from Hal and the boys, detailing her chore lists, how good her cleaning had been her cheerful servicing of Hal, the boys and Hal's many mistresses, and how much money she'd brought in with her modeling career. And the positive points weren't high--one point for a thousand dollars brought in, three points for making the house spotless...and then any errors would take off ten to fifty points. As soon as Leah had accumulated seventy-five points, she was eligible to visit Master Alex in Maryland.

 Then Alex and Paul would put her through a series of punishments and tests. Leah's goal during the weekend, usually once every three months, was to gain twenty-five points to add to her seventy-five already tallied in order to have a chance to orgasm. The reason Alex kept the key at his place was because at home in New York, Leah's super-seductiveness would bring Hal around if he didn't have the Iron Maiden locked on, with no access to the if Leah tried to seduce Hal into screwing her, it just meant she had to suck him dry or bend over for an ass-or fist fucking.

Alex, who was constantly being sucked by various slave girls and boys, had no need for Leah's attentions, and so he was able to make her go through all kinds of hell before he'd consent to letting her have an orgasm. Alex and his slave Paul were vicious task masters to Leah putting on just a few postive points and many, many negatives.

 here was Leah's List

Clean Roof downspouts (one point)

Clean driveway and garage floor concrete (one point)

Clean barbecue grill (half a point)

Clean trash out of window wells (half a point)

Wash windows and screens (two points)

clean and scrub house and garage (five points)

Dust, vaccuum and bleed radiator (one point)

Change furnace (blower) filter(quarter of a point)

Lubricate electric heaters (half a point)

Remove fireplace ashes (quarter of a point)

Clean fireplace bricks and glass (quarter of a point)

Polish staircase rails (half a point)

Clean the septic tank (one point)

Then her negative points had been something like this:

Leaving dish on coffee table (minuts ten points)

Not calling Paul "Sir" once (minus fifteen points)

Leaving a speck on the staircase rails (Minus twenty points)

It had gone on like this, and it didn't look as if Leah was going to get her orgasm this time. If she didn't get her points by Sunday night, then she would go home, having lost all her previous points earned with Hal and the boys as well as the points earned with Alex and Paul, and have to start all over again...accumulating seventy-five points so once AGAIN she would be eligible to try for an orgasm on a trip to Alex's house! It was very tough.

If by some miracle, Leah was able to earn the points by Sunday night, Alex would tie her to a bed of sandpaper after having whipped her unmercifully, and rubbing Witch Hazel in her back sores...then, as she writhed miserably on the sandpaper, rubbing and screaming, Alex would push and pull a vibrator in and out of Leah's shaved cunt for two hours until he finally would allow her to have a humongous bursting orgasm...after which she would blow Alex and Paul, who hadn't cum in 120 days! What a lot to swallow, but the orgasm was worth it!

Alex stared down at Leah grimly. "You have a bare chance to get your points back if you pick up every single piece of glass with your mouth and drop it in the wastebasket. I'm untying Paul so he can watch you. The little tiny pieces you can get up with a broom and dustpan, but there are plenty of big pieces you can pick up carefully. Let's see you pick up the first one." Leah gave Alex a long look, and reached down, taking her luscious full lips and capturing a sharp piece of glass, and then turning and moving on her hands and knees towards the wastebasket. A bit of blood trailed out of her lower lip as she moved, and Alex could see the tears welling in her eyes, and he smiled.

Alex left Paul and Leah and went into the other room…he looked out the window. No, I don't want to think about her…Tess…his first slave-girl. The ultimate humiliation, her beautiful red curls have all been shaved off by her new Master…Alex had so many slaves now…but he was still in love with Tess…she'd made his boarding school days such a prize!

Ah, the memories…

April 18, 1996

“Just hit them, silly. Go ahead.” Alex breathed deeply, as he watched Tessa arch her bare breasts out, hands behind her in the old man's library. Jesus. What would happen if the Headmaster and his blue-haired wife walked in? Here he was standing here, fully clothed, next to their beautiful daughter with her fiery tresses, but completely, and beautifully nude…and in his hand was one of several long hazel switches that Tess had cut earlier in the day and put in her bathtub so they were nice and wet…”Stingy” as she put it.

Alex stared longingly at the beautiful, rose colored nipples. He wanted to suck them, but he did wonder what it would be like to swat her full 34DD breasts with the wet hazel branch. But she was delicate…despite the whippings he'd already given her…she was a sweet girl, wasn't she? “Tessie, I, like…I don't want to hurt you. It's hot giving you ass-whippings but I just…”Alex stared at the Oriental rug.

Tess smiled, looking surreptitiously at the bulge in Alex's chinos. “Look, if you don't want to whip my titties, I can find someone who will…a real man.” She noted with approval that Alex was looking angrier. “Don't you want to be my Master?” Tessa's piercing blue eyes met Alex's and he saw a bit of a mocking gleam. He breathed in, and bit his underlip. He turned and walked away. “Where are you going? Are you afraid to hurt me?” Tess's mocking voice followed Alex.

“No, I'm just wetting the branch a little more…it got dry.” Alex took a quart of Gilbey's Gin and poured a healthy amount all over the branch, and Tess winced as the droplets hit the expensive rug. “Now it'll hurt a little more..the alcohol, right?” Alex came back. He took off his Ray-Bans and stared into Tess's eyes.

“Push out those tits, you bitch!” Tess closed her eyes, breathed deeply and jutted out her breasts, holding her hands behind her back. Alex then swung the hazel branch directly into her nipples. WHACK! “Oooh!” Tess moaned. Alex pulled back and whacked her nipples again and again. WHACK! THWACK! SMACK! As the welts rose on her full pink breasts Alex began panting and whacking harder and harder. The switch broke, and Alex quickly picked up a second one, and began whacking away.

Still Tess didn't let go of her wrist…her hands stayed behind her back. WHACK! Suddenly, Tess grabbed her breasts and bent over.

“Are you done now?” Alex's voice asked harshly. “Am I a pussy now?” Tess muttered something, bending over more. Alex wondered lazily if she would puke now. “Are you ready for more, or are you done? If you're ready for more, what fuckin business do you have with your hands on your boobs? Put them behind your back!” Tessa stood up again, her face white, and put her hands behind her back, once again pushing out her now quite welted and bruised breasts.

WHACK WHACK WHACK! Alex gave it to her three times directly. The second hazel limb broke, and Alex picked up the final switch. Alex smiled grimly at the trembling Tessa.

Then he said. “I want you to thank me for each remaining whack—when you've wimped out, just say “It's all I can take, Master…but thank me until you can't take it anymore!” Tess nodded weakly. WHACK! The hazel rod lashed the areola of her left breast. Tessa breathed in. “Thank you, Master, may I have another?” Alex raised the stick and slammed it home again “Thank (sob) you—“ Tessa breathed in, and it looked as if there was a streak of blood on the hazel stick. “Well, are you done?” “N-no.” Tess inhaled. “Thank y-you Master, m-may I have another?” Alex lashed again and Tess screamed. “Are you done now?” Alex was a little scared, the lashes were quite evident on her full chest and belly, but he was angry, too. Why wouldn't she give in? Tessa looked steadily at him. “Thank you Master, M-may I-I have another?” Alex gave her one more swat with the ashplant, and Tess bit her lip. “Thank you, Master. I can't take anymore.”

Alex threw the branch down, putting his hands in his pockets, to hide the fact that they were shaking. Tears were coursing down Tess's cheeks, and she looked absolutely terrified and miserable. Alex closed his eyes, wondering if he'd lost his mind. But when he opened them, he felt a tugging at his crotch, and he looked down. Tess was on her knees, unzipping him. “Master, may I serve you now?” came the little voice.

May 10, 1996

“How long must I kneel like this, Master?” Tessa's voice was a bit nasal, as she was propping a silver dollar against the side of the St.Casimir's Field House with her nose. She had been kneeling like this, holding up the dollar for nearly an hour.

Alex grinned. “It's fun watching you push that thing on the wall with that little pug snout of yours.” He was being ridiculous…Tessa was a stunning young woman, and had not needed the rhinoplasty “nose job” that a lot of her friends had been getting…but everyone else was always telling Tess how beautiful she was..she didn't need to hear it from Alex, too.

Alex leaned back in the coach's chair looking at the luscious full cheeked pink bottom of his beautiful slave. “Better posture, please. And keep your hands behind your back. You're to keep the coin on the wall with your nose, Miss.” Tessa had bragged to him about how a previous Master had taught her to do this exercise, and how straight her back was when she did it. But Alex thought he could break her down. For a slave, she certainly had a big-ass ego, it seemed.

“Straighten those shoulders!” Tessa moved her head and the silver dollar fell to the floor. Alex leapt out of the lounge chair, ripping off his belt, a thick leather thing with a big silver buckle he'd purchased just for this occasion. “How dare you drop that coin? Bend over!” Tess's clear blue eyes pierced him as she looked in his eyes, and then she bent down. Alex lifted the belt, lashing it again and again, against Tessa's defenseless bottom…

May 23, 1996.

“Oh God, Alex, I don't want to…” Tessa looked at Alex pleadingly, and he smiled. Then she looked over at Clifford, the Class Goat. He was cleaning his teeth with a nail file as a couple of other girls, far less pretty than Celeste were moving away and gagging. “Tess, you said you'd do whatever I ordered you to, and this is what I want. You are beneath any human alive…you are a worthless slave-pig…I want you to service our Clifford.”

Tessa's eyes brimmed with tears. “Any other guy…one of the geeks on your Chess team, maybe.” Alex was annoyed. Now that Tess had transformed him from nerdy Al to Master Alex, he acutely resented her reference to his days on the Chess team, though he occasionally still played his roommate.

“When I said I'd do something outrageous, I was thinking of licking out ashtrays or having you tie me to the chapel bell…or what about the time you tied birthday candles to my clit and lit them…what about that?” Tess was quite in earnest. “I've never even spoken to the Goat. He's the most repulsive creature at St. Casimirs. I mean, he's not even rich, he's here on a scholarship.”

Tessa looked over at Clifford, now deep in a copy of Scientific American. He probably would have been happier reading it in his room than in the Student Lounge, but his suitemates would not let him hang out in there because of his body odor problems. As he read his magazine, Clifford idly scratched an old zit on the side of his face, and it looked a bit infected. Fortunately, the Goat was rather obese, and probably all that blood would be compensed from some other part of his body.

Alex grinned. It was perfect, making the most beautiful girl at St. Casimir's…the Headmaster's daughter, screw Clifford, the obese Goat! And he'd make her lick Cliff's balls. Tessa clutched Alex's arm. “He'll talk, it'll be the end of my reputation.” Tess looked at Alex anxiously. “No, Tessie, no one would believe it.” Alex smiled. “No one will know but me and YOU.” And he pointed at her. It was a test. Tess looked at Cliff, looked at Alex and dropped her eyes. “It is your will, Master.” Alex grinned and passed Tess the key to a room at Motel 6 and watched her go over to give Cliff the good news…and the look on his face! As they drove off together in Tess's new red Ferrari convertible, Alex chuckled and went to sneak a game of chess with the “geeks”.

June 3, 1996

“Tess, great party. C'mon over and have a beer with us!” “Maybe later, Kevin!” Tess moved through the party of laughing adolescents, smiling and chatting, making sure the potato chip bowl was full, and did Consuelo bring out the Hush Puppies? Suddenly she saw Alex, leaning against the door. Where had he been? He was motioning to her. Tonight he was wearing all black, turtleneck, jacket, pants, and of course the ever-present Ray-Bans, which Tess was sorry she'd bought him at this point…but he was so delicious, her young Master!

“Honey, where you been? The party's been going on and Gary and Walter were asking about you.” Alex crooked his finger again, and Tess came up obediently. “I want you upstairs.” Tess looked impatient. She sighed. Alex had put her through quite a day—he'd constructed a whipping post and given her lashes, thrashed her buttocks until they were purplish masses of welts. He'd made her wash his car in the sleaziest cut-offs and tube-top, parking it on the highway so that Tessa had been the cynosure of obscene and vulgar remarks.

In the afternoon, Alex had tied Tessa to a ceiling hook, locked by a combination lock just above her fingertips. He'd put clothespins all over her nipples and on her shaved cunt, also rubbing that sensitive area with Ben-Gay and something else that was terribly itchy. Alex had sat down to watch the Redskins-Dolphins game, and every time the home team scored, Alex had come in and whapped Tess on her right butt cheek with a soaking car antenna, and then when Miami had scored, he'd put the number of points on her left cheek.

Tess had been forced to go through a variety of combinations trying to get loose while Alex did this vile thing, and he'd promised her that if she didn't get loose, there would be no party. Her fingers cramped, Tess had just gotten the combination right a minute before her mother had come home with the groceries. Since then, the party had gone great—she'd sprung down, dressed and gotten to work, but she'd been terribly worried that Alex would think of another way to persecute her..he was such an evil little bastard these days. As she thought of this, her panties were drenched.

But Tessa had done everything she could to please this monster she'd created, hoping that he would be civil enough to allow her to put on the party she'd promised her friend without any annoyances. Now, Alex leaned over to her and spoke quietly. “I want you to refresh your cherry lip gloss, and I want you upstairs servicing my hard organ, get the picture?”

Tess smiled abstractedly, looking into the intense Ray-Ban sunglasses. He's nearly a year younger than I am, Master or not…what a child! I can control this boy… “Alex, baby” Tess started in her most appeasing tone, “I'm hosting a deb party for Karenna…her dad may show up, if you know what I mean, he's a really, really big deal, y'know? So I've got to…” Alex stepped closer and kneed Tess lightly in the groin of her pretty dress and she jumped back. One of the guys from behind them looked over for a moment, then returned to his conversation.

Tess bit her lip. Alex treated her these days as if she was a drunken old homeless black woman and he was a sheriff in the Deep South. To think just eight months before, he'd been so awed by Princess Tess!

Alex grinned.”You can service me here in front of your friends, humiliating yourself…shit, if Karenna's dad comes, he can watch you, and go home and tell HIS boss that I've got the new Lewinsky…imagine that, slutcakes, in front of all of us here…the Head's Princess of a daughter…and then I can get you to service the whole fuckin' room, and if you give me a hard time, I'll take your panties down and whip you in front of everyone.”

Tess's panties were drenched as she stared into the sunglasses. Oh, God, the son of a bitch knew how to get her where she lived. “Or you can come upstairs NOW, and do me in private, take your choice.” Tess smiled sweetly at Alex. “Oh, my young Master, how commanding you are.” She gave him the smile that weakened the knees of the front string of the St. Casimir's football team. “In less than two hours it'll just be us here. My parents are in Bridgeport tonight, and you can spend the whole night working me over…and I'll lick out your butt, like you want me to do.”

Alex panted, and Tess figured she had him. Men are so easy to manipulate,even these so-called Masters. All she had to do was appeal to that lower region. Making her voice even more high and breathless, Tess gave Alex a bewitching look “Slave Tessa will serve you on her knees til five a.m., if you want. I'll suck your weapon for hours, my Master…” There he goes, she thought. That little voice always gets them…I can manipulate any man. “ But please, oh mighty Sir, wait til then..I've got the hors d'oevres to bring out, okay?”

Alex smiled and took off his Ray-Bans, putting them in his breast pocket. He leaned over, gazing into Tess's plunging neckline. “God your cleavage is incredible, honey.” Tess smiled. She had him now…boys had been staring into the cleavage of this hot red dress all night, and her Alex was no exception. “You're so beautiful.” Alex breathed. He zeroed in. He knew just where the nipple was on Tess's right breast, and he seized it, through the red velvet material.

Twisting Tess's nipple casually, Alex leaned back, watching his girlfriend grimace, her pretty face in acute pain. He was amazed at how much resistance to pain she had. Alex also leaned over and put his heel on Tess's toes. She was wearing strapless sandals and he was in heavy Doc Martens, and this was quite painful, combined with the twisting of the nipple. Alex ground his heel…not hard enough to break her toes,but enough for severe discomfort, and he kept twisting her nipple.

“Alex, please…someone will see us. We're in a crowded room.” Alex looked behind Tessa. “Yup, that dork Tod Cavanaugh, the one who keeps trying to get in your pants? He's about to turn around from the keg, hoeny. Are you coming upstairs, Tessa?” Alex twisted the nipple again. “Maybe I should bring you to your knees right here, you know? You really need the obedience training.”

“I hate to wear out the material on this nice dress with all the twitching of your miserable nipple, babe.” Alex dug his fingers into the expensive gown, and Tess emitted a low shriek. “Goddamn it Alex, yeah, okay.” Tessa's face showed immediate relief as Alex's fingers finally let go of her breast. Tess tu rned to another girl who was deep in conversation about her vacation at Fort Lauderdale.

“Molly? Can you like, watch things, get the burgers?” Before Molly could respond, Alex took Tess by the hairlightly and climbed the stairs, stopping once to motion to another partier. “Clifford, Goatie, my man…want to come up and party.” Clifford shot several rubber bands out of his braces with the grin, and followed Alex and the now weeping Tessa up the Headmaster's stairs.

October 10, 2003 7:13 pm

“I just thought you might have some ideas…it would be great to get together with Tess again.” Prattsie looked at Alex. “You just don't get it…you're not what she wants. Her current Master has Tess licking the balls of his Rottweillers, for God's sake…I was depressed when she dumped me for you, but wasn't surprised at all, when she moved from you to harsher Masters….just focus on what's going on now, huh?” Prattsie smiled at Alex, who shook his head. “Say, I have an idea, you want to help me with some of my asshole clients?” Alex laughed. “No, I don't have much interest in Miss Pratt's Institute, sorry.” Prattsie smiled.

“But you can't just hang out here in the office until you talk me into giving you Tess's phone number…why don't you make Miss Pratt happy…check this mid life businesswoman dirtbag out the window here…I need help with her and some other bitches…c'mon, look at her…wouldn't it be fun to use her as a punching bag?” Alex laughed and leaned towards the window, watching a Lexus pulling up to the curb.

October 10, 7:19 pm

Gladys pulled up to the dark house, parallel parking her Lexus between a Ford pickup and a moped. Smiling, she considered Miss Pratt's diverse clientele. And out here in Germantown, Maryland, no one was visiting anyone in this deserted street except Miss Pratt and Samuel. God, I hope she doesn't get upset about the damn lines. As Gladys alighted the curb, her cell phone rang.

"Hello? Marcus? Did you--I don't care, I need the specs and the Baldwin contract on my desk in eight, I'll give you a break, nine o'clock tomorrow morning. "

As Gladys paused, she watched a young woman wearing cotten leather black stiletto sandals and black crepe material cropped pants, and a white top with a short jacket cinched at the waist leaving the dark house, and yes, the young businesswoman was rubbing her bottom...Gladys smiled. She could always tell. As the young woman got closer, Gladys could see tears in her eyes. Gladys rapped into the phone. "Fine. I'm going for a massage now. So if Jerry or the kids call the office and are wondering why my cell is off, it's because I want an hour or so of peace. Get that contract on my desk pronto." Gladys shut off the cell phone and alighted the stairs of the dark house.

The door opened and a young woman with pink spiky hair, a tank top and cargo pants came out, brushing by Gladys. She stopped. "Miss Pratt's on a roll, man. I got chained to the wall." Gladys gave the young woman a frosty glance. Miss Pratt's clients did not interact--except of course the time that Gladys had been forced to go down on the wife of the ambassador from Botswana in the dungeon...that was horrible. Gladys walked on, ignoring the young punk rocker's derisive "Like I don't know why you're there you old hag. I hope you get it hard tonight."

The door opened to Gladys' ring and the enormous black man stepped out. "Hello, Gladys. Betsy" he addressed the young punk girl. "Why are you lingering on our walk, dear? Perhaps you need more time with Miss Pratt on the house?" Gladys chuckled as she heard Betsy's combat boots beating a hasty retreat, and in a moment the moped had started up. The enormous black man noted Glady's smile. "Are you feeling facetious tonight dear? You won't be for long." Gladys bit her lip and walked into the dark house.


Alex and Prattsie approached the locked door. "Her name is Kathy, and she's a legal secretary." Prattsie whispered to her friend. "Jesus. How the fuck does she afford your overpriced rates?" Alex grinned, and Prattsie looked annoyed. "I'm worth every minute of it."

 And she looked it. As "Miss Pratt", wearing a snug white turtleneck and gray wool suit, her long hair in a bun, you could tell she was quite a number. Just as they were to open it, another woman walked by, escorted by Samuel, Prattsie's gleaming black, 300 pound houseboy. "Gladys! where the fuck are this weeks lines?" Gladys, a fiftyish woman dressed in a pink pastel seersucker suit, blushed. "Ma'am, I'm here to have a session I--"

Prattsie took Gladys by her beehive hairdo and slammed her against the wall. "You little bitch!" Alex choked, because Gladys was old enough to be Prattsie's mother, and then some. "You're to deliver one thousand lines a week to me! "I will try to not be such a fat repugnant drag." One thousand sentences a week, Missy ! The courier brought me five hundred twelve on Tuesday, where's the rest?" Gladys smiled weakly as Prattsie let go of her hair. "I am terribly sorry, we've been working on a merger, Miss Pratt, and I've just not been able to do all the lines. But I'm going to give you a big tip on top of your fee, Ma'am."

Prattsie turned to Samuel. "Get me the horse, bring it right here into the hallway." Samuel bowed, and came back with a rough wooden carpenter's horse. "Take up your skirt, Gladys, and bend over this thing, right now. This is a little pre-session bonus, since you don't know how to act!" Gladys blanched. "In-in front of these men?" Prattsie grabbed Gladys by the collar and threw her across the horse, the older woman coughing.

Miss Pratt yanked up Gladys' skirt and pulled down her pantyhose, exposing a fairly attractive middle aged butt. Miss Pratt turned to Samuel. "Dear, will you get me the Reminder, please?" "Yes madam" came Samuel's clipped Jamaican accent. "No, not the Reminder, please, Miss Pratt." came Gladys' agonized voice from below. Alex snorted.

"Why, you need reminding, don't you? Thank you, Samuel." Miss Pratt took a short whip made of three leather oxhide thongs knotted with a number of small pieces of zinc and iron attached up and down each long strand. They looked like a strand of hideous pearls, Alex thought.

"Please, the Reminder leaves horrible marks, Jerry--" WHACK! Miss Pratt landed the Reminder straight across Gladys's buttocks and the older woman shrieked. Alex noted a long thick streak across the cheeks, harsher than anything he'd ever subjected Kim or Tessa to. "You fat-" WHACK! "ugly cow! Your husband--"WHACK! WHACK! "hasn't touched your grotesque, ugly body for five years at least." Miss Pratt landed the strap six more times in rapid succession, neatly covering both cheeks, upper thighs and then twice against the back of the knees, which every Master and Mistress knows is a very painful area.

"If you'd kept any of the goals we made together--" WHAACK WHACK WHACK! Gladys' screams began reverbrating through the hallway, and Alex noted that her entire buttocks were covered in blood and welts. "Samuel, please get a gag for this worthless, bovine"WHACK! "porcine reptilian vermin!"

Gladys raised the Reminder again and landed it four more times. "We made goals that you'd lose two pounds a week back in May, that never came to fruition." WHACK WHACK WHACK "Then you were going to buy some clothes that didn't look hideous and pink, that didn't work out..and of course your kids still hate you." Samuel returned with the gag and Gladys was gagged.

"Samuel, take this paragon of virtue to the sub-dungeon. I will be down in an hour and a half. Until then, have her give you a couple of blowjobs and use the blacksnake on her to keep her warm if she can't make you cum!"Samuel grinned, as did Alex. Samuel was a eunuch, though quite a muscular one, and it would be a miracle if anyone could make him hard let alone orgasm!

"Now as I was saying, Kathy is a legal secretary, and not real bright...but she needs consistency." Prattsie said as they turned to the locked door again. "Unlike Gladys who just needs to be reminded what a repulsive money-grubber she is...I keep hoping that I can convert Kathy into some semblence of a confident person, ya know?" Prattsie smiled at Alex, and he rolled his eyes.

"I ordered Kathy to this room three hours ago, and she's supposed to be naked and kneeling...let's see how disobedient she is." The door opened and Alex and Prattsie walked into a pitch black room, and Prattsie switched on a light. There was a thirty-five year old woman, with curly dark hair quite attractive madly rubbing her eyes as they adjusted to the light. She was wearing a round metal cuff around her neck, and from the cuff came two chains about a foot long each, which were attached to wrist cuffs, which had apparently had a wretched effect on her balance, as she was unable to put her hands down, and they'd had to hang just under her neck. Then, attached to one leg was another chain that was locked to a huge metal ball…just like a cartoon convict, Alex thought.

"Hello Miss Pratt." Kathy said as she looked up at Prattsie and Alex. Indeed she was naked and kneeling, and Alex guessed if she wasn't so meek she probably would have quite a social life.

"This is Master Alex, hope you don't mind, but I actually don't give a shit if you do, Kathy. Have you your pitiful list of this week's fuck-ups?" Alex bit his tongue to keep from laughing. Prattsie had gone to school to be a psychiatrist after they'd left St. Casimirs, but had quit med school to start her uh, "practice" and she was sort of a cross between Freud, Dr. Laura, and Satan.

Prattsie came over and unlocked the neck and wrist cuffs, as well as the metal ball from the ankle, and poor Kathy stood up, stretching and rubbing her wrists. “Well, the list?”

Kathy looked sad. "Yes...I have the list--" "Memorized, I hope...I can't stand those damn legal pads you use." Miss Pratt tapped her foot, and Kathy stared at Miss Pratt's breasts through the tight white turtleneck. "Well...I have trouble remembering..." Kathy picked up a legal pad and Miss Pratt leaned over and snatched it from Kathy, cuffing her on the side of the head as she did.

"Listen to this pathetic list, Alex...this is what she feels guilty about. It makes me ill.

 Miss Pratt surveyed the list.

"I don't call my mother don't? But you hate your mother, she's a cunt!" Prattsie shook her head and picked a long ruler-shaped paddle off the desk. Alex noted it had countersunk holes, presumably to combat air resistance when it was swung through the air.

 "Stand up, Kathy and grab your ankles."

Kathy stood up and bent over, barely grasping her legs. "You really need more aerobics, babe." WHACK! WHACK! Prattsie landed the paddle two more times. "You need this, Kathy. You don't need to see your mother, what good is she to you? She just makes you miserable...think I would? I haven't seen either of my parents since I was ten years old!"

Alex smiled,lighting a Kool. This was true. Prattsie had won a full academic scholarship to St. Casimirs Lower School just after the fifth grade, moving out of a trailer park where her mother, "Punchboard" Pratt, lived with a variety of bums. Prattsie's father "Poacher" Pratt was serving seventy-five to life for kidnapping rare bald eagles and holding them for ransom from the Audobon Society.

When the bitchy Headmaster's daughter had made fun of Prattsie's Kmart jeans, Prattsie had pulled Tess's designer Calvins down and whaled her with a pancake spatula in front of the entire First Form social studies class.

They must've made up, because somehow Tess had convinced her parents to allow the plain, bespectacled IQ genius scholarship kid to spend all her holidays with the family, including winters at San Tropez and all summer long at Biarritz. This had been especially efficacious after "Punchboard" had been committed to the State Hospital for slicing her latest boyfriend's throat a year or so later. When Prattsie was fourteen, she'd applied for legal emancipation and shunned vacations with Tess's family in favor of spending her holidays at the Ritz with "Uncle Bennie" a rich man she'd met at Club Paddles in New York.

"What's this next one? You haven't cleaned your you're a fucking pig, huh?" Prattsie pushed her glasses up on her nose and surveyed the unhappy Kathy. "I'm so sorry, Miss Pratt...please, you have to understand, I have so much work to do on this Microsoft case for the firm, ma'am." Kathy had straightened up after her lashes, and Prattsie snorted, pointing to the floor. "Ankles. Grab em. Alex, hand me the Plexiglas cane over there." Alex grimaced as he passed the vicious instrument over.

"Like the handle to this little mother, Alex? It's made of aircraft slipping." Kathy began sobbing softly as Miss Pratt landed the fiberglas cane six times on her tender bottom. "You've got to learn, healthy body, healthy mind hon." Kathy bit her lip, and tears fell off her face hanging just above the floor. "I...I just don't have time because..."

"Of the married man you're dating?" Miss Pratt threw the legal pad across the room. "I don't need to read anymore, I don't think. Alex, there's a large bullwhip in the corner there..."

Alex shook his head. "Look, I really need Tessa's number, Prattsie, this bullshit I do at home with half a dozen women." Prattsie looked at him skeptically. "Look,'re not a tough enough Master... you don't have what it takes for a girl like Tess, Shit, if I didn't..." Alex moved forward.


Samuel moved to the door in response to Miss Pratt's ring. He unlocked it and started. There Alex was, standing over Miss Pratt, who was naked except of course for her glasses, and was industriously licking Alex's boots, while Kathy, who had gotten dressed was whacking Miss Pratt on the bottom. “You're right, Alex…I do feel more confident!” Kathy said. Seeing Samuel she said, “Pratt-scum here has decided to give Alex Tessa's phone number, could you get it please?” Samuel looked at Miss Pratt, who nodded wearily as she continued to lick Alex's boots. WHACK! Kathy gave it to Miss Pratt again with the Plexiglas cane. “And Miss Pratt will tell Tessa what a remarkable dom you are, Alex…or I will!” Alex grinned and casually kicked Prattsie in the face.

October 10, 2003 8:30 pm

“Honey, I just don't see how you can let him treat you like that.”Arnie rubbed Kim's foot, staring at her earnestly as he had a million times before since they'd met in Randall Dorm back in 1994. “I mean, it's so abusive.” Kim smiled and dipped her head the way that always made Arnie a little dizzy. “Arnie, it isn't abusive if I ask for it…Look, I put an ad in the ‘Washingtonian Magazine' just to meet someone like Alex.” Kim looked at Arnie patiently. What a sweet man he was. What a shame he didn't like Tacey more. She tried again. “ I brought the draft down of the ad if you're interested in seeing it.”

As Kim's hand brushed Arnie's he felt that familiar thrill. What an afternoon it had been! Despite his horror at seeing Kim whipped and subjugated by Alex (for it had continued) he'd been quite aroused at seeing her bare, whipped ass, and then he'd been allowed to see her wonderful tits, her bare breasts with the marvelous areolas—the color of the pale pink peek-a boo roseshe'd delivered for Zeltner's Florists as a high school student in Ames, Iowa.

That bastard, that trust-fund preppie Alex had perceived his need. “You've wanted to see her boobs, eh, big boy? I see you trying to look at ‘em.” Arnie had blushed. For it was true, as Kim had been standing in the corner, naked except for the panties around her knees, Arnie had several times tried to check out her boobs, almost against his will. Wasn't this VIOLATING her? “You can see them, baby. Turn around, Kimmie, out of the corner.” Alex's voice was commanding, but Kim tried to argue. “Arnie's like a brother to me, Alex, I can't let him—and that wasn't a part of the bet, just that I stand naked in the corner.”

Arnie had felt an unreasonable anger and resentment at the “brother” remark, though he'd tried to rationalize that by telling Tacey that he and she were like “Brother and sister” to get her off of the idea that they would ever date. “Don't do it, Kim, I won't look!” Arnie said as Alex got up to force her to show her breasts. But when Alex had grabbed Kim by her auburn hair and pulled her around, Arnie hadn't been able to keep from gaping at t hose stupendous, beautiful breasts. Mammoth, whitish and firm, still holding up like a seventeen year olds, with no sagging, though there were a number of faded scars and cuts that Arnie suspected were from Alex or some other dominant guy abusing her, some were years old.

Hanging on the nipples were steel clamps, which Alex began to unscrew. “These are called ‘adjustable screw nipple clamps' dude, and don't worry, she had them before I met her..I think she fingers herself with them on.” Alex had taken off the clamps and dropped them in his pocket, and then flicked both nipples so they bounced painfully and Kim had gasped.

Alex had grasped Kim's breasts and waved them in Arnie's face, as Kim had stared at the ground, crying softly. “Don't you want to play with them, big boy?” Kim whispered. “Alex, honey please…this is just too…” WHACK! Alex backhanded Kim and she was silent. “Kneel, Piglet.” Kim knelt, and Alex bent down and grabbed her breasts again, shaking them. “C'mon Arnie, I've watched you at picnics, whenever we're hanging out here…you just stare at her tits all the fuckin time. God, one day she was wearing a striped halter dealie and you dropped a plate of shit-on a shingle you were so enthralled. It's all yours, buddy boy.”

Arnie began hyperventilating. Should he call the police? But Kim was just kneeling there, downcast. Certainly she knew she had rights, she'd organized more than one Take Back The Night rally with him in the old days. Also, Kim was a brown belt and could have thrown Alex across the room. Alex took Kim by her hair and shook her head until she was dizzy.

“Alex, please, Master..this is so embarrassing, and you're messing with long term relationships I have here with my housemates.” Kim's face was scarlet. “This is very painful to me, and to Arnie.” Alex let go of her hair for a moment. “Okay, get up, get dressed, you don't have to do any of this, it's a free country…hell, I'll split now.”

Then, as Arnie and Tacy gaped, Kim looked up with streaming eyes and grabbed Alex's arm. “No, no, Sir, I-I'm so sorry…” She looked up at Arnie. “Arnie, if it's not going to make you too uncomfortable, please, do what Alex wants.” Arnie suddenly swung at Alex, but the lazy slacker was quicker than he thought, jumping out of the way, then patting Arnie on the cheek. “I can knock you out if I have to…or order Kim to do it, you know…she's a martial arts type…but why don't you do what I want, and really want you want…you know you want to touch her luscious titties, don't you?”

And of course it was true…Arnie was drooling over this newly exposed Kim, as every ounce of his liberal conscience was attempting to pull him back from this near rape, or at least sexual assault of his dear friend.

I'll make it much easier for you.” Smiled Alex. “Either you play with Kimmie's boobies or I'll throw hot coffee on them.” Arnie had gaped, and Tacy, strangely silent until then had horrifyingly said “Arnie wants to touch them, don't worry. And Kim's loving this…you've been a pervert slave girl apparently since college, right?” Alex smirked as Kim stared baldly at Tacy. “Tacy I shouldn't have let Alex—“ Tacy stomped her foot. “Bullshit, you're lovin' this a lot.”


Arnie had gaped, and Tacy, strangely silent until now, had horrifyingly said “He wants to…Arnie wants to touch them, and now he's got a noble excuse…you got yourself into this, Kim!” Tacy had looked angrily at Kim, who was kneeling on the floor, wet eyes downcast with her breasts being roughly handled by Alex.

Alex turned to Tacy and grinned. “Pisses you off, doesn't it? She's such a prima donna…Kimberly…” Tacy gritted her teeth.

Alex had snickered, and Arnie had been horrified that Tacy would allow her jealousy of Arnie's crush on Kim to get in the way of this situation where Kim was being obviously abused. Alex had held the coffee over Kim's breasts, spilling a bit on the areola, and Kim had yelped. Kim had then said in a low, tearful voice. “It's all right, Arnie, touch my breasts, if that's what Alex wants…”Tacy had screamed. “Yeah, Arnie, it'll be so fucking hard for you!” and she'd run up stairs and slammed her door just as Arnie had hesitantly touched Kim's glorious breasts for the first time in his life!

As Arnie remembered the mixture of guilt and desire that this experience had had on him, Kim's gentle tones brought him back to the present. “Arnie?” Arnie's mind went from the memory of the beautiful naked, scarred breasts to seeing them now. There was a bit of Indian summer and Kim's breasts were now encased in a yellow sundress with light polka dots.

“Arnie, did you hear what I said? Do you want to see the ad I wrote—that Alex answered?”

Arnie took the paper dumbly.

“Errant SWF, 33, ISO firm, guiding hand. I've been told that I'm attractive and intelligent, but arrogant, and it hasn't kept me from getting into difficulties. Must have Master quell my strong will and overblown ego. A loving authority figure of either sex can respond.”

Arnie almost shit his pants as he dropped the “draft” on the coffee table. “You-you sent this to the Washingtonian?”Arnie looked absolutely horrified.

Kim giggled. Arnie looked just like Woody Allen…he had this open-mouthed provincial…LOOK. That kind of old-womanish concern and shock that Woody was so famous for. Kim shook a sheaf of envelopes at Arnie. “And here are some of the creepier responses I got.” Arnie took them from her and began sorting through them.

Kim smiled. She wanted to keep Arnie at ease, and it was amusing in a way. She knew she had to kind of joke around with him, or Arnie might well call her parents and have her committed. Arnie was thick as thieves with Kim's mother, who thought Arnie was a great catch, for someone with no family money. “See? Aren't those letters hilarious? Most of the guys are science fiction geeks, the sort that live with their moms…like Denny in our basement.” Arnie's lip curled as he held up a black-and white Polaroid of a fatty in mended aviator glasses.

Arnie shook his head. “So what did Preppie Paul enclose, a shot of him leaning against his sports car?” Arnie sounded so unattractively bitter, Kim thought. “No, he just sent a 3x5 card asking for a picture of me and a copy of my W-2's.”

“Your tax returns? To find out how much you made? Good God, I guess he made you take him out, the bastard. Kim, you are so beautiful, how …” Kim interrupted. “No, Alex's first date with me, or our first get-together was taking me along to his fiancee's family reunion. He's engaged.”

At this insult to his princess, Arnie was just holding his head in his hands..and Kim was thinking back to that event…

Kim had thought back to Sondra's family barbecue. Alex had instructed his fiancée Sondra, a regal blonde, who was bridling at Kim's presence to introduce her as a co-worker. This was tough, since Sondra was the anchor at Channel 23, and explaining Kim as what? A producer? But no one asked many questions.

During most of the barbecue Alex had ignored both Kim and Sondra, flirting heavily with Ingrid, Sondra's younger sister, who worked as an OB-GYN.

Kim had gathered from Sondra's comments that she had been quite competitive with Ingrid over the years. “Alex is just bothering Ingrid to get on our—my nerves. Look at her, flat as a board pear shaped—he's just flirting with her to piss me off.”

 At some point, Kim had gone inside to go to the bathroom, and then had gotten into a discussion with someone about curtains...and when she'd come out she'd been horrified to find Alex giving Sondra a bare-bottom whipping in front of everyone at the reunion.

Kim had seen from the looks of everyone there that they had never had anything like this happen before, but on the other hand, Sondra was kind of a bitch, and so they weren't saying anything...WHACK WHACK WHACK! After Alex had thrown down his cane, he'd demanded that Sondra stay bent over while he and Ingrid had casually talked about her with her panties down...

Alex idly ran his fingers across the welts on Sondra's soft rear. “Master loves you, darling” he crooned. Suddenly Alex had squeezed a blister, so suddenly that Sondra had screamed and burst into tears. “Jesus, what a crybaby” Ingrid had said spitefully. Alex had looked at Ingrid affectionately “Yes, she's quite the brat, your older sister. Kim could see that Sondra damned herself for bursting out, but she hadn't been ready for the pinch. Sondra could take any torture in silence, nearly, if she was prepared for it, Alex had told Kim later. The one thing she'd been proud of was how quiet she'd taking the whipping in front of everyone. Now they could tell what a wimp she really was.

Putting his arm around Lauren, Aubrey moved to where Sondra could peer up at them from her lowered position. "Perhaps you should discipline her now, Ingrid." Alex had smiled at Ingrid, and Sondra had looked horrified. Ingrid had done it! "You sure?" Ingrid had looked a little doubtful.But Alex had given Ingrid the cane, and she'd whipped Sondra, in front of everyone at the family reunion. Later in the car, Kim had heard Sondra sobbing "I--I've always been so competitive with her, that little bitch, and now she'll always have this over me!" But the worst had been afterwards, when Alex had ordered Sondra to fellate two or three of her college-age cousins in the back shed. Kim had shivered, but going home, her panties had been absolutely drenched.

Arnie looked at Kim, who was lost in thought. He shook her. “So that's your thing? You want to be abused, pushed around…you're picking up the check for some guy who is engaged to a woman, lives in a gay relationship with an older man, and there's like, no hope for a future with him?” Arnie looked angry, and he took off his glasses, staring at her. Kim looked at her knees demurely. “It's kind of that way, I guess.” She looked up at him. “I just…I don't know what it is I need…but I've always needed a firm hand, like I wrote in the ad.”

Arnie stood up. He looked down at her. “But yet, you're still a lazy slob around here, right? For the fourth time this week, you haven't changed the cat litter…remember when I told you, kidding of course that I'd throw it in your bed…maybe I should do that…that's the only thing that counts with you, right? Why the fuck should I do your chores?” It pissed him off…he was always surreptitiously doing Kim's chores when she was too busy, he'd helped out with her share of the utilities because she'd spent all her fucking money paying for the room with Alex at the Grand Hyatt…and what was he? A chump?

Without knowing what he was doing, Arnie walked to the stairs. “Arnie! Wait…” Arnie turned wearily. Kim stood up, and Arnie saw little bumps on the tips of her chest in the yellow polka-dotted dress. “Don't…don't pour the cat shit in my bed, sir.” Arnie sighed. “Of course I'm not going to…” Sir? What did she say? “I'm just fucking pissed off that you're so…” Kim walked over to Arnie and took his arm, and leaned into him, so he could smell her Ombre Rose perfume. “I'm irresponsible, Arnie…like the ad said. I need a firm hand.” Like a man in a dream, Arnie took Kim upstairs.

10:00 pm

As the sounds of Arnie's belt lashed Kim's buttocks and her squeals emitted through the wall, Tacy bit her pillow in rage. Tacy looked down on the floor, meditating on what a bitch Kim was, and what a loser Arnie was…she is so manipulative. Suddenly, Tacy noticed a weathered paperback just under the bed. She reached down and pulled it out.

“Kajira of Gore” Tacy looked disdainfully at the back cover, discussing a planet of fierce warriors and slave-girls… This was that creepy thing that Denny had left in the living room…this and that other book by Anne Rice “Beauty's Torment” or something. Denny was always leaving that crap around, and now it was catching to the upper floors. “Please, Master Arnold…put it in me, sir!”

Tacy gritted her teeth. But then, as she was about to shred Denny's book, she thought about it. I should return this to Dennis…and perhaps he'd be interested in what's going on in the rest of the house… I wonder! As the screams and moans continued from Arnie's room, Tacy silently got up and went into the hallway and tiptoed downstairs. As she got to the first floor, the phone rang. She picked it up. “Yeah, it's Alex…is Kim available?” Tacy smiled. “No, Master Alex, she's busy now…occupied in a way that you'd probably approve of.” Alex's voice sounded hurried. “I just need you to tell her that I'm going out of town with my friend Tess, and I might not be back for a while…I'm sorry to…” Tacy laughed. “Don't worry, Alex…we'll look after Kim's needs. Believe me.” Without saying good bye, Tacy hung up the phone and headed to the basement to tell Denny the interesting news.


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